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DF  VERY comfortable with my otc pile!) Told ya so!  
Posts by DFBoardDate/Time
Later man enjoy! One of these days it Brinx Resources, LTD. (BNXR) 07/25/2017 04:03:18 PM
Have a g1 maan. See ya tomorrow. GREENZ (DFLY) 07/25/2017 04:02:10 PM
Beauty close! Props all!)) Have a great rest Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 04:00:34 PM
.1494 up x1 into EOD here..nice! Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 03:58:54 PM
Have a nice rest of day Greenz!) Manana GREENZ (DFLY) 07/25/2017 03:51:36 PM
Agreed fully. .15 break equals next stop 20 Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 03:49:55 PM
Agreed! LifeApps Brands Inc. (LFAP) 07/25/2017 02:56:35 PM
Hmmm Jealousy? Haters? Classic. lol AMFE POWER! Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 02:52:15 PM
BNXR not many 2s avail hmm>) Tick tock GREENZ (DFLY) 07/25/2017 02:48:07 PM
Chip chip!) Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 01:53:44 PM
More info on their site obviously... Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. (BWVI) 07/25/2017 12:50:41 PM
Authorized Shares 300,000,000 a/o Jul 17, 2017 Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. (BWVI) 07/25/2017 12:47:58 PM
Numbers are lovely tiny SS/float.. Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. (BWVI) 07/25/2017 12:47:23 PM
You know it maan!) %s speak for themselves! GREENZ (DFLY) 07/25/2017 12:24:32 PM
Yoooo T$!!! AMFE .1495 nHOD. .15 break and GREENZ (DFLY) 07/25/2017 12:00:21 PM
Sooo strong! .15 break and this really gets Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 11:59:28 AM
No doubt. Funny they didn't win there did they?!)) Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 09:45:41 AM
ASCuM tryin here out gates huh? Lets PLAY Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 09:33:18 AM
Ask UTs already .1495s up?! Nice lil article/tag Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 09:16:06 AM
GM FM!) Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 09:13:57 AM
Welcome Front. Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 09:12:52 AM
GM AMFE STRONGSSS! Lets do this!!!!) Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/25/2017 09:08:15 AM
GM PWEB players! Tick tock..% Pacific Webworks Inc. (PWEB) 07/25/2017 09:07:42 AM
GM A$ and all BNXR STRONGSSSSSSSSSSSS! Brinx Resources, LTD. (BNXR) 07/25/2017 09:07:21 AM
GM Greenz!!!!!!! GL today lets ROLL!!!!!! GREENZ (DFLY) 07/25/2017 09:07:05 AM
Enjoy rest of your day A$. Manana tis. Brinx Resources, LTD. (BNXR) 07/24/2017 04:16:45 PM
Beautiful day!) Game on! Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 04:00:21 PM
Have a nice evening Greenz!) Manana tis!) GREENZ (DFLY) 07/24/2017 03:59:02 PM
.1495 nHOD nHOY back UP! Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 03:11:29 PM
.148s up UTs!) See how POWERhour goes shall Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 02:43:59 PM
When this 052 breaks sky opens up bigtime Sonasoft Corp. (SSFT) 07/24/2017 02:06:34 PM
Out of posts for the day I see? Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 02:05:39 PM
Exactly.. ANYONE who would have listened to that guru Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 01:53:24 PM
LOL um NO..CHART SINCE MAY HMMMM Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 01:51:46 PM
What did u say back in May again Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 01:48:33 PM
Wow .1495s up..15s go and HOLYMOLY%! Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 01:45:10 PM
Haha. I'm waiting for our reservation maan!) Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 01:44:39 PM opens when 15 bs wall breaks imo! Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 01:22:40 PM
Beautifulll!) I heard its nice n sunny in Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 07/24/2017 01:22:21 PM
AMFE nHOD .148 up!! GREENZ (DFLY) 07/24/2017 01:19:21 PM