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 naked shorting is no myth " Hedge Funds specializing in short selling by using spread Bets or Contracts for difference,  " Most borrowers and lenders of shares are institutions, brokers, etc.. your own broker, if approached, will  sell your own shares that they hold on your behalf as a nominee account.

One thing that may help put an order in place your shares for sale.. "As they are 'on order' they cannot be lent out by your broker and in turn you are reducing the amount of 'free shares' out there that can be used for shorting purposes. .., if a large number of holders did this it would reduce the overall amount of shares that they could get their hands on...  http://www.contracts-for-difference.com/Borrowing-lending-shares.html " 

Tracking MM dilution history - http://otce.finra.org/MonthlyShareVolume 
Up to date FINRA phantom short data
Estimated naked short data http://www.squeezereport.com 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHgy7Z8kIBY > vid#5
https://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/regsho.hthttps://www.sec.gov/investor/pubs/regsho.htm   SEC Regsho rule basically gives market makers phantom shares To 'Regulate the PPS Imo
http://otce.finra.org/RegSHO  regsho threshold list good sign MMs know they are about to convert more dilutive shares and driving her low so they get more shares from note then cover
makes it interesting though. if a stock breaks out good and their oversold ballence sheet goes through the roof. They become the Bullish bear throwing wood on the fire. Best traders out there work for the house

4320. Short Sale Delivery Requirements 

(a) If a participant of a registered clearing agency has a fail to deliver position at a registered clearing agency in a non-reporting threshold security for 13 consecutive settlement days, the participant shall immediately thereafter close out the fail to deliver position by purchasing securities of like kind and quantity. 

(1) Provided, however, if a participant of a registered clearing agency has a fail to deliver position at a registered clearing agency for thirty-five consecutive settlement days in a non-reporting threshold security that was sold pursuant to SEC Rule 144, the participant shall immediately thereafter close out the fail to deliver position in the security by purchasing securities of like kind and quantity. The requirements in paragraph (b) shall apply to all such fails to deliver that are not closed out in conformance with this paragraph (a)(1). 
(b) If a participant of a registered clearing agency has a fail to deliver position at a registered clearing agency in a non-reporting threshold security for 13 consecutive settlement days (or 35 consecutive settlement days if entitled to rely on paragraph (a)(1)), the participant and any broker or dealer for which it clears transactions, including any market maker that would otherwise be entitled to rely on the exception provided in paragraph (b)(2)(iii) of Rule 203 of SEC Regulation SHO..... 



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