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Post # of 30847  Courtesy of  DryLightning    
hill & gravitz sleazy connections can be seen in this article:

commerce planet: hill, gravitz, guggliuza and crane
busted by ftc
Defendants deceptively
marketed OnlineSupplier as a free auction kit on its website without adequately
disclosing the program’s negative option plan, which required consumers to affirmatively
cancel their membership or otherwise incur a monthly charge to their credit card. The
FTC alleges that consumers unwittingly signed up for OnlineSupplier, believing they had
ordered a free kit, only to discover later that they had been enrolled in OnlineSupplier’s
continuity program when they saw monthly charges on their credit card bill. The FTC
alleges that between July 2005 and March 2008, Commerce Planet obtained over $45

million from over 500,000 consumers.

Superfly Advertising, a subsidiary of Morlex Inc.
controlled by fraudster Michael W Crow
busted by sec
Crow acted
with scienter and that he perjured himself in court. Crow’s actions were not
isolated, but continued for over a year, and followed separate proceedings in 1998
where a federal district court enjoined him from future antifraud violations and
barred him from serving as an officer or director of a public company, and the
Commission, in an administrative proceeding, denied him the privilege of
appearing before the Commission as an accountant. Crow’s conduct demonstrates
that he is an unreformed recidivist who poses a serious future threat to the investing


Lenco Mobile formerly sovereign wealth corp
Zirk Engelbrecht and his wife Angelique de Maison
busted by sec:
Zirk de Maison installed some of these associates as officers and directors of Gepco while he secretly ran the company behind the scenes. Collectively, they amassed large blocks of shares of Gepco common stock while the de Maisons manipulated the market to create the appearance of genuine investor demand, allowing an associate to sell his stock at inflated prices to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in illicit profits.

Here is Nodummy's post that shows Michael Hill and Angelique de Maison connected in a different scam.

Who is really calling the shots?

After commerce planet is busted they sell most of their assets to Superfly

Superfly sells the assets just purchased to Lenco Mobile 2 months later

Lenco mobile sells radioloyalty to hill and gravitz as Radioloyalty which merges with Streamtrack

James Crane from commerce planet shows up with STTK as investor relations:
Then we get the fake Streamtrack China Mobile deal:
Who is James Crane? fraudster specialist in fake Chinese companies
busted by sec
The Commission alleges that Subaye and Crane misrepresented the company’s business and operations, deceived the company’s auditors, and misled investors about the company’s true status and revenues. According to the complaint, Subaye claimed to be operating a cloud computing business but investigations found no evidence of such a business.

Charlie Gugliuzza from commerce planet lost his case against ftc to the amount of $18,000,000
But he did get his hands into streamtrack in 2012 with $125,000 convertible note along with his partners hill and gravitz MHCG LLC
                                                                                                                                                                                STTK recieves 3 Million Dollars in Financing 12/30/14

                                                                                                                                                                                                    ***PLEASE READ***

                                                                                                                                                                                       RADIOLOYALTY CASE STUDY  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ... ” channel debuts Saturday, August 11th Exclusively on RadioLoyalty                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ;        

                                                                                                                          Sign Up as a DJSign Up as a Listener


                                                                                                                                                          Current Share Structure as of December 15th 2014 


 A/S - unlimited
O/S - 1,035,768,899

StreamTrack, Inc. (STTK) is a digital media and technology services company providing audio and video streaming and advertising services through its RadioLoyalty™ platform to a global group of Internet and terrestrial radio stations, Internet radio guides, and other broadcast content providers.

The platform consists of a Web-based and mobile player that manages streaming audio and video content, social media engagement, display, and video ad serving within the Web player, and is also capable of replacing audio ads with video ads within the Web player in a live or on-demand environment. StreamTrack offers the platform directly to its broadcasters and integrates or white labels its technologies with Web-based Internet radio guides and other Web-based content providers.

The company is also continuing development of WatchThis™, a patent-pending technology to provide Web, mobile and IP television streaming services that are e-commerce enabled within streamed content.

StreamTrack works with the advertisers and content providers around the world. Its partners include more than 1,300 Internet and terrestrial radio stations in the United States, the largest IPTV provider in Asia, and one of the leading internet radio guides in the United States. The company has formed an alliance with PPTV, China Mobile Entertainment Holdings, LTD and One World Media Group as part of an historic alliance to bring Internet radio to Asia including China.

