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The Jailhouse (JAIL)

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This thread is designed to allow those members who get suspended a place to cool off, figure out what they did wrong, and eventually get out.

Instructions for those new to the Jail:
1) If you have gone to post and see the red alert saying "Your account has been suspended. You can only post to the Jail," then you are in the right place.
2) Check in here by posting a message to one of the Admins (a REPLY to a post made by one of the Admins).
3) Figure out what you did wrong (often, you already know).
4) Negotiate a deal and/or serve your time. Negotiate means acknowledge your violations and commit to abide by the rules of the site.

You can be here in two different scenarios:
1) We could be using the Jail as a temporary holding tank while you cool off and we get a few things straight (this is often the case)
2) We've thrown you in here because you are spamming, being a dolt, using multiple aliases, etc and you'll have to cut a deal with us and/or serve time.

Whatever you do, do NOT sign up for another account to circumvent your suspension.

Q: Should I send you a private msg to discuss this? Why are you ignoring me?
A: You can send a PM to IH Admin or you can post here. Be advised to leave out any vulgarity or reference to nazis and the like. We're not interested in either.

Q: Do you warn before you suspend people?
A: Not always. It's probably obvious what you got suspended for. If not, ask here.

Q: What if I think you are wrong about suspending me?
A: We are rarely wrong, but you are welcome to challenge us.

Current List of Invited Guests:

This board is read-only, except to Invited Guests and Admins.

You are at a fork in the road:

The Long Road Home:

"I didn't do it. The other guy made me do it. You busted to wrong guy. You just want to harass me. I'm going to sue. I'm reporting you to [insert favorite acronyms here]. I don't need this site. You all suck. I'll just (try to) post from a new account. You are violating my constitutional rights (and I failed high school civics)."

The Path of Least Resistance:

"Yep, guilty as charged. I acknowledge and regret my actions and I am prepared to accept the consequences. I commit to modify my bad behavior in the future."


Finally, do you resemble the following? If so, you should seriously rethink your approach or you will be spending much time here.


