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Posts by ManianaBoardDate/Time
Why are people heading for the door here? Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 12/16/2017 09:35:13 AM
That last trade looks Paintish. Amfil Technologies Inc. (AMFE) 12/16/2017 09:34:18 AM
With all do respect, so was E LT(z), US Highland, Inc. (UHLN) 12/16/2017 08:51:00 AM
I was here at the initial run and Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/16/2017 08:47:28 AM
You have said you accumulated millions of a Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 10:37:40 PM
There is actually one person here who I've Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 10:29:29 PM
Averaging down in OTC is no better than Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 10:20:33 PM
You are right. My bad. Your "long" entry Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 09:50:25 PM
KeepItRealistic said himself they are not responding to Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 09:13:27 PM
Yes, there were quite a few things Patrick Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 08:55:28 PM
There is sure going to be a party US Highland, Inc. (UHLN) 12/15/2017 08:48:05 PM
No trips, but we will test 1's. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 07:01:38 PM
Trips coming if they do. US Highland, Inc. (UHLN) 12/15/2017 06:57:35 PM
I’m sorry, but you might not understand that Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/15/2017 05:16:32 PM
OTC is filled with the dreamers, lol. GLTY Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 05:03:40 PM
Idk, lol, it held pretty good today, if Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/15/2017 04:55:04 PM
I sold prematurely @4, but you can't blame Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 02:31:39 PM
Made a good money on my 3 prediction. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 02:29:56 PM
I will consider buying back in 2 weeks. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 02:29:07 PM
Srmx may still bounce Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/15/2017 02:26:32 PM
Lol, you can lose 50% with just 4 Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/15/2017 02:24:48 PM
Promo crew is failing. Badly, lol. Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/15/2017 02:22:20 PM
You listened to the wrong advice. OTC P&D. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 12/15/2017 02:10:40 PM
Just a speculation, lol. Don't get exited, lol US Highland, Inc. (UHLN) 12/14/2017 10:58:26 PM
They are quiet, because the deal was already US Highland, Inc. (UHLN) 12/14/2017 10:56:10 PM
I'm in, lol. IDDriven Inc. (IDDR) 12/14/2017 10:40:30 PM
Clear buyout scenario, if you think about it. US Highland, Inc. (UHLN) 12/14/2017 10:36:06 PM
You can make money at the pit stops, Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 09:59:41 PM
Do you even read the posts?! LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc. (LTSN) 12/14/2017 09:58:34 PM
I'm buying when it gets there, lol. Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 09:57:13 PM
And, lol Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 09:55:20 PM
They will have to clean up. Not a Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 09:54:06 PM
Steps are required. I am not saying they Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 09:51:51 PM
They can't do that. Literally. And you know it. Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 09:32:40 PM
It kind of did stop falling. Will see tomorrow. Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 09:29:34 PM
Lol, sorry, but I don't get your message, US Highland, Inc. (UHLN) 12/14/2017 09:27:20 PM
So you suggest R/S for LTSN? 1:100 Reverse LTS Nutraceuticals, Inc. (LTSN) 12/14/2017 04:26:58 PM
Lol, why not now? All u can eat Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 03:20:58 PM
What a shocker, lol. Turner Valley Oil & Gas, Inc. (TVOG) 12/14/2017 03:09:20 PM
Remember when that long awaited 10Q came out? Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/14/2017 03:01:46 PM