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Ihookup Social is (Facebook+Match+Instagram+Chat-App+Meet+Tinder)

a similar non-gps dating app tinder (Nasdaq:IACI owns 10% stake) valued $500million (10million members as of April 2014)...CNN, Bloomberg 
 IACI just acquired Howaboutwe 1.5 million users. WOW!!!

CEO, with part of the $8 Mln, we believe an influential celebrity (X40 effect) for the 19-25 yr old females (Miley & Justin) will see us to 22 Mln users EOY & 160 Mln users by 2015 & easily double their net worths. Ihookup social is in between Google, Facebook & Yahoo in California.

Got off the phone with Kurt, IR. He told me thank you for all the emails you are sending to all of us (13 people). CEO sees all the emails, Pawpawsir thanks for the 100 million vision. The CEO & board memembers are meeting on a daily bases and talking about celebrities + Andriods + growth. Guys 1 million investors worldwide coming here soon. Think bigger, in 2015, $15 pps, $5 Billion OTC market cap & 150 million+ users; before any buy-out/uplisting. Warren Buffett's August 30 virgo here

 *Back in 2005, facebook was given $12.7 million to grow, Ihookup social was recently given $2.5 million to grow*
Silicon Valley's 5 recent Buyouts, values each app members as low as $42 to as high as $140

       2 1.5 million members (IHOOKUP SOCIAL over 200 countries) by December due to TV Ads & Andriods app & India. Google, Yahoo, IACI, Venture capitalist, Wallstreet & Celebrities are watching

        Uber gps app valued at $18.5 Billion, Whatsapp at $19 Billion, tells you all what is at stake here..TOO BIG..Silicon Valley is a different ball game..Charts & MJ do not work here. Buyouts anytime & anywhere
How many Dating + App + social networking companies have stocks? None.. dating stocks are too expensive, limited in scope and growth, incomparison to Ihookupsocial 

                         *Ihookupsocial as been private for 4years, took over tfer shell, and went public in April/ May 2014 and bigger things are coming, without any advertising and awareness,  we are still 300,000 members and growing*



iHookup Social Confirms Launch of First National Television

10,000 Thirty-Second Spots to Run Over Next 4 Weeks on Networks Including MTV, ESPN, E!, History, Fox, Bravo, A&E and More



Real Connections... Real People...
Real Times!

iHookup Social Posts Record Gains in Downloads and Rankings for Month of April... Read More...

iHookup social is all about dating, finding new friends, meeting up and expanding existing social cliques. It's the hottest new proximity based mobile social platform that facilitates real connections, between real people…in real time!

Ranked in the USA as a Top 30, iTunes “Social Networking” app

“More people are taking their search for new connections, love and adventure with them wherever they go, using mobile apps on phones and other devices” – USA TODAY


                                                                                                                                                                     Opw sponsors May 14

The most valuable & easily recognizable name among 18-25: IHOOKUP SOCIAL or TINDER? IHOOKUP SOCIAL!!! wins
iHookup Social (HKUP) Issued $50 Million Target Based on Tinder Valuation

June User Growth Numbers Expected in Early July

Last Updated: June 21, 2014 - 1:00pm EST

(NEW YORK)--iHookup Social, Inc. (OTC:HKUP), a developer of proximity based mobile dating app, was issued a $50 million valuation based on the recent valuation of Tinder dating app of around $500 million.

Recently, IAC Interactive (IAC) purchased 11% of the social mobile dating app Tinder for $55 million from venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya. Based on the transaction Tinders social mobile dating network was valued at around $500 million, giving IAC a majority stake in this rapidly growing social mobile networking company.

This also now gives the market an idea of the potential valuation for HKUP iHookup Social mobile app as a direct competitor to Tinder.

User Growth Accelerating

On June 02, 2014, the Company announced that for the month of May there were 67,054 downloads of their mobile dating app, up 63% over the month of April, and up dramatically from 7,406 downloads for the entire month of January. This now pushes total users over 200,000, but based on their accelerating user growth this could rise sharply over the coming months.