StreamTrack Website



RadioLoyalty™ is a loyalty program that rewards users of Internet radio and mobile stations that use the UniversalPlayer™ platform. Listeners/viewers earn points for listening/watching and performing other tasks. Points are redeemable for merchandise through RadioLoyalty™. There is no cost to join RadioLoyalty™. RadioLoyalty™ is available worldwide, with the exception of countries that prohibit such services.

RadioLoyalty™ Website



Investment Highlights

  • Powering China’s First Large-Scale Internet Radio Product
    Reaching Millions of Consumers with Engaging Display, Video Advertising
    Diverse Portfolio of Innovative, Far-Reaching Solutions
    Creating Tremendous Value for Leading Brands, Advertisers Worldwide
    Unique Revenue Producing Model Utilizing Patent-Pending Technology


Mission & Solutions

StreamTrack’s mission is to provide broadcasters and publishers with the tools necessary to maximize their revenue and decrease, or eliminate their expenses. The company provides advertisers with cost- effective means to reach their target audience from one source at scale. The ultimate goal is to provide a great and cost-free experience for consumers who watch and listen to the content they want through StreamTrack’s platforms.

Video is one of the fasted growing online advertising formats, with an expected growth of more than 40% this year [Source: eMarketer, November 2011]. RadioLoyalty™ offers a competitive edge with its highly engaged audience and patent pending in-stream video technology transforming the 6B monthly audio impressions into video impressions.

Display advertising has evolved from "banner ads" to a wider scope of display ad formats including rich media and video. With R RadioLoyalty™'s UniversalPlayer, advertisers know exactly how their campaign will look across all radio stations.

Mobile marketing has come onto the scene with rapid growth, increasing by 39% compared to 2011.With RadioLoyalty™, clients can reach users and consumers throughout the day. With mobile inventory growing daily, both buyers and sellers are treating online video and mobile video as one in the same.

Virtual Currency - 91% of people pay active attention to the brand message, and brand perception rose an average of 22% after completing the incentivized brand engagement [Source: KNDimestone, June 2011]. RadioLoyalty™ offers an environment for listeners to interact with various ad campaigns and content to earn additional Loyalty Points redeemable for merchandise within the RadioLoyalty™ store.




StreamTrack, Inc.

For listeners - The RadioLoyalty™ platform provides a means to listen to music, talk radio, and sports over the Internet and on mobile devices. Users can listen select their favorite radio stations and songs out of more than a thousand stations while earning loyalty points redeemable for merchandise.

For advertisers - With RadioLoyalty™ advertisers can reach a highly targeted audience that spans more than 1,000 terrestrial and Internet broadcasts. RadioLoyalty™ inventory is available on a global scale. Advertisers pick their target demographics, formats, and geographic areas – from there an advertising campaign is created based on the selected criteria.

For broadcasters - RadioLoyalty™ is a comprehensive solution for increasing audience and revenue. RadioLoyalty™ is free of charge for broadcasters, requiring only some time/space in the player and it requires almost no work to administer. A broadcaster’s listener base can redeem their RadioLoyalty™ points for merchandise.


StreamTrack, Inc.

The UniversalPlayer™ Platform has standardized digital ad buying for more than 1,000 Internet radio stations. The platform has a potential reach of 37+ million unique users per month in the United States, about 80+ million worldwide, and is still growing.

StreamTrack, Inc., incorporating the use of DionyVision™ digital video player technology, is in development for the convergence of original network content and interactive product placement. has used emerging technologies to differentiate itself from standard network television and traditional digital and multimedia players.’s aim is to be the leading developer of content, network and technology.

Admaximizer is a proprietary technology designed to automatically serve the highest revenue generating advertisements and adjust in real-time based on response rates and sale/lead conversions. Ads are selected to be distributed based on pre-defined ad sizes, types, keywords/categories, unique clicks, conversion rates, revenue and other performance metrics.

The platform allows for advertisers and publishers to manage several campaigns simultaneously with robust reporting capabilities at the affiliate, campaign, website, and individual advertisement level. Additionally, the Admaximizer control panel allows advertisers to keep track of publisher performance with sub-id and conversion metrics, allowing for optimization of the highest quality traffic.

