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I’d fill that gap in a heartbeat if Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/07/2017 10:57:12 PM
This sounds about right. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/07/2017 10:03:09 PM
Yes sir. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/06/2017 11:52:56 PM
Yup Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/06/2017 10:27:21 PM
So fun watching fools make a bad decision Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/06/2017 10:23:33 PM
ICBA Thanks Senate Committee for Passing Community Bank Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/05/2017 08:36:52 PM
Redoing his kitchen Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/02/2017 11:07:17 PM
Let’s fill it on Monday and move on. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/01/2017 05:52:15 PM
ICBA Statement on GSE Profit Sweep Discussions Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/01/2017 12:05:41 AM
Ha! Good luck with that. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 12/01/2017 12:00:08 AM
Read 10 years of history at Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/30/2017 11:45:02 PM
By chance, are you related to Big Yank Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/30/2017 11:38:30 PM
Wouldn’t that be awesome if the courts awarded Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/30/2017 11:25:38 PM
According to the AJP, we’re heading to triple digits....:-) Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/30/2017 09:13:26 PM
Good to hear from you, Obit. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/30/2017 09:11:22 PM
fox business interview from earlier. keep FHFA in Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/30/2017 09:09:16 PM
False. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/30/2017 01:01:18 AM
Interesting...both BUY recommendations arrived within 48 hours of Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 11:20:55 PM
Yeah. That one was already figured in. But, Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 11:18:19 PM
Yes, he will. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 10:55:10 PM
She might say “F” that gap fill tomorrow. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 10:22:41 PM
Has anyone one witnessed a buy recommendation over Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 10:02:25 PM
Bam! Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 09:13:44 PM
Appreciate the link! Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 08:18:55 PM
Damn right! Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/29/2017 06:24:30 PM
Are you good at this? Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/22/2017 01:59:11 PM
Lmao Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/21/2017 10:55:37 PM
Average Joe disagrees with you. He thinks $1000/share Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/21/2017 10:28:08 PM
Longs: Don’t be the fall guy to preferred Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/16/2017 12:10:00 AM
Wth? I asked you a simple question. Are Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/15/2017 11:55:30 PM
Prove that to us B. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/15/2017 11:23:21 PM
Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. 3Q 2017 Quarterly Conference Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/14/2017 06:49:33 PM
Matter of time now. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/14/2017 12:14:17 AM
GSE topic starts around the 30 min mark Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/13/2017 10:52:16 PM
Totally agree!! Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/11/2017 04:05:14 AM
Do you write articles for a living? Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/10/2017 12:35:41 AM Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/08/2017 10:43:15 PM
Smoke and mirrors. Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/08/2017 10:27:38 PM
That’s right. Everything leading up to 1-2-18 will Fannie Mae (FNMA) 11/07/2017 09:55:23 PM
Thanks BigDog! Much appreciated Walter Investment Management Corp (WAC) 11/07/2017 07:43:30 PM