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Kenneth Karl Fletcher NC jail mugshot


Winner's Lounge: 2818 W US Highway 421 # E Wilkesboro, NC 28697-8698
Player Promo Games: 2342 Newton Drive, Statesville, NC 28677

535 Buffalo Shoals Rd, Statesville NC 28677

EX-EMPLOYEES AGAINST BRIAN WEBER, DAISY RAMIREZ:  https://brianweberisascamartist.wordpress.com/


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reviewed the regulatory status of the ingredients declared on the label of your beverage product, “Koma Unwind Liquid Relaxation”, and has determined your product is adulterated under Section 402(a)(2)(C)(i) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) [21 United States Code (USC) 342(a)(2)(C)(i)] because it bears or contains an unsafe food additive. Specifically, your product contains melatonin (5-methoxy-N-acetyltryptamine, CAS Reg. No. 73-31-4), which is a neurohormone and is an unapproved food additive under Section 409 of the Act [21 USC 348]. The regulations pertaining to the general provisions for food additives are located in Title 21, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 170 (21 CFR 170). Additionally, based on our review of your product labels, your “Koma Unwind Liquid Relaxation 12 oz.” product is misbranded within the meaning of Section 403 of the Act [21 USC 343] as described further below. You may find the Act and FDA regulations through links at FDA’s Internet home page at www.fda.gov.

Your “Koma Unwind Liquid Relaxation 12 oz.” product is represented for use as a conventional food, and accordingly is not a dietary supplement, as defined under Section 201(ff) of the Act [21 USC 321(ff)].  The Act excludes from the definition of a dietary supplement a product represented for use as a conventional food or as a sole item of a meal or the diet [21 USC 321(ff)(2)(B)].  Your use of the term “Dietary Supplement” on the principal display panel of your product label does not make your product a dietary supplement, because your “Koma Unwind Liquid Relaxation 12 oz.” product is represented for use as a conventional food.  The following are examples of factors that establish your product is represented for use as a conventional food:

Weber will let BBDAD die and move on to the Euro drink/company which is actually a good product. To bad BBDA is not involved with it. Well, shareholders did fund Euro, But we own basically none of it 2.5%. This was Webers plan all along. Weber is as evil as they come.

You now have 1 Cents for your Dollar



RED FLAG 11/04/2015


RED FLAG 08/12/2015

CEO BW trying to raise funds via GoFundMe.com for 2 products:
Cheech&Chong Drink
Sleep Liquid

RED FLAG 07/09/2015


RED FLAG  12/22/2014

RED FLAG (2ND RS) 12/18/2014

            1:100 REVERSE SPLIT

RED FLAG (1ST RS) 10/08/2010

            1:1000 REVERSE SPLIT

8/20/2014 and 12/12/2014

A/S Increased to 8.8B
A/S Increased to 13.5B


Investor Update Video

Pirahna Water discontinued.


A/S Reduced to 6.8B



BeBevCo Adds Two Key Players To Growing Company's Platform


BeBevCo Sets Up Corporate Structure for New Relaxation Ice Cream Entity


Common shares set to 9.8 Billion


Ryland Allen Walmart Letter to all store managers


Common shares increased to 3.8 Billion.  Preferred shares increased to 200 million.


BeBevCo Adds Wholesaler For Latin American Market

FP Grocers Info: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=93264528

AKA My Brand FoodandBeverages: http://mybrandfoodandbeverages.com

Billy Erwin, Brian Couture other company entities: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=93288501




BeBevCo and Carmel Advisors Join Forces To Achieve Greater Fair Market Value

  Carmel Advisors AKA Equi-trend Advisors LLC: http://www.bizapedia.com/ca/CARMEL-ADVISORS-LLC.html
Equi-trend Advisors suspended: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=92345055
More info:

Same address as Bryant D Cragun: http://www.yellowpages.com/san-diego-ca/mip/cragun-bryant-d-482097643


Common shares set to 3 Billion.



