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NFL - King/Queen of the Hill Pool

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2016 13th ANNUAL NFL



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  Baltimore Ravens                  Cincinnati Bengals                    Cleveland Browns                      Pittsburgh Steelers    


     Houston Texans                     Indianapolis Colts                      Jacksonville Jaguars                  Tennessee Titans        


      Buffalo Bills                              Miami Dolphins                           New England Patriots                        New York Jets      


     Denver Broncos                       Kansas City Chiefs                    Oakland Raiders                              San Diego Chargers   



      Chicago Bears                      Detroit Lions                                        Green Bay Packers                        Minnesota Vikings     



     Atlanta Falcons                         Carolina Panthers                          New Orleans Saints                        Tampa Bay Buccaneers   



    New York Giants                       Dallas Cowboys                                Philadelphia Eagles                       Washington Redskins       


    Arizona Cardinals                    San Francisco 49ers                         Seattle Seahawks                            Los Angeles Rams                    



Reg 2016 King Pool Regular Season
  Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
7 blackcat GB CAR SEA WAS NE TEN CIN DEN                  
7 honyaker SEA NE MIA WAS PIT BUF CIN MIN                  
7 kindo OAK CAR DAL WAS PIT BUF CIN MIN                  
7 logger-man SEA ARI DAL WAS GB BUF CIN MIN                  
7 otcbargains KC CAR MIA CIN PIT TEN GB NE                  
7 researcher59 SEA CAR DAL WAS PIT BUF CIN DEN                  
7 TheFastOne SEA CAR GB WAS NE BUF CIN DEN                  
7 Vexari SEA DEN GB WAS PIT NE CIN                    
7 wyobuford PHI BAL MIA WAS PIT ARI GB MIN                  
7 flaflyersfan MIN CAR GB HOU PIT NE DEN KC                  
7 Hawkeyefan SEA CAR MIA CIN GB BUF DEN NE                  
7 joenatural PIT CAR DAL CIN GB NE DEN                    
7 ukie SEA ARI GB HOU NE BUF DEN                    
6 3xBuBu PHI BAL SEA WAS NE TEN ATL DEN                  
6 A.L._is_retired SEA CAR GB DEN PHI NE CIN                    
6 capgain SEA CAR MIA ARI MIN TEN CIN                    
6 ciciagt KC CAR MIA WAS GB TEN ATL                    
6 ElisComing SEA NE DAL ARI PIT NYG CIN                    
6 fuagf ARI CAR SEA HOU OAK BUF CIN DEN                  
6 MCArmel1 SEA CAR MIA DEN PIT NE ATL NYJ                  
6 Realityhurts SEA CAR GB ARI NE BUF CIN                    
6 Sheezy SEA CAR GB ARI NE BUF CIN                    
6 stockmasterjgv SEA DEN DAL CIN PIT TEN ATL                    
6 TechKim PIT CAR DAL DEN NE BUF ATL WAS                  
6 ThePennyGuru SEA BAL GB WAS PIT TEN ATL                    
6 TTT GB BAL SEA WAS PIT DEN CIN OAK                  
6 vizsla4084 PHI ARI MIA NE IND BUF CIN NYJ                  
6 Wildbilly HOU DEN GB ARI MIN BUF CIN                    
6 dexprs LAR CAR SEA CIN NE BUF GB DEN                  
6 Faire chier HOU OAK DAL CIN NE BUF GB MIN                  
