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PM PHILIP MORRIS (international) 139    11 days ago   Miscellaneous
SOUPQ Soupman Inc. 17,487    2 minutes ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
PMCB PharmaCyte Biotech Inc. 76,597    24 minutes ago   Biotechs
NIOBF Niocorp Developments Ltd. 29,738    57 minutes ago   Mining/Resources
PMEA PM&E, Inc. 17,758    2 hours ago   Alternative Energy
OPMZ 1pm Industries Inc. 11,922    2 hours ago   Miscellaneous
PMTS CPI CARD GROUP INC COM 149    2 hours ago   Miscellaneous
PGPM Pilgrim Petroleum Corp. 63,343    3 hours ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
PPPMF Primero Mining Corp. 483    3 hours ago   Mining/Resources
MPME Medisun Precision Medicine Ltd. 1,159    4 hours ago   Medical - Equipment
EDUC Educational Development Corporation 90    4 hours ago   Miscellaneous
LBTD Lotus Bio-Technology Development Corp. 821    5 hours ago   Miscellaneous
TBPMF Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. 8,348    5 hours ago   Cannabis
PMPG Premier Products Group Inc. 10,085    5 hours ago   Mining/Resources
IFLM Independent Film Development Corp. 6,500    5 hours ago   Internet - Information/Portals
BPMX BioPharmX Corp. 760    6 hours ago   Medical - Drugs
FTPM 420 Property Mgmt. Inc. 15,527    7 hours ago   Real Estate
BCND Beacon Redevelopment Industrial Corporation 45,255    16 hours ago   Real Estate
SPMI Speedemissions Inc. 11,018    21 hours ago   Miscellaneous
TAPM Tapinator Inc. 972    22 hours ago   Computers - Software
PRPM ProTek Capital, Inc. 103,271    2 days ago   Cannabis
FSPM Fusion Pharm, Inc. 9,468    2 days ago   Cannabis
PMBS PuraMed BioScience, Inc. 28,263    2 days ago   Biotechs
GVDI Golden Valley Development, Inc. 10,153    2 days ago   Miscellaneous
IDVC Infrastructure Developments Corp 15,420    2 days ago   Miscellaneous
NDEV Novus Acquisition and Development Corp 3,125    4 days ago   Miscellaneous
FPVD Force Protection Video Equipment Corp. 4,396    5 days ago   Homeland Security
PRDL Profitable Developments, Inc. 105,472    5 days ago   Real Estate
PMT PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust 106    5 days ago   Banking and Finance
JPM JP Morgan Chase & Co. 2,751    6 days ago   Banking and Finance
ARWD Arrow Resources Development, Inc. 913    9 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
BSPM Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 1,562    9 days ago   Medical - Drugs
SRDP Star Resorts Development 30    9 days ago   Real Estate
ENTI Encounter Development Technologies Inc. 163,403    9 days ago   Media - Television Services
PEDE Peerless Developments Ltd. 9,008    10 days ago   Miscellaneous
UDFI United Development Funding IV 98    12 days ago   Real Estate
YERR Yangtze River Development Ltd. 234    12 days ago   Miscellaneous
GSDC Goldsands Development Company 2,087    13 days ago   Mining/Resources
RPMGF Rye Patch Gold Corp. 171    13 days ago   Mining/Resources
BDCI Bahamas Development Corp. 1,602    15 days ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
OXDG Occidental Development Group Inc. 3,638    21 days ago   Retail - Wholesale Distributors
MKTDF DeepMarkit Corp. 15    22 days ago   Internet - E-Commerce
HempMan   23 days ago   Cannabis
PMXO PMX Gold Communities, Inc. 6,298    24 days ago   Mining/Resources
PMDP Plateau Mineral Development, Inc. 37,946    27 days ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
pmxx Primix Corporation 167    27 days ago   Basic Materials
MBDE Morris Business Development Co. 97    28 days ago   Miscellaneous
OPMG Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. 94,419    28 days ago   Internet - Information/Portals
EMPM Empire Post Media, Inc. 425    30 days ago   Media - Television Services