Shareholder Update


"Current shareholders will be given a discount to market offering on our NYSE Company and then the OTC BBDA Company will be dissolved by me and gone forever. It will not become another company nor have some type name change. It will be gone."




Shareholder Update

#1 in brand Awareness on all media tracking for relax drinks in the world (73% US VS All others)
1st Product Successfully introduced to the world’s largest retailer with growing sales numbers and major expansion plan being developed. (This account alone will add approximately 2.5 -3 million cans volume per month.)
Now in the Nation’s largest Pharmacy Chain
1st Relax product invited to Barnes & Noble Book Sellers
1st Relax product sold in (29) JUMBO stores in Dominican Republic
1st Relax product in the Daytona 500, Brickyard 400, and into the hands of Jennifer Lopez, and at least a dozen other marketing milestones.
The company has a permanent home that has been remodeled through its wholly owned company BeBevCo Holdings.
The company has an office and ground game (BeBevCo of NY) in New York City which operates as both a profit center for other products and a depot of our company products.


Press Release


Bebida Beverage Company  is thrilled to announce Ahmed Elafifi as Chairman of the Board, non Executive Director and a major shareholder of BeBevCo Euro Asia (not BBDA). BeBevCo Euro Asia is a Company incorporated in Poland by Bebida Beverage Company, Ahmed Elafifi and Bebida Beverage Company CEO Brian Weber, to take advantage of the trending increase in demand for energy and relaxation drinks in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Koma Unwind Listed among 6 of the top relaxation drinks by Bloomberg Businessweek

Photo: Cropped version of Koma from business week
June 14, 2013 Bebevco announces 1st annual open house!

BeBevCo's KOMA UNWIND Relaxation Drink in 78 South Carolina Walmart Stores

10:00 AM ET 6/28/12 | PR Newswire
3:59 PM ET 7/6/12

Bebida Beverage Company (OTC markets: BBDA) (BeBevCo) announced today the Company's KOMA UNWIND Liquid Relaxation will soon be found in all 78 Walmart Stores located in the Palmetto State of South Carolina.

The company added: This is a huge step for the rapidly expanding Relaxation drink category of beverages, also known as Anti-Energy and Sleep Drinks. KOMA UNWIND is a lightly carbonated, dietary supplement infused non-alcoholic beverage with a delectable multi berry flavor. The company also added, an aggressive rollout and marketing plan is being put in place to maximize sales in South Carolina stores starting on August 1st, 2012.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to share KOMA UNWIND with the 4.8 million people in South Carolina. They will now have the liquid option for rest, relaxation and a great night's sleep! This represents a huge jump forward for our Company and we cannot express in words the gratefulness we have for the forward thinking folks at Walmart," said Brian Weber.

Photo: Rock hill


BeBevCo ends Marketplace Capitalization


Bebida Beverage Company (OTC markets: BBDA) (BeBevCo), a developer, manufacturer and marketer of liquid relaxation products, announced today that the Company will no longer need to raise capital in the marketplace. A significant announcement coming next week will be self-explanatory as to why the Company no longer needs capital raised via the sales of stock.

In a Live Video Conference held by CEO Brian Weber on 6 March, 2012, Mr. Weber explained the capital structure and how the marketplace capitalization would end in the late spring and early summer for BeBevCo. The Company is holding at 2.4 billion shares outstanding with 2.5 billion authorized. BeBevCo is expected to see substantial growth in revenues and profits for the rest of the year and into the foreseeable future.

“I expected to end capitalization at around 2 billion shares; we went a little over due to difficult market conditions but we are now at a point that revenues and profits will fund our operations from this point forward,” said BeBevCo CEO Brian Weber. “Additionally as detailed in my video conference back in March, we will begin a systematic buyback of our stock later this year or early next year which will increase the value of the stock for our shareholders. We are grateful to our loyal shareholders for staying with us through the capitalization process. Between the deals we have in the works and the growth we have achieved and expect to sustain well into the future, the stock will no longer be a necessary capitalization tool,” said Weber.


