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Industrial Nanotech, Inc. (INTK)

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 Industrial Nanotech (INTK)

UPDATED JUNE 17th 2017

UPDATED JUNE 17th 2017

 Industrial Nanotech (INTK)

The #1 STOCK to buy RIGHT NOW

Trading sub penny under .0050 cents a share award winning Industrial Nanotech (INTK) is a potential life changing Nanotechnology stock that could generate new millionaires virtually overnight! 
Every Chevron/Shell station in the WORLD will have INTK products, but that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Trading in the sub-penny range Industrial Nanotech (INTK) is so incredibly undervalued that is truly a potential life changing stock that could generate new millionaires virtually overnight!

NOW is the time to BUY SHARES of this amazing Nanotechnology stock while the share price is extremely undervalued and the stock is under the radar!

UPDATED JUNE 17th 2017 
( and this is not even the good stuff, your head will spin when you read the awesome due diligence below and see what this amazing sub-penny stock has been doing!)

-INTK website updated "2017 All Rights Reserved"

-INTK VP Francesca Crolley says "We have completed the introduction of our coatings to two major U.S. pulp and paper manufacturers and both were excited.....We have launched a comprehensive roll out to introduce hundreds of their facilities and other international facilities to our easy-to-use and powerful insulation technology"

-INTK wholly owned subsidiary Synavax updating 2017 Blog and Twitter accounts

Read the highlights below, then buy as many shares as you can afford! You'll be glad you did!

Check out Industrial Nanotech (INTK) NEW AWESOME Website and the even more awesome website of Synavax (Industrial Nanotech (INTK) wholly owned subsidiary)


Most of the DD below comes straight from the CEO Stuart Burchill and VP Francesca Crolley
 All DD can be verified through SEC filings and Official Press Releases

My impression of CEO Stuart Burchill

Stuart demonstrates real integrity, sincerity and his strong commitment to improving shareholder value through responsible business practices that deliver sustainable value to customers, stockholders, employees and the community will be realized! 

Stuart's leadership of Industrial Nanotech (INTK) and awesome results the company is achieving demonstrates he is committed to leading Industrial Nanotech (INTK) to profitable growth through disciplined investment, continuous improvement, operational excellence and innovation! These qualities are very rare and hard to find in so many OTC CEO's. 

Shareholders have a WINNER in CEO Stuart Burchill setting the benchmark for others to follow! I feel good about investing my hard earned money in his company and so should you!

First lets start by looking at just some of Industrial Nanotech (INTK) customers, these are BILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL companies!

Collectively Industrial Nanotech (INTK) will be generating estimated revenues from these customers alone of $100M plus annually over the next 5 years! (INTK is now trading sub-penny, insanely undervalued, a penny stock in name only!)











(That alone makes this an instant 25-50 cent stock! Now sub penny, a life changing gift for investors at these levels!)



CEO said revenues are in the millions, they are projected to grow exponentially! 


CEO said they are working to update filings become current... to attract a larger awareness among Wall Street and Main Street. End goal to move to a senior exchange and attract institutional investors!

CEO can't believe share price is so low!

No-way is Industrial Nanotech (INTK) going to stay sub penny! Once or twice in a lifetime an opportunity comes along to get in on the ground floor of a company that is destined for incredible success. Industrial Nanotech (INTK) is such an opportunity!

Industrial Nanotech (INTK) is a GROUND FLOOR opportunity, don't get left behind again!


CEO said they have landed huge household name customers like Walmart, McDonalds, 3M, Westrock, Georgia Pacific and that Chevron and Shell Oil are buying their products for Shell Oil and Chevron sites around the world!

CEO says what each major company is using their patented nanotechnology products for different reasons:

 SHELL OIL has put Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product coating for oil and gas projects in a program designed to implement the use of the product throughout Shell Oil facilities globally.

 WALMART - is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product on buildings for energy savings, UV resistance, "stay clean" benefits. 

