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Just another stinky pinky with no communication. Skull Serpico2005 51 minutes ago
Let me know when Miguel gets this back money6870 05/27/23 2:51 PM
Looks like the bed is being cleaned and Craig305 05/26/23 2:10 PM
He has failed on this one for sure. Dennis76203 05/26/23 11:00 AM
From November 18, 2021: "Once the merger is complete, I-Glow 05/26/23 10:02 AM
He shit the bed money6870 05/24/23 5:52 PM
Fumbled the ball is being very generous Penny_Layne 05/24/23 3:47 PM
Miguel has definitely fumbled the ball here. money6870 05/23/23 1:13 PM
Heading for .0001 CEO complete idiot !!! Serpico2005 05/23/23 10:24 AM
Nope, Miguel still has his head up his ass money6870 05/23/23 10:17 AM
Anything new? money-maker 05/23/23 7:51 AM
Miguel shitting the bed money6870 05/16/23 3:36 PM
Typical Cooley pump by doing wash trades and I-Glow 05/12/23 7:09 PM
You should keep buying but with Cooley involved I-Glow 05/12/23 12:16 PM
Please bring the price down to Trips so Lowhndcpr 05/11/23 8:04 PM
You’re funny. Rule #1??? Lol Show me 1 Lowhndcpr 05/11/23 7:59 PM
Cooley is the one calling the shots for I-Glow 05/11/23 1:13 PM
Averaging down on a stock with dilution and Craig305 05/11/23 11:39 AM
What you call doom and gloom - I I-Glow 05/11/23 9:56 AM
Ur funny I don’t know Sanchez or Lowhndcpr 05/10/23 12:39 PM
Look at the price! LOLOL! Only a few that I-Glow 05/10/23 11:57 AM
You love to hear yourself talk…cuz you constantly Lowhndcpr 05/10/23 11:39 AM
This something you would never hear on the I-Glow 05/10/23 10:23 AM
Miguel will start this machine when he is Lowhndcpr 05/09/23 10:02 PM
Might happen. Miguel doesn't seem to know how money6870 05/09/23 1:25 PM
When the company has to borrow $3300 from I-Glow 05/08/23 12:37 PM
Bring us down to trips so I can Lowhndcpr 05/08/23 9:07 AM
WTF is Sanchez using this stock for ? Serpico2005 05/03/23 6:27 AM
The last post by Sanchez: "Gold Quest Capital @GoldQuestCap Dec 31, I-Glow 05/02/23 5:54 PM
Try calling Sanchez. Then ask to speak to I-Glow 05/02/23 10:22 AM
Unfortunately... nothing that we can see or know Craig305 05/01/23 7:12 PM
Anything new? money-maker 05/01/23 9:46 AM
For those that don't understand the term going I-Glow 04/27/23 10:15 AM
Psst... I don't wake him up... money-maker 04/26/23 4:57 PM
True Golden Cross 04/26/23 4:19 PM
Lol all $3300 worth of confidence and faith Stock_Gambit 04/24/23 2:38 PM
There wasn't any details provided on the loan I-Glow 04/24/23 10:46 AM
Going upppp! Echo115 04/22/23 10:32 PM
Glad you mentioned that a Shareholder invested more Echo115 04/21/23 10:20 AM
Great post - cold hard facts. That is pathetic I-Glow 04/18/23 11:01 AM
If so successful, why is shareholders having to Stock_Gambit 04/18/23 9:55 AM
Yeah. He’s really good. The stock went from Stock_Gambit 04/18/23 9:50 AM
I agree with that synopsis!! Echo115 04/17/23 7:15 PM
That’s all Bullshit! Echo115 04/17/23 7:11 PM
Sanchez isn’t very competent…. Stock_Gambit 04/14/23 11:12 AM
Only a matter of time. Sanchez will come Lowhndcpr 04/13/23 7:03 PM
Nice close.. Echo115 04/12/23 9:36 PM
The CTO is still in place and Sanchez I-Glow 04/10/23 6:00 PM
More of your bullshit…Just what does bringing up Echo115 04/07/23 5:51 PM
The Form 15 was filed in 2009 and I-Glow 04/07/23 11:14 AM
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AVVAA World Health Care Products (AVVH)

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Moderators stocksmanjr money-maker Craig305

2/1/2022 Outstanding Shares        966,442,572
   2/1/2022 Float                            898,104,897

Gold Quest tweet 1/31/2022:

$AVVH shareholders, when we acquired this shell last year,
we attempted to cancel just over 1 billion shares of common stock issued by old management.
12 of our 13 cancelation requests were approved by the court and 944 million shares were canceled.

The legends were removed last week from the certificates that were not canceled. We, nor the transfer agent, have any legal basis for preventing the transfer of validly issued shares. We have not issued any new common stock and the total shares outstanding has not changed. We understand you are frustrated that it has taken so long to get the foundation in place for the company we are building. However, we feel that our story is compelling enough to overcome any short-term impacts to our stock. Our capital sources agree. Our CEO will be releasing an open letter soon to provide you with a much clearer picture of our overall vision, including details of each business unit, major milestones for the coming year, and an explanation of how it all fits together. While the public venture is new to us, we have been active participants in the real estate market for 20+ years. We have complete confidence in our ability to execute our long-term plan and overcome any obstacles that present themselves. We thank you for your continued support.


