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Last Post: 1/15/2021 5:14:25 AM - Followers: 1 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

I started this board mainly as an journal of my own trades while sharing stock calls with other traders.

BIO- I started trading back in 04' and had NO clue what I was doing! Made some $ by pure luck, then lost it all. Came back in 06' and knew a little more, but still lost it all. Came back in 08' and lost it all again!! I FINALLY accepted that I needed to LEARN without exposing my capital. It took me a full year of learning everything I could about trading stocks without making even one trade with real $! Instead of trading, I went to Zamiba, Africa for 4 years. When I came back I was ready to trade. Took 2 months watching everything without trading anything. Then, in 13' I started trading with only 1K and taking 10% on each trade no matter what. My focus was totally on not losing $!! Once I had made a few dozen trades without losing $, I started to focus on making 20% profit trades. Still make bad calls on occasion, but I never put more than 25% of my capital on a given stock. My focus is on limited time exposure while trading multiple plays on an 1-7 day time frame. There are over 5,000 stocks that trade under $5... TRADE THEM ALL. My % gain on trades has slowly risen to 40 %, but my bank account has gone up a lot because I have more capital to trade with...(that IS the key once you've learned to trade). I ALWAYS sell or get stopped out if the stock goes under my entry.... I've lost reversal gains on some trades by doing that, but without capital you can't trade tomorrow!

Well rounded traders use both technical and fundamental analysis....using just one analysis generally ends in losses in the long run! 
Example: Buying a stock based on "good" chart technicals without knowing an RS is coming, or a major lawsuit was just filed, or an offering that just undercut the PPS by 50%.... Etc
Example: Buying a stock because of great news without realizing the chart shows the stock is way overbought and leads to a Bull trap pullback...Etc



If if you see me on an specific stock board making a lot of posts...It's because I'm usually Bullish, and use my Ihub subscription to its fullest. :)









#37   Hi 'Im following you. MuskVoice 01/15/21 05:14:25 AM
#36   I have two for your consideration. Money Badger 05/04/20 07:24:54 PM
#35   This weeks CV plays-- SXTC CPHI TRIB GHSI 420man 03/08/20 06:36:45 PM
#34   This weeks CV plays--- TNXP MARK IBIO VBIV 420man 03/01/20 08:10:25 AM
#33   I understand this is a very low level 420man 02/22/20 05:49:19 PM
#32   Next week plays on watch--- NOVN/ CHFS/ CPHI/ 420man 02/22/20 04:50:57 PM
#31   Glad you made an profitable trade. Yes, I'm 420man 02/19/20 07:07:25 PM
#30   Followed you on TNXP like those type of altruism 02/18/20 11:36:42 PM
#29   For those that have been following...I've been struggling 420man 02/17/20 10:16:34 PM
#28   Thanks.. Unfortunately I spoke to soon, need a 420man 01/29/20 04:30:27 PM
#27   hope your health is good and glad vintagesake 01/29/20 12:27:58 AM
#26   cocp? ...went with vxrt….too much tied up in vintagesake 01/29/20 12:22:46 AM
#25   Been dealing with health issues the past week..but 420man 01/28/20 07:17:54 PM
#24   RTTR should go this week/month. Messaged the CEO... 420man 01/19/20 03:32:57 PM
#23   PMTS delist bounce from low .30's to upper 420man 01/16/20 09:24:32 PM
#22   DFFN will likely be tomorrow's runner by EOD...CHK 420man 01/13/20 07:42:57 PM
#21   Appreciate the call. Will be watching. 420man 01/12/20 05:06:23 PM
#20   ZN may qualify for your watch list tothe 01/12/20 02:34:40 PM
#19   Oils drastic swing this week opened an opportunity 420man 01/12/20 01:38:56 PM
#18   SNMP...BIOC could run BIG into close Friday! ENSV 420man 01/07/20 07:36:05 PM
#17   Looking for defense related and gold/silver stocks under 420man 01/05/20 04:27:22 PM
#16   On watch--- INUV..YTEN...GHSI...NOVN..LLEX...BIOC...CHKR... And one I am super 420man 01/05/20 12:08:14 PM
#15   Oil- CHKR, USEG, LLEX 420man 12/28/19 04:33:54 PM
#14   $CNNA is the one I’ll be watching for brandon17617 12/22/19 10:26:42 PM
#13   Watchlist 12/22 420man 12/22/19 05:58:45 PM
#12   When the dust settles on INPX and NAKD...hopefully 420man 12/18/19 05:50:42 PM
#11   AQMS on watch for big dip followed by 420man 12/17/19 07:07:33 PM
#9   LLEX ON WATCH 420man 12/16/19 06:19:06 PM
#8   Appreciated. Will keep on watch. GL 420man 12/15/19 01:17:44 PM
#7   A better description. PCTL Documentable remediation of Hospital Acquired (SHUNNED) 12/15/19 01:16:57 PM
#6   475,200 os They have developed technology to fight (SHUNNED) 12/15/19 01:14:06 PM
#5   What's the catalyst & share structure? I tend 420man 12/15/19 12:59:16 PM
#4   Hey 420 have you checked out pctl ? (SHUNNED) 12/15/19 12:19:07 PM
#3   Looking for end of year tax sell offs, 420man 12/15/19 08:45:00 AM
#2   Keep your eyes on oil stocks...lots of variables 420man 12/14/19 05:10:33 PM
#1   Watch list 12/16 420man 12/14/19 09:48:16 AM
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