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Dare to Prepare [DTP] is a resource for regular folks to share their knowledge and experience about how they are coping with the current depressed economy and what plans they are making for the future.

Preparing (prepping) covers a wide range of topics from food and water storage to seed saving, gardening, and canning. Also ideas for off the grid living and alternative energy.

Precious metals info is welcome too.

There is more to prepping than Beans, Bullets, and Bullion but that is a start. Special thanks to sumisu who did so much work here!

It is better and wise to prepare a year too early than a day too late, as prices of prepping items become expensive or scarce.

Welcome to the DTP board; we look forward to your perspectives and experiences that will tend to a more complete prepping approach


"we can all use a dose of humble pie from time to time. While I am good at my profession, I am not good at fishing, hunting or many other things that this board brings to light.

Not only does this board provide information, it shows me that there are MANY others in the world that still want to help others with no expectations of "payment" for their help. That is a big reason I like the board.

One of my favorite sayings is "don't look down upon anyone unless you are helping them up." This board lives by this creedo."



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