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Premier Development & Investment Inc (PDVN) US OTCFood - Beverages2709/05/12 12:51 PM
Winsted Holdings Inc (WNHL) US OTCMedical - Drugs505/23/05 07:49 PM
American Films Inc. (AMFL) US OTCMiscellaneous6405/27/14 03:29 PM
Consumers Fiancial Corp (CFIN) US ListedBanking and Finance4201/05/06 01:24 PM
AtheroGenics, Inc. (AGIX) US OTCMiscellaneous123406/10/09 08:14 AM
Bancorp International Group Inc (fka BCIT) US OTCDelisted15677510/21/14 12:30 PM
Microtrak, Inc. (MIOK) US OTCAutomotive and Transportation2210/01/09 02:25 AM
GPS GROUP Free ZoneSupport Forums4405/20/06 05:00 PM
HyperDynamics (HDY) US ListedOil/Gas/Natural Energy Production1803210/22/14 03:00 PM
Falcon Technologies Inc. (FLCN) US OTCBiotechs7302/25/14 08:38 AM
VOIPLABS HOLDINGS (VPBH) US OTCTelecommunications Networks102203/05/06 12:08 AM
Comdial Corp. (fka CMDZQ) US OTCDelisted503/29/11 11:50 AM
iElement Corporation (fka IELE) US OTCDelisted54201/29/14 04:36 PM
Harvey Westbury (HVYW) US OTCAutomotive and Transportation848610/22/14 05:34 AM
Skybridge Wireless (SBWL) US ListedInternet - E-Commerce2010/02/05 10:57 PM
Southern Star Energy Corp (SSER) US OTCMedical - Healthcare3106/29/11 08:11 PM
SeaEscape Entertainment, Inc. (SEPI) US OTCMiscellaneous1302/03/14 11:01 AM
Computer Access International (CPAQ) US OTCComputers - Hardware1611/02/05 10:13 AM
EnergyTek Corp. (ENTK) US OTCMiscellaneous132010/21/14 12:47 PM
InkSure Technologies Inc. (INKS) US OTCHomeland Security37010/03/14 09:08 AM
Intuitive Surgical Inc (ISRG) US ListedMedical - Equipment27107/23/14 01:45 PM
Eltek Ltd. (ELTK) US ListedElectronics and components24903/05/14 12:42 PM
Ameritrade Izone Free ZoneUser's Groups409/05/07 01:27 PM
Diaz Resources Ltd (fka DZRFF) US OTCDelisted3707/17/13 04:55 PM
GSW INC (GSWA.TO) US ListedBasic Materials105/01/05 12:12 PM
Unigene Laboratories Inc (UGNEQ) US OTCBiotechs39107/16/13 11:46 AM
Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT) US OTCBasic Materials6091010/22/14 06:49 PM
Borealis Technical Limited (BOREF) US ListedMiscellaneous808/07/13 08:24 AM
Axion Power International Inc. (AXPW) US OTCMiscellaneous71310/13/14 06:47 PM
SurgLine International, Inc. (SGLN) US OTCMedical - Equipment7181110/18/14 10:15 AM
The $tockyard Stock ClubsShort-Term304/29/05 03:10 PM
Motion DNA Corporation (MTDX) US OTCMiscellaneous243708/11/09 07:37 AM
Pacific Crest Inv, aka BlueTorch (PCIV) US OTCMiscellaneous1506/11/05 09:27 AM
Salmonslayers Boat & Fish Board The LoungeHobbies93012/17/05 04:13 PM
Beavs "Charts" Free ZoneUser's Groups152104/21/12 09:08 PM
MEDirect Latino Inc. (MLTO) US OTCMedical - Healthcare107605/17/12 02:44 PM
IRONSTONE GROUP INC NEW (IRNS) US OTCMiscellaneous22110/21/14 06:53 PM
TBILLS' Charts Free ZoneUser's Groups1212/19/06 11:38 AM
SECTOR ROTATION Free ZoneUser's Groups404/23/07 12:09 PM
WaveWireless (WVWC) US OTCTelecommunications Networks3905/24/07 11:16 AM
Zann Corporation (ZANC) US OTCMiscellaneous1308/19/05 08:54 PM
Fiends Charts Free ZoneUser's Groups122403/13/10 10:10 PM
US Starcom, Inc.(fka USTI) US OTCDelisted4707/02/14 04:56 PM
Standard Holdings Group, Ltd. (SNDH) US OTCComputers - Software6803/20/12 04:20 PM
JibJab SI, RB, IH, OCS, etc. The LoungeHumor/Jokes2305/21/05 07:44 AM
The Dawg Pound Stock ClubsPenny Flippers1209/26/06 11:44 PM
Immergent Inc. (IIG) US ListedComputers - Software1802/08/08 10:56 AM
PEN Inc. (PENC) US OTCElectronics and components273110/20/14 10:07 AM
TMSF Holdings Inc (TMFZ) US OTCBanking and Finance2106/09/05 05:12 PM
Dr. M.M. Pennynickle's ... Blood Money Stock ClubsMarket Trends and Strategies50805/08/12 01:28 PM