Photo: Entrance greenwood!Photo: Greenwood sc


Mon Jun 8, 2009 10:32am EDT | Reuters PR

"We cannot and will not do any promotions or marketing for any of our brands unless there is a return on investment that is measurable.
When you're just building hype to sell shares it's easier than when you actually have to sell products!" said VP Daisy Ramirez.

(possibly created by a shareholder)

POTENCIA Energy Drink : Out Of Business  http://www.bevnet.com/companies/listing/DLR_Associates_INC

Long time running Potencia South Africa distributor website (Charles Schnehage) gone: http://www.potenciabev.co.zahttp://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=103741697

BEBEVCO HOLDINGS LLC: http://bebevcobrian.wix.com/bebevco-holdings
THE BEBEVCO SHOW: http://cassandraanthony.wix.com/the-bebevco-show
CHEECH AND CHONG CHILLAXATION DRINK: http://www.cheechandchongchillaxationdrink.com/


2010/12/01 - Heritage Corporate Services Inc. (ex-Investors Relations)

2012/11/07 - Jeffrey Staller pump/dump lawsuit (non-BBDA)




09/24/2009 - Lawsuit - YA Global Investments, LP v. Bebida Beverage Company et al



BBDA Toxic Financing & Background History



POST  2010 1:1000 and 2014 1:100 Reverse Split Tracker 296,941,086,200,000 Trillion Shares Served

12/09/2015 2,969,410,862
11/04/2015 2,769,410,862
10/30/2015 2,669,410,862
10/21/2015 2,509,410,862
10/14/2015 2,509,010,862
9/28/2015 2,295,560,862
09/22/2015 2,285,560,862
09/08/2015 2,108,060,862
07/10/2015 1,338,673,227
05/15/2015 845,733,054
04/28/2015 717,609,505
04/06/2015 287,178,804
03/30/2015 277,178,804
03/23/2015 268,178,804
03/17/2015 233,538,992
03/02/2015 219,038,990
02/23/2015 245,038,991
02/17/2015 237,579,039
02/09/2015 230,688,546
01/29/2015 216,910,733
01/13/2015 204,010,756
01/08/2015 187,010,062
01/02/2015 173,009,981
12/29/2014 170,510,098
12/18/2014 88,000,000
12/10/2014 13,500,000,000


OS Tracker

AS Tracker

12/10/2014   8,800,000,000
11/13/2014   8,674,819,046
10/24/2014   7,869,819,046
10/09/2014   7,614,819,046
10/06/2014   7,339,819,046
09/29/2014   7,294,819,046
09/17/2014   6,969,819,046
08/21/2014   6,661,191,844
08/04/2014   6,506,191,844
07/08/2014   6,296,191,844
06/16/2014    6,081,942,172
06/10/2014   6,270,485,472
05/22/2014   6,027,485,472
05/09/2014   5,809,985,472
04/09/2014   5,385,698,072
04/02/2014   5,263,924,072
03/26/2014   4,872,424,072
02/27/2014   4,519,476,772
02/04/2014   4,097,476,772
01/13/2014   3,861,762,486
01/08/2014   3,711,762,486
12/23/2013   3,342,784,000
12/20/2013   3,195,000,000
08/30/2013   3,000,000,000
12/10/2014   13,500,000,000
08/20/2014   8,800,000,000
05/13/2014   6,800,000,000
12/30/2013   9,800,000,000
12/20/2013   3,800,000,000

Cover Photo


Company Officers/Contacts

Brian Weber Co-CEO, President
Daisy Ramirez COO
Alisha Craig VP, Sales
Christopher Knight Director, Mkt. & Events
Sean Craig Director, Sales
Ken Fletcher (aka "Phynone") Operations Manager


Bebida Beverage Comp@BBDApk
Brian Weber@BeBevCoTweets
KOMA Unwind@KOMAUnwindNews
Brian Weber@WheresBrianW



BBDA Legal Counsel
James RJ Scheltema, Esq.
1311 E La Rua St
Pensacola, FL 32502

CEO BW recommendation letter: http://www.smallcapdevelopment.com/uploads/Bebida_Beverage_Recommendation_Letter.pdf

