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Alloy Steel manufactures and distributes Arcoplate, a technically superior and market leading 'alloy overlay' wear plate, servicing the global marketplace from its modern manufacturing facilities in Perth, Australia.  Arcoplate is used throughout the mining and materials processing industries, from opportunistic one-off specialty applications in small companies to large relationship based repeat business applications with leading international companies.

Arcoplate provides users with superior wear protection due to its premium alloy mix, its high ratio of carbide rich alloy and its unique manner of manufacture. The product's technical superiority combined with its unbeatable 'whole-of-life' cost has resulted in Arcoplate's wide acceptance in the mining and mineral processing industries to reduce wear in a host of fixed plant and mobile equipment applications.

In mining and materials processing industries, where premature equipment wear is the primary cause of downtime, to undertake repairs or refurbishment, Arcoplate can provide users with significant profit improvement. Arcoplate can substantially lower equipment downtime, resulting in higher production, whilst also lowering the overall cost of wear protection.

Furthermore, in applications where material 'hang-up' or 'carry-back' are also a significant cause of lost production, such as sticky materials that do not discharge freely from truck trays, buckets and chutes, Arcoplate's unique characteristic of polishing to a very low friction factor has the potential to virtually eliminate these problems, whilst simultaneously providing enhanced equipment wear life.


Product Pictures & Videos
Arcoplate Pictures
Arcoplate YouTube Videos
Arcoplate Presentation

Contact Information
Production facilities are located in Western Australia ('WA' for short), with company headquarters at Address:
93 Mogul Road
Malaga Perth WA Australia 6090

+61 8 92483188
+61 8 92483166

Share Count Data
Maria Kostecki 10,345,000 65%

As of June 30, 2020, AYSI had a total of 15,902,597 shares of common stock outstanding.

The share count has been steady since going public, with a 1,139,403 share repurchase on June 27, 2019 at $1.30 per share.  There are no options or warrants outstanding.

Here are some links to patent applications to give some detail addressing how the manufacturing process addresses some problems with traditional overlay and how Arcoplate production looks to address and help resolve some of these problems:

Financial Information

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