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Amfil Technologies, Inc. is the parent company to four subsidiaries

Org Chart


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**** Snakes and Lattes Investor Presentation Deck **** 

Click here for the Snakes & Lattes Presentation Deck

**** Last Reported Share Structure ****

As of 08/24/2020
Authorized: 600,000,000
Outstanding: 580,575,767
Float: 373,237,847



  Company Highlights
Wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures across many high potential and growing industries:
  Board game publishing and distribution (Snakes & Lattes)
  Game board cafés (Snakes & Lattes)
  Medical and recreational MJ industrial equipment and services (GRO3)
  Hardscaping and heavy equipment services (Interloc-Kings)
Multimillion in quarterly revenues
A growth of 4900% from FYE 2016 of $230,985 to FYE 2019 of $11,373,432
Outstanding shares reduced from 791 million to 563 million currently
Authorized shares reduced from 900 million to 600 million in 2017
Snakes & Lattes USA Expansion And Buildout (SLUEB) team aggressively pursuing new key locations across the country
No toxic debt, reverse split or recapitalization in the 33-year history of the company
Sales at the S&L Tempe location increased from $138,000 for February 2019 to $220,000 for February 2020
MAJOR catalysts coming:
  Company waiting to finalize 2019 audit to uplist to the OTCQB
  Free dividend planned for existing FUNN shareholders in the form of shares in spin-off company (Interloc-Kings/GRO3) once FUNN uplists
  Morning's anticipated self-published board games, Kill the Unicorns and Red Panda, began sales in late 2019


Snakes and Lattes Logo

Board Game Café

Snakes & Lattes is Canada’s premiere board game café. Enjoy healthy and comfort food, drinks and spirits, coffee and tea while playing games from their vast selection. The games are organized so you can quickly find your favorite or discover something new. Don’t know what to play or want a suggestion? Snakes & Lattes has game gurus at every location willing to help! Waiting lines are typical at each location and each is highly positively reviewed on social review sites. Snakes locations also have periodic exciting events like Game Designer nights for upcoming game creators to test out their creations with real game enthusiasts..


Corporate owned/Franchising/Joint ventures

There are currently 3 locations in Toronto, Canada and the FIRST location in the U.S.A. opened in Tempe, Arizona on October 12th, 2018, with their largest and most extravagant acquisition opening on October 14th, 2020. Amfil has created a Snakes & Lattes USA Expandion and Buildout (SLUEB) team for rapid expansion via corporate location funding and joint ventures across North America, with the ultimate goal of reaching Europe and Asia. The Expansion team is currently on tour with interested parties for corporate locations in major cities across the USA. They are in active negotiation with multiple interested parties and continue to receive high interest as awareness of the brand and expansion effort grows.


Game retailer

Snakes & Lattes sells games direct at each location and online. As a master distributor, Snakes & Lattes buys below wholesale; capturing a higher margin on sales.


Event planning

Snakes & Lattes flagship Midtown location is the alpha model which all franchises and joint ventures will be based. The 10,000 sq.ft. café offers event services for parties; both private and corporate. Snakes provides a unique and enjoyable experience: Supplying a variety of foods, beverage, and games. On site Game gurus will help ensure a maximum good time. More and more corporate and private events are discovering Snakes as a great place to hold their events! This is one of the many rapidly growing segments of the business. Snakes also has a ‘Snakes-On-The-Go’ experience, a mobile version where they will bring the Snakes experience to you.



Snakes & Lattes has game launching services for up and coming game publishers. Snakes’ experienced Gurus provide critical feedback and test play. Snakes marketing services for potential new game publishers including decor, themed cocktails, pastries, drawings, sales displays, online videos in the same way Hollywood launches movies. This provides Snakes with a unique advantage in being able to secure exclusive distribution rights with game designers once the game is launch ready.

Game Creation/Publishing

Amfil recently acquired game designer and publisher Morning. This acquisition allows Snakes to capture the entire supply chain. The games (shown below) will launch in the near future under the Snakes subsidiary. By designing, publishing and distributing their own games, greater margins per unit are captured. This division has potential to be the fastest growing arm of Snakes & Lattes. Kill the Unicorns and Red Panda were released late 2019 and their revenues will begin to show up in 2020 Q3. An example how explosive this segment can be is Exploding Kittens, which generated 50 million in sales in its first year.


