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First and foremost>>Welcome!  This board was created for all to track, discuss,trade stocks and ultimately the goal to make $. Anyone is welcome here as long as one is positive and never attacks others.  Also will set goals/targets off any pick whether it is 100% or 10000% gains and timeframes for each if possible or if just going with the flow.  Always remember that any prof is a good prof no matter what and that there is always a new deal everyday in the markets so I am never scared to move on to the next play if need be.  But also note that to in order to hit the BIG % gains one must be able to take chances and let ride out for however long it takes! I am Looking for bottoms as well as tops and will then track on L2 and watchlists as needed. Consistency and is key and with that one can see aggresive and excessive growth over the next few years imo. Always keeping in mind that obviously things come up that are not expected so know anything is possible in penny and subbieland even big boards as we all have seen recently...nothin is guaranteed. I Keep that in mind always but I also keep in mind that the sky is the limit especially if the share structure and time is right imo. We cant win em all, considering things can shift or change at any time,but the ones we do hit on can and do make up for all the other Ls one has had 100 fold or more at times. For me its a building process and trades help to get by but the real percentages come from sleepers that wake imo. Thats what makes the markets a great thing for us whether doing it for a living or just for fun as it only takes that 1 play to make all the difference and get goin north! 

I and lots of others here too have seen alot and been thru alot on these boards and in the markets over the years. But it doest matter if one is a novice trader or seasoned vet as to whether one can make $ or not.  Its about being with the right people and THAT makes ihub a great tool for us all.  It has been and always will be a constant learning process for me and surely mistakes have happened and will happen. Its jus part of the game. I do feel I have learned alot over the years from being here everyday on the hub for years and also have refined my outlooks and how i go about things. I also have learned alot from all the GREAT people I have met here on these boards over the years and also from those negative types lol. I now look at any otc as a COMPLETE gamble nothing less and ones of which we can stand to make great %s considering pps and swings these plays have. I dont trust many otc ceos anymore and share structure is totally key for me making any move here. Having been told by many companies only good things in the future to only find out they jus eventually dilute us shareholders and eventually kill the pps one way or the other with our best interests definitely not in mind.  Contacting a company and voicing ones oppinion and ideas is a good idea though imo. As well as asking certain questions pertaining to shareholders best interests or not. Also knowing the past of a company and knowing the facts on the table at any given time is also important. this helps to get a scope on what one is dealing with if its just worth a trade or if its worth holding for longerterm. Let actions speak for themselves or lack there of and let things happen as they come. Always look for red flags and smart to keep a checklist of sorts as to a companies past or present facts. Same goes for looking for greenlights. I feel like the best days are ahead of us all and no matter what happens know that I am honored and greatful for everything everyone brings to the table. We all are human and we all make mistakes and wish we could have done things differently in the past. But the past is jus that and now my refocused outlook/strategy on trading/investing has totally been redefined to fit the times.  Its a new day for us lil guys and gals and maybe one day we all get to our goals of where we want to be in life and be happy to celebrate with all the friends I have met here.

Now as for otcs and all stocks really one must know when to hold em and when to fold em for sure especially when things change.  I go with my gut feeling alot of the time and what seems great one minute can look sour the next. So must always be ready to act or be ready to hold on and hope for the best.  Things can quickly change for the better or worse in the otc arena so i go in knowing anything i buy here is a gamble but also a strategy when trying to peg bottoms or sleepers. Always expect the worst and hope for the best and know with all these subbers consider them as lotto tickets and pure gambles. This is why  i never throw in more than i can afford to lose at any given time although any loss hurts. Sure its a given we will win some and lose some. But key is to have our winners far outweigh our losses and reach our goals. And when we do lose MOVE on and never look back other than to see why what happened happened for future reference. Scam companies are a given in otcland but there are many real companies down here also and either or there are opportunities there with any trading stock for the most part imo. Key for me imo is to stay positive and keep on moving forward without dwelling on the bad. Using past experiences for future reference always. After seeing the big picture and having weathered some tough days it only made me stronger and wanting to succeed as a trader here in otcland. I believe we will be able to do in in record and historic fashion considering its a new day and sky is always the limit imo...especially with the wealth of knowledge and experience on these boards. Keep in mind that there is a new deal everyday in the markets and its not going anywhere anytime soon,meaning one dont have to worry bout missing something today when there is always tomorrow.Once the stock pile begins to grow and then naturally so does the value. Its been a good practice fpr me to always stay diversified and never put all eggs into one basket obviously.Its also important that one learns off past mistakes and never let anyone tell you what to do and when to do it. Always make your own decisions based off your own dd and facts.