(old legal counsel)
Martin & Pritchett, P.A.: website
16810 Kenton Drive
Suite 160
Huntersville, NC 28078

Harold H. Martin previously suspended for threats/shooting: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=92041426

Same Address and Phone # as:
Gold American Mining Corp (SILA):  http://investing.businessweek.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=38700163

2013-11-20: 3rd QTR report posted incorrect address: 8515 wikenton cl suite 150 huntersville nc

2014-05: changed address to:
Martin & Pritchett
19720 Jetton Road
3rd Floor
Cornelius, NC, 28031

2017-01-20: James RJ Scheltema GUILTY for tax crimes:


Investor Relations Firm

Wall Street Branding
NC, United States

Disclosure: http://wallstreetbranding.com/disclosure/
WallStreetBranding receives $4,000 per month for public relations, branding and social media services from Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA). We have no position in the stock.


koma unwind relaxation drink
Bebida Beverage Company (BeBevCo) (OTC Markets: BBDA) became a client in May of 2011. It was the objective of the Company to build the brand of BeBevCo but also the brand of their flagship product, Koma Unwind, which is a relaxation drink.


The BeBevCo site was an html site which did not lend itself well to publishing content. The site averaged 25 visitors a day and had an Alexa Ranking of 6.5 million. The Koma Unwind Brand was just beginning to emerge but was overwhelmed by the noise of the competitors. In a matter of a few months, that all changed.

Specific items we established or modified:

We replaced the website at BeBevCo.com with a content management system which enables us to easily create and distribute content from the site itself rather than being forced to market from other sites.

Today, BeBevCo averages 3,500 visitors per week, up from less than 200 when we started. BeBevCo appears regularly on page one, two on Google for searches around the term "relaxation drinks". The company's corporate site is steadily climbing and we expect to be on page one (ORGANICALLY) by late March or April.

Facebook: We established a corporate page for BeBevCo which now has 2,538 Likes (or fans)

We established a Facebook page for Koma Unwind which now has 4,210 Likes (or fans). We established a Twitter account for Koma Unwind which now has over 2,500 followers.

It is important to note that these have all been organically built with the emphasis on engaging relevant fans/followers of the brands. We have done nothing to inflate the numbers just for the sake of having numbers. Its better to have 20 people listening to you than have 20,000 that could care less about what you have to say.

Our marketing efforts have paid big dividends. Koma Unwind is now the online leader in media and brand awareness. The lead is not a slim one either:



In the graphic above, KU took the lead in the second month of our campaign and continued to widen that lead…


CEO Brian Weber was invited to speak at the 8th Annual Innobev Congress in London in March 2012. Because his Koma Unwind brand is so visible, he was asked to speak about the rapidly growing relaxation drink category to the movers and shakers of the beverage business.

BeBevCo recently reported a 35% increase in revenue for 2011 and is forecasting 40-55% growth for 2012.

Koma Unwind distribution is increasing on a weekly basis.

Our marketing objectives for brands and products is to have that product/brand #1 in its category. We achieved that objective with Koma Unwind and we are now working on the company's corporate brand.

BeBevCo is a client company; please see our disclosure page. Forward Looking Statements apply to all client news and information posts.

logo bbda    
  Online Press and Media Kit
Press Kit Home
About BeBevCo
koma unwind
Company Story
At the end of 2006, CEO Brian Weber and COO Daisy Ramirez searched out alternative business opportunities. Having worked well together for many years in a Nationwide Contracting Company, and having built over 800 projects for national retailers throughout the United States, they desired to further their professional partnership.

Their first venture included developing POTENCIA energy drink, a product made with REAL FRUIT imported from Mexico, and developed for the number one energy drink consumers in the USA: Latinos. The challenges mounted, but ultimately Potencia was born, and has flourished since.

In 2009 Bebida Beverage Company USA became available for purchase. The company had virtually no sales, and multiple legal issues, but Brian Weber and his team navigated it to a clear path with new products and corporate growth. Over the last 30 months the company has grown, with current sales heading into the millions.