StreamTrack, Inc.ReplaceAds™ is an Internet audio, video, and display advertising solution. Inventory is made up of premium broadcasts from StreamTrack’s network of thousands of Internet radio broadcasters, plus audio and video inventory from some of the nation's best magazines and online media companies. ReplaceAds™ offers:

  • 15, 30 and 60 second audio avails
    15, 30 and 60 second VAST and VPAID compliant video avails
    250x300, 728x90, expandable 600x300 display units

HDIRadio™ is a free guide to help high definition Internet radio stations at 256kbs. The stations are all professionally programmed by experienced DJs versus traditionally used computers or music gnomes.


StreamTrack, Inc.

Jetcast® brand streaming is used by many broadcasters to eliminate their bandwidth expenses. Jetcast® brand streaming is reliable, secure and can be used to stream radio and video to mobile and online audiences. StreamTrack offers Jetcast® to broadcasters on an unlimited-use basis in exchange for some of the ad space in the UniversalPlayer™.

  • High quality, secure streams
    Full suite of professional tools
    Unlimited streaming with no listener caps
    Worldwide distribution
    Millions of hours of high quality audio and video delivery per month


StreamTrack, Inc.

StreamTrack Media™ is an online media marketing company providing advertisers with powerful lead generation solutions through effectively targeted online media reaching a global audience. Coupling its vast internal reach with a proven network of online marketers, StreamTrack Media™ provides advertisers with the solutions they need to make their presence known online.

  • Offering CPM, CPC and CPA solutions for advertisers
    Thousands of 'in-network' publishers
    Exclusive access to a huge video ad network
    Unparalleled analytics and compliance methods for all partners
    Industry-wide media buying relationships
    'Plug-ins' to every major traffic aggregator
    Significant traffic in more than 80+ countries
    More than 1 billion impressions served every day

Management Team

Aaron Gravitz, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Gravitz co-founded RadioLoyalty Inc. in 2011. He has over 15 years experience in the online advertising space. Prior to co-founding RadioLoyalty, Inc., he was the Chief Operating Officer of Lenco Media Inc, from January 2011 to September 2012 and the Chief Operating officer of AdMax Media Inc. from January 2010 to January 2011. Mr. Gravitz has experience in operating an advertising network, bringing products to market, and managing the entire media buying and selling process. His track record includes founding multiple companies that grew to over 50 million dollars in combined sales, with several leading to acquisition. Mr. Gravitz' current responsibilities at the Company include, but are not limited to: directing operations, overseeing media buying and sales, product development, managing strategic relationships, directing customer relations, and broadcaster development. Mr. Gravitz received a bachelor's degree in public policy and ethics from the University of California Santa Barbara in 2004.


Michael Freides, President

Michael Freides is a seasoned entrepreneur with 10 years industry experience in online advertising. Formerly the founder and CEO of Rightmail Marketing, an industry leading lead generation company, Michael has an extensive background in both email and affiliate marketing. Michael also comes to us with considerable experience in M & A having been involved with several mergers and acquisitions of several major lead generation companies during his time with both Intrepid Investments and The Selling Source


Jennifer Thorp Freides, COO

Jennifer comes to StreamTrack Media with 8+ years of online marketing experience, specifically in client services. Her unique background in analytics, sales and operations has provided her with an exceptional understanding of what it takes to make networks successful. An avid Florida Gator fan, Jennifer studied Marketing and Business Administration at the University of Florida before beginning her career with World Avenue where she worked for a variety of subsidiaries building several networks before joining the StreamTrack team as COO of StreamTrack Media.


Carter Toni, Vice President, Product Development

Carter Toni has been actively involved in digital marketing since 2004. He was brought on as an operating partner in the early stages of, one of the largest online loyalty and market research platforms in the world. During his time with the company Carter expanded, both domestically and internationally, to over 4 million members while generating thousands of leads per day for advertisers. He excels in forming strategic partnerships, deploying digital marketing strategies and managing development for online loyalty programs and advertising networks.



Jessica Sweeley, Director of Advertising Operations

Jess Sweeley joins StreamTrack Media from RadioLoyalty™, where she directly managed the display and video advertising network on behalf of agencies and brands. She started her career in the digital marketing industry after graduating from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2009 with a degree in Communications, and has since been focusing on sales, operations and ad trafficking. With a background in performance marketing and a distinct understanding of optimizing branded CPM traffic, she has helped build RadioLoyalty into one of the premier destinations for radio content listening and monetization.






