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When the concept of this board was being developed, having the benefit of being on I-HUB since June/2006, and actively trading in the markets, primarily penny, but I also traded big board stocks as well, I wanted to create a board where traders, regardless of their respective experiences, could congregate and prosper. It was also quintessential to me, that the appointed Assistant Moderators on the board, not only possess a strong foundation of trading acumen, but that they possess two crucial personal traits:, HONESTY and INTEGRITY. People can be taught technical analysis, how to trade on momentum, how to avoid prolific scams etc…But if an individual, at this stage of their life does not have HONOR or INTEGRITY, then quite frankly, they should not be here.

I want everyone who reads this message to understand this one thing; We at THE WOOF OF WALL STREET are trying our best to find undervalued stocks which we ourselves, and all of our loyal followers, can accumulate at the lowest possible price, thus making the most amount of profit. Most of the times that works, but, no one is perfect.

You see, I grew tired of watching some of the best traders on I-HUB, back in the day, utilize their skills, and their member marks to market themselves and in my humble opinion, sell their souls to these unscrupulous penny companies by running these damn, "Awareness Campaigns, stock promos and such." In my opinion, the giving of shares in exchange for pumping scam stocks, then dumping on the uninformed investors, trying to make some extra money to provide for their families, is not only unconscionable, but should be ILLEGAL. 

When confronted with a wrong, an individual must decide whether they are going to stand idly by and allow it to continue, or even worse, assist in its execution. Not me, not ever. I believe each and every person has a right to make a few extra bucks, and to do so, they need a fighting chance.

The aforementioned diatribe is the underlying principles by which I endeavored to pursue starting this board in the first place. Now that we have hopefully re-established those tenets, let us address some other issues which have come up recently:

1) FEATURED PICKS - We have always maintained that the FEATURED PICK alerts should be a grand slam, and to again, be perfectly honest here, there just has not been a plethora of FP worthy equities. A FEATURED PICK can ONLY be posted/alerted by me, so as not to add to the confusion on the board. Our FEATURED PICKS should be traded generally within a 4-9 trading session timeframe.

2) TRADE ALERTS--Can ONLY be issued by a WOOF OF WALL STREET MODERATOR. "TRADE ALERT," is verbiage we have all agreed upon to distinguish an alert, which does not meet the FEATURED PICK criteria, but nonetheless we feel is a good trade. A TRADE ALERT has no set timeframe, as it can, and in most cases should, be treated as a day trade, maybe even a 2 day trade. TRADE ALERTS normally have some type of catalyst, (news event, reverse merger, financing, etc…)

3) A TECHNICAL TRADE ALERT--Also can ONLY BE ISSUED by a WOOF OF WALL STREET MODERATOR, for the same reasons articulated above. A TECHNICAL TRADE ALERT is only different from a regular TRADE ALERT, in so far, as it is solely based upon technical analysis, (over sold, blue sky breakout, cup and handle, etc…) (TECHNICAL TRADE ALERTS may or may not have a forward looking catalyst coming, and are merely, as stated before, being issued soley based upon technical analysis).

4) Finally, we have GENERAL STOCK TIPS/ALERTS: These can be issued by any poster on the open WOOF OF WALL STREET forum and should be traded or not traded based upon each person's own individual assessment.


We at THE WOOF OF WALL STREET DO NOT ENGAGE, (NOR WILL WE EVER), in the following activities:                                                                                                                                              


We at THE WOOF OF WALL STREET appreciate your continued support, positive feedback and most of all your loyalty. We are actively looking for our next FEATURED PICK, and will as always provide our followers with a 24 hour warning as to when it will be publicly announced. In the interim, we will continue issuing TRADE ALERTS/TECHNICAL TRADE ALERTS and other stock tips as discerned and warranted.




Sub Penny Stocks Big Profit Potential

Sub Penny Stocks are stocks that are currently being traded at a fraction of a cent. For example, the price per share for a sub penny stock could be $0.0001 which means that this sub penny stock is trading at 1/100th of a penny. 

Don’t let the low price of sub penny stocks fool you. There is still big money that can be made by trading sub penny stocks especially if that sub penny stock has a low float. Sub penny stocks that have a low float have the tendency to move on high volume.