Free Speech

#108394  Sticky Note New Jailhouse Rule: Satan 12/18/13 02:03:11 PM
#108246  Sticky Note David, I have made the change you requested Satan 12/01/13 02:28:09 PM
#96980  Sticky Note It tells you the release time on your IH Admin [Dan] 07/18/10 12:21:14 AM
#94281  Sticky Note Recommended reading[/t IH Admin [Shelly] 12/14/09 08:03:39 AM
#94141  Sticky Note Look, it's clear you don't like the rules IH Admin [Shelly] 12/02/09 11:03:29 AM
#93890  Sticky Note iHub allows only one account per User. IH Admin [Shelly] 11/16/09 07:10:05 PM
#114843   You don't have any offspring, do you? Churak 11/29/15 09:01:02 AM
#114842   you see, I just got put in Jail pepeoil 11/29/15 08:53:57 AM
#114841   It may be a mistake. Churak 11/28/15 09:46:26 AM
#114840   I am checking in here and have no pepeoil 11/28/15 08:58:35 AM
#114839   Guys GDSI about make monster move imo Mr Wowza 11/27/15 10:23:32 AM
#114838   NWAV 0.0019 Mr Wowza 11/27/15 09:32:25 AM
#114837   GDSI 0.0054 alert alert!! Mr Wowza 11/27/15 09:22:49 AM
#114836   NWAV 0.0018 radar guys!!! looks like it's ready Mr Wowza 11/25/15 10:38:10 AM
#114835   GM all buying more GDSI under 0.006 Mr Wowza 11/25/15 09:17:51 AM
#114834   LLBO 0.0029 next monster bio runner imo Mr Wowza 11/24/15 10:28:06 AM
#114833   GDSI 0.0059 alert!!! Mr Wowza 11/24/15 09:49:24 AM
#114832   hello NWAV. GDSI LLBO TALK BRWC holding Mr Wowza 11/24/15 09:43:49 AM
#114831   +>>> The Prince of iHub shall make his return. Chrion Capital 11/23/15 05:04:06 PM
#114830   Let me out. I'll be good scoobydooby 11/23/15 02:19:36 PM
#114829   My sentence is till April. Anyone here longer scoobydooby 11/23/15 02:18:25 PM
#114828   Why does iHub keep sending me SPAM emails dingdongrb 11/23/15 08:48:09 AM
#114827   pepegotgame and a strong jaw. One pepeoil 11/23/15 07:59:57 AM
#114826   ... PENNYSTOCKJOCK CEO IS $TRTC CEO ... @LaughinPaulRyan 11/22/15 04:16:13 PM
#114825   DSUS hasnogame. Busted scam. Some of pepeoil 11/22/15 10:06:18 AM
#114824   Please let me post, promise to Oby the oren1 11/22/15 05:35:33 AM
#114823   moneymade..IS time for me to get some of Micheal Stocks 11/21/15 06:07:12 PM
#114821   ,,,,,,,is GOD not GOD WHEREVER HE IS....CAPV+300%--MONEYMADE MONEYMADE 11/20/15 08:50:23 PM
#114820   I am praying I get out of here pepeoil 11/20/15 04:16:20 PM
#114819   DSUS According to some posters, the pepeoil 11/20/15 03:12:24 PM
#114818   TINO- could be in the 0.00x next week Micheal Stocks 11/20/15 02:20:47 PM
#114817   $TINO share structure Micheal Stocks 11/20/15 12:29:23 PM
#114816   ,,,,,,,CAPV,,,what part did you not understand-- MONEYMADE MONEYMADE 11/20/15 11:46:31 AM
#114815   Can I take a plea deal and plead scoobydooby 11/20/15 10:19:25 AM
#114814   LLBO 0.003 this bio going to be very Mr Wowza 11/20/15 10:13:38 AM
#114813   LLBO and GDSI long Mr Wowza 11/20/15 09:49:06 AM
#114812   NWAV 0.0019 0n high alert!!! Mr Wowza 11/20/15 09:46:37 AM
#114811   Did you read the Private message that I IH Admin [Dan] 11/19/15 03:59:39 PM
#114810   DSUS got their Wells Notice, they may be pepeoil 11/19/15 03:12:45 PM
#114809   Here's the bad news: you are home. Satan 11/19/15 02:42:57 PM
#114808   Can I go home nao plz? KiritotheKing 11/19/15 02:31:32 PM
#114807   Yep, guilty as charged. I acknowledge and regret KiritotheKing 11/19/15 02:31:12 PM
#114806   GEQU is exploding! Navles 11/19/15 01:32:42 PM
#114805   Steal from a GOD???? Only a madman would MONEYMADE 11/19/15 01:05:08 PM
#114804   LLBO 0.003 and GDSI 0.0067 long and strong Mr Wowza 11/19/15 09:41:21 AM
#114803   My next HMLA type runner is NWAV 0.0019!! Mr Wowza 11/19/15 09:21:53 AM
#114802   HMLA high was 0.0078 from my 0.0015 alert Mr Wowza 11/19/15 09:05:34 AM
#114801   EQ Labs and Timbaland Announces Major North American jerseyfish 11/18/15 07:24:59 PM
#114800   Ok, it would be great to release me pepeoil 11/18/15 03:21:20 PM
#114799   AVXL-it will be interesting to watch the close tombrady12nh 11/18/15 01:25:55 PM
#114798   ENIP NEW OUT !! today !! Micheal Stocks 11/18/15 10:57:11 AM
#114797   $EPXY with new IT cooperation Gift_Card Loyality_Card Swiffer 11/18/15 09:31:08 AM
#114795   GDSI 0.0066 anti terror stock with monster merger Mr Wowza 11/18/15 09:05:35 AM
#114794   Avxl don't make the mistake of chasing a tombrady12nh 11/18/15 09:05:05 AM
#114793   LLBO 0.0027 another chance load!!! this bio going Mr Wowza 11/18/15 09:04:58 AM
#114792   HMLA 0.0029 high alert!!! NWAV i am collecting Mr Wowza 11/18/15 09:02:40 AM