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Validian Corp. (VLDI)

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Today, 95% of organizations still consider network and host-oriented security as their primary means of preventing attacks from reaching corporate applications and accessing sensitive data. Yet despite the significant investment made in recent years, the threats keep changing, the hackers keep adapting, and the attacks keep coming.

Complicating matters, a recent report stated that over 70% of unwanted disclosure of proprietary information that involve financial loss are made from within, either maliciously or unintended, by employees or trusted contractors.

With threats emerging from within, and gaps in perimeter- or host-based approaches leaving applications and data at risk of compromise, it is not surprising that many IT decision makers are finding existing tactics are no longer sufficient. As a result, new approaches are emerging that elevate security protection directly to the application layer and strengthen the protection for applications and data.

Validian Corporation is a world leader in the development of innovative, application-layer security software. We recognize that securing your digital assets, electronic records, or intellectual property begins directly within the applications that create, manipulate, transfer, and store your organization’s sensitive information. To accommodate the varying needs of customers, Validian provides its technology as either developer products or turnkey solutions

The Validian developer products (ASI Secure Core and ASI Secure Components) allow application owners or their solution partners to quickly introduce security directly into their application. By leveraging a feature-rich, pre-tested security framework application developers can accelerate the securitization of an application, minimize their maintenance workload, and guarantee a successful security implementation.

The Validian turnkey solutions (Flash Communicator, Flash Transfer) utilize the security capabilities of the underlying security core and/or components and allow end-user organizations to quickly deploy pre-packaged applications that protect communications and sensitive information transfer among executives, investors, regulatory agencies, employees, partners, and customers.

Validian’s developer products and turnkey solutions enable your organization to embed and exploit application security within your applications and to pursue a new approach to securing high-value content and mission-critical data. The result: simplified compliance to regulatory requirements, greatly improved protection against internal and external threats, and dramatic reduction in associated financial loss and litigation risk.


When the priorities of the day are getting the product function right and the feature set working bug-free, application security is often an afterthought. Furthermore, with the complexities of security programming, finding the time and the developer resources to put to the task of reducing security weaknesses in application code is challenging and costly.

Validian developer products are designed to remove the burden of securing application communication from developers. By providing critical security functions – such as authentication of application endpoints and embedded encryption - as well as pre-tested, higher order components – such as secure file transfer and secure instant messaging - Validian can help mainstream programmers to cut down on development time, and help deliver a secure, robust implementation every time.

Validian ASI™ Secure Core
A unique offering in the application-security market, Validian ASI Secure Core is a development and deployment environment that leverages the Microsoft Windows platform.

With an easy-to-use API and expert-built libraries, Validian ASI Secure Core integrates directly and easily into applications, lowering development costs and ensuring secure applications can be created faster and with greater confidence. At runtime, the ASI Secure Core relies on robust security agents and efficient administration tools to organize and manage a secure environment for ASI-enabled applications to interact and communicate critical application data securely.

Validian ASI™ Secure Components
Validian Secure Components are pre-built application building blocks that leverage the ASI Secure Core.

Validian Secure Components are designed to accelerate the introduction of secure, high-utility, communication-oriented functionality directly into custom applications. These building blocks can be quickly integrated into applications and easily extended with specific capabilities tailored to a particular organization's security policies or business practices.

With both the ASI Secure Core and the ASI Secure Components, Validian enables developers to concentrate on the application's business logic, accelerate time-to-market, and improve code quality. Relying on Validian’s advanced toolkits shields them from the many details that complicate the implementation of security and protects them from inadvertently introducing security flaws into their applications.


In our interconnected world, securing sensitive employee, corporate, and customer information is becoming increasingly difficult. Protecting the flow of information across private and public networks, internal employees and external partners without unduly impacting productivity seems an impossible task. Furthermore, seemingly each new day brings a report of identity or IP theft, a hack directed at a government or corporate target, or an unwanted leak of confidential information.

Validian’s turnkey solutions have been developed with the security-conscious organization in mind. Whether the information being protected consists of confidential health records, the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the identity of individuals, or proprietary documents, Validian’s turnkey solutions ensure that confidential data is only exchanged between authenticated parties and never travels in the clear.
Validian Flash Communicator™:
Validian Flash Communicator is an advanced peer-to-peer file transfer and instant messaging application that secures sensitive exchanges within and across organizational boundaries.

Affordable, simple to deploy, and easy to manage, Flash Communicator delivers safe, effective, real-time transfer of critical files among authenticated and authorized end users. Through innovative cryptography and compression technology, Flash Communicator ensures the transfer of any type and any size of file - including text, images, eDocuments, photographs, music, video, software and movies - quickly and securely.

Validian Flash Transfer (SASR):
Validian Flash Transfer is an innovative client-server file transfer application that protects critical data files during transit between clients and customized server back-ends.

Intuitive and easy-to-use, Flash Transfer allows end-users to transfer files asynchronously using a shared central repository. The solution can be easily extended at either the client or server for scheduled automated transfers or customized with business process specific workflow logic. Flash Transfer supports either 2- or 3-factor (biometric) authentication of end-users.

With both Flash Communicator and Flash Transfer, Validian helps organizations protect against embarrassing and costly disclosures, achieve compliance with regulations and audit requirements, and mitigate their security risks. By seamlessly integrating within the existing business processes and flexibly adapting to how people work, Validian’s innovative solutions deliver robust, out-of-the-box information security and rapid payback.


Washington Office:
Validian Corporation
1655 N. Fort Myers Drive
Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22209

Tel: (703) 465-5108
Fax: (703) 997-2251



At November 13, 2014, 289,951,105 shares of the registrant’s common stock were outstanding.

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