Jan 11, 2022 $AVVH press release:
"AVVH will be posting its pre-merger quarterly disclosure statement for the company’s fiscal second quarter that ended on November 30, 2021, later this week. Consolidated financials will be included in the company’s fiscal third quarter disclosure statement that runs through February 28, 2022. The company will also be filing a request for a name change and new ticker symbol with FINRA in the next few weeks."


Gold Quest tweet @ 3:27 Friday Jan. 7, 2022:

$AVVH shareholders, the AVVH/GoldQuest Capital merger was
finalized over the holiday. Official press release is set for next week.
We will provide regular updates going forward now that operations are in the public company.

11/18/2021: AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc. (OTC: AVVH) Announces Shareholder Updates


Proposed Dates for Merger and Recent Company Activities

Houston, TX - (NewMediaWire) - November 18, 2021 - AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc. (OTC PINK: AVVH) provides shareholder updates for the following recent company activities. Mr. Miguel Sanchez, CEO, states, “We have successfully integrated our new management team into our company infrastructure and will continue to add new key executives in the coming months. During the past 60 days, we have finalized the company strategy to focus as the funder of choice for highly collateralized real estate first lien notes and real estate investments sourced and originated by the Gold Quest Group, LLC.  The company also plans to fund loans with other real estate brokers that provide opportunities that meet the company’s established funding criteria. Our management team has finalized a proposed merger date for AVVH/GoldQuest Capital for mid-December 2021, shortly after our current reporting period ends. Once the merger is complete, we will be applying to FINRA for a name and symbol change as soon as reasonably possible.”

The company is in the process of expanding its service offerings and has been laying the groundwork to utilize government programs like SBA, USDA, EXIM bank, and HUD guarantees to help more small businesses access capital.

After evaluating several firms, the company has finally settled on its legal counsel and accounting firm to handle its public compliance post-merger.

Mr. Miguel Sanchez concludes, “Given that we have received a significant amount of interest in our company, we are in the process of selecting an Investor Relations company to inform and respond to our shareholders and other interested parties. Of key importance to our shareholders, the company has no plans for a reverse split.”

About AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc.

AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc. is an OTC shell company with no current operations. The company is planning to merge with GoldQuest Capital, Inc. and plans to change its name to GoldQuest Capital once the merger is complete.

About GoldQuest Capital, Inc.

GoldQuest Capital is an early-stage company whose primary purpose is to fund real estate loans and redevelop select existing real estate assets to beautify communities and create new jobs. GoldQuest Capital’s redevelopment projects will include multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, and heavy industrial real estate.

For more information about GoldQuest Capital visit - or contact the Company directly at 1-786-473-1255. Make sure to follow the company on Twitter at

Contact Information:

Shareholder/Investor inquiries for AVVH/GoldQuest Capital can be directed to:

Omnis Public Capital Management LLC


  • ...

Houston, TX, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc. (OTC PINK: AVVH) announces it has been acquired by Omnis Public Capital Management, LLC. AVVH has signed new and revised board resolutions that officially create new management and approves the new direction of the Company. Mr. Miguel Sanchez, CEO, states, “We are excited about the new direction of AVVH, and we are confident that our management team will fulfill the requirements of restructuring the company to create long-term shareholder value. There are many administrative tasks to accomplish that will take some time, but we will perform these items as quickly as possible so that we can move forward with our new operating strategy.” 

Omnis Public Capital Management plans to merge AVVH with the newly created company, Gold Quest Capital, Inc. The primary purpose of AVVH/Gold Quest Capital, Inc. will be to act as the funder of choice for highly collateralized real estate first lien notes and real estate investments sourced and originated by the Gold Quest Group, LLC. AVVH/Gold Quest Capital will also take advantage of select real estate redevelopment projects and is evaluating the possibility of creating its own integrated properties, including branded hotels and resorts, in the future. AVVH/Gold Quest Capital will share some of the same management team, knowledge & strategies, as well as office space & resources, with Gold Quest Group, LLC.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our new leadership team:

Mr. Miguel Sanchez, President, CEO
Mr. Miguel Sanchez, is currently President and CEO of Gold Quest Group, LLC, a full service Residential, Commercial, and Heavy Industrial direct lender, financial brokerage and syndication firm with over 22 years of experience lending hundreds of millions of dollars annually in Texas and across the United States. A born entrepreneur known for his integrity and passion for real estate, Mr. Sanchez bought his first real estate asset at the age of 17 and co-founded his first real estate company at the age of 19. He is now one of the most respected lenders in Texas. 

Mr. Jean Paul Garzón, Treasurer 
Mr. Jean Paul Garzón is an experienced entrepreneur who began investing in real estate in his early 20s. Mr. Garzón is cofounder, shareholder, and board member of several enterprises, and has won several international recognitions through his numerous ventures in the United States and South America. Mr. Garzón specializes in evaluating and securing risks on new ventures and is recognized for his innovative approach to increasing revenues and asset values. Mr. Garzón holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and is fluent in English, Spanish, and some Portuguese.