6 Hokie HOU CAR MIA ARI PIT BUF GB MIN                  
6 MasterBlastr SEA CAR MIA ARI PIT TEN GB DEN                  
6 mokew SEA BAL CAR CIN ATL BUF GB NYJ                  
6 mudturtle SEA CAR MIA ARI NE TEN GB DEN                  
6 pos_stock_hoarder MIN CAR SEA WAS NE PIT GB ARI                  
6 RCKS HOU CAR MIA CIN MIN PIT GB NE                  
6 roger wilco SEA CAR MIA ARI NE BUF GB DEN                  
6 tr8dervic LAR CAR MIA CIN PIT NE GB DAL                  
6 Benji GB BAL MIA CIN NE PIT KC MIN                  
6 badgerbob SEA BAL CIN WAS NE BUF TB                    
6 k9narc SEA CAR MIA ARI NE BUF DEN                    
5 fung_derf PIT CAR GB HOU MIA BUF ATL                    
5 GrayGhost60 SEA CAR GB NE MIN PIT CIN                    
5 lovethatgreen ARI CAR GB CIN PIT BUF ATL                    
5 Beerworld SEA CAR DAL IND MIN CHI GB NE                  
5 excel KC OAK DAL ARI MIN BUF GB DEN                  
5 Johnstown BAL NE TB WAS ARI DEN GB TEN                  
5 **D*A** SEA DET MIA WAS DEN ARI KC                    
5 midas98 TEN ARI MIA CIN GB NE NO                    
5 Hegotgame KC ARI SEA DEN NE PIT x                    
5 roach4091 NYG BAL ARI CIN NE NO x                    
5 zenvesting PHI BAL MIA WAS NE x x                    
5 dffhogs SEA CAR MIA ARI PIT GB DEN MIN                  
4 Pepsiman2001 HOU x MIA DET NE PIT CIN                    
4 The_Free_Nebula SEA NYG ARI WAS NE DEN BUF                    
4 Tree KC DET x WAS NE PIT CIN NYJ                  
4 $oldier Hard KC CAR ARI DEN NE PIT x                    
4 RDG013 SEA ARI MIA HOU PHI x x                    
4 realfast95 GB DEN MIA MIN PHI x x                    
4 thirdflat SEA CAR BAL WAS x x x                    
3 mnfats GB BAL ARI HOU PHI x WAS                    
3 jcamp SEA CAR DAL x x x x                    
3 kingpindg HOU x MIA WAS CAR x x                    
3 Med.rare NE CAR SEA x x x x                    
3 newmedman SEA CAR MIA ARI x x x                    
3 RLsparky SEA ARI MIA DET x x x                    
3 Seminole Red SEA CAR MIA ARI x x x                    
3 shtsqsh SEA CAR MIA SF LAR x x                    
3 step1212 SEA CAR MIA ARI x x x                    
3 THUMBS SEA CAR TB DEN x x x                    
2 fuzzy IND ARI GB CAR CIN PIT ATL NE                  
2 ncj167 CIN DET CAR DEN CLE OAK x                    
2 pennyplaya101 SEA CAR NYG x x x x                    
2 Popper PHI NYG x x x x x                    
1 Bob Stocks PIT SEA x x x x x                    
1 Buckey SEA x x x x x x                    
1 daleb2130 HOU DET x x x x x                    
1 EZ2 HOU DET x x x x x                    
1 foggdogg SEA DET x x x x x                    
1 HoosierHoagie GB x x x x x x                    
1 kermit42 ARI TEN x x x x x                    
1 smartone KC SEA x x x x x                    
1 SoxFan PHI OAK x x x x x                    
1 Susie924 GB SEA ARI x x x x                    
1 Threes WAS BAL x x x x x                    
1 zjohn SEA BUF x x x x x                    
0 Bill The Thrill LAR x x x x x x                    
0 homey_g CLE x x x x x x                    
0 pivotpoint1 WAS x x x x x x                    
0 utamaro71 CLE x x x x x x                    
0 vikingzskillz LAR x x x x x x                    