Distribution and Fulfillment

Snakes & Lattes is a Master Distributor with exclusive and non-exclusive distribution rights throughout Canada, U.S.A and parts of Europe and Asia. Distribution has grown from 20 retailers and 5 SKUs to 170 retailers making up 300 locations and 35 SKUs. The distribution side has contracts with many large and small retailers, including Wal-Mart, Amazon, Indigo Chapters, EB Games generating millions of dollars annually.

Exclusive Distribution Rights means that Snakes & Lattes Inc. will be the only authorized distributor for the given game in large geographical areas or entire countries. Examples of some of the exciting exclusive distributor games:

• Cards Against Humanity in Canada
• Hub Games: Makers of Rory's Story CubesUntold, and Blank
• Build Up in Canada
• Kill the Unicorns and Red Panda in North America
• The Awkward Yeti's game OrganATTACK! in Canada
• Galactic Sneeze's games Spank The Yeti and Schmovie (Including ‘Not Parent Approved’ version.)

Snakes & Lattes distribution is also a fulfillment partner for smaller game designers. They ship individual Kickstarter orders out to Canadian backers. Gaming is the #1 funded section of Kickstarter. As Snakes & Lattes expands into the USA through franchises, joint ventures and company owned locations, their own fulfillment Kickstarter contracts are expected to expand as well.

What sets Snakes and Lattes apart?

There are many game board cafes out there, and more popping up all the time. This is a good thing! Game Board Cafes (GBC) is a fledgling industry, and has many years of growth ahead of it. There will be many one-off cafes and just as there are coffee shops, there will be some great ones! However, there is only one Snakes & Lattes Game Board Café. There is only one GBC that is also a brand, where the café location is only one part in the entire supply chain.

Snakes and Lattes has everything: Design, Publishing, Distribution, Fulfillment, Online and Retail Sales, Casual Food and Entertainment and Event Services.

More information can be found at: www.snakesandlattes.com

History of Snakes & Lattes: 

 Unique idea, strategy fuel game cafe's success

• About Snakes & Lattes

Snakes and Lattes Org Chart

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GRO3 Logo

The EcoPr03 GRO3 Antimicrobial System:


The GRO3 Ozone Treatment System provides a chemical and pesticide free alternative for the legal, medical, and recreational marijuana industries.

Triple-function sanitization unit capable of naturally eliminating 99.9% of water and airborne pathogens allowing for the safe production of products. Helps to keep the production environment free of pathogens including viruses, bacteria and molds due to its HEPA filtration of the air.

Will eliminate the typically problematic pests that wreak havoc for plant based soil and hydroponic growing like aphids, whiteflies and spider mites.

Does not use chemicals thus maintaining an organic environment and lowering energy consumption.

Ability to integrate/adapt into existing facility monitoring/control systems or develop independent systems where required.

Ability to control/monitor via internet or remotely.

Efficient in addressing the challenges facing grow-ops with regards to mold control, insecticide reduction allowing for more effective nutrient consumption, improved plant strength and quality.


• Received U.S. Patent Pending #62472210 for the new EcoPr03 GRO3 Antimicrobial System.

• EcoPr03 GRO3 Antimicrobial System passes product review by a registered USDA organic certifying agent for use in California as well as Pennsylvania and surrounding states for the production of organic cannabis. Cannot be certified by the FDA as organic since Cannabis is illegal in the U.S.A.

• Currently being utilized in the food and beverage industry by Pepsi, Nestle, Sysco, Sun Pacific and others.

• 2014 Grozone expands the technology into the cultivation of Medical Cannabis. 



• 2017 Amfil Tech signed an agreement with Roto-Gro World Wide Inc. to form a partnership to integrate and distribute the GROzone EcoPr03 Antimicrobial System with the Roto-Gro Rotary Hydroponic systems.

• 2017 receives its first purchase order commitment for 100 Roto-Gro units and 5 EcoPr03 systems valued at approximately $1.15M from an up and coming 40,000 sq. ft. medical cannabis facility. Below is the layout of the facility.

• 2018 begins working with the same party on an additional 216 Rotogro units and 32 Ecopro3 units for an additional 40,000 sq. ft. location currently under construction.

• In May 2018, Ambrose returns from a positive meeting with the Colombian Government. Colombia seeking EU and U.S.A organic certification for soil and hydroponic plant based growing  of foods, cut flowers and cannabis.