Launching Television Ad Campaign

If you are impressed by the recent user growth over the past few months you may want to wait a bit as those numbers could grow dramatically over the next few weeks. Recently, the Company announced it had purchased 10,000 thirty-second television spots to roll out over thirty days, beginning Wednesday June 18, 2014. The campaign will run across several leading cable networks nationwide including MTV, ESPN, E!, History, Fox News, A&E and more, reaching a total of 7 million households nation-wide.

Based on their advertisement campaign user growth could grow sharply in the coming months, with real possibility that iHookup becomes viral, and runs to 1 million+ users by summers end. This milestone will for sure light a major fire under HKUP underlying common stock.

June User Downloads Pending

Another key reason to consider HKUP now is that their June user downloads should be released shortly, and if their download numbers come in strong, based on their TV advertisements, this could trigger a real frenzy among HKUP traders. 

June's user download numbers are expected to be released sometime in early July.

$50 Million Valuation Target

Ludlow Research, an equity research firm based out of New York City made note that based on iHookup Social becoming a direct competitor to Tinders mobile dating for casual encounters, their explosive user growth over past few months, and launch of a national advertisement campaign could provide the trigger that pushes iHookup up as a real player within the sector, and increase the potential for HKUP becoming an acquisition target. 

Since Tinder is being valued at $500 million, a $50 million market cap for HKUP would still only equate to 10% current valuation of Tinder.

Obviously Tinder is much more well established, both in brand name and number of users. But with just under 50 million outstanding in HKUP, even if you were to adjust those shares upward to 100 million outstanding to take into account for further debt clearance, you would still be looking at a stock with potential price valuation of $0.50 to $1.00 per share based on this valuation target.

Sizzling Love or Super Friends: A New App Will Take on Both Tasks 

The Internet dating scene has been around for over two decades already — it might not have been a very big scene way back when, though – and technology and social networks have only been making Internet dating more capable. IAC’s (NASDAQ:IACI) isn’t alone, as many competitors step in with news twists, new technologies, and new names. One startup out of Campbell, California is aiming to shake the tree some more, with its sights set on not just the dating scene, but also the overall social space. 

Internet dating sites seek to pair people with others that they might get along with romantically, and they can do this by taking in loads of data about users and comparing that to data from other users to find and suggest matches. Sometimes that data may be complex questions that really try to figure out what a person is like and who they’ll be good for; other times it can be just a matter of figuring out how old they are, what age range they’re interested in dating, and what region they live in. These sites and services occupy a particularly popular space, as many people are looking to spend less of their time alone, and a popular space is a valuable space. jumped into the Internet dating space as far back as 1995, and it’s grown to be one of the biggest players on the scene. According to its website, it serves 24 countries in 15 different languages. Since its services are very limited for free users, they are all encouraged to purchase premium subscriptions, which can bring in a hefty sum for the company. 

IAC actually has a particularly strong hold on the field, as it also owns OkCupid, a free website which tries to match users based on a wealth of question responses — and that’s just one of the many dating sites IAC owns. On the more hip end there is Tinder, a mobile app that links to Facebook profiles and then lets users check out who’s nearby and decide whether they are interested or not, matching up pairs of people mutually interested — again, an IAC property. 

There are other competitors out there, like eHarmony, but IAC’s properties are definitely the ones that have to be looked at in the dating space. The social space, which has room for dating but also for more platonic interests, is a bit of a different beast, and an even bigger wealth of users. 

That’s a space occupied most notably by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), which does offer plenty of opportunities to connect with people who share interests or locations, but doesn’t exactly try to match people up and see them land a relationship. Meetup is another in the social field, which facilitates users getting together with new people in their area for events as small as writing groups and board game nights to things as large as music festivals. The website claims that, “Meetup is the world’s largest network of local groups” with 15.92 million users in 196 countries and 315,827 meetups happening each month. 