DLPM Development Capital Group, Inc. 457    30 days ago   Miscellaneous
CLAD China Liaoning Dingxu Ecological Agriculture Devel 953    30 days ago   Food - Processing and Agriculture
GREW Green World Development Inc 893    1 month ago   Miscellaneous
HPMCF Africa Energy Corp. 99    1 month ago   Alternative Energy
BPMC Blueprint Medicines Corporation   1 month ago   Biotechs
PPMT Profit Planners Management Inc. 59    1 month ago   Banking and Finance
PPMH Point to Point Methodics Inc. 3,905    1 month ago   Internet - Information/Portals
OSSPF Osprey Gold Development   1 month ago   Mining/Resources
WPM Wheaton Precious Metals 1,668    2 months ago   Mining/Resources
PENYF PMI Res. Ltd. 64    2 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
OEDVQ Osage Exploration and Development, Inc. 667    2 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
PPMD Protide Pharmaceuticals 567    2 months ago   Biotechs
GROC Great Rock Development Corp. 3,627    2 months ago   Internet - Online Services
PPPMF Primero Mining Corporation 19    2 months ago   Mining/Resources
Prime Meridian Res Corp. (fka PMNRF)   2 months ago   Delisted
DCDC Digital Creative Development Corp. 332    2 months ago   Brokerages/Investment Banks
PMCM Primco Management, Inc. 79,342    2 months ago   Miscellaneous
PMIG Kung Fu Dragon Group Ltd.   3 months ago   Miscellaneous
HPMM Hemp Naturals Inc   3 months ago   Miscellaneous
CDVM Carson Development Corporation 790    3 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
SBDG Small Business Development Group Inc. 22,032    3 months ago   Medical - Drugs
EPM Evolution Petroleum Corporation 113    3 months ago   Banking and Finance
RPM RPM International Inc. 13    4 months ago   Chemicals
DPMLF Dundee Precious Metals Inc.   4 months ago   Mining/Resources
GDVM Global Developments, Inc. 1,003    4 months ago   Banking and Finance
DREM Dream Homes & Development Corporation   5 months ago   Real Estate
SAPMY Saipem Spa San Donato ADR 14    5 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
PLPM Planet Payment, Inc 28    5 months ago   Banking and Finance
GSBD Goldman Sachs Business Development   5 months ago   Banking and Finance
PME Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd 72    5 months ago   Medical - Drugs
PMIR PMI Group Inc. 6,770    5 months ago   Insurance
CYDVF Cypress Development Corp. 59    6 months ago   Mining/Resources
ProMedCo Management Co.(fka PMCOQ) 22    6 months ago   Delisted
WPMLF Western Pacific Minerals 176    7 months ago   Mining/Resources
RPMT Rego Payment Architectures Inc. 382    7 months ago   Computers - Software
MTRO Metro One Development, Inc 9,349    8 months ago   Computers - Hardware
BLFR BlueFire Equipment Corp. 463    8 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
CVV CVD Equipment Corp 823    8 months ago   Computers - Semiconductors
DGDM Digital Development Partners 319    9 months ago   Internet - E-Commerce
PMNXF Perseus Mining Limited 35    9 months ago   Mining/Resources
OEPSX ProFunds Oil Equipment Svc & Dist Svc   9 months ago   Mutual Funds
Goodrich Petroleum Corp. (fka GDPMQ) 893    10 months ago   Delisted
AEDC American Energy Development Corp. 1,000    10 months ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
ADFI Asian Development Frontier Inc.   10 months ago   Miscellaneous
SPMTF Spearmint Resources   11 months ago   Mining/Resources
Flair Petroleum Corp. (fka FPMC) 12    12 months ago   Delisted
HEES H&E Equipment Services, Inc.   1 year ago   Automotive and Transportation
CDEV Centennial Resource Development, Inc. 18    1 year ago   Banking and Finance
Coastal Pacific Mining Corp (fka CPMCF) 2,370    1 year ago   Delisted