More information can be found at www.gro3ozone.com

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Interloc kings was established by Roger Mortimer in April of 2009. Interloc Kings is the premier landscape construction and snow removal service provider serving the GTA and York Region of Canada since 2009.

The team of designers and installation technicians delivers cutting edge landscape designs.

The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau since becoming a member in 2011.

The company has a 9.7/10 rating on HomeStars.

Specializing in stone and wood installations between $5,000 and $150,000 per project, Interloc-Kings Inc. has quickly become a top, high quality installation company of outdoor living areas.

Mr. Mortimer brought this company into the Amfil Tec. umbrella in 2013 and as a result, he became CEO of Amfil Tech. at that time.

As the company continues to grow, Mr. Mortimer vision is to spin Interloc Kings off into a public company (shareholders will receive free shares of the new company) and grow Interloc Kings into a franchising network that will cross the United States border.

More information can be found at www.interloc-kings.com

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FUNN Revenues 

Shares Outstanding


FUNN Timeline Presentation

Snakes and Lattes Investor Presentation

A visit to Snakes & Lattes Midtown - with Zee

Sam's Day Trip To Snakes & Lattes Midtown in Toronto

GRO3 Showroom Unit


Amfil Technologies Inc. Issues Audit Update and Plans on Going & Remaining Current Moving Forward

Toronto, ON, Oct. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Amfil Technologies Inc. (OTC: FUNN) is pleased to announce the projected completion date for the Company’s 2019 audit. While the audit process has been an unpleasant and lengthy experience for management and the shareholders, we are happy to announce that it is finally assumed by all parties involved that the entire audit process will be completed before the end of this month.

It was suggested to the company mid-audit not to release unaudited numbers until the prior year’s audit was completed, as the opening and closing year end balances would not match until any and all adjustments were made to the prior year. Considering the length of time it took to complete the adjustments, in hindsight the Company recognizes that this may not have been the best strategy. Moving forward, the company remains committed to financial transparency, and it will publish/release timely financial statements by the due date, regardless of audit status. This will ensure the company remains current and prevent any future “Stop Sign” designations on OTC Markets. 

FYE 2018 and FYE 2019 will be filed/published before the end of the month, and Q1 2020 will be issued before its November 14th due date. Completion of these filings will reinstate the company to ‘Current’ status and ensure it is maintained through to the Q2 2020 filing in February 2020. The company is committed to have all future financial statements filed on time to ensure it permanently retains a ‘Current’ status designation from OTC Markets.

The past few years working through the audit process have been a learning experience for the company. Understanding auditor expectations has driven management to make multiple adjustments that will improve timelines for all future audits. It has been an ever-evolving process, one that has included several adjustments, the implementation of new policies and procedures, and changes in staff. Adjustments the company has made include the hiring of the CFO Squad, moving the primary accounting firm, and a number of internal accounting/bookkeeping processes and protocols. These significant changes to the Company’s infrastructure have been implemented to ensure timely future audits and promote the Company’s continued growth sustainability, with the intent to both protect and increase shareholder value.  

The last two years undergoing the audit has been a difficult, but necessary, process for the Company and shareholders alike. Since the acquisition of the Snakes & Lattes Inc. subsidiary, the Company has experienced tremendous growth and has continued this growth trajectory at an ambitious rate. It is, of course, imperative to ensure that the Company’s growth is also sustainable. The financial audit and subsequent uplist were/are key requirements to allow the Company to continue aggressive AND sustainable growth.

The company is excited to move forward from this process, committed to the timely completion of all future audits, and very excited for the multitude of growth-related initiatives moving forward. Once completed, the company intends to further accelerate its comprehensive growth strategy including the opening of new Snakes & Lattes venues, the holiday sales rush of the Kill the Unicorns game title, and a multitude of additional initiatives which have been developing behind the scenes. We look forward to delivering maximum value back to our current shareholders while concurrently attracting a new range of investors and/or institutions following the submission of our audited financials.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to our aggressive growth strategy, and upon audit completion, we believe that we are strongly positioned for the continued expansion of our core business, vertical and horizontal integration, and expanding the scope of additional initiatives to deliver enhanced shareholder value.