Mr. Luis Beita, Vice President 
Mr. Luis Beita is an experienced manager with over 15 years of experience in the remodeling and construction industry and is known for his ability to make and build relationships in all aspects of business. He has held management positions with several multinational corporations, and previously served as Director for Latin America for an international valve company, opening markets and establishing brands in various countries including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Mr. Beita is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Mr. Patrick Ashiofu, Vice President
Mr. Patrick Ashiofu is a Texas licensed realtor, who has been licensed and practicing commercial and residential real estate in the state of Texas for over 20 years. Mr. Ashiofu provides exceptional professionalism and a unique level of personal dedication to his clients. He is a multi-million-dollar producer and has won numerous awards in real estate. He is consistently recognized as one of the top realtors in Texas by H-TEXAS MAGAZINE. Mr. Ashiofu is involved in the development and selling of various single-family homes, high-rises, retail centers, industrial complexes, and office buildings. He is a member of numerous realtor associations and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate from the University of Houston.

Mr. Ankit Amin, Vice President
Mr. Ankit Amin has been in the mortgage business since 2003 and has been responsible for origination and closing on over $1.5 Billion in commercial loans. Mr. Amin is also a hands-on investor and a lender. Mr. Amin currently holds positions as President of Commercial Lending at Gold Quest Group and as a partner in the commercial lending business. Mr. Amin is an avid traveler and loves a well-planned or impromptu trip with his wife and two daughters. Mr. Amin holds a Bachelor of Finance degree from University of Houston.

About AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc.

AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc. is an OTC shell company with no current operations. The company is planning to merge with Gold Quest Capital, Inc. and plans to change its name to Gold Quest Capital once the merger is complete.

About Gold Quest Capital, Inc.

Gold Quest Capital is a start-up company that plans to fund real estate loans and redevelop existing real estate assets. Gold Quest Capital redevelopment projects will include multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, and heavy industrial real estate. 

For more information about Gold Quest Capital visit - or contact the Company directly at or 1-786-473-1255. Make sure to follow the company on Twitter at

Contact Information:

Shareholder/Investor inquiries for AVVH/Gold Quest Capital can be directed to:

Omnis Public Capital Management LLC

4/12/2021: Latest Tweet from Ssm Monopoly Corporation:

Ssm Monopoly Corp. has enacted a board resolution to return to the treasury over 1 billion shares of the outstanding for $AVVH. More exciting news to follow.
The available float is currently further reduced due to the fact that certain Canadian shareholders cannot sell their shares because of an old BCSC CTO

Older Tweets from Ssm Monopoly:
We’ve reached a settlement with the transfer agent for $AVVH on the outstanding debt. Additionally, $22,000 which includes an expedited service fee has been paid towards the reinstatement of $AVVH. We anticipate the company to be fully revived early next week. Updates to follow!

1/26/2021: Our attorney has been instructed to prepare the filings for reinstatement. We will work to have the $AVVH reinstated in the next few business and days

1/25/2021: AVVH Custodianship granted:
1/25/2021: Notice of Entry of Order Granting Application for Appointment of SSM Monopoly Corporation as Custodian of AVVAA World Healthcare Products



1/21/2021  Ssm Monopoly Corp Tweet:

We are pleased to announce that we were officially granted custodianship of $AVVH. Our top priority will be satisfying debts created by the previous management as we move forward with merger preparations. Stay tuned for updates throughout the coming weeks.


AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc.


Events and Hearings

12/08/2020 Application

Application For Appointment of Custodian [NRS 78.347(1)(b)]

12/08/2020 Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure

Initial Appearance Fee Disclosure

12/08/2020 Clerk's Notice of Hearing

Notice of Hearing

12/08/2020 Summons Electronically Issued - Service Pending


12/09/2020 Filing Fee Remittance

Filing Fee Remittance

12/10/2020 Affidavit

Affidavit of Service

12/15/2020 Supplement

Supplement to Application for Appointment of Custodian [NRS.7834(1)(b)]

01/04/2021 Case Reassigned to Department 1

Judicial Reassignment to Judge Bita Yeager

  • ?

    01/15/2021 Motion for Appointment

    Judicial Officer
    Yeager, Bita

    Hearing Time
    3:00 AM


    Petitioner's Application For Appointment of Custodian [NRS 78.347(1)(b)]

    01/25/2021 Order Appointing Special Administrator

    210119 Order Granting Application

    01/25/2021 Notice of Entry of Order

    Notice of Entry of Order Granting Application for Appointment of SSM Monopoly Corporation as Custodian of AVVAA World Healthcare Products


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Technical Analysis


Image result for check this outImage result for share structure

Share Structure Provided by (TA) Signature Stock Transfer on Friday March 20, 2020

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Rocket Mortgage Trolls Sucks

Classless Billionaire Permitted To Disrupt This Board With Insults Regardless of Any AVVH Impropriety Have Some Respect When You Speak 

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