Select a Station
RadioLoyalty™ has hundreds of stations for you to choose from. Simply browse or search the station list to find something of interest to you.

Enjoy the Music
Once you have selected a station, the station will start playing automatically.

Earn Points
If you login with a RadioLoyalty™ account you will earn points while you listen on your phone.

Save Your Favorites
You can add any station to your favorites list by clicking the star on the station page. Access your favorites list anytime by clicking on the favorites button.

There Is More!
You can manage your account, and learn about the RadioLoyalty™ app. A RadioLoyalty™ account is free, and it allows you to earn points while you listen. You can create an account online, or in the app once you have downloaded it to your phone.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page or contact us via email at

Revenues from Traffic ALEXA traffic was at 37k then 34k then 33k for the last 3 months and now suddenly one month to 27k and last week to 15k or double monthly visits of 616k or unique visitor(once a day)of 330k. Traffic being is in top 15000 websites in the world takes visits to close to 1.4 mil and unique visitors to more then half mil. What happen last couple weeks ? why the sudden surge ?

STTK does video stream/advertising to 5400 internet radio stations and seems the last two weeks traffic double for much higher audience. traffic is up to 33k from 15k in last 7 days..
this is dramatic surge of almost 100%
Company undergoing acquiring more radio stations. This explains the surge.

ALEXA detail

3 MONTH 33,285 in the world
1 MONTH 27,769 in the world
7 DAY 15,602 in the world
1 DAY 21,206 in the world

•5,329 active radio stations as of 12/31/13, compared to 1,259 active stations as of 12/31/12, a year over year increase of over 400%.
•9.3 cents revenue per listening hour in calendar year 2013 compared to 7.7 in 2012, a year over year increase of over 20%.
•9,995,382 U.S.-based hours streamed in calendar year 2013

We calculate listener hours as follows. When the UniversalPlayer TM is launched a session is created - this is considered the listener's start time. At one minute following the launch of the UniversalPlayer TM , we record that as 1 minute of listening time. If a session lasts between 1 and 59 seconds, we record that as 30 seconds of listening time. At ten-minute intervals following the session being created, we count each 10 minute period as listening time. So for example, if a user launched the UniversalPlayer TM at 11:00am, we will recognize 1 minute of listening time at 11:01, then 10 minutes of listening time at 11:10, 20 minutes at 11:20, etc.

Events are user interactions such as a 10 minute interval, clicking song like/dislike, sharing what they are listening to, checking the news through our news app in the player, etc. The last event we see for the user is considered the end of their session. We then take that time minus the time the session started to determine how long the session is. So for example, if a user launched the UniversalPlayer TM at 11am, and liked a song at 11:07am, but exited the player at 11:09am, we would recognize that as 7 minutes of listening

They have a non dilutive line of credit
News on another increase in this line of credit would be yet ANOTHER catalyst for the stock.... another reason it seems like the selling lately is being done to get shares into certain hands.... the run from .005-.12 was completely unsustained and was done to get some liquidity in the stock.. then there was a lot of loading in the .003-.005s range for the run to .046, and now there is a ton of loading in the .011-.015 range for the next run.... keep in mind while the selling seems excessive at the moment (every other day, apparently) it is similar to what was done in the .003s before the run up to .046. Next run should see more volume and be more sustainable. a business this hot should see a million dollars trading volume in a day eventually.

"Since inception and through the date of these financial statements, the Company has successfully raised a significant amount of capital. On April 11, 2013, the Company closed a non-dilutive line of credit financing for $250,000 with an institutional fund. During the three months ended November 30, 2013, the institutional fund has increased the Company’s line of credit to $520,000. Additionally, the Company anticipates launching several new product offerings and initiating certain new significant partnerships during the fiscal year ending August 31, 2014. The Company expects those products and partnerships to be profitable but notes that it will require an unknown amount of capital for product development and commercial deployment. The Company will attempt to have its potential partners pay for the majority of these costs but management cannot be certain that arrangement will occur."
  • 1D
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y
Current Price
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STTK News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 04/14/2016 02:56:54 PM
STTK News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 02/25/2016 01:48:59 PM
STTK News: Quarterly Report (10-q) 01/19/2016 04:44:26 PM
STTK News: Notification That Quarterly Report Will Be Submitted Late (nt 10-q) 01/14/2016 12:52:02 PM
STTK News: Annual Report (10-k) 12/15/2015 05:31:48 PM
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