In 2010, Brian & Daisy brought their private beverage company under the control of Bebida Beverage Company, and now, due to massive growth expectations around the world, Bebida Beverage Company is expanding to Europe.
About BeBevCo
Bebida Beverage Company USA products include KOMA UNWIND relaxation drinks & Shots, Potencia Blast Energy Shots & Drinks and Piranha Water.
  • The Koma Unwind products feature a lightly carbonated, multi-berry flavor containing supplements which provide relaxation.
    Over 55% of all consumers in the world suffer from some type of Anxiety, Stress, or sleep disorders. KOMA UNIWND provides such consumers a natural, non-alcoholic option to relieve their suffering.
    KOMA UNWIND Relaxation drink was featured in a J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) music video, and seen over 95,000,000 times on YouTube around the world.
    KOMA UNWIND was a major sponsor of multiple NASCAR drivers and teams through 2010 & 2011 with TV exposure of many millions of consumers.
    The Company has distribution agreements with Budweiser Distributors, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper Distributors, Coca Cola Distributors, and many others in the USA. Its products are sold to convenience stores, hotels, supermarkets, Pharmacies, Grocery Stores, and Airlines & Military commissaries.
    We expect the unique features of the company's products to attract consumers to the new relaxation drink market. We also expect many relaxation drink consumers to switch to KOMA UNWIND products.

Brian Weber, CEO
brianweberBrian was born and raised on Long Island, New York. His career path and entrepreneurial spirit has led him from Auto Mechanic, Union Carpenter, and Northeast NASCAR Competitor to relocating to the Southeast to follow his dreams in NASCAR as a driver. Brian made racing starts from 1988-2010 in the NASCAR second tier racing NATIONWIDE Series and Camping World Trucks series.
From 1994-2007 Brian was a Nationwide General Contractor holding 13 state licenses and building over 800 retail stores for many nationally know chains. From 2005 to 2007 Brian took the challenge of rebuilding and operating of a 150 room motel and 220 room hotel in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. He had the distinction of having the first lights on with clean safe beds for workers and displaced residents.
With the subsequent demand for both hotels and construction teams, Brian started a commercial sanitation business bringing 20 roll-off containers and buying two trucks to service internal needs as well as local resident's needs. At the close of 2006, Brian made the decision to transition into beverages. His businesses including hotels and sanitation as well as contracting business were liquidated to launch and capitalize Potencia USA.
Brian is an accomplished manager and team leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is has extensive experience in wide-ranging areas, including administration, warehouse and inventory management, procurement, manufacturing, marketing strategies, distribution and logistics.
Brian's business expertise is complemented by vision, hands-on tactical skills, and insightful leadership. Brian has proven ability to increase revenue and market share; implement systems and processes that improve productivity and profitability as well as strong negotiating skills with an 'everyone must win' attitude.
Daisy Ramirez, COO
daisyBorn and raised in Honduras and starting from humble beginnings, Daisy moved to the USA in 2001 becoming both United States Citizen and becoming the First Hispanic female NASCAR team owner to qualify for DAYTONA in the Camping World Truck events with not one truck, but two on the same day on February 12, 2010.
In Honduras Daisy attended Universidad Autonoma de Honduras for Business Administration. Making her own clothing to attend school, she found a passion for creating styles to wear, which ultimately led to designing, and opening a boutique making enough women's clothing to sell to classmates and pay her way through school and get her education.
Once settled in the USA Daisy proceeded to obtain the necessary education and license to work in the Insurance Industry as well as become a notary. In 2004 a random meeting with Brian Weber led to becoming first office management, then VP of a Nationwide Contracting Business. Since 2006 Daisy has been intricately involved developing POTENCIA Energy Drink, Potencia Blast energy Shots, Koma Unwind relaxation drink as well as owning a NASCAR team in 2010. Daisy also works in building a charity in her father's name, JuanRamirezFoundation.org.

