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Mammoth Energy Group Inc is focused on acquiring, developing and operating strategic mining energy reserves in locations throughout the world. With an ever changing shift to alternative energy and fuels Mammoth Energy Group will be prepared to be a leading energy supplier and operator. Mammoth Energy's goal is to become an important partner as the world's energy paradigm begins to change throughout the next decade and beyond.

Throughout the early part of the 21st century traditional oil and gas deposits will remain an important part of laying the future of an ever expanding energy network. But there is undeniable strength towards the increasing demand in green technologies and the coming green energy revolution which will impact every person in the world. This green revolution will transform the world's economy off the dependence of hydro-carbons and will include the commoditization of energy and the development of many new industries we can not yet imagine.

Mammoth Energy Group will be an integral link in developing energy and mining projects that take advantage of this renewable energy shift and we will help to create the coming new energy paradigm for the 21st century.

545 Eighth Avenue Suite 401, New York NY 10018
917-725-4171| FAX 212-501-2082 | EMAIL


William Lieberman

Chief Executive Officer and President

Mr. Lieberman is the former President of Trilliant Exploration Corp., a gold mining operation with assets in southern Ecuador and nearly 200 employees in full scale mining production with reserves of nearly 1.2 million oz. He worked closely and was intimately involved in all stages of financing and development of Trilliant Exploration and his efforts resulted in the closing of nearly $3 MM venture capital and private equity investment. Beginning in 2005, Mr. Lieberman served as Vice President of Resource Polymers, Inc of Toronto, Canada. Mr. Lieberman holds a Masters in Business Administration from Hult International Business School, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario. He is fluent in Spanish and has worked in Ecuador, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania and Mexico as a former international journalist.




David Price
Washington, D.C. 20006

Philippi, Yrarrazaval, Pilido & Brunner
Santiago, Chile
Accounting Executive Services Group
Mr. Edward J. de Parma, President
New York, New York
Transfer Agent Transfer Online, Inc.
317 SW Alder Street, 2nd Floor
Portland, Oregon
Investor Relations  
Chilean Corporation Compania Lithium Investments Limitada
Santiago, Chile 
(562) 8977137

Share Structure:

As of november 19, 2013 there are:

300,000,000 authorized common shares
10,000,100 issued and outstanding common "CA" shares
  Total shares authorized Preferred Series "C"  Shares
205,587 issued and outstanding common "C2" shares
4,615,222 common "CA" shares in the float
  common "C1" shares in the float
205,587 common "C2" shares in the float
1 Beneficial Owners
5,350 Total common shareholders1
0 issued shares Preferred "C" Stock.
0 Preferred "C" shares are in the float
0 Total Preferred "C" shareholder




Click to view composition of concentration levels

Acres: 8649 acres (3500 Hectares)
Concessions: 13
Location: Commune-Copiapo
Obtained: May 26, 2011

Salar de Maricunga

The Salar is located approximately 230km from the international airport of Caldera, and approximately 250km from the mining port of Chañaral. All these facilities are connected to the Salar by paved roads that can be used throughout the year.

The Salar de Maricunga is the second largest basin in Region III and has a basin area of 3,045 km2. This basin is characterized by significant morphological, climatic and geological variations, which normally occurs with major river basins.

During the 1980's, the "Comite de Sales Mixtas" CORFO (State Agency of the Republic of Chile) carried out a study in order to determine the potential in inorganic salts of commercial interest of the Salars. After performing a sampling and chemical analysis program, CORFO the following mineral resource at the Salar de Maricunga:

224,300 tonnes of Li; or
600,000 tonnes of Recoverable Li2CO3 (utilizing a 50% recovery factor); or
30,000 tonnes per year of Lithium Carbonate for 20 years
3,274,000 tonnes of KCl (potash); or
2,300,000 tonnes of KCl (utilizing a 70% recovery factor); or
115,000 tonnes per year of KCl for 20 years or 96% or Alfredo Requirements

Click to view composition of concentration levels

Acres: 2471 acres (1000 Hectares)
Concessions: 6
Location: Commune-San Pedro de Atacama
Obtained: June 03, 2011
Salar del Laco