GMND Green Mountain Development Corp 5,343    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
FFPM FFP Marketing Company Inc. 35    1 year ago   Miscellaneous
Harbor Island Development Corp. (fka HIDC) 6,841    1 year ago   Delisted
TSXV:ASX Elysee Development Corp. (ASXSF) 172    1 year ago   Mining/Resources
Equipment & Systems Engineering, Inc. (fka EQS 21    1 year ago   Delisted
FPMI FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. 346    1 year ago   Internet - E-Commerce
EWPMF East West Petroleum 42    1 year ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Gold, Silver PM's Rich Mines, Utah 214    1 year ago   Market Trends and Strategies
ProAmerica Bank (CA) (fka PMRA)   1 year ago   Delisted
GLPW Global Power Equipment Group Inc   1 year ago   Basic Materials
Superior Development Group Inc. (fka SDVG)   1 year ago   Delisted
PMOZ PrismOne Group, Inc. 47    1 year ago   Telecommunications Networks
MRD Memorial Resource Development Corp.   2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
TSX:GBB Gold Bullion Development Corp   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
Interactive Brand Development (fka IBDI) 110    2 years ago   Delisted
Perpetual Energy Inc. (PMGYF)   2 years ago   Energy
TRADING PMO   2 years ago   Technical Analysis
DGNG Diguang International Development Company Ltd. 11    2 years ago   Electronics and components
ALPMY ASTELLAS PHARMA 18    2 years ago   Medical - Drugs
IMOS Chipmos Technologies 155    2 years ago   Banking and Finance
BPMI Badger Paper Mills Inc 123    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
PMCS PMC-Sierra, Inc. 24    2 years ago   Computers - Semiconductors
SPMO PowerShares S&P 500 Momentum Portfolio   2 years ago   ETFs
CHLN China Housing and Land Development, Inc. 150    2 years ago   Real Estate
EPM Mining Ventures, Inc.(fka EPMMF) 11    2 years ago   Delisted
XES SPDR Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF 38    2 years ago   ETFs
Imperial Petroleum, Inc. (fka IPMN) 543    2 years ago   Delisted
PMCL Pharm Control Ltd. 39,794    2 years ago   Medical - Drugs
CPMMF Crystal Peak Minerals Inc.   2 years ago   Mining/Resources
PMC PharMerica Corporation   2 years ago   Medical - Drugs
ILPMF Permanent TSB Group Holdings PLC 12    2 years ago   Insurance
CPMD Cannapharmarx Inc. 45    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
EC Development, Inc. (fka ECDI) 131    2 years ago   Delisted
PMDL Pace Medical, Inc. 27    2 years ago   Miscellaneous
IPMG International Precious Minerals Group 3,693    2 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
PMAH PlasmaTech, Inc. 3,686    3 years ago   Miscellaneous, Inc. (PMKY)   3 years ago   User's Groups
Asura Development Group, Inc.(fka IAGI) 2,328    3 years ago   Delisted
PMD Psychemedics Corporation 37    3 years ago   Biotechs
RALY Rally Software Development Corp.   3 years ago   Computers - Software
UPDV Universal Property Development Corporation 10,403    3 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Blue Sky Development Corp.(fka BSKS) 536    3 years ago   Delisted
EGDCY Energy Development Corp.   3 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
PMFG PMFG Inc   3 years ago   Basic Materials
MPML MPM Technologies, Inc.   3 years ago   Basic Materials
TSX:WPM Wheaton Precious Metals 57    3 years ago   Mining/Resources
Homeland Precious Metals Corp (fka HPMFF) 274    3 years ago   Delisted
Italian-Thai Development Public Co., Ltd.(fka ITHU   3 years ago   Delisted
TSXV:BPM BRALORNE GOLD MINES LTD 32    3 years ago   Basic Materials
ADEC Alternative Energy Development Corp. 151    3 years ago   Alternative Energy
China Digital Animation Development, Inc. (fka CHD 1,981    3 years ago   Delisted
