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Raptor Resources Holdings,Inc. (RRHI)

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 Do your own DD and come to your own conclusions.
No board poster is acting as a licensed investment advisor or broker.

See the section below titled

Warning Signs and Red Flags



Raptor Resources Holding Inc.
41 Howe Lane
Freehold, NJ 07728
Phone: (732) 252-5146


Raptor Resources Holdings Inc.

Raptor Resources Holdings Inc. (OTCQB:RRHI) is a publicly traded parent/holdings company focused on mineral resource acquisition, exploration, and development. The company has two wholly owned subsidiaries: Mabwe Minerals Inc. (OTCQB:MBMI), a natural resources and hard asset company engaged in the mining and commercial sales of industrial minerals & metals with first focus on barite; and TAG Minerals Inc., a mineral & metal resource acquisition, exploration, and development company with first focus on alluvial gold along with developing greenfield assets targeting bedrock gold and other viable hard assets.

Company Website



RRHI Highlights, Assets, Acquisitions & Partnerships


  • Highlight: Deferred tax asset of $4,014,963
    Highlight: Increased Total Assets by 84%
    Highlight: Reduced Total Liabilities by 30%
    Highlight: Reduced Note Payables by 95%
    Highlight: Reduced Party Payables by 99%
  • Asset: 90,000,000 Common Shares of MBMI
    Asset: 54,384,923 Common Shares of RRHI
    Asset: 14,400,000 RRHI warrants
  • Acquisition: 100% ownership: Dodge Mine
    Acquisition: 25% ownership: WGB Kinsey & Company




Partnership: Steinbock Minerals Limited

Steinbock Minerals specializes in the distribution of industrial minerals with emphasis on barite.


Partnership: Yasheya Limited

Yasheya specializes in the shipment and delivery of industrial mineral


Partnership: PHI Commodities
PHI Commodities is the largest grain importer from the Port of Beira, Mozambique to Harare, Zimbabwe providing Mabwe Minerals with exclusive rights to their 80 rail wagons shipping barite from the Shamva Rail Depot (17km from Dodge Mine) direct to the Port of Beira.

Common Acquisitions & Partnerships will be restated under Mabwe Minerals Inc.

Emphasis on Shareholder Communication

RRHI Management is pleased to be a fully reporting, SEC compliant company that values transparency. We emphasis shareholder communication by incorporating the latest in social media and investment relations networks such as: RRHI Newsletters: RaptorTalk and RaptorNews where you hear it first! RRHI FaceBook & Twitter where you hear it first!

Facebook & Twitter - Real-time Updates
RaptorTalk - Shareholder Q&A
RaptorNews - Latest Company News


MBMI LogoMabwe Minerals: Subsidiary

Along with its affiliate, Mabwe Corporation (Private) Ltd., an indigenous Zimbabwe company, Mabwe Minerals Inc. owns 100% of the mineral & metal rights to Dodge Mine. The Dodge Mine property is a series of hydrothermal mountains with multiple deposits of superior grade barite, limestone, and talc.

Gravity mapping of the property indicates massive deposits of barite. A core drilling plan is under development to further establish barite reserves in addition to further exploration of the widespread occurrences of gossan deposits often associate with gold, nickel, zinc, copper and lead. The presence of these metabasalts often point to gold in the host rock. Initial surface level gossan test samples recently confirmed the presence of these sulfides.

The company has secured a long term Master Supplier Agreement (MSA) with an established oil and gas drilling sector corporation representing 3 million tons of American Petroleum Institute (API) grade barite. All mining operations will be managed by minority-owned partner, WGB Kinsey & Company, a mining and construction company under four generations of Kinsey family leadership.

The barite deposits on Dodge Mine are considered “world class” in quality due to their high percentage content of barium sulfate (BaSO4). The key compound in barite is barium sulfate with a specific gravity of 4.5 g/cm3. Samples of white barite scored 97.25% pure BaSO4 and pink/brown barite samples scored 95.50%.

With a worldwide shortage of high-grade barite, Mabwe Minerals is in the right place at the right time. Barite is used as a weighting agent for drilling fluids in oil and gas drilling applications, and the recent massive discovery of oil off the coast of neighboring Mozambique and new drilling contracts expected in the region will drive ample demand. Moving from a development phase company into commercial barite production, Mabwe Minerals is well positioned to generate significant shareholder returns.