The Salar de laco is approximately 10 miles from the border of Argentina and approximately fifty miles away from the Salar de Atacama, Chile's largest mined lithium reserve. The Salar de laco has similar geology to the Salar de Atacama where lithium concentrations average between 500 to 750 ppm lithium

Click to view composition of concentration levels

Acres: 4695 acres (1900 Hectares)
Concessions: 7
Location: Commune-San Pedro de Atacama
Obtained: June 28, 2011

Salar de Pujsa

The Salar de Pujsa is located in the north east corner of Chile, close to the borders of both Boliva and Argentina, approximately thirty-five miles away from the Salar de Atacama, Chile's largest mined lithium reserve.

The Salar de Pujsa has similar geology to the Salar de Atacama where lithium concentrations average between 500 to 750 ppm lithium and 9000-10000 ppm for potassium and is the largest lithium brine mined in the world.

 Mammoth Energy Group  has acquired five additional concessions for a total of 2471 acres (1000 hectares) of lithium concessions located at Laguna Lagunilla situated in the Pica commune.



To achieve the technological breakthroughs that are currently under way the United States and the world is going to need batteries that are cheaper, more durable and more powerful then the current nickel-metal-hydride (NiMh) batteries. Because of groundbreaking research there is already an answer being voiced, lithium-ion. With double the "energy density" of today's standard NiMh batteries lithium-ion cells have emerged as the leading battery technology to power hybrid vehicles.

This battery is absolutely critical to the nations energy plan, and the need for such a battery for energy storage if he's going to replace much of the nation's oil imports with US nuclear, solar, wind and geothermal eco-friendly generated electricity. The demand for lithium will rise many times over present day production with the coming runaway demand for eco-vehicles.

Where will the Lithium come from?


Lithium is not traded publicly; instead it's sold directly to end users for a negotiated price per ton or pound of Lithium carbonate (Li2CO3). High demand and low supply has recently caused reported paid end user prices to reach US $6,600.00 ton. There's one unit of lithium in a cell phone battery, 3,000 units in a hybrid car and 7,000 units in an electric car; the numbers work out to 9 to 30 kilograms of lithium oxide per car battery.

One of the current administrations goals is to have and to build 1,000,000 new America hybrid cars and have them on the road by 2015. The automotive industry needs a secure uninterrupted supply of lithium to ramp up its production of the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles using lithium-ion batteries.

The Future of Lithium

Lithium will soon begin to dominate the markets and politics of the 21st Century through new global supply chains and trade agreements between resource providers and battery manufacturers.

Deposits of lithium are found in South America throughout the Andes mountain chain. Chile is currently the leading lithium metal producer, followed by Argentina and nearly 85% of the worlds known Lithium reserves are found in this region.

Boliva, which currently has no commercial Lithium Mining companies, as a country holds the largest Lithium Deposits in the world.

In the latter years of the 20th century lithium has become important as an anode material. Used in lithium-ion batteries because of its high electrochemical potential, a typical cell can generate approximately 3 volts, compared with 2.1 volts for lead/acid or 1.5 volts for zinc cells. Because of its low atomic mass, it also has a high charge- and power-to-weight ratio.

Securing our Energy Future

Our reliance on oil poses a threat to our economic security. Over the last few decades, we have watched our economy rise and fall along with the price of a barrel of oil. We must commit ourselves to an economic future in which the strength of our economy is not tied to the unpredictability of oil markets.

We must make the investments in clean energy sources that will curb our dependence on fossil fuels and make America energy independent.

  • Breaking Dependence on Oil - Promote the next generation of cars and trucks and the fuels they run on.

  • Producing More Energy at Home - Enhance U.S. energy supplies through responsible development of domestic renewable energy, fossil fuels, advanced biofuels and nuclear energy.