CHEVRON is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product to protect their petrochemical equipment. In addition they are also using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) cutting edge EPX product, after a trial on offshore platform in Australia, it is now specified for all similar applications in that region of the world for Chevron and is going through the approval process at Chevron in Houston to be specified globally.

 WESTROCK is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product for heat process equipment for energy saving and worker safety.

 3M is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product for heat process equipment for energy saving and worker safety as well!

 Georgia-Pacific is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) product for heat process equipment for energy saving and worker safety! The product has become the standard in the industry and more companies are switching to it to keep the workplace environment safer, and reduce the risk of OSHA fines.

 MCDONALDS - is using Industrial Nanotech (INTK) products on buildings for energy savings, UV resistance, "stay clean" benefits.



CEO says are working with they US Government National Laboratories on paint development, launching a new "smart paint" line that is resistant to the growth of mold and mildew and many stains.

CEO says this new product "smart paint" has been requested by major regional and national homebuilders. Patented "Smart Paint" to generate millions in revenues alone in just regular retail sales as it hits Home Depot and Lowe's across the nation!




CEO says they are partnering with an international company, annual revenues over 7 billion US that makes and maintains the machinery used by most of the major pulp and paper companies, allowing Industrial Nanotech (INTK) the opportunity to be incorporated into the equipment they are manufacturing for new pulp and paper mills being built around the world. CEO says additional details will be released over the coming weeks and months. 

Core Link is known to be the leader in the field of manufacturing machinery used by most of the major pulp and paper companies worldwide. Machines have been installed on all five continents. To serve our clients globally, we have four offices for sales and customer service support: Core Link Inc. in Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA, serves the U.S., Canadian and Central American markets. Core Link AG in Baar, Switzerland serves Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Core Link Oy in Loviisa, Finland serves Finland. Core Link AB in Falkenberg, Sweden serves Scandinavia, United Kingdom and South America.


CEO says in 2016 Company's overhead has been reduced by over 75% as they streamlined, more efficient focusing on core competency: creating world class, patented, innovative, energy saving and protective products that save individuals and businesses and industries money. AWESOME!

CEO says their existing patented product line's performance has been increased from best in class to a CLASS OF IT'S OWN. AWESOME!


CEO says industrial boilers, boiler manufacturers and maintenance companies are adopting INTK products as the "go to" coating to reduce energy costs, keep the workplace environment safer, and reduce the risk of OSHA fines. 

CEO says he anticipates this to be a very large market for Industrial Nanotech (INTK) in the near future. 



WOW, and this is a sub-penny stock, now you get the sense of just how completely undervalued and under the radar Industrial Nanotech (INTK) is! It is incredible that the share price is sub-penny! Of course the markets will eventually catch up, hurry now is the time to buy!


CEO says they have partnered with a well established sales channel development company, based in the US and with a proven and verifiable track record of success, to create and manage a network of sales teams, expected to reach a high of 75 - 100 people over the next 12 - 24 months. 

CEO says  they are establishing a network of professional fulfillment centers globally to handle all inventory, fulfillment, and shipping. 

CEO says business is booming THEY ARE HIRING!

CEO says have recently added new distributors to our network. These distributors are well established existing companies and contractors with long term successful relationships with our target markets and serve the following markets: Brazil, Benelux, India, Indonesia and Africa.

CEO says are working on bringing new distributors on board in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Germany, The United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Macau, France, Italy, and Spain. 

"Yes? Industrial Nanotech (INTK) is seeking sustainable companies to join our global team. Our Exclusive Distributorships provide lucrative opportunities for qualified sustainable companies that are able to service high demand for our internationally patented energy saving and asset protection coatings."

CEO says an OEM customer Eagle Roofing Products who uses our product to make a premium concrete roof tile, and has been producing it in only one of their factories, will now start producing it in all four of their factories in Q4 2016 and Q1 2017, including their factory in California that is the largest concrete roof tile manufacturing facility in the world.
Eagle Roofing Products, a division of Burlingame Industries is a private 40 yr old company that has 4 Manufacturing Plants that service the US and Canada. Check out there awesome website! INTK picks great partners!