MBMI Highlights, Assets, Acquisitions & Partnerships

  • Highlight: Secured a total net deferred tax asset of $27,738,000
    Highlight: Increased Total Assets 476%
    Highlight: Decreased Total Liabilities 99%
    Highlight: All prior RPTN conversion option liabilities retired ($11,789,870)
    Highlight: All prior RPTN senior convertible notes payable retired ($11,012,854)
    Highlight: - 8 million shares in the float
  • Asset: Master Supplier Agreement (MSA) with Baker Hughes based on 3M tons
    Asset: First $9M purchase order issued against MSA
  • Acquisition: 25% equity position in WGB Kinsey & Company
    Acquisition: 100% of Dodge Mine
  • Partnership: Steinbock Minerals Limited Partnership: Yasheya Limited
    Partnership: PHI Commodities


TAG Minerals: Subsidiary

TAG Minerals Inc. is a U.S.-based mineral & metal resource acquisition, exploration and development company. The company, with operations conducted through its indigenous affiliate TAG Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, is responsible for alluvial gold production along with the development of greenfield assets targeting bedrock gold and other viable hard assets.

Partnership: EXTRAC-TEC www.extrac-tec.com


TAG Minerals utilizes the latest in alluvial gold production equipment. HPC-30 technology captures up to 98% of the riverbed gold content down to 50 microns. CEO and Co-Patent HPC Technology Holder, Grieg Oppenheimer is a valued RRHI shareholder and associate with Raptor Resources Holdings Inc.

Project: Makuruanopamaenza Mountain Range (Maku): Prospector License

With elevations up to 1,380 meters, The Makuruanopamaenza Mountains are perched above the Mazowe River known for its rich deposits of alluvial gold and favored among artisanal miners northeast of Shamva, Zimbabwe. The property is located on the northern end of the Shamva Gold Belt and within close proximity to Mabwe Minerals’ Dodge Mine. Through the use of a prospector license, the company has access to 600 hectares of the greenfield mountain range for evaluation purposes.


Note to Shareholders & Potential Investors

Raptor Resources was formed beginning May 2011 with the intent to place alluvial gold assets into TAG Minerals. In September 2011, favorable circumstances led to the acquisition of Dodge Mine with an abundance of mineral and metals creating a high value opportunity for our shareholders. In parallel, we were pursing an acquisition that emerged as Mabwe Minerals Inc. (MBMI).

We subsequently redirected our corporate attention to build the MBMI Infrastructure and MBMI Advisory Board to ensure success for both RRHI and MBMI shareholders. In less than 2 years, we have completed the MBMI mission to build a turnkey operation from the ground and create the opportunity to supply our high-grade barite to multiple customers through strategic partnerships like Steinbock Minerals.

As Mabwe Minerals is now transitioning into barite and limestone production, RRHI management will now redirect its focus on evaluating and securing alluvial gold and/or bedrock based gold assets that meet our criteria for production. I can assure you that over the last 12 trips to Zimbabwe, together with our indigenous partners, we have cultivated relationships aimed at securing assets for TAG Minerals and our shareholders.

Al Pietrangelo
CEO & President
Raptor Resources Holdings Inc.



Al Pietrangelo, President & Chairman
Al Pietrangelo has served as the President and CEO since 2011 holding the same titles with TAG Minerals Inc. since 2010 and Mabwe Minerals Inc. since 2012. Mr. Pietrangelo has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida.

Tapiwa Gurupira, Director
Tapiwa Gurupira has served as a Raptor Resources board member since 2011, Mabwe Minerals Director since 2012 and TAG Minerals Director since 2010. Mr. Gurupira has a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky.

J. Louis Schlegel IV, VP of Business Development
J. Louis Schlegel IV has served as Vice President of Business Development since 2011. Mr. Schlegel has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida and a Masters degree in Business Administration (w/Honors).

Asswell Africa Gurupira, Affiliate
Asswell Gurupira has served as an affiliate since 2010. In Zimbabwe, he is a Director of Mabwe Corporation (Private) Limited. He is a community leader holding the rank of “Sabhuku” (Headman) of Chigede Village in Chiweshe.

