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Follow the DD and Embrace the OTC!    

FROM THE END OF NOVEMBER 2017, UNTIL APRIL 2018 - The SuperStocks Research Forum will be bringing on board the best DD minds together to analyze and identify intriguing opportunities in the OTC.   It takes a village.    Please read the RULES sticky before posting.   

*******NOTE TO THE FORUM MEMBERS ---  on DECEMBER 10th-- we will be RELEASING AN UPDATED SUPER STOCKS ENTRY LIST that we recommend all should DD and research.  THE GOAL IS TO FIND THOSE UNDERVALUED Or UNDISCOVERED GEMS now BEFORE the market as a whole.  Below are the current stocks to research: 


(As of 12/12/17

Some Recently added and ALL recommended to DD and research: 



*Recent news event / material event (past week)

Help Us Uncover the Next Gem to make The Super Stocks!


***These stocks are not in order of significance --(THEY ARE THE SUPER STOCKS and we love and trade them equally!)

COMING SOON --- the DD will all be stored in the box graph below for quicker reference.   Please see prior examples from early this year so you can see what to expect.    

Ticker                     DD Links & Info

DD Post 1
DD Post 2
SOS Info
(*see SOS info for recent changes in the last 30 days)




DD Post 1 
SOS Info
(*see SOS info for recent changes in the last 30 days)




OUR HALL -OF -FAME STATUS:  (We will continue to provide DD on these SUPER tickers which we still hold)  

--SIPC         --SPLI/ VPOR         --ICNB 
--CGRA       --CVRG/ MCOA      --DOLV 
--BABL        --VKNG                   --INTV 
--QEDN       --RXMD                   --PTOP

--PNTV        --PLUG                   --ADHC


1- SHMN:  

2- ASAB 

3. STSC  

4- MKSEF- 


6- ADHC:

7- BLDV:


9- UHLN:

10 - UNVC:

11- LVGI

12- MCGI:

13- WOFA

14- ASFX:

15- TVOG

16- HPNN 

17- MKSEF 

 looking to add a few more tmrw for all to peruse! 


***Do your own DD. Everything you read here is for entertainment purposes and WE are NOT Financial Advisors and can't give you any advisement.  Nothing said here on this forum is either a promotion to buy or sell any stock or security.  Moderators have final say on the appropriateness or legality of a post made here by a member. 

THE SUPER SIX     (Our original board logo) 

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#2438   TRON ran hard today. Up 215% today. The devil dog 96 12/12/17 10:36:07 PM
#2437   $MKSEF I just want to add a couple Almost A Myth 12/12/17 08:23:11 PM
#2436   SEE BELOW- tonight on ABCnews radio $MKSEF DD_dempsey 12/12/17 07:46:46 PM
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#2434   NEWS -$MKSEF- No dilution as they start drilling DD_dempsey 12/12/17 07:00:17 PM
#2433   Nice find Hatter. Another catalyst to give Almost A Myth 12/12/17 06:24:29 PM
#2432   $MKSEF News after the bell: HATTER 12/12/17 06:13:44 PM
#2431   $MKSEF This is an amazing 3 day chart. Almost A Myth 12/12/17 04:37:38 PM
#2430   $MKSEF VERY GOOD DAY! Closed .1993 on Almost A Myth 12/12/17 04:14:09 PM
#2429   $ASFX strong close again at HOD .0015. Almost A Myth 12/12/17 04:11:25 PM
#2428   $RESN Thoughts? Very low float. Huge news and Stockstrodamus 12/12/17 03:44:37 PM
#2427   EFFI could be real interesting if it goes KUMO TWIST 12/12/17 02:51:30 PM
#2426   HPNN huge slaps on tweet going current in KUMO TWIST 12/12/17 02:01:04 PM
#2425   Volume going nuts! $MKSEF .161 prints! Almost A Myth 12/12/17 01:57:53 PM
#2424   MUST SEE THIS NOW- huge tweet $MKSEF -abcnews DD_dempsey 12/12/17 01:53:39 PM
#2423   $MKSEF *URGENT - NEW TWEET!* Several retweets. Almost A Myth 12/12/17 01:53:10 PM
#2422   $ASFX getting some .0015 buys. 1.2M total Almost A Myth 12/12/17 01:04:44 PM
#2421   Email from ASAB here... KUMO TWIST 12/12/17 10:51:28 AM
#2420   $ASFX prints .00148 on very low volume. Almost A Myth 12/12/17 10:50:56 AM
#2419   $MKSEF (OTCQB) Marksmen Energy Inc. Anybody watching Almost A Myth 12/12/17 10:09:57 AM
#2418   Huge ASAB validation from CEO with an email KUMO TWIST 12/12/17 09:53:36 AM
#2417   $CCTL Bill Schaefer CEO of $CCTL news is Eric83 12/12/17 09:50:17 AM
#2416   Yep and let’s Bank it $Pistol Pete$ 12/12/17 03:52:08 AM
#2415   It takes a village bud- and we got DD_dempsey 12/12/17 03:41:33 AM
#2414   Congrats and you are doing an amazing job $Pistol Pete$ 12/12/17 03:25:55 AM
#2413   Agreed $ASFX - strongly recommended to research - DD_dempsey 12/12/17 03:23:28 AM
#2412   Morning Pete- doing DD here on a few DD_dempsey 12/12/17 03:00:40 AM
#2411   Incredible DD- well done HATTER with $SHMN DD_dempsey 12/12/17 01:13:51 AM
#2410   I'm adding $WOFA $ASAB and a few others DD_dempsey 12/12/17 12:44:28 AM
#2409   WOFA is on my radar, going to try KUMO TWIST 12/11/17 08:48:47 PM
#2408   I was one of them- I grabbed an DD_dempsey 12/11/17 07:32:09 PM
#2407   ASAB nice consolidation day and chance for new KUMO TWIST 12/11/17 07:27:43 PM
#2406   $SHNM No doubt Hatter. Almost A Myth 12/11/17 07:21:15 PM
#2405   $SHMN - blockchain is going to be HUGE HATTER 12/11/17 07:19:33 PM
#2404   LXGTF new 52 week high .4844. Great SuperPacMan 12/11/17 03:47:29 PM
#2403   $SHMN One tick flippers just about taken out Almost A Myth 12/11/17 01:48:13 PM
#2402   SRMX Nice!!! I talked to CEO many times $Steevo$ 12/11/17 11:02:35 AM
#2401   SRMX we get the debt settled PR this threewheeler 12/11/17 10:59:41 AM
#2400   $SRMX .0012 huge loading day!! we going back $Steevo$ 12/11/17 10:55:00 AM
#2399   SRMX 6mil x 5.5mil ask slapping to commence threewheeler 12/11/17 10:53:05 AM
#2398   SVTE NEWS THIS WEEK! Wild N Free 12/11/17 10:45:22 AM