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It's easy to enter, reply to THIS POST and just simply put: "My Pick" in front of the stock ticker of your choice, be sure to put the $ sign in front of your ticker, i.e.: $ABCD. In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker will be your 2nd choice   ticker, so be sure to put a 2nd ticker with "My 2nd choice" preceding it

Each week for six weeks, starting market close Friday May 8th, 2015. Whoever posts the highest gainer for the week will get their stock added to the STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK board stickies for one week, we will also blast your post out via our twitter accounts with a combined following of almost 1 Million followers!
As well as getting the bragging rights of being the STOCKGOODIES PLAYS OF THE WEEK #1 stock picker!

*You must reply to THIS POST when posting your pick
*Competition will start; market close May 8th, ending market close Friday May 15th, 2015 and each week thereafter for 6 weeks.
*One pick per user, per market day will be allowed, so you can make up to 5 picks per week.
*Picks made after close Friday, Saturday or Sunday will count as Monday's pick.

*% gains will be calculated based on the price of the stock at the close on the day of your post, in relation to the following highest priced trade during the week.
*Picks made over the weekend will be given Friday's closing price as it's starting point.
*Your stock must have at least $20K traded on it for at least one day within the week in question.
*In the event of a tie, your 2nd choice stock will be taken into consideration.
*If 2 or more people pick the same two stocks, we will decide the winner by picking the name out of a hat.
*Board moderators are ineligible to win, but are welcome to make a pick.
*The highest % gain over the 6 week period will win the grand prize.
*If you win the weekly competition more than once we will combine the % gains of your wins for the overall competition.
*StockGoodies is a registered trademark, unauthorized use may result in litigation.
*There is no cost to take part in this competition.
Good Luck!


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Wanted to welcome you officially to Goodies and thanks for your contributions.

Post Your tickers here anytime and if you have something You want tweeted, we have 850,000 FOLLOWERS and Growing, so ask us and if we like it WE BLAST IT!!

Some HUGE Alerts and Break Out stocks are alerted here.

Please Follow Mark the Board and Assistants,
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for you to Locate and Easier for Us to Help You!

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We are here to help, answer questions, read charts and try and help traders, especially the New.

Anything we can help with and we have time, just ask. Between All of Us, there is usually someone available to Help.


We are a Community of Traders who all Share the same Addiction.....Stocks, Charting and Trading

We are always on the Hunt for Undervalued Penny Stocks,
Quality Small Cap Companies, Big boards, Option strategies and BREAK OUT Stocks!
We do this 24-7 and now offer to our members via weekly mailings and post here on the StockGoodies Plays of the Week board.

StockGoodies has strategically compiled the best team of online traders and investors to help our investors make money in the stock market! Through our website tools, education and due diligence, we help StockGoodies members become more successful and confident traders and investors.

StockGoodies is a leading publisher of news, perspective, and marketing intelligence on all forms of equity trading: pennies, micro-cap, mid & large cap
and options.
Our vision is to empower self-directed investors by narrowing the gap between individual traders and professionals.

We deliver an online suite of free products, educational resources and free content, including forums, message boards and blogs.

We specialize in education and always there to help. We do chart reads for anyone that asks, answer emails and try to answer all trade related questions in Ihub.
Our leadership team features highly regarded trading professionals including seasoned executives from a variety of business fields.


with the







Always do your own due diligence with any stock you may consider buying and never invest more than you are willing to lose.
Stocks mentioned here may or may not be held by members posting on this board.

We are not Financial Advisors and not licensed to give advice.
Everything we say is only our opinion.



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#225718   this one? mick 05/02/12 08:30:06 PM
#225717   i did too, zntr? mick 05/02/12 08:25:14 PM
#225716   this easily recognized. it looks like a good mick 05/02/12 08:23:43 PM
#225715   ok. on zntr, need to get into mick 05/02/12 08:21:19 PM
#225714   yep grabbed a few .0025s and will see JustFlippingPennies 05/02/12 08:20:57 PM
#225713   hey quit teasing me , I love golf JustFlippingPennies 05/02/12 08:19:10 PM
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