The reason for this is that sub penny stocks allow investors to get more shares off their initial investment. A penny stock investor could pick up one hundred thousand shares of a sub penny stock trading at $0.001 for just $100. When the volume for the stock is high you have lots of investors in demand of a sub penny stock with a limited supply of shares which causes the price of the sub penny stock to go up steeply and in a short amount a time.

Top 100 penny stock losers

Nasdaq daily losers list

Stock Trading Tips Worth Memorizing

Trading is a constant game of learning, failing and gaining experience. The old story of Babe Ruth is an incredible lesson for all us traders. In the year that Babe Ruth hit the most home runs, he also struck out the most! To hit home runs in trading, you will have to strike out and the more you strike out the more home runs you can hit. Here are some of my best stock trading tips to help you win more trades more often.

Trading Volume
One of the most important indicators to look at is the volume of a stock. Volume is an indication of how active a stock is. It is also an indication of how much money is flowing in and out of that particular stock. We ALWAYS want to FOLLOW the money. Volume is a great indication of the flow of money. Low volume stocks are "dead" and although they may be safe they won't make us money.

Buy On Weakness, Sell On Strength
One of the very first things I learned when I started online trading, but I must admit that it took me years to fully understand that this is the crux of it all. When you buy on weakness you buy a bargain. When you sell on strength you make a profit. Simple as that. Buying on weakness means that you are buying something that is undervalued. It's like buying a $100 bill for $50. As soon as you start chasing stocks and holding on too long you start breaking this fundamental rule.

Moving Averages
My favorite tool for analyzing any stock. In fact, I love it so much it's almost the first thing I look at. Moving averages is in my opinion one o the most accurate ways to see which direction a stock is moving. This is one of my best stock trading tips I can give you. Look at the moving averages and look at the crossovers - this is when buy and sell signals usually appear.

Check The News
As a predominantly technical trader, I was slow at catching on to this since I hate fundamental analysis. However, this is a simple and quick way to spot changes in a particular stock price. Just take a couple of minutes to do a search in Yahoo Finance or in your eTrade console for the latest financial news about that stock. Doing a quick search in that sector is also a good idea and be on the lookout for anything that can significantly affect the market perception.

Let The Winners Run, Cut Your Losers Short
It almost sounds ridiculous but how often do we hold on to stocks that we "fall in love with" HOPING that it will make a comeback and run the way we hoped it would? It's simple, if a stock is not doing what you planned for it, cut it off. On the other hand, if a stock starts running you should let it go and throw your full weight behind it.

Plan Your Trades, Trade Your Plan
It's vital to have a very clear plan on every single trade you make. You must have a definite entry price, a definite exit point and you must have stop losses in place. Trading with a plan is not just about giving yourself some rules, but it's about discipline and being a good money manger. Thinking that you can go with the flow and play it as it comes is just plain stupid and a recipe for disaster.

I hope these few stock trading tips will help you out. They are really that important and something that I believe will help you a lot.


Set a Realistic Goal- What is it that you are trying to accomplish? Do you want to earn $100 per week, per day, or per hour? How often do you want to trade? Are you able to trade during day time hours, or will you have to place your orders after hours?
Get some training- You need to find 1-3 good strategies that fit your risk tolerance and trading style. You can pick up some good information for books on trading at your local library or book store. You can also find some online stock trading information. The key here is to make sure that you are learning from someone who currently trades profitably with the style of trading you will like to trade.
Understand risk management- It is possible to have a 30% winners and 70% losing trades and still be profitable. The key is to learn how to cut your losses short and let your winners run. For example if you risk $50 max loss per trade and expect to earn $75 to $125 per trade. Then if you had 3 winners (125 * 3= $375) and 7 losers (50 * 7= $350) you will still be profitable. Assuming you have low commission cost.
Pay as little as possible in commission- Commissions can eat into your profits, select a reputable low commission broker. If you can pay less than $1 in commission to buy and sell, then for 100 shares or more traded you only need one penny to profit.
Be patient and picky- Don't rush into online trades, be very patient and picky about your trades. In other words, plan your work and work your plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. However, always be willing to accept that you made a bad trade and move on, because losses will happen.

Cannabis Stocks News
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