Greig Oppenheimer, Affiliate
Greig Oppenheimer has served as an affiliate since 2010. Mr. Oppenheimer is the CEO of Extrac-TEC and Co-Patent Holder to their family of heavy particle concentrators. Mr. Oppenheimer has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree (w/Honors) in Industrial Engineering from Witwatersrand University, South Africa.

John Richard Needham Groves, Honorary Advisory Board Member
John Groves owned Dodge Mine from 1977 to 2011 accumulating 34 years of “Boots on the Ground” knowledge of the property, the surrounding agricultural community and the unique features of the mineral & metal deposits across Dodge Mine. He has a lifetime of experiences in mining development projects in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Madagascar.



Warning Signs and Red Flags


          This company has a habit of editing previously released "Presentations", "Updates"
and "Investor Newsletters" whenever they need to cover up a lie.

Take what they issue on their website with a grain of salt.
Tomorrow, it may say something completely different.



Raptor Resources Holdings, Inc. $RRHI

RRHI is a holdings company meaning it has several independently operating subsidiaries underneath one parent entity Raptor Resource Holdings, Inc. (RRHI). Let's examine those operating subsidiaries: TAG Minerals Inc.,  Mabwe Minerals Inc. and Lantis Laser, Inc.

NEW WEBSITE: http:// raptorresourcesholdings.com/


TAG Minerals is a U.S. based (incorporated in Wyoming) mineral resource acquisition, exploration and development company, with operations conducted through its operating affiliate, TAG Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Limited. TAG Minerals is augmented by independent financial, geological, and mining professionals who advise the company on its mining and exploration projects throughout Zimbabwe, Africa.

Watakai Riverbed Project<-Cancelled, NO gold
The Watakai Riverbed Project is located in the Mazowe Region which is one of the most sought after regions in the country for mining.  The company applied for a Special Grant with the Ministry of Mines during the 3rd Qtr 2011 after completing months of bulk sample testing with the company's HPC-10 exploratory units.  The grams/ton data yielded impressive results including purity levels greater than 95%. The area represents 173 hectares of riverbed along the Watakai and Murodzi Rivers.  The grant approval cycle is nearing completion with expectations the company can begin gold production with HPC-30 units as early as the 2nd Qtr. 2012.

Hippo Pools Riverbed Project  
<-Cancelled, NO gold 


A Special Grant was issued by the Ministry of Mines during the 4th Qtr 2011 along a 4 kilometer stretch of the Runde River near Ngundu, Zimbabwe. Included with the Special Grant is a permit to dredge the river. The company will continue bulk sampling along the river at set intervals during the 2nd Qtr 2012 with one of the company's HPC-10 exploratory units and is ready to begin production once sample testing is completed. For decades, hippos frolicked in the now silted water pools, hence the name Hippo Pools. By dredging the river and rehabilitating this area, the wildlife will once again have access to larger sections of this river and will lead to tourism growth in the region.


ODZI Riverbed Project   <-Cancelled, NO gold 

The company has been exploring the Odzi region along the Odzi River and has identified the entry point for our first HPC-30 production unit. The company will continue bulk sampling during the 2nd Qtr. 2012 with one of the company's HPC-10 exploratory units. Historically, one of the country's largest gold producers, Champion Mine is nearby and the largest riverbed project in Zimbabwe is upstream on the Mutare River which forms a confluence with the Odzi River.

Broken Promises.....Management of this company has a very poor record for meeting goals. Anyone can miss once, twice in a short time would be a concern, but time after time after time might be considered habitual lying.

> On March 17, 2011, management issued a PR stating, "TAG will effectively move into economically viable mineral production in the very near term, the first mineral extraction being gold."

NO gold production

> On April 26, 2011, management issued a PR stating, "TAG intends to commence mineral production within the next 3 months, the first mineral being gold."

NO gold production.

> On May 24, 2011, management issued a PR stating, "TAG intends to commence alluvial surface mining for its gold extraction activities, where the soil and ore bearing gold is very close to the surface, eliminating the need to dig deep into the earth."

NO gold production.

> On July 21, 2011, management issued a PR stating, "TAG Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, anticipates commencing its own organic alluvial surface gold mining operations in the near future"

NO gold production.

> On August 30, 2011, management issued a PR stating, "With the price of gold soaring to $1800 an ounce recently, we believe that the timing could not be better for TAG-Z to commence its own mining operations..."