One should note that the largest percentage gainers of all time have been on the otcs and will more than likely continue to be the case in the future for obvious pps reasons imo! Now with big boards being so volatile its also a great time for traders big and small to participate there too imo. I believe we traders/investors have yet to see our best days in the market and I believe we all can accomplish whatever we want especially when devoted. Doesnt matter if one is a chart player,bottom plays,longterm investor,etc we all are here to succeed! Sure most cant be here all day everyday for obv reasons but we all can indeed come up together imo! Doesnt matter if its a otc or not though cuz ultimately I am waiting on that lifechanger but in the meantime still try making the magic happen consistantly with by hawking L2s for bottom plays,channeling stocks,RMers,etc. Its about the %s!! I will let experience and past moves speak for themselves as a average joe who wants to be successful in this arena! With 10 plus years of trading subbie and pennystocks, now I feel like its all like clockwork and the sky is indeed the limit for all us that believe in the markets. Ultimate goal>>early retirement and have fun in the process! Time to step up and make the magic happen! Other picks also appreciated!



Pinksheet/OTC BBs Short Interest Links:

Useful Links:
Level 2 service:
Alpha Historical trade data:


SEC Filings:

Corporate info searches all 50 states:
Reverse Merger reports:
Shell Stocks:

Good read on reverse mergers:
A "Reverse Merger" is a method by which a private company can go public by merging with a public company. In a reverse merger a private company merges with a public company that usually has no assets or liabilities. The public company in most reverse merger scenarios is usually referred to as a "trading shell company".

After the reverse merger the private company would retain most of the public companies shares and would be trading under the name of the private company prior to the merger. The board members of the trading shell company would resign and the private company would appoint their own board of directors.

The biggest advantage of a private company doing a reverse merger with a public company is the time it takes to get to public markets. If a private company goes public by way of a reverse merger they can do so in usually two weeks versus up to a year or more from scratch.

Reverse Merger Facts :
Nearly half of the companies trading on a small cap exchange went public by way of a reverse merger.
Most private companies that go public by way of a reverse merger experience higher evaluations once public.
Most private companies have an easier time raising capital after going public due to shareholder liquidity and reporting requirements.
Ted Turner did a reverse merger with Rice Broadcasting Inc. which became Turner Broadcasting Inc.
Blockbuster Video went public by way of a reverse merger.

Good random MM reads:



Disclaimer: I guess..All my/our picks are in my/our oppinions obviously. Always do your own due diligence period. These stocks posted are not recommendations to buy or sell and securities.I/we here are in this game as a otc trader/investor that has been there done that and now trying to defy the norm and consistantly.Most of these plays are high risk, as most know, but also very high reward possible if they work out. But most of these plays not suitable for everyone considering one must watch market trends themselves as well as the current situations on each. Also note that in penny and subbieland things can change by the next minute so always stay on top of your investments. Just remember any prof is a good prof and never be scared to move on instead of getting stuck. Im/we are not here to go long for 10 years on a penny or subbie play,Im here for the short term gains but also will hold semi-long term(months max not years)with some exceptions to the rules on some sleepers. Always try and its ALWAYS nice to let freebies ride after taking initial plus some for as long as one wants is always a good practice. Im/we are not registered brokers,dealers,etc and nothing is guaranteed in penny and subbieland! I/we never tell anyone what to do but i/we can and will give my oppinion if asked. I/we trade and I/we make moves based of L2s and always being ready to act if situation calls for it. OTCland is all bout gambling imo but one can narrow the houses edge by having been there done that and having seen it all in this arena. I/we never tell anyone to buy or sell nor tell anyone to follow my moves.  I/we may buy and sell any stock at any given time without any given notice. Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. We are not licensed brokers. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional. No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.  Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees. And none of us Greenteam members are paid to promote any stock so take it fwiw and know we play lots of different stocks some pieces of junk as we know and some wth real potential both short and longerterm!Nothing is guaranteed in OTCland or the big boards for that matter and anything we say here should not and will not be construed as investment advice.Also note NOONE from the Greenteam will EVER tell anyone to buy anything and only post what we believe and feel at the time.GL!