2016 1st Annual Pick-a-Loser Pool


Reg 2016 Pick-a Loser Contest
  Player 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
7 Beerworld JAX CLE SF TEN HOU CIN CHI BUF                  
7 dexprs WAS SF CLE MIA NYG CIN CHI PHI                  
7 Hokie CLE MIA DET TEN NYJ CIN CHI JAX                  
7 joenatural WAS SF CHI MIA NYG CIN CLE                    
7 Benji JAX CLE DET MIA NYJ CIN PIT BUF                  
7 RCKS CHI SF CLE MIA HOU CIN PIT BUF                  
7 Faire chier SD SF CHI MIA CLE NYJ HOU NO                  
6 ciciagt JAX MIA CHI LAR NYJ CIN CLE                    
6 fuagf NE SF CLE TEN SD CIN CHI NO                  
6 fung_derf WAS SF DET TEN HOU CIN SD                    
6 GrayGhost60 MIA SF DET BUF HOU CLE PIT                    
6 kindo SD SF CHI CLE NYJ MIA PIT IND                  
6 logger-man CHI SF DET CLE NYG CIN SD BUF                  
6 lovethatgreen SD SF DET LAR CLE CIN CHI                    
6 MasterBlastr MIA SF CHI LAR NYJ CLE PIT BUF                  
6 MCArmel1 MIA SF CLE TB NYJ CIN SD CHI                  
6 mudturtle MIA SF CLE LAR NYG CIN CHI SD                  
6 ncj167 JAX TB NYJ KC CHI MIA CLE                    
6 researcher59 CHI SF DET CLE NYJ CIN SD ARI                  
6 roger wilco MIA SF CLE LAR NYG CIN CHI SD                  
6 stockmasterjgv BUF SF LAR KC CLE CIN NO                    
6 Susie924 MIA SF JAX CLE NYJ CIN SD                    
6 TechKim WAS SF CHI TB CLE CIN SD                    
6 TheFastOne MIA SF DET TEN TB NYJ CHI JAX                  
6 tr8dervic SF TB CLE MIA NYG CIN CHI PHI                  
6 vizsla4084 MIA SF CHI LAR NYJ CLE PIT WAS                  
6 Wildbilly SD MIA CHI LAR NYJ SF CLE                    
6 3xBuBu SD TB MIN MIA NYJ CIN HOU PHI                  
6 Realityhurts MIA SF DET LAR CLE ATL HOU                    
6 Sheezy MIA SF DET LAR CLE ATL HOU                    
5 A.L._is_retired MIA TB CHI BUF CLE BAL SD                    
5 ElisComing MIA TEN CHI LAR NYJ BAL CLE                    
5 honyaker MIA CLE DET SF NYJ JAX SD CHI                  
5 Johnstown BUF MIA LAR CLE SF SD CHI JAX                  
5 k9narc MIA LAR BUF CLE HOU NYJ PIT                    
5 midas98 MIN TB CLE MIA NYG CIN KC                    
5 mokew MIA CLE MIN LAR NYG CIN CHI SD                  
5 Vexari SD SF CLE LAR NYG MIA PIT                    
5 dffhogs MIA SF CLE LAR NYJ DAL HOU CHI                  
5 Hawkeyefan JAX TEN CLE LAR NYG SF HOU BUF                  
4 **D*A** SD SF MIN OAK NYJ MIA PIT                    
4 $oldier Hard CHI SF BUF TB CLE MIA x                    
4 badgerbob MIA SF MIN CLE DAL KC NO                    
4 Hegotgame NO SF CHI JAX CLE MIA x                    
4 mnfats JAX CLE DET BUF NYG x MIA                    
4 Pepsiman2001 NE x CLE BUF NYG CIN PIT                    
4 RDG013 MIA TB CLE TEN DET x x                    
4 The_Free_Nebula CLE IND CHI NYJ DET SD MIA                    
4 zenvesting NYJ SF MIN KC LAR x x                    
3.5 blackcat SF DAL DET NYJ CLE MIA ARI BUF                  
3 capgain MIA SF CLE LAR x x x                    
3 EZ2 CHI TEN SF CLE DET NE CIN WAS                  
3 flaflyersfan MIA TEN CLE CHI NYG DAL NYJ SD                  
3 fuzzy MIA SF BUF JAX TB DAL CHI CLE                  
3 jcamp MIA SF CLE x x x x                    
3 newmedman MIA SF CLE LAR x x x                    
3 realfast95 JAX IND MIN NYG DET x x                    
3 RLsparky MIA TB CLE CHI x x x                    
3 Seminole Red MIA SF CLE LAR x x x                    
3 shtsqsh MIA SF CLE DAL BUF x x                    
3 THUMBS TEN TB CHI BUF x x x                    
3 Tree CHI TEN x LAR BUF CIN CLE IND                  
2.5 ukie DET TB PHI CLE DAL MIA SEA                    
2 kingpindg NE x DEN NYJ HOU x x                    
2 pennyplaya101 MIA SF x x x x x                    
2 pos_stock_hoarder TEN SF MIA x x x x                    
2 roach4091 NE BUF MIN MIA WAS x x                    
2 smartone CLE CHI WAS x x x x                    
2 ThePennyGuru JAX SF BUF LAR x x x                    
2 Threes xxx CIN SF x x x x                    
1 Bill The Thrill WAS x x x x x x                    
1 Bob Stocks WAS LAR x x x x x                    
1 Buckey CHI x x x x x x                    
1 daleb2130 NE IND x x x x x                    
1 excel SD ATL x x x x x                    
1 foggdogg MIA TEN x x x x x                    
1 HoosierHoagie JAX x x x x x x                    
1 Med.rare SF TB BUF x x x x                    
1 otcbargains MIA TEN MIN x x x x                    
1 Popper NE NO x x x x x                    
1 SSKILLZ1 MIA TEN x x x x x                    
1 thirdflat CLE x x x x x x                    
1 wyobuford NE CLE MIN BUF x x x                    
0 homey_g NE x x x x x x                    
0 kermit42 NE x x x x x x                    
0 pivotpoint1 SF x x x x x x                    
0 SoxFan NE x x x x x x                    
0 TTT DEN x x x x x x                    
0 utamaro71 PHI x x x x x x                    
0 vikingzskillz SF x x x x x x                    