These companies have been around for some time and built up large user bases and reputations, with the exception of Tinder, which is still young but has built up a large and active user base. It’s definitely not an easy arena to step into, but the startup iHookup Social (OTCBB:HKUP) is looking to do it and compete with any of these companies in one fashion or another. 

Founded by brothers Robert and Dean Rositano in Campbell, California — right in the competitive midst of tech giants Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO), Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Facebook, and many more — iHookup Social has created an app that works to help get people together, to put it simply. Thepublicly traded company has a market cap of $3 million according to CEO Robert Rositano, and it recently passed the 200,000 user mark that aims to get past 250,000 and half a million users by the end of the year. In consideration of Facebook paying $19 billion for WhatsApp’s 450 million free users and IAC spending $500 million for a 10 percent stake in Tinder — which has 10 million free users — Rositano said that, “We think we’re an undervalued company and we’re very much on the edge of something very special and really great here.” The numbers add up considering iHookup Social’s $3 million market cap on 200,000 paid and free users. 

With high expectations of growth and a belief that after the half-million mark “there’s going to be additional virility that may drive us past that million mark,” iHookup Social could be on its way up to compete in scale with the bigger players in the field. At that point, it will come down to what tools each has to win over customers and monetize. 

Though iHookup Social’s competitors have the advantage in numbers so far and definitely have enough going on for them to remain successful, the startup app appears to have a system that could win over users all around. is essentially a social network for people looking to find romantic partners. With a paid subscription, the site allows you to communicate with other users, see who has viewed your profile, track your communications, and attend Stir events, which are essentially mixers for members that occur all over with various themes (one was an archery contest.) It may be a simple platform for finding romantic interests, but it has the large user base adding value for new users and continuing users. As an added value, it also started screening new users to weed out sex offenders and help improve safety, according to ABC News. 

Tinder is a good fit for the young crowd. By linking to Facebook accounts, it makes it very easy for users to populate their profile with pictures for potential matches to see. After setting their location and picking an age range, a simple swipe allows users to express their interest or disinterest in meeting up with someone, and when matches are made, things go from there. According to the company’s website, “Tinder sees more than 850 million swipes and more than 10 million matches every single day.” It’s got trendiness on its side, particularly with the added Snapchat-like feature of photos with doodles and a 24-hour lifespan that can be sent to connections, plus the added benefit of being a free app. 

Meetup sits on the other side of the fence, as it facilitates finding groups of people to do things with, rather than finding a single romantic partner. For people moving to new places or just looking to find company for specific activities, this offers something that Tinder and don’t. The service is mostly free as well, only charging people who create and host groups. 

It’s at the intersection of romance and friendship that iHookup Social steps in to shake up the field. While Tinder,, Meetup, and many others are quite focused in their purpose, iHookup Social is a bit more open to interpretation from users. According to Rositano, users have been using the app “to really drum up their on creative ideas on how they get together.” One person could use the app find someone they’re interested in dating, chat a bit, and then plan out a coffee date. Another person might just try finding someone nearby who wants to check out a concert together, since it beats going alone. 

To state it clearly, Rositano said in an interview with Wall St. Cheat Sheet that, “There’s so many people out there that, yeah, maybe … maybe they’ll make a connection with a significant other — male, female — and that turns into a love connection — that’s great. We wanna see a lot of that happening on the site. There are others that — maybe they’re not looking for anyone in particular, but they are bored, they’re in a new place, they’re looking for something to do, and they like the venue side of the opportunity — they find out what’s around, what’s available, and then we recommend people they might go there with and connect with.” Here Rositano was speaking on an upcoming release of the app which will allow users to browse local venues and then suggest other users that might also be interested in going. 

In these ways, it is able to blend the user options to offer a product similar to IAC’s properties, but all within one package. Despite the right ingredients, the question of whether iHookup Social will manage to compete on even footing is harder to answer. 

