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#89698  Sticky Note OT: Total Economy Portfolio in 2015..I have been $heff 08/18/15 02:19:24 AM
#88532  Sticky Note OTC/OTCBB stocks (biotechs only) allowed as of 6/16/15: $heff 06/15/15 02:25:49 PM
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#52051   Is it a positive for the stock? I penny to dollar 02/23/12 04:33:23 PM
#52050   CHTP vote: 7 Yes to 4 No 1 tbirdman 02/23/12 04:22:19 PM
#52049   YMI offering - $43M. read_this_n0w 02/23/12 04:05:04 PM
#52048   AMRN..$8.99 Missed my opportunity to buy back in $heff 02/23/12 02:21:48 PM
#52047   If SCON no close above a buck _> read_this_n0w 02/23/12 01:50:19 PM
#52046   Nice move on this one today. :-) Serenity 02/23/12 01:25:43 PM
#52045   $ULU - link back, weeeee tbirdman 02/23/12 12:59:38 PM
#52043   AFFY..$10.45 Moving strong today! AFFY has some attitude $heff 02/23/12 11:55:39 AM
#52042   RRU2...nice call on QCOR...congrats Major Ron 02/23/12 11:24:57 AM
#52041   ARNA..$1.92 It looked good in the pre-market at $heff 02/23/12 11:23:46 AM
#52040   PGNX..$9.79 moving nicely here on low volume of $heff 02/23/12 11:21:11 AM
#52039   HZNP..$3.61 Horizon Pharma announced that it has entered $heff 02/23/12 11:16:03 AM
#52037   $CXM running on this? > Phase III Efficacy tbirdman 02/23/12 10:31:41 AM
#52036   $ULU - ULURU Inc. Announces Approval to Market tbirdman 02/23/12 09:23:51 AM
#52035   Mylan Receives Tentative FDA Approval Through PEPFAR for tbirdman 02/23/12 09:05:11 AM
#52034   VVUS..$22 (Pre-Mkt): Brean Murray ups to Hold $heff 02/23/12 08:54:33 AM
#52033   GRVY: Important update from IR. Stream205 02/23/12 08:50:00 AM
#52032   QCOR..$37.40 (AH) Nice DD before earnings report. Nice $heff 02/23/12 08:44:23 AM
#52031   AUXL..$18.77 AUXL & Actelion Pharmaceuticals collaboration agreement for $heff 02/23/12 08:40:48 AM
#52030   Future Link & Business News Investor100 02/23/12 07:59:31 AM
#52029   RGEN..$4.26 Will be looking to take a position $heff 02/23/12 02:57:33 AM
#52028   OT: Grapefruit Juice and Medicine May Not Mix $heff 02/23/12 02:51:48 AM
#52027   AFFY..$10.14 Back in here at $10.20. PDUFA date $heff 02/23/12 02:46:43 AM
#52026   HZNP..$3.14 Starter position opened at $3.20. Definitely near $heff 02/23/12 02:45:20 AM
#52025   THLD..$6.04 Nice close today after being up over $heff 02/23/12 01:18:28 AM
#52024   ARNA..$2.14 Their Advisory Panel Mtng will most likely $heff 02/23/12 01:16:21 AM
#52023   AMRN..$8.68 4th quarter conference call on Wednesday, 02/29 $heff 02/23/12 01:12:12 AM
#52022   good article with limited bs. bob smith 02/22/12 10:39:58 PM
#52021   Thanks Bob for the 2012 summation.... Major Ron 02/22/12 10:23:19 PM
#52020   22 Hot Drugs Facing FDA Approval in 2012 bob smith 02/22/12 08:55:00 PM
#52019   Panel Backs Weight-Loss Drug Qnexa $heff 02/22/12 06:31:34 PM
#52018   VVUS..$21.00 (AH) Shares of VIVUS resume trading up 70%. $heff 02/22/12 06:29:54 PM
#52017   ARNA..$2.12 (AH) could be the trade tomorrow based $heff 02/22/12 06:28:26 PM
#52016   VVUS- 19.25 up 80 percent AH FDA panel nywest329 02/22/12 05:46:00 PM
#52015   $QCOR: Short covering starting before earnings report AH. rru2s 02/22/12 11:37:55 AM
#52014   SINA in a diving contest today.... Mt. Blanc 02/22/12 11:06:27 AM
#52013   CTICjust bought @ 1.39. It has 3 catalyst trade2much 02/22/12 10:23:18 AM
#52011   ALXA, Bought a nice size position at .54 based manny t 02/22/12 09:43:32 AM
#52010   Dendreon Corporation (NASDAQ:DNDN) seems to be on its luisalmeidapt 02/22/12 05:29:20 AM
#52009   GRVY: Ragnarok on Apple IPhone. Stream205 02/21/12 10:59:33 PM
#52008   $QCOR showing upswing before blowout earnings tomorrow: rru2s 02/21/12 10:36:22 PM
#52007   Starter position @ PLX ($5.55) Investor100 02/21/12 09:34:28 PM
#52006   GRVY: RO2 @ 12:22am est. on 2/22/12. Stream205 02/21/12 08:09:41 PM
#52005   FDA acts to bolster supply of critically needed drugtester 02/21/12 04:15:31 PM
#52004   GRVY..$2.88 Held up most of the morning above $heff 02/21/12 02:53:33 PM
#52003   RGEN..$4.35 Like companies with priority review & solid $heff 02/21/12 02:19:00 PM
#52002   Here is another bit of news that was matt24d 02/21/12 02:04:51 PM
#52001   RGEN..$4.30 Repligen announced that the FDA has accepted $heff 02/21/12 01:56:05 PM
#52000   SCON~ sure looking very good to continue its glassy 02/21/12 01:08:05 PM
#51999   ECYT shortage of doxil resolved. should bob smith 02/21/12 12:33:26 PM