Read FOUR More NEWS headlines from 2016 for Industrial Nanotech (INTK) and it's wholly owned subsidiary Synavax

Business is booming, revenues are flowing, yet the share price is a gift for investors in the sub penny range.
Check out some of the other great deals Industrial Nanotech (INTK) announced in 2016



Industrial Nanotech (INTK) also announced in 2016 that the Company has partnered with a concrete roof tile manufacturer in the Middle East to produce a premium concrete roof tile for the region using the Company's patented thermally insulating and protective clear coating, applied during manufacturing of the tile at the factory.
The new concrete roof tile provides customers with cooler and more energy efficient homes and buildings in this very hot climate.
The concrete roof tile market in that region is expected to grow from 387 million square meters per year to 467 million square meters per year by 2019



Industrial Nanotech (INTK) also announced in 2016 that the Company has signed an agreement with and received the first purchase order from a major new customer in the Chinese province of Sichuan, one of the China's most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation, and communication regions.The initial purchase order is for $369,876.84 US of the Company's patented industrial products and annual revenue to the Company from this customer is anticipated to be between $5 million and $10 million dollars US.

(That is HUGE, when you factor in the millions in revenues from Shell, Chevron, McDonalds, 3M, Walmart, Westrock and Georgia Pacific how can this share price stay in the pennies, the answer is IT WILL NOT!! The share price will catch up sooner than later, NOW is the time to buy!)

Industrial Nanotech (INTK) also announced in 2016 that the Company's patented clear energy saving and UV protectant roof coating, Crystal, has been specified for use on a large municipal project. Application began in the 3rd quarter of 2016 and the estimated revenue from this deal is approximately $1,197,000 US. The product's performance qualities of increasing building energy efficiency, keeping building exteriors cleaner, and protecting surfaces from harmful UV rays were confirmed during rigorous qualification testing by independent third parties for the customer.

Industrial Nanotech (INTK) also announced in 2016 that the Company's patented clear energy saving and UV protectant coating is scheduled to be used on the building exterior of a US regional restaurant chain with over 500 locations. Application is scheduled to begin before the end of 2016 and the estimated revenue from this deal is approximately $1,034,000. The Company expects to close deals with additional regional and larger national restaurant chains in the upcoming months.


CEO says focus is going to be on improving shareholder value to better reflect companies true value. Industrial Nanotech (INTK) is going to be a beast, from these low sub-penny levels the share price is going to skyrocket. It simply just has way too much going on to be a penny stock for long! Don't get left behind!


CEO says they will be launching more new products taking what they have learned over a decade about nanoscience, chemistry and physics and providing world-class products for their customers

Industrial Nanotech (INTK) and it's wholly owned subsidiary Synavax:

Awards and Accolades -AWESOME!
Here are some of the AWARDS and Accolades Industrial Nanotech (INTK) has received:
-Buildings Magazine - Money Saving Products Award.

-BUILDERnews Magazine Best Product Winner - "Energy Efficiency" category.
-Building Products Magazine Top 100 Award for the top 100 products
-Qualified Remodeler Magazine Remodelers' Choice 100 Product Award,
-Top Green Project Pick by the Journal of Architectural Coatings - Suvarnabhumi International -------Airport, Bangkok, Thailand utilizing Nansulate®technology.
-Builders Magazine - Top Green Projects for Qualified REMODELER




Industrial Nanotech (INTK) has NO DILUTION, company is now focused on revenue earnings to fund continued growth, with millions in revenues they have plenty of cash to tap into and revenues continue to grow exponentially! Very positive outlook, BLUE SKIES AHEAD!!

Industrial Nanotech (INTK) and it's wholly owned subsidiary Synavax are real companies, with real products and real revenues, NOW is the time to buy this extremely undervalued and under the radar stock. You'll be glad you did!

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