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Posts by DamascusBoardDate/Time
How do you know that this is the Firefish Inc (FRFS) 10/19/2017 12:15:30 AM
BYSD .0003 georgie18s House of Gain... 10/18/2017 10:40:27 AM
New low of days keep hitting here. When StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. (SFOR) 10/17/2017 12:44:07 PM
1.41M bid .0215. Weeeeee! georgie18s House of Gain... 10/16/2017 03:00:20 PM
SFOR I like the looks a lot. Grabbed georgie18s House of Gain... 10/16/2017 02:37:42 PM
Whackers in full force again looks like. All imo. AVEW Holdings Inc. (AVEW) 10/16/2017 11:38:04 AM
Any thoughts on where the buy zone is georgie18s House of Gain... 10/16/2017 11:07:46 AM
Georgie, it's clear to me after closely watching georgie18s House of Gain... 10/16/2017 09:44:10 AM
BTC didn't tank, it's been rocketing up. Seems georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 04:46:32 PM
Perhaps next week it will make a second georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 04:16:12 PM
BTCS .17. smh. georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 04:01:10 PM
BTCS low of day close coming looks like. georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 03:58:23 PM
It's getting beat down pretty hard right now. georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 03:53:23 PM
Still under .19 with less than 20min to georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 03:42:12 PM
While I would like to agree it seems georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 01:20:09 PM
Georgie, any thoughts on BTCS atm? .225 this georgie18s House of Gain... 10/13/2017 12:34:02 PM
HEY SPORTY WHERES THE HEDGE FUND!!?? Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/12/2017 10:04:33 AM
Just wondering, where are you getting that it Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/07/2017 12:13:54 AM
What happened to your guys' 003 close? Lol AVEW Holdings Inc. (AVEW) 10/06/2017 04:01:11 PM
Is that them on the offer? Lol Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 02:23:04 PM
Would be nice to see a violent breakout Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 02:16:55 PM
Ya it's also not even 1500 bucks lol. AVEW Holdings Inc. (AVEW) 10/06/2017 01:56:14 PM
Where'd your hedge fund go, Sporty? They're MAJOR, Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 01:19:59 PM
Weeeee another board of talkers and no action AVEW Holdings Inc. (AVEW) 10/06/2017 01:12:22 PM
Did your hedge fund run out of money? Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 12:52:07 PM
Hey Sporty, was just wondering where this hedge Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 11:22:06 AM
Dude it's not even spelled right. No you Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 11:17:34 AM
Just saying- NITE is .0224 and CSTI is Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 10:46:37 AM
Peeps been saying same thing for days now. All imo. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 10:29:32 AM
Yep. All the peeps on this board seem Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/06/2017 10:24:36 AM
Looks like this mergers really gonna happen imo! Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 11:02:29 PM
Wow. Good one. Lmao Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 02:04:09 PM
I have a theory. The selling here really Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 01:55:54 PM
Company just updated their company profile on otc Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 01:48:46 PM
Breaking below many supports is what's up imo. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 01:30:07 PM
Can anyone explain all this selling? Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 01:10:54 PM
Non stop selling here all morning. Now into Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 12:52:11 PM
This is just so weak. Weak sauce. Cheerleaders Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 12:01:34 PM
The name of this town is Whack City. Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 10:36:55 AM
Way too much selling this is absurd. All imo Grey Cloak Tech (GRCK) 10/05/2017 10:05:19 AM