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How would you have done differently it if Jesspro 27 minutes ago
our only hurdle to success is management.! cervelo 5 hours ago
Insanity! Market cap just 284m over cash schwarm 12/07/22 4:14 PM
RMB. re your view of a buyout for Whalatane 12/04/22 4:23 PM
Well, at this price not much more downside rosemountbomber 12/04/22 2:31 PM
If that’s your rationale, May I ask why Jesspro 12/01/22 3:51 PM
I would say it is realism, and not rosemountbomber 12/01/22 11:58 AM
Geez, why are you always so pessimistic in Jesspro 12/01/22 9:39 AM
Well, maybe, but first comes the hard part rosemountbomber 11/30/22 8:13 PM
Aurinia Announces the Great Britain Marketing Authorization of Cosa 11/30/22 4:31 PM
Approved in UK… Jesspro 11/30/22 4:16 PM
That is the way to conduct BO negotiations. rosemountbomber 11/30/22 8:13 AM
HZNP getting acquired - good old Tim Walbert Gg nferna 11/29/22 10:13 PM
Another insider purchase…10,000 shares @ $4.66 greggors 11/23/22 5:30 PM
No BP will touch this pig moosedogger 11/22/22 3:36 PM
This bar is getting much bigger compared to Cosa 11/22/22 3:04 PM
The Chief Business Officer is down $20k from Cosa 11/22/22 1:11 PM
“No BP will touch this pig”…well, well well, Jesspro 11/22/22 8:00 AM
rose remember when the board gave pete his well cervelo 11/21/22 10:25 PM
Sold to BP not partnered with. rosemountbomber 11/21/22 5:23 PM
They really need to partner with BP. Cosa 11/21/22 12:48 PM
Quantum Mechanics… biotech_researcher 11/19/22 1:35 PM
But he is doing better for himself. rosemountbomber 11/19/22 9:50 AM
I owned a digital prepress company. built it cervelo 11/19/22 9:47 AM
This thing is gonna explode! don’t know when greggors 11/17/22 4:07 PM
Market cap is so low it is trading Cosa 11/17/22 3:26 PM
Quantum entanglement? Sorry if it affects you too. Jesspro 11/17/22 12:17 PM
Jeepers…………….. biotech_researcher 11/17/22 9:48 AM
LOL! Reminds me of somebody in politics. Jesspro 11/16/22 8:24 AM
Hot dog cart? moosedogger 11/16/22 7:40 AM
Institutional holdings increasing. 58M shares now. Cosa 11/15/22 2:26 PM
A ceo of what? Jesspro 11/14/22 11:50 PM
still dropping and fools keep buying. cervelo 11/14/22 9:24 PM
Hey Zzatt. How many scientists do they have. Scott999 11/14/22 8:51 AM
“ Are you going to refuse a patient rosemountbomber 11/10/22 1:38 PM
These 5 buck shares really bring the average Cosa 11/10/22 1:26 PM
Well the present reality at the Nephrology dept Whalatane 11/10/22 11:58 AM
I saw that - it is a good sign. nsomniyak 11/10/22 10:20 AM
U really don't get this do U .Yea, zzaatt 11/10/22 8:26 AM
A little update on that Lupkynis script … Whalatane 11/09/22 7:39 PM
Michael Martin bought 30K shares Most bullish thing for nferna 11/09/22 6:45 PM
Thanks for that update Kiwi. As I rosemountbomber 11/09/22 6:17 PM
Well little update for U Wife talked to Whalatane 11/09/22 4:47 PM
U really don't get this do U . Whalatane 11/09/22 1:40 PM
BR, it’s getting closer to your target. I hope biotech_researcher 11/07/22 8:21 PM
BR, it’s getting closer to your target. Jesspro 11/07/22 12:07 PM
You guys should also post on Twitter with biotech_researcher 11/07/22 9:18 AM
…with a predicted upside of 137% greggors 11/07/22 9:07 AM
RBC and Leerink lowered PT to $10 & $12 moosedogger 11/07/22 8:50 AM
this sounds like a stock for Alex Denner, thesaud 11/07/22 7:38 AM
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Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (AUPH)

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Aurinia is a late-stage biopharmaceutical company providing novel products specifically engineered to treat a limited, targeted patient population suffering from serious disease states for which there is a high unmet medical need.

*Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc.




Candidate & Indication Development Stage
Preclinical Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Market
VOCLOSPORINLupus Nephritis (LN)
Preclinical Phase complete
Phase 1 Phase complete
Phase 2 Phase in progress
Phase 3 Phase not started
Market Phase not started

Aurinia is committed to working in areas of high unmet medical need and is poised to deliver the first approved therapy in the U.S. and Europe for the treatment of lupus nephritis, or LN.

The Voclosporin Advantage

Voclosporin, an investigational drug, is a novel and potentially best-in-class calcineurin inhibitor (“CNI”) with clinical data in over 2,000 patients across indications. Voclosporin is an immunosuppressant, with a synergistic and dual mechanism of action that has the potential to improve near- and long-term outcomes in lupus nephritis (LN) when added to standard of care mycophenolate mofetil (MMF). It has been granted “fast track status” by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Voclosporin Could Transform the LN treatment Landscape

Voclosporin has the potential to become a best in class medication and the first approved treatment for LN in the U.S. and Europe, effectively altering the current treatment paradigm for the disease.

Advantages of Voclosporin Combined with Standard of Care (SoC)

Our clinical data suggests that adding voclosporin to the current SoC of MMF for the treatment of lupus nephritis (LN) will yield superior results to using the standard of care alone.

Additionally, voclosporin may prove to be an ideal therapy for lupus nephritis due to advantages such as:

  • Improved efficacy
    Increased safety
    Oral administration
    Improved average time to renal response or remission
    Improved duration of renal response
    Reduction in steroid burden
    Potential first line add-on to MMF
    Fewer toxic immunosuppressants required
Benefits of Voclosporin

Potential Benefits of Voclosporin

In clinical trials, Voclosporin has been shown to be especially effective in the presence of low dose steroids with rapid reduction of LN inflammatory markers and overall improved renal stability.

The list of potential product benefits includes:

LN Critical Need Voclosporin (based on AURA Results)
Control of Active Disease
Rapid Disease Control
Lower Steroid Burden
Impact on Extra-renal disease
Convenient Treatment Regimen

In previous studies, over 2000 patients have been treated with Voclosporin with no abnormal or unexpected SAE’s

Well Characterized Safety Profile

Efficacy of calcineurin inhibition has already been established. Voclosporin has a well-characterized safety profile (over 2,000 patient exposures across multiple years) across indications.

No new safety signals were observed with the use of Voclosporin in LN patients; Voclosporin was well-tolerated and renal function remained stable in clinical studies. The overall safety profile is consistent with other immunosuppressive drugs.


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