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~Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity...Patience is knowing it's coming and waiting for it~

Welcome to $b_rich$'s Penny Bank Stocks

I do NOT do promotions...just looking for that next hidden gem:)

Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. We are not licensed brokers. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professionals.No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.

Please take profit on the way up and ride free, this means, sell enough to recoup your initial funds along with some profit to give you some cash to work with. You can grow your portfolio this way and not be left out on another runner. Penny stocks generally have a pullback and consolidation period. This generally leads to impatient people selling out at an even or a loss. Also, Keep track of the A/S to know there won't be more dilution to drag the pps down. We want to see everyone make $$$$$ that comes to this board and this may help you build a nice account. All imho, but it's just the way I trade and works pretty well for many traders:).
Trade well Penny Bankers!!!

Helpful links to do some due diligence:

Pinksheets....a great place to start searching for filings, state of incorporation, etc:

sos board. ibox provides links to many states to find corp status, authorized shares, etc.

chart sites often used:

SEC Form Types and Definitions




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#39385   Shouldn't take much to break that .01 range $b_rich$ 12/11/18 10:22:31 AM
#39384   AXXA...nice jump this morning! $b_rich$ 12/11/18 09:39:33 AM
#39383   Good morning PBS! $b_rich$ 12/11/18 09:21:18 AM
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#39377   GRPS nice ask slapping this morning! Looks to $b_rich$ 12/10/18 10:57:19 AM
#39376   Sure is! Looks like go time! $b_rich$ 12/10/18 09:54:54 AM
#39375   Yep...nice action starting on $GRPS ChannelTrader 12/10/18 09:54:09 AM
#39374   GRPS nice hits starting to come in $b_rich$ 12/10/18 09:40:03 AM
#39373   You too ! ChannelTrader 12/10/18 08:55:59 AM
#39372   Good morning CT! Make some $$$$$$ out there $b_rich$ 12/10/18 08:41:07 AM
#39371   MLHC...https://www.barchart.com/stocks/quotes/MLHC/technical-chart?plot=CANDLE&v glenn1919 12/10/18 08:23:29 AM
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#39366   Soon it'll go big time. ChannelTrader 12/07/18 03:36:26 PM
#39365   Nice bid at .004 on GRPS...let's see those $b_rich$ 12/07/18 02:11:12 PM
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#39362   Next to go soon is $GRPS...our lil colorado ChannelTrader 12/07/18 10:58:54 AM
#39361   That's a great goal to have for sure...with ChannelTrader 12/07/18 10:07:36 AM
#39360   My goal is always shooting for a better $b_rich$ 12/07/18 10:05:24 AM
#39359   I wish the same week next week...LOL :-D ChannelTrader 12/07/18 09:48:47 AM
#39358   Another week gone again CT, lol $b_rich$ 12/07/18 09:47:08 AM
#39357   GM...happy friday to you...$$$ ChannelTrader 12/07/18 09:28:33 AM
#39356   Good Friday morning everyone:) $b_rich$ 12/07/18 09:19:53 AM
#39355   MJTV 8K http://archive.fast-edgar.com//20181206/AU2ZK22CZ222B2R2222G22X2LDAIZB2 $b_rich$ 12/06/18 11:32:00 AM
#39354   Gotcha! Gonna watch it close:) Thanks! $b_rich$ 12/06/18 11:17:09 AM
#39353   Just a matter of time...and the other one...hear ChannelTrader 12/06/18 11:16:01 AM
#39352   GRPS should be a big runner for darn $b_rich$ 12/06/18 11:15:06 AM
#39351   $TSOI - low float pharma company... ..0050 and Mrs. Claus 12/06/18 11:14:49 AM
#39350   $GRPS then $LIGA :) ChannelTrader 12/06/18 11:13:16 AM
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#39348   Dang...Merry Christmas...lol ChannelTrader 12/06/18 11:03:39 AM
#39347   I gotta say weeeeeeeeeee on that one, lol! $b_rich$ 12/06/18 11:02:52 AM
#39346   GM...how about that neuro rocket...$$$ ChannelTrader 12/06/18 10:54:42 AM