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Welcome to The Penny Stock Spy

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POTG .25 to 1.00 (+400%)
AMWI .25 to 1.25 (+500%)
PEIX .30 to .90 (+300%)
WLOL .18 to .32 (+100%)
AERN .03 to .12 (+300%)

Trading Tips:
1.) Don't Be Greedy
2.) Compunding Gains are Key
3.) Learn how to read Level 2
3.) Learn from your mistakes
4.) Learn Technical Analysis

Opinions expressed on this board and emails are just that. Opinions. I am not a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional.
No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.
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#9484   UTRM .0116 Looking Good ~ Komando Robot 04/17/14 01:13:42 PM
#9483   BCCI .145 now from .125 alert decent gainer Komando Robot 04/17/14 01:11:55 PM
#9482   DSCR huge news out! NEWS UPDATE OUT: DISCOVERY MINERALS hereandthere 04/17/14 09:34:42 AM
#9481   WMHI. NEWS IS OUT. The Newest MMJ connection. MrDemas 04/17/14 09:32:28 AM
#9480   **VGPR** NEWS Receives 3,000 Ton Bio-coal Order!!! DBS 04/16/14 10:44:40 AM
#9479   MELY news out, acquired bitcoin mining. .0021 so d586 04/16/14 09:22:30 AM
#9478   JCDS to be penny of 2014!! Jahvik 04/16/14 05:23:27 AM
#9477   ENTB Round 2 has begun BEAST MODE 04/15/14 03:48:02 PM
#9476   BCCI $0.13 -10% Volume 7.3M Komando Robot 04/15/14 01:30:37 PM
#9475   BCCI $0.12 Volume 6.7M Komando Robot 04/15/14 12:09:21 PM
#9474   ***** GSML ALERT & NEWS OUT ***** DBS 04/15/14 10:20:42 AM
#9473   NGMC now .052s looking good ~ Komando Robot 04/15/14 10:13:42 AM
#9472   $ELRA Launches Virtual Horse Racing Platform! (read) Stock Rockstar 04/15/14 10:13:28 AM
#9471   BCCI $0.118 Bigggg Dip here ~ Komando Robot 04/15/14 10:13:12 AM
#9470   ECDC doooo it Umm good 04/15/14 10:12:58 AM
#9469   ECDC D'ORO ITTT Umm good 04/15/14 10:10:10 AM
#9468   NGMC now $0.048s looking good ~ Komando Robot 04/15/14 09:52:42 AM
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#9466   BCCI looks good for .20s Komando Robot 04/14/14 03:53:54 PM
#9465   $BCCI Charts - Another round of EoD buying originalnewt 04/14/14 03:50:25 PM
#9464   ETEK .0055 Komando Robot 04/14/14 03:41:55 PM
#9463   BCCI .1395 Komando Robot 04/14/14 03:41:49 PM
#9462   GRAS .0026 Komando Robot 04/14/14 03:41:43 PM
#9461   ERBB .058 Komando Robot 04/14/14 02:59:06 PM
#9460   GRAS .0021 x .0022 +83% Huge Volume ~ Komando Robot 04/14/14 01:54:50 PM
#9459   BCCI $0.14 Volume 10M Komando Robot 04/14/14 12:33:58 PM
#9458   BCCI $0.1495 Expecting .20s maybe even today/tomorrow Komando Robot 04/14/14 10:06:24 AM
#9457   NGMC Nice 680K bid @ .044 Komando Robot 04/14/14 10:03:35 AM
#9456   BCCI .125 ADDING THE DIP Komando Robot 04/14/14 09:32:45 AM
#9455   ACLP MERGER NEWS OUT!!!!! perform4u 04/14/14 08:44:41 AM
#9454   $ECDP ~ In 1990, 100,000 cases of cholera Fa$tlane 04/13/14 11:20:14 PM
#9453   Looks like ERBB gonna run SoMo with the MrDemas 04/13/14 10:06:04 AM
#9452   BCCI $0.1535 High Alert! Expecting $0.25 - $0.30 Komando Robot 04/11/14 11:52:54 PM
#9451   RITE - strong mover Goin2win 04/11/14 12:37:34 PM
#9449   PJET Company website: NYC Trader 04/11/14 11:31:12 AM
#9448   NGMC trending on PST NYC Trader 04/11/14 11:15:15 AM
#9447   NGMC $0.045 +13% Volume 910K Komando Robot 04/11/14 10:27:29 AM
#9446   NGMC $0.045 Nice Steady Climber! April 30th Big Day! Komando Robot 04/11/14 09:46:46 AM
#9445   Todays new pick is NGMC!!! OTCQB! UNDER 200M OS! Komando Robot 04/11/14 09:24:53 AM
#9444   NGMC Business Operations to Focus on Booming Medical NYC Trader 04/11/14 07:55:08 AM
#9443   AEGY/SKTO 8K Merger & Now Incorporated in Colorado: Mirk_Water 04/11/14 12:00:01 AM
#9442   Aegy Umm good 04/10/14 06:40:21 PM