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                                                         Take Your Portfolio Up to the Next Level with Stocks that Breakout !


Everyone is free to post the next exploding stock pick. There are no rules other then be to kind to each other, and no spamming. There is no particular price requirement, small marketcaps are more important than price ranges for a breakout.

This board is also used to dissimilate news/information regarding the markets in general.

Always research a stock before purchasing. Remember that there is always high risk involved when playing these types of stocks. Never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose! Here are some useful links for research:


http://www.elliottwavesignals.com/outlook/index.htm http://www.stockcharts.com


 http://smallcapcenter.com/tools_tools.asp PRESS RELEASE: http://home.businesswire.com/portal/site/home/index.jsp?front_door=true


http://www2.barchart.com http://www.smallcapcenter.com



Other cool ihub boards:




DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. We are not licensed brokers. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable for everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional. No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except you. If you follow any stocks strategies discussed on this board, you may lose all your money. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk. Any stocks discussed here are only for that purpose, and do not constitute buy, sell or hold recommendations. Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling any security in the open market, there are no guarantees. Individual investorshub members who visit this webpage, or any other webpage on investorshub, may be required to individually issue their own disclaimers or disclosures in which the "BREAKOUT BOARD" is not responsible for in any way whatsoever. Those individuals or entities on investorshub should maintain their own responsibilities under full and fair disclosure requirements as used in the securities industry.




#10985  Sticky Note DSCR Full DD & Latest PRs: Great MJ MaxPowerLove$Ihub 04/13/14 01:03:55 AM
#11154   Hi guys. Interesting news about $BTZI: @lex_stock_guru 11/24/20 11:39:54 AM
#11153   7 PCTL catalysts in play right now...Hearing a Hate Liars 10/29/20 07:43:11 AM
#11151   GPL GOLD AND SILVER PRODUCER. Great 2nd qtr doczaius 08/14/20 05:53:01 PM
#11150   Anybody watching cmgo? chomps21 07/07/20 09:42:11 AM
#11148   $FONU CopperLand Bound!!! New Custodian/Shell Play! Golden_Cross 04/11/20 03:18:09 PM
#11147   SSOK Gold + Silver retailer. Check this out! apr1 03/28/20 04:22:20 PM
#11146   EWLL Bottomed out, pushing higher apr1 03/18/20 12:32:11 PM
#11145   New crypto opportunity for anyone interested. I ayguy 03/15/20 03:16:54 PM
#11144   Just why? This is getting really interesting. Super Fai 2 02/29/20 06:27:23 PM
#11143   NSLPQ/NUSPQ (preferreds)-Out of bankruptcy Off the grays Believe ElJefe80 02/23/20 03:55:49 PM
#11141   $$$$$$AXXA$$$$$ pneuma1 02/14/20 07:32:30 AM
#11140   $PCTL Expansion Underway... Continues to Expand By Signing Golden_Cross 01/01/20 06:49:19 PM
#11137   SCON $$$$$ SCON $$$$$$$$ ScON $$$$$$$$$$$ mik1234 12/26/19 10:10:52 AM
#11136   SCON $$$$$ SCON $$$$$$$$ ScON $$$$$$$$$$$ mik1234 12/26/19 10:10:41 AM
#11133   SPAR per IBD Paullee 12/18/19 10:58:02 PM
#11132   CBBT over due 10K, should hit the street, TAB78 12/17/19 06:46:39 PM
#11131   $AWON Pre-Merger Play With Court Date Coming Up! Golden_Cross 11/22/19 04:20:57 AM
#11130   $$UNRG$$ NEWS OUT: WinningInvestments 10/22/19 09:22:35 AM
#11129   $ADIA SilverLand Bound!!! New Custodian/Shell Play! Golden_Cross 09/28/19 05:55:59 PM
#11128   $DKSC Multi-Day Runner. Waiting on merger PR. Huge Golden_Cross 09/21/19 09:39:54 AM
#11127   $UNRG Monster Pre-Reverse Merger Play - Custodianship less Golden_Cross 09/10/19 03:59:18 AM
#11126   Coro Mining COP on the TSX biggross 08/29/19 06:05:43 AM
#11125   $$$DVLP$$$ lendingmagician 08/22/19 01:06:01 PM
#11124   $CWNR .0263 LOW FLOAT 16 million Merger play, when dandream 07/28/19 12:28:37 PM
#11122   YOGA NEW $3 MILL LOW FLOAT OTC came mp34 07/22/19 08:37:38 PM
#11121   BIEL was just approved for FDA June 28th. toohot 07/22/19 07:18:25 AM
#11120   DSS, all the dd is spread around check General Grievous 07/09/19 10:08:25 AM
#11119   $ VSYM $. Huge opportunity and play richierich1018 04/04/19 02:52:19 PM
#11118   2 Sub-Penny-Stocks-to-watch. (GERS Inc. & SDVI Inc.) DO twaflyer1 03/06/19 05:21:54 PM
#11117   Check out $UNVC board. Some have compiled GoldenDD 02/19/19 09:13:33 AM
#11116   GIFA Inc. to RM into the US Stock Themistocles_I 01/24/19 05:37:58 AM
#11115   WOFA bslate243 01/17/19 08:26:35 AM
#11114   biggest news in penny stock history ICBU!!! ABinvestor1 11/27/18 12:52:46 PM
#11113   $HIPH **Announces CBD Beverage Full Launch StevenCohen 07/25/18 08:45:22 AM
#11112   VATE HAS AN AMAZING CHART!! japeterson 06/08/18 10:08:41 AM
#11111   CRAZY VATE BREAKING OUT!!!! japeterson 06/08/18 10:05:54 AM
#11110   AXXA RED HOT !!!!! $$$$$$$$$ Daniel Plainview 05/03/18 10:14:38 AM
#11108   Until they Buy Back some shares I am gaileo6 02/28/18 09:51:42 AM
#11107   RMHB record volume up 88% !! after bjd1000 12/19/17 01:56:27 PM
#11106   $SDVI: On Mega Volume Alert for this week...Looks MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/26/17 10:04:01 AM
#11105   $CHRO: CHRON Announces Acquisition of Booming National Energy MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/22/17 10:47:28 AM
#11104   $CHRO: "...our goal is completely different, the industry MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/22/17 10:43:17 AM
#11103   FCGD GET IN BEFORE TAKEOFF!!!! LIKEGOLD 06/15/17 08:52:24 AM
#11102   ICNB up 26% on Friday alone! Bellissima Lordlordlandlord 05/27/17 05:38:09 PM
#11101   Ammx joins up with OSK in huge deal PrivateCitizen 05/12/17 10:33:12 AM
#11100   https://investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2017/4/22/gyiavExtra_Extra_N dandream 05/10/17 05:49:01 AM
#11099   BIG NEWS, BUY BUY BUY!!! -> #COTE Cclaze 04/20/17 11:48:52 AM
#11098   GERS (Greenshift-Inc.)SPECIAL SITUATION alert. GERS Has many Patents twaflyer1 04/11/17 04:44:31 PM
#11097   $RSII, By Next week .05++ and Higher. Imho dandream 03/21/17 03:03:07 AM
#11096   ON ALERT $WRFXD target $.50 current price 0.05 StockHighAlert- 03/05/17 11:28:10 AM
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