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We have just released the new ADVFN Wiki, giving you the ability to contribute to and help build wiki pages about the companies you're interested in. We hope it will become an invaluable research tool for you all. Here is the link to the front page, have a look and add some content about one of your companies if you'd like.

The ADVFN wiki works along the same lines as other wikis (Wikipedia for instance) and the same kind of rules apply. Anyone can make changes to the pages, whether you have a subscription or not.

Put up what you think would be useful to others and make sure to reference your sources etc as you would on wikipedia. We have some pages starting to take shape already, you can see a list of them here, feel free to starta page for a company you're interested in:

Pretty much anything to do with any company could be put up on the wiki, so if you have a bit of knowledge, let everyone know!

Here is a cheat sheet for posting on this wiki:

You can find a link to the wiki on any quote box or page for stock specific companies.

From ADVFN in response to a question about content and arguing in the wiki:

"It's not really a place for arguments, more for sharing info on companies. As with wikipedia, all info must be cited from a linked source (an annual report for instance), if not it will end up being removed, by us or by anyone else. That is one of the great things about wikis, anyone can edit them, so duff data will not hang around for long.

You can be banned from editing the wiki in the same way as you can be banned from posting on the BBs, so it shouldn't be a problem.
#90  Sticky Note TO ADD THE PRINCIPALS OF THE COMPANY: IH Admin [Shelly] 10/14/11 10:43:29 AM
#89  Sticky Note TO DESCRIBE WHAT THE COMPANY DOES: IH Admin [Shelly] 10/14/11 10:33:24 AM
#88  Sticky Note TO CREATE A WIKI PAGE: IH Admin [Shelly] 10/14/11 10:26:50 AM
#65  Sticky Note Basic Template: Copy/Paste (You will need to edit) smalltimetrader 10/12/11 03:04:13 PM
#62  Sticky Note About the InfoBox on wiki pages: IH Geek [Dave] 10/12/11 02:03:34 PM
#58  Sticky Note How to: Wikilink the Executives smalltimetrader 10/12/11 11:22:10 AM
#58   How to: Wikilink the Executives smalltimetrader 10/12/11 11:22:10 AM
#57   Oh, you're right - I thought it was IH Admin [Shelly] 10/12/11 09:49:05 AM
#56   Thanks Shelly Toofuzzy 10/12/11 09:36:34 AM
#55   See the quote box here? IH Admin [Shelly] 10/12/11 08:39:44 AM
#54   Thanks for adding that piece! IH Admin [Shelly] 10/12/11 08:37:47 AM
#53   Fantastic work! NOBO 10/12/11 08:27:01 AM
#52   Thank you very much!! I've already had one smalltimetrader 10/12/11 07:58:00 AM
#51   Congrats smalltime on the Asst Mod and spectacular NOBO 10/12/11 07:09:22 AM
#50   Excellent idea !! CharlesWeb10 10/12/11 02:20:17 AM
#49   Great concept guys this is going to be Matt_Chart 10/12/11 12:53:58 AM
#48   I don't see any links from the Quotes pages Toofuzzy 10/11/11 11:08:55 PM
#47   Dont mind him. He just likes to whine uzualsuzpect 10/11/11 10:03:07 PM
#46   I think I added it correctly. smalltimetrader 10/11/11 08:50:58 PM
#45   ELTP ready for their infobox badge :) smalltimetrader 10/11/11 08:00:46 PM
#43   Thanks, I should be OK now, I just Flobewan 10/11/11 05:45:03 PM
#42   Don't be hard on yourself :) Let me smalltimetrader 10/11/11 05:39:12 PM
#41   Thanks a bunch, I was clueless. Flobewan 10/11/11 05:20:50 PM
#40   I have applied the template. Someone will add smalltimetrader 10/11/11 05:14:29 PM
#39   I have never done a wiki page before Flobewan 10/11/11 04:41:57 PM
#38   Thank you Shelly!! smalltimetrader 10/11/11 04:12:10 PM
#37   Hello all Wiki readers and soon to be smalltimetrader 10/11/11 04:11:41 PM
#36   Welcome to the new Assistant Mod! Thanks IH Admin [Shelly] 10/11/11 03:58:51 PM
#35   I copied one from another wiki page and IH Geek [Dave] 10/11/11 11:28:22 AM
#34   Thank you Dave!! smalltimetrader 10/11/11 11:19:30 AM
#33   I'm not certain how to properly apply the smalltimetrader 10/11/11 10:14:25 AM
#32   board marked Quinnradio 10/11/11 09:23:58 AM
#31   Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I'll sakata7 10/11/11 07:39:43 AM
#30   No. I just see ADVFN Wiki as a BullNBear52 10/11/11 07:23:28 AM
#29   Thank you Dave for fixing the the logo smalltimetrader 10/11/11 12:40:11 AM
#28   Lol :) I didn't realize that was what smalltimetrader 10/11/11 12:01:39 AM
#27   Very nice. I added a canned template to IH Geek [Dave] 10/10/11 11:19:23 PM
#26   Thank you very much, though the cheatsheet made smalltimetrader 10/10/11 11:03:55 PM
#25   You did a great job on that page. IH Dan (Retired) 10/10/11 10:59:12 PM
#24   I have never written wiki before, I'm a smalltimetrader 10/10/11 10:08:36 PM
#23   Wow - nice page! Did you create IH Admin [Shelly] 10/10/11 10:05:53 PM
#22   Ummmm, that's a link to a different site... IH Admin [Shelly] 10/10/11 10:04:08 PM
#21   Take a look: smalltimetrader 10/10/11 09:53:14 PM
#20   Sorry but if that is the case how BullNBear52 10/10/11 09:43:22 PM
#19   Lol - the full quote is: IH Admin [Shelly] 10/10/11 09:12:35 PM
#18   No, I didn't "claim" anything of the sort: IH Admin [Shelly] 10/10/11 09:10:13 PM
#17   By us? BullNBear52 10/10/11 09:06:54 PM
#16   Thanks you answered my question. BullNBear52 10/10/11 09:03:03 PM
#15   The WikiMedia platform is designed to show the BullNBear52 10/10/11 09:01:42 PM
#13   nice board guys pumpnass 10/10/11 07:21:15 PM
#12   Excellent! Thanks for all you guys do to vantillian 10/10/11 07:01:43 PM
#11   A quote from ADVFN in the iBox... IH Admin [Shelly] 10/10/11 06:55:12 PM
#10   Hi, How is it administered regarding false information...etc. FergusVI 10/10/11 06:51:07 PM
#9   Sounds good - thanks for sharing anything you IH Admin [Shelly] 10/10/11 06:30:14 PM
#8   no i havent worked with a wiki before, hermso 10/10/11 06:22:09 PM
#7   I think so, too. :) IH Admin [Shelly] 10/10/11 06:18:14 PM