ST-Short Term meaning days/weeks/up to 3 months
LT-Long Term meaning anything over 3-6 months
PT-My Price Targets

-Note some stocks alerted more than once.Also different strategies and time frames for each which is KEY to remember when one is looking at my holdings and alerts.Or anyones here for that matter.Also remember to take profs when you can and play the swings and lulls if one wants to add in any position.This board is not intended to be a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is based off moves I believe may or may not be good at the time.Actions and percentages speak volumes.GL to ALL %$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%$%


FCNK alerted at .01 hit .099 for 890% the next day.
INXR alerted at .0002 hit .0013 for 650% in few months
LGAL alerted at .0025 hit .023 for 800% in 2 weeks
LLEG alerted at .0011 hit .0065 for 495% in 2 weeks
FCCN alerted at .0028 hit .025 for 900% in a few days
KMCP alerted at .03 hit .085 for 185% in days
KLGE alerted at .07 hit .15 for 100% in weeks
HMGP alerted at .03 hit .15 for 500% in month
PLSO alerted at .001 hit .03 for 3000% in 3 days
MNEI alerted at .001 hit .017 for 1700% in 3 days
MRXT alerted at .001 hit .0065 for 550% in 3 days
PDGT alerted at .002 hit .0065 for 225% in weeks
CIVX alerted at .0001 hit .0009 for 800% in days
NXNO alerted at .015 hit .30 for 2000% in weeks
RGNO alerted at .02 hit .27 for 1350% in a week
ALRY alerted at .03 hit .07 for 133% in a week
LSMJ alerted at .0001 hit .0003 for 200% in a day
KMCP alerted at .03 hit .125 for 400+% in weeks
TQWI alerted at .01 hit .018 for 80% in days
UWRL alerted at .001 hit 0055 for 450% in a week
RBID alerted at .003 hit .025 for 900% in months
RBID  alerted at .008 hit .026 for 320% in weeks
PDGT alerted at 0005 hit 0175 for 3500% in months
ADTJ alerted at .03 hit .13 for 400%+ in 2 days
TDXG alerted at .01 hit .07 for 600% in 2 days
CGGP alerted at .001 hit .02 for 2000% in 2 weeks
WPNC alerted at .003 hit .02 for 650% in 2 days
JCDS alerted at .003 hit .006 for 100% in a day
HCPC alerted at .0003 hit .0007 for 133% in 2 weeks
BBRE in at .0375 out .14 for 275% in 1 week
DMPD alerted at .001 hit .009 for 800% in weeks
EVRL alerted at .0004 hit .002 bid for 500% in weeks
BDRR alerted at .008 hit .04 bid for 500% in weeks
RCCH alerted at .005 hit .075 bid for 1500% in weeks
MRDY alerted at .0006 hit .002s in days
CGGP alerted at .0003 hit .005 for over 1600% in a week
EIGH alerted at .001 hit .0065 for 550% in 1 day
TOMM/EKOJ  at .01 hit .22 for 2100% in few month
MMDA(TOAD)alert at .13 hit .80 over 600% in weeks
PGPM(TOAD)alert at .002 hit .0046 for 130% in a day
FRAE alert at .001 hit .02 for 1900% in 2 days
CKDN (TOAD) alert at .0025 hit .05 for 1900% in 2 weeks
ASII alerted at .0003/4 hit 005 for over 1200% in week
CIRT alerted at .0013 hit .013 for about 1000% in a DAY
IMEN(TOAD)at 0003x0005 hit .014 for 2000-4000% in days
