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ASPA Gold Corp. (fka RENS)

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Gold Mining & Exploration Sector

GNCP STATES THAT RENS IS TO GET CURRENT! Look for it in the filings at GNCP!



ASPA Gold Corp. (OTC:BB RENS) 

ASPA Gold Corp. is an emerging gold mining company that has secured 100% ownership of 44 claims and 22 historically producing mines sitting on 3600 acres in the midst of one of the most historic and prolific mining regions located on the famous Walker Lane Gold Trend in Northwest Arizona. Before production halted in 1942 for the war, the Oatman Gold district produced some 3.8 million tons of ore with more than 2.2 Million ounces of gold worth over $2.8 Billion dollars at todays prices. ASPA management believes that there is far more gold in the ground in our properties than has ever been mined.

How long will it take for ASPA to start producing gold revenue?

The Oatman Gold Project includes 22 mines that were previously in operation. There are a substantial number of tailing dumps on the claim property that all contain economically recoverable gold. In fact, the gold and silver that could be potentially recoverable from mine dumps and tailings alone may exceed $50,000,000. ASPA believes that this source of gold and silver (all of which is above ground) could be processed and produce revenues in a fairly short timeframe. ASPA believes we should start seeing cash flow by Q3 of 2011.

Why are the shares of ASPA trading at a relatively low value?

ASPA management is not interested in an inflated share price for quick trading profit. It will take time for the company to prove up its resources and begin mining operations. The management of ASPA believes that the ultimate trading value of the shares will be determined by solid fundamentals that could easily yield many multiples of the entry value of the stock in this early trading stage. As such, we are content to allow our investors to reap a rich reward for being the first to climb onboard with us.

Is there any evidence to suggest that the in-ground mineral resources are substantial?

There exists plenty of geological indications of substantial deposits below ground. Many of these are summarized in the Dodge Geological Report available on the "Reports" screen of this website. ASPA management is working to set forth a detailed plan to develop drill targets to prove up the resources.

What if any delays are expected in obtaining permits for the ASPA claims?

Mining is important to Arizona as it is usually the No.1 or No.2 state in metallic mineral production. It is a favorable jurisdiction in which to open a mine. ASPA believes that we should have a clear path to permitting for several reasons 1) the area is an historic mining area and the mines all have historic workings. 2) other mines in the area are operational and working in accordance with recent permitting 3) The type of mining is relatively shallow and could be amenable to open pit operations. Arizona permits open pit mining.

What are the chances that the Oatman Gold Project simply does not contain substantial mineable gold?

There is very little chance that the Oatman Gold Project does not have mineable gold. The question is really how extensive is the resource and what grade? From the investment standpoint the question amounts to 'how much gold can be taken out of the ground and processed in a given period - say for example one year'. ASPA management will immediately assess that question from the geophysical standpoint and determine the best practice to develop the mining properties in order to produce the greatest shareholder value in the shortest amount of time.

The Walker Lane Gold Trend has many famous mines that have produced over 35 Million ounces of gold.
The Oatman Gold Project geology is shallow and low sulfide which is amenable to rapid low cost extraction.

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