For further updates from Amfil Technologies Inc please follow us on Twitter @AmfilTech

For more information regarding the company, and its related subsidiaries please visit the following websites:

Amfil Technologies Inc. www.amfiltech.com/
Snakes & Lattes Inc. https://www.snakesandlattes.com
Morning (Snakes & Lattes Publishing SAS) https://www.morning.us/
GRO3 Joint Venture https://www.gro3ozone.com
Interloc-Kings Inc. http://www.interloc-kings.com/

About Us:

Amfil Technologies Inc. is the parent company to three wholly owned subsidiaries.

1). Snakes & Lagers Inc. holds the trade name and is the owner of Snakes & Lattes Inc. which currently operates 3 tabletop gaming bars and cafes located in Toronto, Ontario and 1 in Tempe, Arizona. The company is in the process of expanding throughout North America. Snakes & Lattes Inc. was the first board game bar and cafe in North America, is believed to be the largest in the world and has the largest circulating public library of board games in North America for customers to choose from. Snakes & Lattes Inc. currently has a 100+ member staff and recently acquired the exclusive distribution rights throughout Canada for some of the most popular board games in the world. The company also operates a lucrative fulfillment and distribution division and has recently entered into the board game publishing business through the acquisition of Morning which is expected to add significant revenues to the bottom line. For more information on Snakes & Lattes Inc. feel free to visit the website at www.snakesandlattes.com.

2). The EcoPr03 GRO3 Antimicrobial System was jointly developed between Amfil Tech and A.C.T.S. Inc. which recently rebranded its technology under Advanced Ozone Integration as an extension of the existing ozone technology being utilized in the food and beverage industry and integrated by A.C.T.S. into companies such as Pepsi, Nestle, Sysco, Sun Pacific and many others. The system is a triple-function sanitization unit capable of naturally eliminating 99.9% of water and airborne pathogens and the typically problematic pests that wreak havoc for cultivators (like aphids, whiteflies and spider mites), as well as bacteria, fungus, microbes and mold on surfaces, all without chemicals. The unit can also constantly regulate a given facility's water supply, oxygenating the water and maintaining a consistent PPM infusion of ozone that prevents the formation of algae, bacteria or mold (allowing for comprehensive water recycling), simultaneously removing the need to use pesticides and/or dangerous, often carcinogenic products to treat production problems, as is common throughout the industry today. This environmentally-friendly solution also eliminates odors, while slightly reducing the air temperature, lowering energy consumption by the HEPA filtration and HVAC systems and could potentially allow for a facilities process to be labeled certified organic in the U.S.A. when the crop is no longer considered illegal on the federal level, otherwise "Clean Green" or "Certified Kind" in the meantime. The EcoPr03 GRO3 Antimicrobial System recently passed product review by a registered USDA certifying agent for use in California as well as Pennsylvania and surrounding states. The subsidiary has developed a strategic partnership with Roto Gro, the creator of proprietary rotary hydroponic technology. More information on this product line can be found on the www.gro3ozone.com website or on twitter @GRO3Systems.

3). Interloc-Kings Inc. is a hardscape construction company servicing the Greater Toronto Area. This subsidiary is an authorized Unilock installer. Unilock is North America's premier manufacturer of concrete interlocking paving stones and segmental wall products. Interloc-Kings Inc. has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 10/10 rating on homestars.com. Specializing in stone and wood installations between $5,000 and $150,000 per project, Interloc-Kings Inc. has quickly become a top, high quality installation company of outdoor living areas in the GTA. More information on this subsidiary can be found at the website www.interloc-kings.com.

Safe Harbor Statement

This news release contains statements that involve expectations, plans or intentions (such as those relating to future business or financial results, new features or services, or management strategies) and other factors discussed from time to time in the Company's OTC Market or Securities and Exchange Commission filings. These statements are forward-looking and are subject to risks and uncertainties, so actual results may vary materially. You can identify these forward-looking statements by words such as "may," "should,", "will", "expect," "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "confident," "intend," "plan" and other similar expressions. Our actual results, such as the Company's ability to finance, complete and consolidate acquisition of IP, assets and operating companies, could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements as a result of certain factors not within the control of the company such as a result of various factors, including future economic, competitive, regulatory, and market conditions. The company cautions readers not to place undue reliance on any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. The company disclaims any obligation subsequently to revise any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statements or to reflect the occurrence of anticipated or unanticipated events.

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