According to the USGS, overall demand for lithium is growing at a rate of 4-5% per year

  • Demand for lithium destined for battery usage is predicted to grow by 20% per year
  • Over 60% of mobile phones and 90% of laptop computers feature Lithium Ion batteries
  • The worldwide market for rechargeable lithium batteries is estimated to be worth over $4 billion/year
  • The automotive market alone is projected to reach $337 million in 2012, and $1.6 billion in 2015


DD from posters:

Valuation post by jackg152004:
Valuation of $0.10 (Monday, Aul 01 2011) -

Valuation posts by VortMax:

Valuation of .032 (
Friday, April 08, 2011) -
Valuation of .03 (Monday, April 11, 2011) -

MMTE-More .03 PPS DD

This is based on an actual transaction involoving 7 salars last fall on the Atacama, right next to MMTE's 5-7 salars....

1) OK, so Talison Lithium bought Salares Lithium last fall for about $50M USD. Talison recieved (70% interest in 39,000 hectares, or 100,000 acres) which is roughly 70,000 acres or twice the holdings of MMTE. So, at a minimum, MMTE's holdings should be valued at $25M.

2) But, you'll note that the deal, while a 100% premium for Salares shareholders at the time, was still a lowball bid. They did this to keep the O/S low, and look at what happened. Talison stock soared.

3) Salares recieved 20% of the O/S of Talison for the buyout, and the Talison market cap soared all the way to $750M at one point, meaning the value of the Salares holdings were $150M at that point.

4) Here is the real kicker though, the 7 salars they have don't seem to have a very high ppm of lithium. 1 of them does, but the others seem a bit sub-par.

5) Based on the Salares/Talison transaction, you can see how MMTE's holdings are worth quite a bit, in fact, I'd say worth 75% of Salares. IMO a .015 buyout here is possible, and of course when you get shares of the new company look for more appreciation.

6) I stick with my .03 value of MMTE.

Lithium Video Posted By PLUTUS:
Lithium Video posted By Leonis:

Original full DD by Mr.Wowza:

1.NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 09/01/10
Mammoth Energy Group Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MMTE) announced today that it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire fifty-one (51%) of the outstanding stake of Salt Gold Inter Chile Limitada's concessions in the Salar de Maricunga located in the Atacama desert near Copiapo, Chile.The company expects its entire lithium package once complete will total acreage of approximately 12,500 hectares or close to 31,000 acres. The value of acres in Chile has been estimated to be $10,000 to $30,000 depending on lithium concentration levels.
Property valued
31k acres x $10K = $310 000 000
31k acres x $20k = $620 000 000
31k acres x $30K = $930 000 000

The Numbers DD Done By jackg152004:

2. Acquisition finalized news expected any day!!!!
NEW YORK, NY -- (Marketwire) -- 02/23/11 -- Mammoth Energy Group Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MMTE)The company is currently speaking with five other local Chilean and Canadian companies to acquire mining rights and concessions.
The company is in final stages of negotiations and expects to announce acquisitions of its Chilean concessions by the end of the first quarter with quick plans to up list to the OTC-BB market.

3. Comments on Lith as a commodity
As we shift towards electric cars, specifically towards electric cars utilizing lithium batteries, the production of the substance- how, where, and under what conditions - will be something to keep an eye on, especially considering:

"Energy analyst Ben Johnson said, "it looks very similar to an OPEC-style cartel. It's highly concentrated. The various producers are very secretive about their expansion plans and about their pricing movements." "

Thinking that lithium is the next oil is probably an overreaction right now. Because lithium hasn't ever been used to the extent oil has, exploration for sources hasn't been conducted on the same level. There could be numerous unknown sources for it that would mitigate a rush to monopolize the currently known sources. Plus, the paranoia about producers being secretive about expansion plans…well, that's true for most businesses.

Also, as Mike points out, the parallel with oil is not perfect either; a barrel of oil doesn't last long, but a lithium-ion battery can last many years and then be recycled.

Nonetheless, while we often pay particular attention to the use of minerals like cassiterite and coltan in the production of gadgets, as these are minerals also mined from conflict zones like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it's clear we need to pay added attention to the sources of other materials like lithium that seem more benign, for now.