BLDV(TOAD)at .0011 hit .023 for over 2000% in 1.5 months
EIGH alerted at 0009x001 hit .03 3000% in weeks
GLCC(TOAD)alerted .0065 hit .125 almost 2000% in 3 days
ICTY (TOAD)alerted at .004 hit.045 for over 1000% in a week
GBLK (TOAD)alerted at .0015 hit .015 for 1000% in 2 days
FRTL(TOAD) alerted at .013 hit .12 for  almost 1000% in 3 days
UMNG(JENNA) at 0015 hit 005 for 233%
ASFX alerted at .002 hit .023 for 1150% in weeks.
CMLT alerted at 0003 hit .005 for 2650% in a week
IFRX(TOAD)alerted at .004 hit .032 for 700% in 3 days
SANM alerted  at .29 hit .59 for just over 100%
ICOG alerted at .80 hit 1.70 for just over 100%
PROT alerted at .75 hit 12.90 for over 1700% in weeks
HTDS(Gumz)alert at 0002 hit .01 for 5000% in weeks
VCII alert at .02 ask hit .20 bid in days for 1000%
IMGW alert at 0001 ask hit 0007 bid for 600% in week
IGTP(RBB)alert at 0006 hit .014 for 2300% in week
JVDT alert at 005 ask hit .25 for 5000% in 2 days(wow)
QNTV(Gumza)alert .016 hit .45 for jus over 2800% in week(GG G!)
ICRP(Gumz) at .0011 to 006 for bout 500% in day 
TRXX  at 001 ask hit .10 for 9900% in 2 months
NPWS(TOAD) at .0045 hit .037 for 600% in a week then skrocketed to .25 month later!
TRTN(Gumz) at .10 to .99 for 980% in days
 SYNJ at 0001 ask hit .0059 for 5800% in 2 months
LLBO at 0008 hit 004 for 500% in days
TDGI(TOAD) at .0019 to .025 for 1300% in 3 days
GNOI(TOAD) alert at .01 to .045 for 450% in a week 
BFHJ(TOAD) at .027 then .015 hit .08  for %%%% in 2 months
MCET(TOAD)alerted at .01 hit .035 for 250% in hrs
GOIG(TOAD)alert at .0025 hit .018 for over 600% in 2 weeks
GTXO(TOAD) alert at .11 hit .39 for over 250% in hrs
SNDY(TOAD) alerted at .002 hit .03 for 1400% the next day
RTWW  alerted .001 hit .01 same day 1000%
INIX alerted .001 hit .014 in weeks 1400%
TRXBQ alerted .08 hit .36 for 450% in months
HMDI(TOAD)alerted .02 hit bid .40 next day 1800%
BNXR alerted .085 hit .40 in 1 month 500% 
GAGI(TOAD)  alerted at .0065 hit .028 the next day 400%
KATX(TOAD)alerted at .0047 hit .04 3 days later for 500%
EEGI(TOAD) alerted @ .003 hit .04 month later for 1300%
MMUH alerted at .0031 hit .061 weeks later for almost 2000%
OPLO alerted at .0008 hit .015 in a week for almost 2000%
DLCR alerted at .004 hit .125  for 3100% in days!!
LFSI alerted at .003 hit .03 for 1000% in a week
PWSR alerted at .002 hit .043 in 1 day for over 2100%
VCTY alerted at 0025 hit .026 in 3 days for over 1000% 

SHAR (TOAD)alerted at 0025 hit 03 in a day for over 1000%

NBS posted .80 hit 2.72 in months
TOPS posted .80-1.00 hit 3.50 in months
ETFC posted from .6046 hit 2.80 in weeks
BKUNA posted .19 to 1.74 in weeks
PINN posted .14 hit .44 in weeks
MBHI posted 1.00 hit 2.50+ in weeks
FITB posted 1.05 to 8.50 in weeks
HEB (TOAD) posted .90 hit 4.55 in a few weeks
WAMKQ(TOAD) posted @ .165 hit 1.00 in a month
CLFD posted .80-1.00 hit 6.09 in months
IBOC posted 7.80 hit 20.00+ in months






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