As it stands, iHookup Social’s 200,000 users are a very small bunch next to the millions registered to Tinder,, and Meetup. Additionally, Rositano said that the conversion rate of free users to paid users is just shy of 10 percent. Since functionality is particularly restricted for free users at present, that leads to an actual base of around 20,000 users who can actually engage with others through the app. Having a large pool of users is majorly important for a system like this to work — you can’t meet someone in your city if you’re the only user in that city — and that means the product may be less enticing simply by being less popular. 

Still, Rositano expects it to continue growing, noting that iHookup Social has “an app store ranking in over 65 countries,” and “hit the top-grossing app charts within Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) with a No. 38 ranking top grossing social networking app within the U.S.” If the app does grow and hit that point of “additional virility” that Rositano spoke of, it could turn into a more significant competitor. 

One potentially major barrier for iHookup Social has been the paid subscription model. As the company has worked to find more ways to monetize, paid subscriptions have helped to keep it pulling in revenue, but it has to compete with programs like OkCupid, Tinder, and Meetup, which are both gigantic and free. To this end, Rositano said that the company has plans to expand the functionality for free users moving forward. This would be possible as the iHookup works on social commerce through in-app purchases, like gifts or dinners for two purchased with virtual currency, which the app already incorporates. 

Advertising will also be of particular importance. Though Rositano wasn’t able to disclose any advertisers the company is working directly with, he mentioned working with SpyLogics and how the integration of its tools will allow the app to “pull in through Google AdSense, [and] through,” which would likely help the app monetize free subscribers. Also, as the company works with venues, allowing them to advertise and promote themselves to users looking for places to hook up, it will be able to earn more from free users. 

The added advertising should also enable iHookup Social to offer a more enticing free version to users. If the free subscribers become a fully engaged user base, the apps value will quickly jump up for all those on board. While currently only around 20,000 users can really be considered active users, increased functionality for free users would instantly bump that up to over 200,000, since free users would then be able to hook up. At that point, it may have even more success enticing loads of new free users to join. 

If the app grows enormously to the sizes its founders hope, it could compete handedly with the various dating and social sites and apps mentioned by offering similar functions all in one place. Rositano noted that the 18-to-35-year-old demographic have on average between three and four social and dating apps on their phone at a time, including both free and paid apps. Rositano’s app could fit in there and replace them all. If it weren’t for its integration of Facebook profiles, it might even pose somewhat of a threat there, as many have argued that Facebook takes real in-person interaction and confines it to the Internet, whereas iHookup Social starts interactions on the internet and moves them into the real world. 

Currently, iHookup Social is only available on iOS, but the company has plans for an Android version in the future. 


Top In-App Purchases

8.99 USD HookUp Premium
14.99 USD 1 Month
4.99 USD Coin Pack 1
24.99 USD 3 months
7.99 USD Coin Pack 2
69.99 USD Yearly
19.99 USD Coin Pack 3
39.99 USD 6 Month
when we get to 1 million+ paid user annually X $69.99 a year = $70 million+ revenue

+ .99 cents to download app  + coin purchases......Smart business Ihookup social...

They also a free app you can download



To use the intelligence of GPS and localized recommendations for dating, friends, group and organizations, to break through closed social cliques and expand them. Not only virtually, but in real life!


iHookup Social is a “proximity based” mobile social platform that facilitates real connections, between real people…in real time! Utilizing the intelligence of GPS and localized recommendations for dating, friends, group and organizations, to break through closed social cliques and expand them, not only virtually, but in real life!
The company’s users will be provided with “local” options of many kinds, enabling mobile distribution of locally relevant content and special offers. The company hopes to bring together a dynamic opportunity for brands, advertisers and merchants to interact in new and innovative ways with the iHookup Social Network, while building customer loyalty, engagement and revenues.

The company is pursuing its growth in its current “dating vertical” market, as well as expanding its reach in the general audience category of “Social Networking”.