NO gold production.

> On September 6, 2011, management issued a PR stating, "TAG Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (TAG-Z), is preparing to utilize a novel, low-cost method for extracting gold nuggets from near surface deposits..."

NO gold production.

> On November 17, 2011, management issued a PR stating, "Lantis Laser Inc. (OTCQB:LLSR), is pleased to announce today that its operating affiliate TAG Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (TAG-Z) is set to commence our own alluvial surface gold mining operations. TAG-Z's first purchase order for a state-of-the-art HPC-30 Gold Recovery System is being delivered to Harare, Zimbabwe the week of November 28th with full-scale commencement of mining for alluvial surface gold scheduled for the beginning of January, 2012."

NO gold production.

> On January 18, 2012, management issued a PR stating, "Other viable gold mining claims have recently been registered, pegged and staked for Lantis' operating affiliate TAG Minerals Zimbabwe (Private) Limited, which enables expansion of our organic alluvial surface gold mining operations as we enter into production this quarter."

NO gold production.

> And there's even a couple more that I haven't bothered to include because I don't have the dates handy but there's STILL NO GOLD PRODUCTION!

No one forced them or coaxed them into making the above statements. It is little wonder that the market is wary.


Lantis Laser, Inc., the 3rd and final subsidiary of RRHI, is developing under license, synergistic, high resolution, light-based imaging modalities which can detect decay and microstructural defects at an early stage, and unlike x-ray, do not emit potentially harmful ionizing radiation. Its products are in development and cannot be sold until FDA clearance for marketing is obtained.

The company intends to fund Beta units geared towards achieving FDA approval with it's dental diagnostic OCT/NIR technologies that both document and detect the early stages of tooth decay and soft tissue diseases.

As of December 17, 2012, Lantis Laser is no longer a part of RRHI.   Raptor Resources transferred the assets of Lantis Laser, Inc., its subsidiary engaged in the dental business, to a PRIVATE entity established by Stanley B. Baron and Dr. Craig Gimbel, the former officers and founders of Lantis Laser, Inc. and issued to Messrs. Baron and Gimbel a total of 3,000,000 shares of Mabwe Minerals Inc.

Just ANOTHER lie by the company.



US Trade Sanctions against the MMCZ may present a major stumbling block RRHI / MBMI.

The Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe {MMCZ) is on the US Treasury Dept, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), list of
Specially Designated Nationals (SDNs), entities subject to U.S. targeted sanctions related to Zimbabwe. U.S. nationals may not do business with these designated entities or with other entities they control. According to information published by OFAC.....
Prohibited transactions include, but are not limited to, exports (direct and indirect), imports (direct and indirect), trade brokering, financing and facilitation, as well as most financial transactions. Attempts to evade or avoid these sanctions are also prohibited. These prohibitions also extend to any person, organization or entity found to be owned, controlled or acting on behalf of any Zimbabwe entity included on the SDN list.

Foreign branches and representative offices of U.S. companies, as well as U.S. branches and representative offices of foreign companies are considered U.S. persons for purposes of these prohibitions.

PENALTIES - Criminal fines for violating the Executive Order or regulations to be issued pursuant to the Executive Order may range up to the greater of $500,000 or twice the pecuniary gain per violation for an organization, or up to the greater of $250,000 or twice the pecuniary gain per violation for an individual. Individuals may also be imprisoned for up to 10 years for a criminal violation. Knowingly making false statements or falsifying or concealing material facts when dealing with OFAC in connection with matters under its jurisdiction is a criminal offense. In addition, civil penalties of up to $11,000 per violation may be imposed administratively.

How does that effect RRHI / MBMI?

Except for precious metals and gemstones, all minerals are subject to the MMCZ Act. According to Zimbabwe law, Part VI of the MMCZ Act.....



42 Prohibition of sale or export of minerals otherwise than through Corporation

(1) Subject to this Act, no person other than the Corporation shall—

.. (a) sell any mineral, either inside or outside Zimbabwe, except—
.. .. (i) to the Corporation; or
.. .. (ii) in terms of a contract negotiated by the Corporation on behalf of the seller; or
.. .. (iii) when authorized to do so by the Corporation in terms of section fortythree and in accordance with the terms and conditions of such authority; or

.. (b) export any mineral from Zimbabwe except—
.. .. (i) in terms of a contract referred to in subparagraph (ii) of paragraph (a); or
.. .. (ii) when authorized to do so by the Corporation in terms of section fortythree and in accordance with the terms and conditions of such authority.