4.Chile Plans to Open Up Lithium Mining, Minister Says (Update3) April 30, 2010, 4:45 PM EDT
Chile's government plans to send a bill to congress that would remove lithium's status as a strategic resource, allowing foreign companies to compete with top world producer Soc. Quimica y Minera de Chile SA. The government will meet with representatives of the lithium industry to discuss the proposal, Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said today in an interview in Santiago. Lithium is used in anti-depressant drugs and in batteries for iPods and mobile phones.

"Opening up exploitation has advantages for any industry," Golborne said, without elaborating. He said the government will meet with industry participants who have raised "objections" to the plan. Changing the status of lithium mining would allow companies to compete with Soquimich, based in Santiago, and Rockwood Holdings Inc., based in Princeton, New Jersey. They control 70 percent of the world's low-cost lithium from a salt flat in Chile's Atacama Desert.

"It brings a lot of noise and uncertainty to the industry and potentially it's a killer for Soquimich and Rockwood," said Cesar Perez, managing director of Celfin Capital SA, who rates Soquimich a "buy." Soquimich fell as much as 103 pesos or 0.6 percent today and closed at 18,800 pesos in Santiago. Rockwood fell as much as 0.9 percent and closed at $29.94 in New York. The stock has risen 143 percent in the past 12 months.

Retain Restrictions

Chile's government should retain restrictions on lithium mining because there is an "abundance" of the metal's reserves in the world, Soquimich's Chief Executive Officer Patricio Contesse told reporters yesterday.
Chile decreed in 1979 that only state-owned companies can tap lithium found in pools underneath salt lakes in the desert, Contesse said. Chile is the only country in the world that restricts lithium mining, he said.

5.The Future for lithium ?
Posted Oct 14th 2010 12:30PM by Steven HalpernSteven Halpern RSS Feed

"The real magic behind lithium is that, pound for pound, this featherweight metal can store more electric energy than just about any other material," notes Nathan Slaughter.

The editor of The ETF Authority explains, "That has made lithium the battery maker's best friend. And portable electronics, power grid infrastructure and hybrid vehicles are a powerful 1-2-3 punch that could send demand soaring. Unlike gold, silver and other metals, it's virtually impossible to invest directly in lithium. There are no lithium trading pits, no futures contracts, and no way to take physical possession. Global X Lithium Fund (LIT), a recently launched exchange-traded fund, is the next best thing.

"Duracell and other manufacturers can command a premium price for lithium-based products because they have longer shelf lives and can handle heavier workloads than traditional alkaline. But the AA cells you pop in the back of your TV remote are just the beginning. If there's one place where components have to be both compact and powerful, it's portable electronics. And rechargeable lithium-ion chemistries have double the energy density of yesterday's outdated nickel-cadmium technology. So they are becoming ubiquitous in everyday products from digital cameras to portable video game consoles.

"I'm betting you've probably got some lithium with you right now. Just within the Apple family, these batteries are used to power iPads, iPods, and iPhones. Oh, and the MacBook Pro line of laptops uses advanced lithium-polymer batteries that are ultra-slim and capable of running 10 hours on a single charge.

"But electronic gadgets aren't the only place where lithium batteries are needed. Wind farms and solar power plants use lithium batteries to store power. Another growth driver on the horizon that could be even stronger: electric/hybrid vehicles.

"Investors have been piling in. When I first covered the fund's launch back in August, it held only $1.6 million in assets. Less than two months later, it has already attracted 20 times that amount. Roughly half the portfolio is invested in companies engaged in lithium mining and refinery. The big three, Sociedad Quimica y Minera, Rockwood Holdings and FMC, are the fund's three largest positions. So these aren't pure plays. But collectively, this trio accounts for approximately three-fourths of the world's lithium production.

"The rest of the fund's assets are invested in a well-rounded mix of battery makers. That includes a hefty stake in Ener1, whose manufacturing facility will soon be rolling out advanced automotive batteries for customers like Ford, GM and the U.S. army. You'll also get A123 Systems, which has recently landed clients such as BMW, Daimler and Navistar.

"In many respects, this industry is still in its infancy. So it's difficult to say which technologies will emerge victorious and which will become historical footnotes. That means there will be some spectacular winners in this field, but also some big losers. That uncertainty is the perfect environment for a well-rounded fund like LIT -- rather than place all your bets on one horse, you can spread it among 20 of the strongest contenders.

