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Welcome to Top Shelf Stocks' Radar & DD Project.

Please visit our "sister board" Stocks on Fire

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The primary goal of this board is to:
1. Provide members with resources for conducting due diligence and research.
2. Be an active and known source for stock charts and DD projects.

Although we do our best to deliver quality DD and picks, we do not guarntee any information on this board.
All posts and information provided is our opinion and not necessarily fact nor should it be construed as advice.
Trading penny stocks is both a highly speculative and highly risky adventure.
Please do your own Due Diligence before buying or selling any security.
UPDATE 1/7/14~~ Scratch USEI from list below!

We will be requesting updated SS for all of the tickers below + more (if we haven't done so already) about 10 symbols have already been requested... we will update when we have those updates/and what the TA has to say both here and on the individual boards.
~on watch means that it may or may not quite be ready but that it's worth to add to a watchlist and dd, which we are likely already doing =P
~in play means we either anticipate news, think the chart is ready now, feel the SS info in itself allows for it to move higher, believe that there will be a good amount of MOMO to be played, or all of the above or any combination thereof. we may or may not play each and every one of our symbols put on watch and in play.. it's a starting point... always do DD before buying or selling... our success truly is built on the combined success of everyone who watches our feeds or plays our picks. We sincerely wish everyone good luck and a great 2014. NOW GO MAKE SOME MONEY!! ;)

(no particular order)
EVSV ~in play EVSV chart
LGBS ~in play LGBS chart
USEI ~in play USEI chart
MDNT ~in play MDNT chart
INVA ~in play INVA chart
SVFC ~in play SVFC chart
BONU ~in play BONU chart
ACGX ~in play ACGX chart
GLER ~in play GLER chart
KABX ~on watch KABX chart
SWRF ~on watch SWRF chart
IRCE ~on watch IRCE chart
STBV ~on watch STBV chart
EXMT ~on watch EXMT chart
TFER ~on watch TFER chart
ETEK ~on watch ETEK chart
SRGL ~on watch SRGL chart
MPIX ~on watch MPIX chart
SHOM ~on watch SHOM chart
TCEL ~on watch TCEL chart
ERBB ~on watch ERBB chart



$EVSV 30 day chart
$SKTO 30 day chart
$SVFC 30 day chart
$DBMM 30 day chart
$ACGX 30 day chart
$LGBS 30 day chart
$INVA 30 day chart

Added for 12/19/13
LGBS ~in play
LBTG ~on watch 30 day chart
SAFEC ~on watch 30 day chart
CYIO ~on watch 30 day chart
KGET ~on watch 30 day chart

12/18/13 List
$OLIE ~on watch 30 day chart
$NOHO ~on watch 30 day chart
$FFFC ~on watch 30 day chart
$DGRI ~on watch 30 day chart
$ACGX ~on watch 30 day chart
$ACDU ~removed 30 day chart
$FRCN ~removed 30 day chart
$PMBS ~on watch 30 day chart
$GLER ~removed 30 day chart
$NYXO ~in play 30 day chart
$VTMB ~on watch 30 day chart
$SVFC ~on watch 30 day chart
$DEWM ~removed 30 day chart
$BONU ~on watch 30 day chart

We may alert to something being ~in play at any time.
Please follow us on twitter @topshelfstocks
and visit our Top Shelf DD board!

