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Posts by jokerwild477BoardDate/Time
FEELING BETTER NOW,,,,,LETS ROCK ....LETS ROLL....JOKER Stealth Technologies Inc. (STTH) 10/19/2017 10:23:01 AM
nothing but diluter MM'S.JUMPING OVER EACH OTHER TO Stealth Technologies Inc. (STTH) 10/19/2017 10:15:57 AM
WOW.JOKER Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/18/2017 10:39:27 AM
im out even steven Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 10/13/2017 09:52:01 AM
smart money is buying...morons are yelling fire....JOKER Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 10/06/2017 12:09:10 PM
golden op to load up....monday monday monday Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 10/06/2017 11:29:30 AM
.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 10/04/2017 02:07:05 PM
shit,im pass the when part,im at the how Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/29/2017 03:55:53 PM
I dont like the word RESTRUCTURING in the pr Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/28/2017 02:03:54 PM
just watched the CNN presidential news conference...the presi BB''s Stock Haven 09/26/2017 02:38:05 PM
OK now I bought a few ,,,now,,,let Umax Group Corp. (UMAX) 09/26/2017 01:21:31 PM
I think they waiting to be kicked off Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/26/2017 12:26:26 PM
still filing,,they not going any place..... Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/22/2017 05:14:24 PM
there are a couple of things i find Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/22/2017 10:09:59 AM
its the Based on the discretionary authority given Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/22/2017 09:13:11 AM
What Is the Delisting Process for the NASDAQ? Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/20/2017 11:53:32 PM
Well tomorrow tells the story,,,,, the nas Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/20/2017 05:38:18 PM
pin drops....and i can hear it from across Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/20/2017 03:26:40 PM
KICK US OFF THE NASDAQ ALREADY,,,PLEASE.....I NEED MY Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/20/2017 10:28:05 AM
do 400 million need to be absorb on SPI Energy Co., Ltd (SPI) 09/19/2017 12:15:18 PM
watch nasdaq counter with 6 months offer...this a Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/18/2017 02:12:17 PM
The thing thats sad is with such a Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/15/2017 08:54:53 PM
IM THINKING THEY PLAY WITH IT UNTIL AROUND Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/15/2017 08:52:35 PM
They will nevetr get my shares,,,I have nothing Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/15/2017 08:00:38 PM
They will nevetr get my shares,,,I have nothing Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/15/2017 08:00:37 PM
i knew they would find a way to Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/15/2017 07:37:34 PM
hope so....if it did it would be met Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/14/2017 02:24:45 PM
Thanks, well spoken and written,,this could prolly see Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/13/2017 03:15:31 PM
they still kicking that buck a share around,,,they Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/13/2017 01:42:14 PM
hump day and nothing,,,wut up Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/13/2017 08:04:11 AM
HEY MAN,I learned the hard way ,,we dont Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/12/2017 11:29:18 AM
If this thing opens at 1.00 or higher Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/12/2017 10:59:31 AM
Idont think the short term or what we Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/12/2017 10:52:49 AM
ME TINKS DEY B TRING 2 GIT 2 Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/12/2017 10:15:08 AM
are we toast? MF Global Holdings, Ltd. (fka MFGLQ) 09/12/2017 08:46:42 AM
Im thinking they need to notify the ones Digi Link Technology (DGLT) 09/11/2017 11:48:40 AM
im still holding stock now from FAKE twitter Arrow Resources Development, Inc. (ARWD) 09/11/2017 11:35:21 AM
SDRL....NEWS..NEWS,,,THEY TRYING TO DROP IT ..GET YOUR SHARES BB''s Stock Haven 09/08/2017 09:26:43 AM
Total POS STOCK WorldFlix Inc. (WRFX) 09/07/2017 03:37:46 PM