(2) Any person who sells or exports any mineral in contravention of subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and liable to—

.. (a) a fine not exceeding level twelve or double the value of the mineral within Zimbabwe at the date of the export or sale or double the price at which the mineral was sold, whichever is the greatest; or
[amended by Act 22 of 2001, with effect from the 10th September, 2002.]

.. (b) imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year;
[amended by Act 22 of 2001, with effect from the 10th September, 2002.]

or to both such fine and such imprisonment.

(3) Paragraph (b) of subsection (1) shall be construed as being additional to, and not as derogating from, the provisions of any other enactment which controls or prohibits the export of any mineral.

As of the most current information available.....

> The MMCZ is still on the US Treasury's OFAC SDN list.

> U.S. nationals still may not do business with these designated entities or with other entities they control.

> Except for precious metals and gemstones, all minerals are still subject to Zimbabwe's MMCZ Act, which still prohibits the export of minerals other than through the MMCZ.

> We have still not seen any exception to these laws granted to the company.

> Under US law, if a "person", acting on behalf of the company breaks or attempts to evade the law, the company is legally responsible. Otherwise, if one wanted to break the sanctions, all they would have to do is hire a go-between and the sanctions would become moot.

> BHI, Steinbock and Yasheya have no legal concern as they are not required to deal with the MMCZ. They are NOT the exporters from Zimbabwe as the port of Beira is not in Zimbabwe. 



The CEO's qualifications and experience have been listed in several places including PRs, SEC filings and the new website.  At first glance they seem pretty impressive but after digging a little deeper, it appears that at least some of the CEO's listed qualifications are misleading - His "Qualifications and Experience" that he gave are quoted below. Below that is the REAL story.

"Mr. Pietrangelo has served as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of TAG since 2010. From 2006 to 2010 Mr. Pietrangelo was CEO and Director of Rock of Angels Capital Corp., Rock of Angels Acquisition Corp. and Rock of Angels Holdings Inc. "

Rock of Angels was incorporated as a WY shelf company in 2006 and was dormant on the shelf until early 2011. Although the filing was "active", the company existed on paper only, it was completely inactive, there were no operations. He had himself slotted in as CEO and Director of the "paper" company. In late 2010, Rock of Angels changed its name to ...... TAG Minerals! TAG Minerals continued to be completely inactive until early 2011.

So he was CEO and Chairman of the Board, but of what?  A couple of sheets of paper!  What was he really doing from 2006 to 2010?  I'm sure being CEO of company that only existed on paper didn't take that much of his time.

Is presenting an exaggerated "Curriculum Vitae" illegal? No.

Is it an honest and acceptable practice?  Decide for yourself.

Tag Minerals filing - shows Old Name - Rock of Angels, Date of change - 10/19/2010, Initial Filing (as Rock of Angels) - 12/26/2006

Rock of Angels filing - shows original filing date - 12/26/2006

Letter from CEO to SEC - Last paragraph of page 8 which states…..

"TAG Minerals Inc. was incorporated on December 26, 2006 as Rock of Angels Acquisition Corp., a Wyoming Corporation. This entity was completely inactive (other than an initial share issuance to the founders) from incorporation until January 2011"


December 21, 2011 - PR
Lantis Laser Acquired an 80% Controlling Equity Stake in Raptor Networks, Inc [RPTN] from CCE in exchange for 5,000,000 shares of Lantis Laser, Inc [LLSR] and 13,510,752 (post-split basis) shares of RPTN.
Raptor Networks had no assets at the time and was in default on its notes to CCE.  CCE had foreclosed on the notes, taking all of the Company's assets earlier, including the patents and rights to all technology.  CCE had ordered management to seek a buyer for the shell.  After months of trying and shortly before the deadline date, this was the best they could do.
No clear reasoning was given for the acquisition other than, "LLSR expects to utilize the Raptor accumulated losses to off-set future taxable income from our gold and other mining and minerals endeavors".
This reasoning is highly questionable.  First, it seems to put the cart before the horse as LLSR has never shown any taxable income and already has a large Net Operating Loss of it own.  Second, LLSR does not intend to continue RPTN's historic business (network switches) and could not even if it wanted to, as CCE owns all of RPTN's intellectual property and all other assets that remained.  Because LLSR will not continue the historic business, the "Continuty of Business" Rule of Sec. 382 of the Internal Revenue Code disallows any deduction of the historic NOL.
Those facts cause one to suspect the credibility of the reasons given in the PR.