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#526   hi there, top shelf, $CBBT mick 10/05/19 01:13:34 PM
#524   $SWHI $SANP $ILST $NNRX all on watch or Obi-Wan Kenobi 11/06/15 08:56:25 AM
#523   $PNOW 52 week lows touched, bouncing...... sharky 07/07/15 12:01:55 AM
#522   $CATV possible bottom today sharky 06/29/15 05:19:58 PM
#521   Until opening and sponsorship, then hold em IMO. $$$$$$ sharky 06/21/15 12:28:55 PM
#520   Thanks, flipper paradise is a dream! $MJMJ 3kidsplus1 06/21/15 12:20:38 PM
#519   Flipper paradise till July 1st opening IMO. Hearing sharky 06/21/15 04:16:05 AM
#518   I like $mjmj 3kidsplus1 06/21/15 12:43:39 AM
#517   SHMN 80-1 buys vs. sales sharky 06/19/15 03:22:11 PM
#516   IFCR on watch.... sharky 06/19/15 03:19:52 PM
#515   Nice list Obi. :) sharky 06/19/15 09:49:04 AM
#514   TPAC LVGI SLNN ELRA LPPI MJMJ on watch Obi-Wan Kenobi 06/19/15 09:01:33 AM
#513   Loading quietly. :) sharky 06/18/15 01:37:00 AM
#512   $TPAC 35M buy on ask. 100M plus bid support. Obi-Wan Kenobi 06/15/15 11:07:57 AM
#511   Bottom looking charts, nice picks. :) sharky 06/15/15 10:55:51 AM
#510   $NRTI $BLDW $GNPT $LPPI $TPAC $ELRA $EVSV $MELY $GRLT Obi-Wan Kenobi 06/15/15 10:40:24 AM
#508   $ADMD, $IGEX sharky 04/09/15 01:31:44 PM
#507   Looking forward to it, you know whats more sharky 03/23/15 12:53:11 PM
#506   Glad you're hanging in there also old friend. Obi-Wan Kenobi 03/23/15 12:49:56 PM
#505   Good, same ole family problems though putting me sharky 03/23/15 12:03:58 PM
#504   Wisconsin... how have you been? Obi-Wan Kenobi 03/23/15 11:43:41 AM
#503   Ryan, welcome back my friend. What state? Congratulations sharky 03/23/15 11:17:47 AM
#502   was in jail 5 months... possession of THC... Obi-Wan Kenobi 03/23/15 11:02:56 AM
#501   I apologize for not responding to last msg. Mr Clutch 03/17/15 06:21:54 PM
#497   2015 picks: $BIGG, $CJTF, $STTK, $GRCU, $SIPC, sharky 12/31/14 06:07:25 PM
#494   No doubt Franny 2014 coming to a close, sharky 12/19/14 12:42:58 PM
#493   BIGG riding the MA 50 now. Looking for HugeGains$ 12/19/14 12:41:37 PM
#491   Massive cup and handle possibilities on the chart sharky 12/16/14 12:59:43 PM
#490   Yes my friend!!! HugeGains$ 12/16/14 12:11:52 PM
#489   Long and strong, catalyst coming. :) sharky 12/16/14 12:08:46 PM
#488   Nice to be here :) I see HugeGains$ 12/16/14 12:03:17 PM
#487   Franny nice to see you here. :) sharky 12/16/14 11:58:07 AM
#486   Hey Sharky!!! HugeGains$ 12/16/14 11:56:20 AM
#483   $BIGG, $STTK, $AZFL, $TCEL, $REDG, $LTNC, $CJTF, $TALK, $AEMD sharky 12/16/14 12:59:50 AM
#482   LPPI 371K VOLUME 10 DAY AVG_310K .0019 OCKHAM'S RAZOR 12/12/14 05:36:40 PM
#481   TMEN 270K VOLUME 10 DAY AVG_115K .0082 OCKHAM'S RAZOR 12/12/14 05:35:30 PM
#480   $DROP calling bottom .002-.0024 sharky 11/07/14 03:42:41 PM
#479   $BIGG, $DSCR, $VOIS, $FONU, $ELRA, $ELAY sharky 10/29/14 10:44:04 AM
#478   Nice! ~in DSCR @0026 and ELRA @ 0018 Obi-Wan Kenobi 10/28/14 11:27:43 AM
#477   $BIGG, $VOIS, $SHOM, $DSCR, $ITEN sharky 10/16/14 01:57:53 PM
#476   $LTNC .04 18.11 RSI! sharky 10/09/14 02:06:52 PM
#475   $NEOM Revenues $5,024,000 December 31, 2013$$$$$$$$$$ and 2012 $treet $inatra 10/08/14 04:29:14 PM
#474   $BIGG, $DSCR sharky 10/06/14 09:04:37 PM
#473   $STTK moving .0014's sharky 09/30/14 09:59:00 AM
#472   $BIGG, $VOIS, $DSCR $$$$$$ sharky 09/28/14 11:33:55 PM
#470   MDIN MJ .01+ Jan-Feb Shareholder letter Donner 09/17/14 11:43:19 AM
#469   $ACGX sharky 08/10/14 02:04:02 PM
#468   $GRCU, $ACGX, $XUII, $DNAX, $MLHC, $BCAP, $NYBD, $ETEK, sharky 08/07/14 10:53:53 PM
#467   happy summer... what are u watching, sir? Obi-Wan Kenobi 08/07/14 10:27:17 PM
#466   PMBS .0003 PuraMed BioScience Explores the Development of Street_Gnocca 07/30/14 08:25:23 AM
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