koma unwindKOMA UNWIND Relaxation Drinks and Shots:
Koma Unwind relaxation drink is a multi berry flavored lightly carbonated beverage that uses natural supplements to enhance its function of reducing stress, lessening anxiety and improving the quality of sleep for those who consume it. KOMA UNIWND regular is sweetened with HFCS. KOMA UNWIND is also available in Sugar free which uses Splenda (Sucralose) as its sweetener.
relax5Relax 5 Relaxation Shots:
January will see the addition of the first production of 'RELAX 5', a 2 oz relaxation shot. Relax 5 will have a delectable orange flavor with a supplement blend that includes Melatonin. This new product addition will only enhance BeBevCo's positioning at retail locations.
POTENCIA Blast Energy Drinks and Shots:
The Potencia Blast Energy Shots are specially formulated shots low in calories. The products provide sustainable energy with adaptogenic herbs, vitamins and amino acids that produce a sharpened sense. The company believes these ingredients sharpen focus and increase energy. The energy drinks have no sugar or carbohydrates, two ingredients health-conscious consumers try to avoid. The Potencia Blast Energy Shots are currently available in one flavor (Berry) however multiple flavors are in the queue for development. We believe the uniqueness of the products without any sugar or caffeine, along with the health benefits of the proprietary blend of herbs, will gain a significant market share over the next several years.
Piranha Water:
Piranha Purified Water is a type of water has been produced by distillation, de-ionization, reverse osmosis, or other suitable processes. Purified water may also be referred to as "demineralized water." It meets the definition of "purified water" in the United States Pharmacopoeia. Unlike spring waters, Purified water does not deteriorate over time and has a lengthy shelf life and is US Military approved.


October 12, 2011: PRWeb
July 19, 2011: Relaxation drinks see energetic growth in U.S.
August 18, 2011: Convenience Store News
Images and Logos
Note: right click and save images or download zip files...
BeBevCo Logo
bebevco logo
Koma Unwind Logos (Zip file)
Koma Unwind Products (Zip file)
Potencia Graphics
Contact Information
BeBevCo (United States)
Mailing Address:
125F Trade Court #9
Mooresville, NC 28117
Physical Address:
1304 N. Barkley Rd.
Statesville, NC 28677
Telephone: 704-660-0226
Fax: 704-665-5811
Email: info@bebevco.com
Maketing - Marketing@bebevco.com
Sales - Sales@bebevco.com
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535 Buffalo Shoals Rd, Statesville NC 28677


TRADEMARKS:   http://www.trademarkia.com/company-dlr-associates-inc-2840486-page-1-2
KOMA UNWIND 3/5/2014 (new application) International Class Code(s): 032
US Class Code(s): 045, 046, 048
CHILLAXATION DRINK 3/5/2014 (new application) International Class Code(s): 032
US Class Code(s): 045, 046, 048
LIQUID RELAXATION 3/13/2012 (cancellation pending)   http://www.trademarkia.com/liquid-relaxation-85567834.html
RELAX 5 1/31/2012 (registered)   http://www.trademarkia.com/relax-5-85530101.html
CHILLAXATION DRINK (dead 2011)   http://www.trademarkia.com/trademark/trademark-services.aspx?id=85379823
KOMA UNWIND 7/15/2011 (registered) International Class Code(s): 005
US Class Code(s): 006, 018, 044, 046, 051, 052
CHILLAXATION COFFEE (dead 2009)   http://www.trademarkia.com/trademark/trademark-services.aspx?id=77865432
CHILLAXATION DRINK (dead 2009)   http://www.trademarkia.com/trademark/trademark-services.aspx?id=77790796
KOMA UNWIND (dead 2009)   http://www.trademarkia.com/trademark/trademark-services.aspx?id=77790799