The iHookup app was created by 20 – year veterans of Silicon Valley Tech Start ups and a team of “Young and Talented” mobile innovators. In addition to a team of mobile development specialists, the management has a proven track record of developing and deploying consumer products and multi-national brands. iHookup Social, Inc completed the acquisition of assets (The iHookup App, IP, Domains, users, etc) from it’s developer Checkmate Mobile, Inc. in 2013. To date, the application has received over 100,000 downloads and is currently generating minimal revenue through free and paid downloads of the application, of which a percentage of users purchases subscriptions and/or virtual currency. The iHookup application is ranked in the top 500 apps in over 60 app stores around the world and had reached as high as #4 in Social Networking apps in the United States.


Robert A. Rositano, Jr. is the Chief Executive Officer of IHookup Social, Inc., and oversees day-to-day management and operational control over all aspects of the business. Mr. Rositano is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in technology and bringing in more than $60M in liquidity events for the companies he has hatched or managed. Prior to starting the Company, Mr. Rositano was a founding member of the Internet’s first IPO in 1993, Netcom Online Communications, Inc., which was sold to ICG and then to EarthLink in 1995. Mr. Rositano has co-founded a number of successful ventures, including Simply Internet, Inc.,, America’s Biggest, Inc., Zippi Networks, Inc (an eBay partner) and CheckMate Mobile, a mobile app developer. He has also authored one of the first Web Directory’s for Macmillan Publishers.

Dean Rositano is the President and Chief Technology Officer of IHookup Social, Inc. and is responsible for the day to day operations and guiding of the technical direction of the company. With over 15 years of experience in executive management, financial management, Internet architecture and high technology operations, Mr. Rositano has successfully assisted in the raising of over $40M in both private and public transactions. Prior to IHookup Social, Inc., Mr. Rositano co- founded Checkmate Mobile, Inc, Latitude Venture Partners, LLC, Zippi Networks, Inc, America’s Biggest, Inc, and most notably, was the co-founder and president and CTO of Silicon Valley based, which went public in 1998 when it quickly reached a valuation of over $600M. With over 3M unique visitors daily and a top 5 worldwide, website rank. As President and CTO, Mr. Rositano was responsible for designing, architecting, and scaling the Nettaxi server infrastructure from 0 to over 10 million visitors per day.

Mr. Garcia is the Chief Financial Officer of iHookup Social, Inc and has an extensive background in public accounting and finance, with his most recent role serving as Chief Financial Officer for several for Titan Iron Corp. (OTCQB: TFER). From 1997 to 2006, Mr. Garcia was employed in senior management positions by UK based Misys PLC, a global software and solutions company serving customers in international banking and securities, international healthcare, and retail financial services. Prior to 1997 Mr. Garcia held executive positions with CEMEX, a world leader in the construction materials industry. Mr. Garcia received his Bachelor of Science –Business Administration—Major in Accounting from the University of Arizona in 1981.

Will Richards is the Executive Vice President of Mobile Design at iHookup Social, Inc. Prior to joining iHookup Social, Inc., Mr. Richards co-founded Distance EDU Learning, Inc. in 2005, where he served as the head of UX & UI design and as a board member. Mr. Richards has held lead design and systems based roles at various technology companies over the course of his career, including, Applied Materials, BAE SYSTEMS, FINTELO, URreal and Checkmate Mobile.  Mr. Richards holds a degree in Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and patent inventor credentials in e-Learning.


What Other People Are Saying About iHookup Now!?


Wow! Better than Match and Zoosk!



Awesome App! Love the upgrade!



Love it! Well designed!



Track these daily, 29th Paid and 244th Free as of 4/1/14.

****Note: The top 5 Free apps are worth $20B+, the top 10 is $1B+ This can go top 10 IMO****




IR Contacts

Corporate Address:
iHookup Social, Inc.
125 E. Campbell Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

Investor Relations
Integrity Media
Kurt Divich

Transfer Agent
Paul Sullivan
350 Indiana Street
Suite 750
Golden, CO 80401

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