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 Welcome To The GoodFellas  Forum

This forum is created towards all investors, Experience and New Traders looking for education , charts, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and due diligence on NASDAQ, AMEX, and NYSE stocks .Our main focus is to deliver a Team work atmosphere in which traders can educate and be educated, share ideas,opinions and stock picks while at the same time making it a fun and respectful place to trade. Good luck to all GOODFELLAS and lets all work together to find the next winners & acheive investment success as a team. One stop trading at its best.  

The Boards Mission

With the help of all GoodFellas & our Moderator team, cjboro, stockfather, and others will try to bring you all the best possible plays on the AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ "except PUDFA and ADCOM stocks" which can be posted all others must be BigBoard."on a daily / Weekly bases. Stocks ranging from any PPS, low floaters, bottom plays, tanker plays, bounce plays, pincher plays, momo plays, LARGE and SMALL CAP plays. GoodFellas are always seeking for the best reasons to invest or not invest in a particular stock by helping one another through stock education,( technical analysis & due diligence).


("except PUDFA and ADCOM stocks" which can be posted all others must be BigBoard.)

                                                                                        "except PUDFA and ADCOM stocks" which can be posted all others must be BigBoard."

Only Stocks listed from the AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ


1) Respect each other
2) Help each other by sharing investment knowledge (STOCK EDUCATION)
3) Stay Honest & truthful when posting about any due diligence and stock trades.
4) No OTCBB or PINK stocks.

("except PUDFA and ADCOM stocks" which can be posted all others must be BigBoard.)

""except PUDFA and ADCOM stocks" which can be posted all others must be BigBoard."
6) Enjoy trading, have fun & play safe


                                                                                                                                                                                                      cjboro               $tockfather


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Assessing premium risk versus reward, a simple approach.

Premium risk on a high priced option can take profits away from you as an expected large movement in the stock is priced in. When price doesn't move enough, share price can go up but opton price can go down. A quick and dirty formula to assess premium risk is:

Premium = Option Price + Strike Price - Share Price

Opinions expressed on this board are only opinions and NOT buy or sell recommendations.  None of the Moderators are licensed brokers. Trading strategies & idea's discussed on this board are often very risky and not suitable for every investor. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional.

No one on this board is responsible for your gains or losses in the stock market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE MONEY. There are never any guarantees, so please evaluate the investment strategies and always do your own due diligence before making your investment decisions.