Can Manufacturing Facility

CROWN HOLDINGS, INC. - http://www.crowncork.com/

Alcohol License




(entity search)
DLR ASSOCIATES INC. (01/17/2007 - incorporation date) http://www.bizapedia.com/de/DLR-ASSOCIATES-INC.html
BEBEVCO INC. (04/05/2013 - incorporation date) http://www.bizapedia.com/de/BEBEVCO-INC.html
BEBIDA BEVERAGE CORPORATION (05/04/2009 - inc. date; RESIGNED AGENT ACCOUNT) http://www.bizapedia.com/de/BEBIDA-BEVERAGE-COMPANY.html
POTENCIA USA LLC (01/17/2008 - incorporation date) http://www.bizapedia.com/de/POTENCIA-USA-LLC.html
RACE FUMES LLC (05/10/2006 - filing date; status: UNKNOWN) http://www.bizapedia.com/de/RACE-FUMES-LLC.html


GPP INVESTMENTS LLC {01/07/2016 - initial filing} https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=008063095005159170106211213228162019214129001201
DLR ASSOCIATES INC. (05/11/2012 - initial filing) https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=035189245023187196181203115109244087187252163071
BEBIDA BEVERAGES COMPANY (11/26/2008 - initial filing) https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=139156196253141251029028070039008175089079194136
BEBEVCO HOLDINGS, LLC. (04/27/2011 - initial filing) https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=026008213098000182105083136087116155048171101077
WARMICK INTERNATIONAL INC. (08/10/2011 - initial filing) https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=217054102094022236211118065083165117139136020088
BEBIDA BEVERAGE COMPANY OF NEW YORK LLC (10/03/2012 - initial filing) https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=071060168050095068240100170188211073249238178003
Shut down: http://www.otcmarkets.com/financialReportViewer?symbol=BBDA&id=122370
THE KUDZU AGENCY LLC (03/06/2013 - initial filing) https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=177031181019240149007194227043002244007227131190
RELAXATION SOLUTIONS INC. (03/03/2014 - initial filing) https://wyobiz.wy.gov/Business/FilingDetails.aspx?eFNum=118180110235112137119178169034096182096244173172


BEBIDA BEVERAGE COMPANY OF NEW YORK LLC (10/19/2012 - initial filing) http://appext20.dos.ny.gov/corp_public/CORPSEARCH.ENTITY_INFORMATION?p_nameid=4315779&p_corpid=4310505&p_entity_name=bebida&p_name_type=%25&p_search_type=CONTAINS&p_srch_results_page=0
Shut down: http://www.otcmarkets.com/financialReportViewer?symbol=BBDA&id=122370


BEBIDA BEVERAGE COMPANY (2009 - MERGE DISSOLVED) http://nvsos.gov/sosentitysearch/CorpDetails.aspx?lx8nvq=VkvlBHbj9VJzL6Yfbd1VnQ%253d%253d&nt7=0


BEBEVCO EUROPE, ASIA & AFRICA LLC - https://ems.ms.gov.pl/krs/danepodmiotu
07/09/2015 - LIQUIDATED
Rejestr Rejestr Przedsiebiorców Województwo MAZOWIECKIE
Numer KRS 0000464622 Powiat M.ST. WARSZAWA
NIP 7010382461 Gmina M.ST. WARSZAWA
REGON   Miejscowosc WARSZAWA
Data wpisu do Rejestru Przedsiebiorców 2013-06-05 Kod pocztowy 00-585


