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I just bought into this stock because it THEHORNDOG 12/10/20 11:41 PM
And when is your target date for that price? Burnieus 12/09/20 1:43 PM
$4.50 is my target Trons 11/13/20 3:57 PM
3 bucks could get you 65 jablome 11/10/20 3:07 PM
sold 2 dollar calls, bought 3 dollar calls jablome 11/10/20 3:04 PM
the heat is coming, stand back jablome 10/22/20 5:30 PM
Lol NYC_JimBob 10/06/20 6:23 PM
We're all too depressed to type. ATLdoogie 10/05/20 1:29 PM
Jay-Zus Nobody on this stock? NYC_JimBob 09/25/20 4:40 PM
. HATTER 12/13/19 1:04 PM
Can you give me your opinion of this tiket? pennystock_es 06/04/19 4:52 AM
Full year 2018 reported. EPS .48 Huggy Bear 01/30/19 6:05 PM
Santander Q3 2018 - .115 EU EPS. Huggy Bear 11/05/18 12:24 PM
Buy SAN. Just wait it out and watch KOLLEGAH 10/23/18 6:51 PM
American Express and Ripple are using SAN (aka Billy055 06/21/18 1:09 PM
SAN invest 6.455 stocktrademan 08/21/17 12:12 PM
ABOUT TIME WE GOT A NICE BUMP ON chevelle 396 07/27/16 4:37 PM
It is a very interesting situation with Scotland Huggy Bear 06/27/16 7:36 PM
I did. I wasn't taking that bet. Even JTrader 06/27/16 7:34 PM
Uh huh. Huggy Bear 06/27/16 6:24 PM
Lol. Update: sold before BREXIT. Bought more after JTrader 06/24/16 11:36 AM
Got a starter today. I'm betting on BREXIT. JTrader 06/17/16 7:55 PM
Need more volume and another green day tomorrow JTrader 06/15/16 3:15 PM
Major Bank at these levels, seems like a PennyStockPickz 04/26/16 10:32 AM
killing the stock price u mean Aevora 02/04/16 1:58 PM
YA NICE MOVES FROM THE NEW CEO SHES chevelle 396 01/09/16 9:05 AM
Nice moves with the new CEO!! BettingAngles 09/09/15 9:40 AM
2ND HALF TURN AROUND COMING !!!!!! shylo14 06/02/15 1:57 PM
I did a brief review of that bank's Huggy Bear 05/28/15 4:41 PM
I agree. I wish I had purchased EMTPstock 05/13/15 9:29 AM
Received my divi shares in the account today. Huggy Bear 05/12/15 6:50 PM
I have been pleased with the accumulation provided Huggy Bear 05/11/15 6:55 PM
i think a bigger worry is the new taintedfud 05/11/15 12:50 PM
They may have eliminated that exposure entirely. Huggy Bear 05/10/15 2:00 PM
i show san currently owning no greek debt. taintedfud 05/10/15 1:27 PM
Yup. I have been collecting shares in Huggy Bear 05/07/15 5:45 PM
take a brave man to short this baby. taintedfud 05/05/15 1:21 PM
How is that short position working out? Huggy Bear 04/28/15 6:15 PM
Go for it. I am collecting dividends Huggy Bear 04/20/15 6:08 PM
I'm getting ready to Short this pump and EmptyBones 04/19/15 3:19 PM
I can only speculate but what seems plausible Huggy Bear 01/13/15 12:00 PM
This thing really cam tumbling down, I did EMTPstock 01/09/15 11:32 AM
It is. And paying quarterly dividends as well. Huggy Bear 12/11/14 3:49 PM
Is this POS still trading? What a scam? Ecomike 12/11/14 3:47 PM
$SAN DD Notes ~ stocktrademan 11/21/14 10:42 AM
Santander is going to continue the special dividend Huggy Bear 09/08/14 6:55 PM
Banco Santandar stock price has been consolidating since tk72 08/24/14 11:26 PM
The quarterly dividend shares just keep showing up Huggy Bear 08/19/14 8:47 AM
I hope they continue thru 2014 but no Huggy Bear 06/16/14 2:52 PM
Can't say...wished they kept going with that at whizent1 06/16/14 2:34 PM
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Banco Santander SA (SAN)

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Banco Santander, S.A. operates as a commercial and private bank primarily in Spain, the United Kingdom, other European countries, and Latin America. It operates in three segments: Retail Banking, Global Wholesale Banking, and Asset Management and Insurance. The Retail Banking segment offers a range of deposit products, including savings, current, demand, time, and notice deposits, as well as international and domestic interbank deposits; and loan products and services, such as auto financing, personal loans, mortgages, and leasing and renting. This segment also offers credit cards, automated cash dispensers, savings books updaters, telephone banking, and electronic and Internet banking. The Global Wholesale Banking segment provides corporate banking, treasury, and investment banking services. Its products and services include commercial financing, funds, trade finance, transactional products, custody services, corporate finance, structured finance, and capital structuring. This segment also engages in the trading and distribution of equities. The Asset Management and Insurance segment involves in the design and management of mutual and pension funds, and insurance products. As of December 31, 2007, the company had 5,976 branch offices in Continental Europe; 704 branches in the United Kingdom; and 4,498 branches in Latin America. It serves individuals, small and medium enterprises, companies, institutional investors, and financial institutions. The company was founded in 1857 and is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

Dividend Information

One of the reasons to own Santander is the fantastic dividend options that you receive.  Yielding far beyond anything you would get in a CD, or fixed income, you have a great, steady (for now) dividend that can be taken in a few ways, cash, warrants, or shares.  There are tax savings to taking the dividend in shares.  Info can be found here...


Chart and Stock Information

FINVIZ reports an OS of 8.16B and float of 6.44B shares.

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