2004 dropdeadfred
2005 Novo/stocks4john
2006 eom7
2007 GrayGhost60
2008 pelicaninnc
2009 OhMyGoodness
2010 jcamp
2011 Basser1
2013 realfast95
2014 Bill The Thrill
2015 k9narc





#68325  Sticky Note Week 7 Standings--Loser Pool: ElisComing 10/24/16 11:57:25 PM
#68324  Sticky Note Week 7 Standings--King Pool: ElisComing 10/24/16 11:56:23 PM
#68300  Sticky Note Week 8 byes: BAL, LAR, MIA, NYG, PIT, SF ElisComing 10/24/16 12:53:53 AM
#66960  Sticky Note Pool clarification if needed...we are running two separate contests: ElisComing 09/13/16 04:52:37 PM
#66471  Sticky Note 1st Annual Pick-a-Loser Pool Rules: ElisComing 08/25/16 08:48:43 PM
#66469  Sticky Note 13th Annual King of the Hill Pool rules: ElisComing 08/25/16 08:37:48 PM
#68401   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/28/16 01:22:44 PM
#68400   For this week I would like Denver to dexprs 10/28/16 01:19:15 PM
#68399   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/28/16 01:04:26 PM
#68398   Denver to W 3xBuBu 10/28/16 01:01:32 PM
#68397   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/28/16 09:37:32 AM
#68396   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/28/16 09:37:13 AM
#68395   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/28/16 09:36:53 AM
#68394   DEN to win, ARI to lose in week researcher59 10/28/16 08:15:42 AM
#68393   DEN to win, ARZ to lose in week researcher59 10/28/16 08:15:42 AM
#68392   fff: KC to win; SDC to lose. EOM flaflyersfan 10/28/16 07:58:58 AM
#68391   New England to win Buffalo to lose sir Beerworld 10/28/16 07:44:32 AM
#68390   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/27/16 09:24:40 PM
#68389   DAL win tr8dervic 10/27/16 09:20:07 PM
#68388   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/27/16 07:37:06 PM
#68387   Tenn W Jack L please and Thank You Johnstown 10/27/16 07:30:21 PM
#68385   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/27/16 06:16:15 PM
#68384   Gonna go with the Jets to win and MCArmel1 10/27/16 06:10:38 PM
#68383   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/27/16 04:07:17 PM
#68382   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/27/16 04:06:24 PM
#68381   loser/loser: SKINS EZ2 10/27/16 03:39:29 PM
#68380   Denver to win blackcat 10/27/16 03:30:57 PM
#68378   Gotcha mokew TTT 10/27/16 10:01:35 AM
#68377   I'll take NYJ to win and SDC in mokew 10/27/16 09:29:12 AM
#68376   Gotcha dff TTT 10/27/16 09:18:32 AM
#68375   Gotcha kindo TTT 10/27/16 09:18:07 AM
#68374   Min - w dffhogs 10/27/16 09:13:25 AM
#68373   Vikings win, Indy lose, please kindo 10/27/16 06:45:44 AM
#68372   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 09:06:51 PM
#68371   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 09:06:22 PM
#68370   Mudturtles take Denver winner and San Diego loser mudturtle 10/26/16 08:38:49 PM
#68369   Week #8, Washington (King Pool) TechKim 10/26/16 08:26:19 PM
#68368   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 04:47:46 PM
#68367   Week #8 - vizsla4084 10/26/16 03:36:24 PM
#68366   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 02:59:01 PM
#68365   Patriots please. otcbargains 10/26/16 02:54:06 PM
#68364   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 12:18:21 PM
#68363   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 12:17:55 PM
#68362   NE to win RCKS 10/26/16 11:41:20 AM
#68361   Week 8 honyaker 10/26/16 11:28:18 AM
#68360   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 10:17:40 AM
#68359   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/26/16 10:17:21 AM
#68358   Wk 8 Denver win, new Orleans lose .. fuagf 10/26/16 05:46:31 AM
#68357   Minnesota to win. wyobuford 10/26/16 01:24:10 AM
#68356   Gotcha Hawkeye TTT 10/25/16 10:22:05 PM
#68355   New England to win. Buffalo to Hawkeyefan 10/25/16 10:12:28 PM
#68354   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/25/16 04:04:23 PM
#68353   NE-----win fuzzy 10/25/16 03:57:45 PM
#68352   DA Raiders...Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/25/16 11:07:05 AM
#68351   OAK to win please. TTT 10/25/16 10:57:37 AM
#68350   Got 'em...GL ElisComing 10/25/16 09:43:39 AM