Founding Fathers: Stockfather, Cjboro, Iamlegend

#82578  Sticky Note GoodFellas list of favourite ETF/ETN to trade!! $tockfather 01/14/15 04:53:51 PM
#82105  Sticky Note Bottom plays between 0.5 and 10 with low Donis 12/27/14 11:59:40 AM
#81976  Sticky Note New pincher list stocks between 0.5 and 8 Donis 12/21/14 05:46:47 AM
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#82847   Nice, very nice.......Got a little busy today and SwingKing 01/30/15 09:12:46 PM
#82846   Hi $F! Just back home after a gig Donis 01/30/15 08:14:59 PM
#82845   Just curious, do you ever trade Canadian etf's sanford 01/30/15 07:02:33 PM
#82844   2015 IS my year!!! Pay Attn. and we ListenToMe 01/30/15 05:53:02 PM
#82843   And Gold is not manipulated. LOL!! Down 30 matt24d 01/30/15 04:06:37 PM
#82842   UWTI +20%, UGAZ is next to go KABOOOM!! $tockfather 01/30/15 03:08:31 PM
#82841   GURE - One of your old favorites making a $tockfather 01/30/15 12:03:50 PM
#82840   SALT - Yes it has been a giant turd $tockfather 01/30/15 11:56:03 AM
#82839   IMRS +17% and now trading in dollarland!!;-) $tockfather 01/30/15 10:09:16 AM
#82838   IMRS +9% $tockfather 01/30/15 09:54:50 AM
#82837   correction: that GENE share issuance is for Australian [SMART MONEY] 01/30/15 07:58:13 AM
#82836 [SMART MONEY] 01/29/15 10:27:09 PM
#82835   Salt - stopped watching this turd and just charliewho 01/29/15 07:36:44 PM
#82834   PLG .54 - looking ready! <link back> charliewho 01/29/15 07:34:36 PM
#82833   Thanks for the link SK! $tockfather 01/29/15 07:10:23 PM
#82832   I think that was a good area to $tockfather 01/29/15 07:06:08 PM
#82831   ( APPY )$ 0.548 -1.492 (-73.14%) ( GENE )$ 3.54 + $tockfather 01/29/15 04:42:58 PM
#82830   Thanks! I had to take .23 a share matt24d 01/29/15 04:08:45 PM
#82829   IMRS - The Full STO stayed up there for $tockfather 01/29/15 04:07:56 PM
#82828   I took mine off the table with the matt24d 01/29/15 04:03:40 PM
#82827   IMRS - Nice EOD surge:) $tockfather 01/29/15 04:01:56 PM
#82826   GENE - WTF? I seen this one up a $tockfather 01/29/15 02:13:43 PM
#82825   DGLY - I think this one is gearing up $tockfather 01/29/15 02:05:02 PM
#82824   UGAZ & UWTI- Very painful to hold these $tockfather 01/29/15 01:50:19 PM
#82823   GENE What a move Donis 01/29/15 01:20:49 PM
#82822   << IFON is ready to the next leg ~ Blue ~ 01/29/15 12:44:06 PM
#82821   Added more UGAZ at 2.74 Donis 01/29/15 12:32:27 PM
#82820   UWTI & UGAZ They got me...:( Was not Donis 01/29/15 11:45:15 AM
#82819   This is a link I found to what SwingKing 01/29/15 09:07:05 AM
#82818   VGGL NEWS ALERT!! pps @ 2.51 RewardsPay $tockfather 01/29/15 08:36:15 AM
#82817   Didn't expect that JDST was going that high...I Donis 01/29/15 07:01:07 AM
#82816   JDST now @ $9.30 in PM trading so $tockfather 01/29/15 06:57:15 AM
#82815   For anyone who is having problems with spam $tockfather 01/29/15 06:49:59 AM
#82814   I'm not in UGAZ but still holding UWTI $tockfather 01/29/15 06:24:28 AM
#82813   hindsight is 20/20. no reason to beat yourself deadjim 01/29/15 03:47:27 AM
#82812   TVIX great example of ascending triangle. We could Donis 01/29/15 03:44:43 AM
#82811   Niiice call on that W pattern in volatility! deadjim 01/29/15 02:13:32 AM
#82810   You can say that! Still holding UGAZ and UWTI Donis 01/28/15 04:15:47 PM
#82809   Nice call! End of month jam should start highhertel 01/28/15 04:11:32 PM
#82808   TVIX +16% Thank You FED! Already @ 3.33 $tockfather 01/28/15 04:05:22 PM
#82807   WILD & CRAZY day in ETF land!! $tockfather 01/28/15 03:36:35 PM
#82806   Oil and natural gas futures currently down :( Donis 01/28/15 05:29:36 AM
#82805   WTI - On strong double bottom watch! $tockfather 01/27/15 09:48:58 PM
#82804   $ BRENT - I'm starting to get a good bottom $tockfather 01/27/15 09:44:29 PM
#82803   Apple just posted the best quarter in corporate history $tockfather 01/27/15 09:16:51 PM
#82802   IMRS actually closed in the green today... VERY NICE!:) $tockfather 01/27/15 09:13:30 PM
#82801   Yes I have been trading it and a $tockfather 01/27/15 09:11:20 PM
#82800   A bit disappointed by UGAZ close Donis 01/27/15 06:42:59 PM
#82799   I haven't been able to follow the boards sanford 01/27/15 05:26:42 PM
#82798   IMRS nice close! matt24d 01/27/15 04:21:21 PM