"My money says that several of these will go on to be multi-baggers within the next couple years. Action to Take --> The entire lithium value chain is represented here, from raw material to finished product. As demand for the metal heats up over the next couple years, I think LIT will distance itself from the broader market."

If Lithium is new clean energy, Chile's Desert Will Be Key Source

Chile's Salar de Atacama desert is a major source for the world's lithium, key ingredient in the batteries we use in our laptops, cell phones and other gadgets every day. And, key ingredient in batteries for a growing selection of electric and electric hybrid cars. As the demand for battery-powered devices increases, so does the demand for lithium and therefore the earthly resources that provide...

Chile's Underground Riches - CBS News Video WATCH VIDEO & Other Notable DD Links

Toyota Tsusho, the material supplier for the big Japanese automaker, announced a joint venture in January with the Australian miner Orocobre to develop a $100 million lithium project in Argentina. That deal came only days after Magna International, the Canadian car parts company that is helping develop a battery-powered version of the Ford Focus, announced that it was investing $10 million in a small Canadian lithium firm that also has projects in Argentina.

About 60 mining companies have begun feasibility studies in Argentina, Serbia and Nevada that could lead to more than $1 billion in new lithium projects in the next several years, while dozens of smaller projects are being proposed in China, Finland, Mexico and Canada.  The companies are competing for construction financing, and the future of most of the projects will depend on how popular electric cars eventually become. That is an open question since batteries remain expensive, recharging stations need to be developed, and consumer taste for cars that depend on regular stops at electric outlets remains untested.

"It's moving so fast," said Edward R. Anderson, president of TRU Group, a consultancy firm that specializes in the lithium industry. "There are a lot of people throwing money into this, and a lot of people are going to lose their money."

In the meantime the four biggest current producers, which mine and otherwise gather lithium in Chile, Argentina and Australia, say they are planning to expand long-running projects as future demand warrants.

In Bolivia, which has almost half of the world's reserves, the leftist government is building a pilot production plant and is drilling exploratory holes. That Bolivia is a remote, unstable country often hostile to foreign investment has helped spur interest in producing lithium in neighboring Argentina and Chile, in Australia, and in the United States. Several Canadian and American companies are making claims about future production prospects in Nevada, though few analysts foresee large-scale production from that state. While most experts are skeptical that meaningful amounts of lithium can be produced domestically, they maintain that adequate supplies will be available from sources outside of Bolivia for many years to come and note that the biggest producer, Chile, is a dependable American ally.

Most of the lithium market serves a variety of industrial applications. About a quarter of all lithium produced is used for energy storage, in everything from cellphones to laptop computers to digital cameras. That proportion stands to increase sharply if battery-powered cars take off. Lithium-ion batteries are the favored battery type for electric and hybrid vehicles because they carry more energy with less weight than other materials and because they lose their charge more slowly. They store about three times as much as energy per pound as a nickel-metal hydride battery.

Lithium is found in trace amounts in many places, but it is being produced commercially mainly by two methods. One is through mining and processing, a relatively expensive method that produces the metal mostly for glass, ceramics and the manufacturing of television tubes. The more economical and significant method is through evaporation of lithium-containing brines, mostly in salt flats in the highland areas in South America and western China. Lithium reservoirs have been formed over millions of years in highland bowls, after rivers and hot springs washed over lithium-laden rocks and leached the mineral from them. Producers drill wells into the salt flats and pump the brine into evaporation ponds. With the removal of water, the lithium content in the brine increases to a level where it can be collected and shipped to a chemical plant for processing.

Several major auto companies promising to market electric cars around the world over the next few years, demand may be poised to increase. Nissan will introduce the Leaf, a five-passenger electric car, and General Motors will be introduce the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid, within the next year.

"We believe that demand is slated to rise dramatically," according to a recent report by the investment adviser Byron Capital Markets, predicting a 40 percent increase in demand for lithium from 2009 to 2014. Credit Suisse, in a recent report, predicted a 10.3 percent annual growth in demand for lithium between 2009 and 2020.



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