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2011 The Century to Stop Aging is Here !

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Cellular Intervention for Advanced Age Management

Telomere Biology


Bill Andrews on Telomere Basics:

Curing Aging

Bill Andrews, Ph.D. and Jon Cornell

Since before recorded history began, people have been searching for ways to live longer. We all know the story of Ponce de León’s search for the elusive Fountain of Youth, but even two millennia earlier, emperor Qin Shi Huang of China was sending out ships full of hundreds of men and women in search of an Elixir of Life that would make him immortal. The desire to live forever is as old as humanity itself.

But it has only been in the last thirty years that science has made any real progress in understanding the fundamental question of why we age and what can be done about it. These discoveries have not been widely publicized – yet – and so most people are unaware of how close we are to curing the disease of aging once and for all.

Is Aging a Disease?

References to "the disease of aging" still make many people uncomfortable. After all, aging is a natural process that has existed forever -so how can it be a disease?
In fact, aging has not existed forever. Approximately 4.5 billion years ago, a cell came into existence on Earth that was the progenitor of every living organism that has since existed. This cell had the ability to divide indefinitely. It exhibited no aging process 
Click here to continue reading this article.

Now before we go any further I wish to point out;
The information provided on this website is intended for educational purposes only. It is in no way meant to endorse a product or to suggest you should use any of the products mentioned here.

Telomerase not only protects and possibly repairs the Telomere, but it is also what cancer cells feed on. When you play with your Telomere, your playing with life and death. The production of a telomerase activator is new and when something comes out that's new, there is always something that follows that is better. I'm going to present you with a couple videos. They are long, but I strongly suggest you take the time to watch the entire videos. I have also provided the names and links to 3 companies. (just click the pictures to view them).

One company(Sierra Sciences) is researching Telomerase activators (inducers) as means to slow down the aging process and possibly reverse it.

Another company(Geron) is researching Telomerase inhibiters for the purpose of slowing or stopping the growth of cancer cells with the hope they will self destruct if denied Telomerase.

The third company(TA Sciences) is all centered around a product called TA-65

I'd be more than happy to add more companies and videos as I'm presented with them . Again I strongly suggest you read and watch everything and then some before you consider playing with your health.


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Nutra Pharma (NPHC) Rik Deitsch at The Undiscovered Equities Winter Conference


 Part 2

Cobroxin Video by Dr. Reid



(turn on your sound in IHub settings if you can't see the video)
Link:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFluXD-qze8 


Cobroxin Testimonials from recent Moneyshow

LINK: http://www.moneyshow.com/msc/flashtest.asp?vType=vNet&vidName=wmsor10int_vn_exh_nutrapharma.flv&button1=PLAY


This board is under construction
But feel free to browse or ask questions

(Click the names to visit the companies)

Biotime research article

If your reading this from the web and would like to engage in a discussion or bring friends for a discussion about Telomere Biology, just click this link, http://investorshub.advfn.com/?mdc=26222  Or if you have more information you would like to add, please bring it.
It's free and it's interactive.  Once here just type 2011 into the search box. With your free membership you may also participate in other discussions such as stocks.

This Board is for Information and Discussion of Telomere Biology.  No stock discussion Please..

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