Raptor Networks Annual Report

Raptor Resources Holdings Annual Report

Tax Attributes of a Target

January 17, 2012

As the first order of business, the Company (RPTN) notified stockholders of actions to be taken by the new majority ownership (LLSR)

> Effecting a reverse stock split of the common stock, $.001 par value, of the Company by a ratio of one-for-ten.

> Increasing the number of authorized shares of Common Stock from 200,000,000 to 500,000,000 shares.

> Changing the name of the Company to Mabwe Minerals Inc.

> Chaging the domicile of the Company from Colorado to Wyoming.


One might suspect from the large increase in authorized shares that a large share sale is planned.

Perhaps this is the true reason for the acquisition?



February 14, 2010
LLSR announced the purchase  of the mineral assets of Dodge mine blocks blocks 1-6 located in Zimbabwe in exchange for $433,000 to be paid in installments through November 30, 2012.  The property consists of three hydrothermal mountains representing 123 hectares containing multiple deposits of superior grade barite, limestone and talc based on the drilling reports that management received from the previous owner of the Dodge mine blocks.
The drilling and reports mentioned above, were done in 1966 so it's not a "new discovery".  No one showed any interest previously.  Not Halliburton, none of the many South African mining companies, none of the Zimbabwean mining companies, including the company they bought it from.
Further, the "exploration" consists of only 5 partial drill holes done in 1966.  "Reserve" numbers were given in a PR but interestingly, were left out of the 8K filed with the SEC.  According to independent sources, "Before reserves of this size can be confirmed with any degree of confidence, hundreds of drill holes must be completed first."  The SEC has cracked down on mining companies that claimed "proven reserves" without adequate exploration in the past. 

According to an independent source.....

They clearly do not have "proven reserves" as they have not met the legal requirements for proven reserves.

Let me give you an example of an SEC Comment Letter sent to another non-compliant exploration-stage company that illegally claimed to have "proven reserves".

"We note your consulting geologist provided reserve estimates. Please note that mineral reserves for a mineral property may not be designated unless:

• Competent professional engineers conduct a detailed engineering and economic study, and the "bankable" or "final" feasibility study demonstrates that a mineral deposit can be mined profitably at a commercial rate.
• Historic three-year average commodity price is used in any reserve or cash flow analysis used to designate reserves.
• The company has demonstrated that the mineral property will receive its governmental permits, and the primary environmental document has been filed with the appropriate governmental authorities.

Please revise your disclosure accordingly. In addition, please revise your disclosure throughout this document to ensure you do not prematurely indicate mining operations on mining properties before a proper feasibility study and economic viability determination has been conducted."

A bankable feasibility study is not a minor thing. The size and complexity varies by the size and type of deposit, but typically it requires years of work by numerous experts conducting an enormous amount of work (not only exploration to define the resource and grade, but also metallurgical/processing studies to determine the most efficient and cost-effective mining and processing methods, mine design and related engineering studies, environmental studies, including hydrology and animal studies, reclamation studies and plans, just to name a few). And millions and millions of dollars to pay for all the studies that go into a bankable feasibility. Once all of that is taken into consideration, a final feasibility study is a pretty weighty document - hundreds of pages long.

Needless to say, drilling 5 holes and calling it a "proven reserve" is a bad joke.

The company as of 5/7/2012 has, however,announced a gravity mapping program on the Dodge Mine.



The use of "stock" photos on a company website depicting assets, equipment and operations that the company does not possess might be misleading.   If you can't tell what's real and what's not, how can you trust any of it? 

Note - Some of the pictures on the company website have NOTHING to do with the company. They could mislead some into thinking they are pictures of acutal RRHI mining operations and/or production.  Decide for yourself.