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#279334   Yah. I saw those. I thought that was potofgold 11/15/18 11:24:58 AM
#279333   More interesting are the 11/01/2018 transaction deletions...... Termite7 11/14/18 04:55:15 PM
#279332   hmmm. interesting (seriously). thanks. potofgold 11/14/18 04:27:55 PM
#279331   Market Maker Signal 600 in effect...... Termite7 11/14/18 03:27:18 PM
#279329   investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2016/6/15/myrndLWtears.jpg John_Langston 11/10/18 03:07:09 PM
#279328   Just missed it by an Edge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IB_ 11/10/18 11:44:54 AM
#279327   Beautiful, thanks for the update. elbiatcho1 11/09/18 11:15:49 AM
#279326   Where can I buy some Koma Rewind? Helped Beachbum64 11/09/18 10:57:11 AM
#279325   Per webers Facebook it states he is miketrav69 11/02/18 07:24:33 PM
#279324   Looks like I missed the 75¢ mark. John_Langston 11/01/18 09:26:54 PM
#279323   How can we compare BBDA to SBOT at IB_ 11/01/18 09:20:35 PM
#279322   LMAO Buying 20 million shares at 0.0027 and selling John_Langston 11/01/18 07:39:17 PM
#279321   Someone who is sending dozens of names miketrav69 11/01/18 05:56:17 PM
#279320   I wonder who is the Plaintiff? John_Langston 11/01/18 02:03:23 PM
#279319   Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems ToldYaSo 11/01/18 11:03:52 AM
#279318   Riddle Me This??? When was justice served with regards gumbie05 11/01/18 08:52:39 AM
#279317   https://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2018/comp24329.pdf miketrav69 10/31/18 08:40:38 PM
#279316  Restored Is that related to bbda, or a real company? Zorax 10/31/18 07:30:55 PM
#279315   Makes one wonder how many of the companies elkonig 10/31/18 04:16:08 PM
#279314   What a shocker. Again, another penny stock I fung_derf 10/31/18 04:15:28 PM
#279313   SEC Charges Beverage Company and Former CEO with scion 10/31/18 03:57:47 PM
#279311   "I have no idea how to make money John_Langston 10/28/18 10:37:31 PM
#279310   investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2016/6/15/myrndLWtears.jpg John_Langston 10/28/18 10:32:54 PM
#279309   So when Brian Weber dies a slow miserable miketrav69 10/26/18 06:44:29 PM
#279308   Are you kidding me? This board still exists? WHY???!! fung_derf 10/25/18 04:15:17 PM
#279307   Better announce a buyback while you're at it! elbiatcho1 09/30/18 09:44:19 PM
#279306   investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2016/7/15/hbkleT_up.JPG John_Langston 09/30/18 07:15:46 PM
#279305   If they’re a shell. I can rollup a chaostrader 09/30/18 03:14:45 PM
#279304   Of course the next company will have to Whiplash_Investor 09/16/18 03:28:28 PM
#279302   There are too many shares out. Whoever bought John_Langston 09/16/18 10:08:12 AM
#279301   True, but an RS may not occur immediately...could Whiplash_Investor 09/16/18 07:18:49 AM
#279300   I picked some up many months ago, hoping Whiplash_Investor 09/16/18 07:17:40 AM
#279299   Have to examine this shell then.. Probably clean chaostrader 09/16/18 01:30:12 AM
#279298   Almost NO one who buys shells like these gumbie05 09/15/18 01:47:07 PM
#279297   This shell has been sold twice since 0.0001. John_Langston 09/15/18 12:41:11 PM
#279296   THIS SHELL STILL SCAMMING? Jmo chaostrader 09/15/18 09:46:01 AM
#279295   Do you all remember another brand that was gumbie05 09/14/18 03:25:15 PM
#279294   What can you say--there is a niche for ToldYaSo 09/11/18 04:35:50 PM
#279293   Tranquini May. 9, 2018 elbiatcho1 09/11/18 03:45:55 PM
#279292   Imagine putting that on your resume....COO of one gumbie05 09/10/18 12:42:16 PM
#279291   Thanks for the update Sputnik 09/09/18 11:03:21 PM
#279290   Daisy Lizeth Ramirez / Villanueva may be in elbiatcho1 09/09/18 04:35:19 PM
#279289   How are the 2 beverage companies working out? elbiatcho1 09/09/18 04:19:18 PM
#279288   Jail BW make the world a better place #1 PATRIOTS_RSOX FAN 09/08/18 11:17:58 AM
#279287   That was not discussed. John_Langston 08/23/18 06:25:38 PM
#279286   To who? Cburg 08/23/18 06:23:13 PM
#279285   The shell has already been sold. John_Langston 08/23/18 10:56:58 AM
#279284   What company will buy the shell next? Investors stockboy 08/22/18 02:07:46 PM
#279283   Here's a novel idea for everyone that ever John_Langston 08/16/18 08:23:41 PM
#279282   Knew the response. Just asked to expose the Krspecialized 08/16/18 04:48:30 AM