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Prayer Requests - We are Here to Pray for You!

Stand firm in faith and never give up -- your faith honors God

-- and God will honor your faith! 


Whatever your need, we are here to stand in agreement with you that your prayers will be heard and your needs will be met.  The Lord knows the desires of your heart before you even ask, so take comfort in knowing that He is listening, and wants to show you how much He loves you through Miracles that are about to take place in your life.  In His Word, He states to seek ye first the Kingdom of God... because it is His will that you have the desires of your heart, but first, He needs to know that you look to Him for all of the answers, then... and all these things will be added unto you.

Answer to Prayer for Financial Breakthroughs:   We have received so many prayer requests for financial breakthroughs, and have been searching for seven (7) years now on how to help those in need (other than just sending them money, here and there).  This is truly the year of overflow --  we finally discovered the answer!  (For example: Just as God gave the Israelites Mannah, and dropped it right in their lap... they still had to collect it and prepare it, and work in order to eat.)  We have discovered a business you can do yourself in your spare time to earn extra money or build your dream income... by a small step of faith, with little or no money down... this Christian based business is truly a blessing from the Lord! 



Believing God's Promises for Your Healing:  We are here to help support and encourage you in any way we can. If you are believing for a healing miracle, thank the Lord for healing you every time you think about the pain or symptoms or circumstances, and you will see His miracle healing powers manifested in your life.  Speak to the pain, the symptoms and the circumstances and command them to disappear and to heal and line up with the Word of God. Take communion every day and thank the Lord for cleansing you with the Blood of Jesus, and for healing your body as He promised...  Thank Him for He already paid the price for your physical, spiritual and psychological healing, and you can only receive it by faith - so continue to thank Him for healing you no matter what - even if it is at the eleventh hour, you will receive your healing if you never give up! tinyurl.com/b9l4jz

Remember:  Prayers can be hindered when they lack faith or when you are walking in sin (disobedience) or have unconfessed sin in your life.  If this is the case, just submit yourself before the Lord - mind, body and spirit - and ask Him to reveal what you need to repent of, and begin to spend time with Him daily.  Your Word level is your Faith level, because His Word is His Faith, and the more you read His Word (daily), the more you will increase your faith - by lining it up with what He says about you.  When walking in obedience, and spending time with Him with a clear conscience daily, in prayer and in reading His Word, He will hear your prayers... and He promises He will answer... so do not doubt!  Remain strong in your faith, and He will give you peace, no matter what your circumstances!



God's Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression -
By David R. Wilkerson

Published by Whitaker House, 2000
ISBN 0883686163, 9780883686164
219 pages -

 THANK YOU, YOU'LL FIND THE INN CROWD @: tinyurl.com/b9l4jz

The World to Come



Welcome to Chuck Baldwin Live!


Dr. Charles O. "Chuck" Baldwin




We Want America Back -

God Bless us




Father God please forgive to save
thy bro who pray - asking for
Your forgivness thanks -  
God Bless us -


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