Western Power & Equipment Corp.(fka WPEC)   3 years ago   Delisted
PMBC Pacific Mercantile Bancorp 50    3 years ago   Banking and Finance
Gray Publishing Media, Inc. (fka GPMIJ) 25    3 years ago   Delisted
International Development and Environmental Holdin 477    3 years ago   Delisted
CPQQ China Power Equipment, Inc 367    3 years ago   Electronics and components
ARSD Arabian American Development Co. 2,360    3 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Marc Pharmaceuticals (fka MPMA) 10    3 years ago   Delisted
SDAD S.H. Resources & Development Corp. 1,424    3 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
OPMC Optimum Care   3 years ago   Real Estate
All Natural (PMRS) 35    3 years ago   Medical - Healthcare
CTPMF Continential Precious Minerals Inc. 341    4 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
Echapman Inc (fka ECMN)   4 years ago   Delisted
ERD Erdene Resources Development Corp.   4 years ago   Mining/Resources
PMI Gold Corporation (fka PMVGF) 11    4 years ago   Delisted
Pure Play Music ltd.(fka PPML) 91    4 years ago   Delisted
American Asset Development, Inc. (fka AADI) 838    4 years ago   Delisted
PMTYF Playmates Toys Ltd.   4 years ago   Media - Conglomerates
Benda Pharmaceutical Inc.(fka BPMA) 643    4 years ago   Delisted
PMULF Pure Multi-Family REIT   4 years ago   Real Estate
Marlborough Software Development (fka MBGH) 27    4 years ago   Delisted
Business Development Solutions Inc(fka BDEV) 125    4 years ago   Delisted
RPM Technologies, Inc.(fka RPMM) 22    4 years ago   Delisted
PMMED Premium Exploration Inc 40    4 years ago   Basic Materials
Gamma Pharmaceuticals, Inc.(fka GMPM) 611    4 years ago   Delisted
CGDI China Growth Development, Inc. 782    4 years ago   Miscellaneous
QEPM QEP Midstream Partners LP.   4 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
SPMD SuperMedia Inc. 965    4 years ago   Media - Conglomerates
POPM Popmail.Com 11    4 years ago   Internet - E-Commerce
GFDV General Finance & Development, Inc 64    4 years ago   Banking and Finance
Falcon Ridge Development Inc.(fka FCNR) 193    5 years ago   Delisted
Global Realty Development Corp (fka GRLY) 18    5 years ago   Delisted
TSXV:APM Amerix Precious Metals Corp. 58    5 years ago   Mining/Resources
PMSO Primal Solutions, Inc. 13    5 years ago   Miscellaneous
PDVN Premier Development & Investment Inc 27    5 years ago   Food - Beverages
TSXV:PMV PMI Gold increasing land base in Ghana 11    5 years ago   Mining/Resources
Scorpio Mining Corp. (TSX:SPM) 63    5 years ago   Basic Materials
NHVP Northeast Development Corporation Inc. 51    5 years ago   Real Estate
New Bastion Development Inc. (fka NWBA)   5 years ago   Delisted
PETD Petroleum Development Corp 114    5 years ago   Oil/Gas/Natural Energy Production
$TOCKCHART / FORMATION / Momo & Volume Reads $pml 2,496    5 years ago   Market Trends and Strategies
PMTC Ptc Inc.   5 years ago   Computers - Software
TSX:GPD Golden Predator Royalty & Development Corp. 13    6 years ago   Mining/Resources
CTDC China Development Group Corp. 72    6 years ago   Computers - Software
Advantage Capital Development Corp.(fka AVCP) 70    6 years ago   Delisted
NWK Network Equipment Technologies   6 years ago   Computers - Networks
PCC PMC Commercial Trust   6 years ago   Real Estate
TSX:NPD North American Potash Developments Inc.   6 years ago   Mining/Resources
PMTI Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. 925    6 years ago   Medical - Equipment
TSX:PML Panoro Minerals   6 years ago   Mining/Resources
VRMD Vision Real Estate Management & Development 54    6 years ago   Miscellaneous
TSX:RPM Rye Patch Gold   6 years ago   Mining/Resources

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