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sharky  Fishing around for the undervalued. 
Posts by sharkyBoardDate/Time
272 million volume so far today, looking for Fernhill Corporation (FERN) 12/15/2017 03:18:19 PM
We will immediately begin designing a turnkey battery Fernhill Corporation (FERN) 12/15/2017 03:08:06 PM
GEGI audit news: Inca Worldwide (QED-Connect) (OTC-Pink:QEDN) and BB's Stock Haven 12/15/2017 01:27:04 PM
Possible gapper Monday AM, has the goods to Fernhill Corporation (FERN) 12/15/2017 12:39:12 PM
Bitcoin companies will be looking into this IMO Fernhill Corporation (FERN) 12/15/2017 12:26:22 PM
Catching on: “These systems include both battery and Fernhill Corporation (FERN) 12/15/2017 12:19:35 PM
Pirate Oilfield Services, Inc. is an oil and Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/15/2017 12:01:51 PM
SRMX accumulation..... BB's Stock Haven 12/15/2017 11:32:50 AM
.0009x.001 nice grab Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/15/2017 11:25:27 AM
Looking for a squeeze, they are running low Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/15/2017 10:56:31 AM
Looking for higher highs after lunch IMO. Fernhill Corporation (FERN) 12/15/2017 10:54:23 AM
SRMX .001's pressure building BB's Stock Haven 12/15/2017 10:21:29 AM
Exactly 130.00 seems to be the reasonable forward The Walt Disney Co. (DIS) 12/14/2017 09:10:03 PM
Pressure building at this level, lot of accumulation Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 08:16:15 PM
Yup Buy & Hold = Reward Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 05:29:17 PM
Soakin bids from the impatient. Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/14/2017 01:07:47 PM
SRMX .0009 volume MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD 12/14/2017 01:06:44 PM
SRMX .0009 volume BB's Stock Haven 12/14/2017 01:06:07 PM
Nice hits coming in, pressure building Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 01:05:24 PM
Quietly adding. :) Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/14/2017 01:00:16 PM
ETRF manipulation Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 12:28:40 PM
Great news yesterday 1 mill and debt purchased. Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/14/2017 11:02:46 AM
.001x.0012 Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/14/2017 10:30:41 AM
BIEI on watch BB's Stock Haven 12/14/2017 10:14:01 AM
Welcome my friend, holiday season bargains, 2018 around Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/14/2017 10:12:58 AM
GM all .0012x.0015 Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/14/2017 09:29:06 AM
33% a day, keep the doctor away. :) Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 05:21:08 PM
.0015's thinning Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 03:48:09 PM
48 million volume green Saddle Ranch Media Inc. (SRMX) 12/13/2017 02:34:44 PM
Setting up for HOD close IMO Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 01:27:34 PM
As per 8k notes were bought out, and .00 stocks with high volume breakout above 50 day ma 12/13/2017 01:16:05 PM
ELTZ .0015's BB's Stock Haven 12/13/2017 01:14:04 PM
106 million volume, volume precedes price, looking for Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 01:13:30 PM
94 million volume, ELTZ now ready for production Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 12:26:52 PM
ELTZ Outstanding Shares 279,545,232 a/o Nov 20, 2017 BB's Stock Haven 12/13/2017 11:20:49 AM
ELTZ 78 million volume BB's Stock Haven 12/13/2017 11:19:36 AM
#5 on breakout boards, today we break 100 Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 11:18:30 AM
MM BGCE moved to .03 Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 11:03:43 AM
Was trading over .006 before the notes hit Elite Group Inc. (ELTZ) 12/13/2017 10:56:03 AM
ELTZ tweet: Elite Group Inc.? BB's Stock Haven 12/13/2017 10:53:04 AM