Company website: http://raptorresourcesholdings.com/ 

Bucket wheel excavator - actually belonging to a German coal mining company and located in Nordheim, Germany - Used as wallpaper on RRHI website

Picture of ore piles and elevator - actually advertising image from a Shanghai, China equipment company - Used in slide show on RRHI website, Home page

Picture of smelted gold bars and gold dust used in RRHI website Image Gallery - To date, the company has not produced any gold.

Now they've put up some impressive pictures of an open pit mine in the home page slide show and, because they're so proud of it, in the Image Gallery also.

Is it the Dodge mine? ...... NO

Is it anything they're even remotely connected with? ..... Again, NO

The pictures are of the Bingaham Kennecott copper mine near Salt Lake City, Utah!


Apparently the company believes that if your equipment and assets are not very impressive and your operations are laughable, it's OK to use pictures of someone else's equipment, assets and operations.

If you know you can't believe some of it and you're not sure about the rest of it, how can you believe any of it?


According to FINRA, the SEC, and other independent sources, no industry is immune to investment scams, including Mining. There's a long and sordid history of mining investment scams. Investors are urged to never rely solely on information in press releases. Always confirm mining claims using third party, respected sources.

FINRA Investor Alert - "Gold" Stocks-Some Investments Mine Your Pocketbook - http://www.finra.org/Investors/ProtectYourself/InvestorAlerts/FraudsAndScams/P124119

"Mining Investment Scams" - http://www.fraudguides.com/investment-mining-scams.asp

"iHub Mining Company Research Board" - http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/board.aspx?board_id=21803 


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#3499   No buyers for Alf's Ponzi johnstockmaster 12/07/14 09:34:36 AM
#3498   Looking better today. goodinvestment 12/05/14 11:07:29 AM
#3497   That looked like a forced liquidation - no nsomniyak 12/01/14 03:46:36 PM
#3496   At least now the bid and ask are goodinvestment 12/01/14 10:28:46 AM
#3495   Any ideas as to why its down today goodinvestment 12/01/14 09:56:57 AM
#3494   LOOKING GOOD RRHI $$$ UP ALMOST 15% $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ rangerxlt 11/28/14 06:25:50 PM
#3493   RRHI now a stinky pinky? Does that gitreal 11/25/14 11:27:25 PM
#3492   I think Alf is telling investors something important. pitboss22 11/24/14 05:18:49 PM
#3491   Less interested in where someone might be "hiding" goodinvestment 11/24/14 03:26:16 PM
#3490   Where is this pig alf hiding I hear johnstockmaster 11/24/14 09:11:16 AM
#3489   Alf's Ponzi johnstockmaster 11/19/14 07:14:28 AM
#3488   Perhaps not dark but I agree it is goodinvestment 11/18/14 12:36:06 PM
#3487   It's already late and no NT-10Q has been filed. pitboss22 11/17/14 02:54:35 PM
#3486   10q late filed or will it be posted goodinvestment 11/17/14 02:45:41 PM
#3485   Wow new pumpers on this trash loserofstk 11/14/14 10:27:11 PM
#3484   Dude. A COMPANY itself NEVER issues shares....Unless it's Zardiw 11/12/14 09:44:48 AM
#3483   RRHI UP 250% $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ rangerxlt 11/12/14 06:39:42 AM
#3482   Well documented..... The company has issued shares to pitboss22 11/11/14 10:00:39 PM
#3481   OR....somebody with a lotta shares hired em....makes more Zardiw 11/11/14 08:56:55 PM
#3480   I think RRHI hired these guys (or their pitboss22 11/11/14 02:28:26 PM
#3479   No dumping....yet....the average trade is $180 with a GOducks123 11/11/14 01:43:52 PM
#3477   Check your date on that filing, it's old, Bepractical 11/11/14 12:08:10 PM
#3475   That's why it's called a "PUMP AND DUMP". pitboss22 11/11/14 11:45:39 AM
#3473   DUMPING ? WHERE IS DUMPING ? ALL I TRIPIL7Z 11/11/14 11:41:05 AM
#3472   By all means, share a link of this Bepractical 11/11/14 11:38:50 AM
#3471   No, the last 10Q filed was for Q2 pitboss22 11/11/14 11:35:59 AM
#3470   there is news out silly goose. 10-Q is TRIPIL7Z 11/11/14 11:29:18 AM