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Swordfish Financial (SWRF)

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Swordfish Financial is a fully reporting company to the SEC and is listed as OTC Pink Current.



Investor Relations Department
Swordfish Financial, Inc.
6125 Airport Freeway, Suite 211
Haltom City, TX 76117

CIK:  0000078311

Full Description

Swordfish Financial, Inc. (SWRF) is a publicly held diversified financial asset recovery company formed to acquire orphaned assets of high net worth individuals, companies and to originate, fund, source funding for humanitarian and corporate transactions.  Swordfish Financial, Inc. main products will be to acquire and provide funding for organizations in the currently underserved humanitarian and eco-friendly markets. SFI provides economical and efficient use of capital while providing a valuable opportunity of loans to and or investment in small and medium sized organizations by providing asset based funding against marketable “income producing and/or marginable” assets. Our funding will enable our organizations to compete more effectively, improve operations and increase shareholder value.


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On September 23, 2014, Swordfish Financial (OTCQB:SWRF) announces that its management team signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" (MOU) with SoOum Corporation. The MOU sets forth terms on a "Definitive Agreement," whereas SoOum merges into SWRF. 





About SoOum
Our Philosophy:
SoOum's business philosophy is patterned after the Persistence Hunting Strategy depicted in the video clip provided on this page and consists of four major components: (1) Scouting, (2) Gathering, (3) Isolating, and (4) Taking-down. Each component of PHS has its own set of steps, which are outlined below:?

Intelligence Team scans and looks out for potential prey or potential deals. This includes attending events such as trade shows and trade expos, trade summits, invitations to United States government tabletop meetings and trade missions.Data gathered by these methods is entered into a database and analysis tool designed by SoOum called Medee. Medee has the capability of running algorithms based on certain criteria of probability, which allows SoOum to narrow down the number of opportunities from many thousands to a hundred.

Coordinated efforts between the Company’s Management, Intelligence Team, and Development Team are performed. The process of selecting potential new deals is conducted through careful and robust analysis, including the use of transactional risk metrics, vetting of potential parties involved, and market intelligence. During this period, the Company or Hunting Party identifies sixteen transactions that contain players most ready, willing and able to finish the deal with SoOum. 

A deal-screening meeting is conducted every two weeks to consider the Top-16 potential transactions for the Top-5. The deal-screening meeting further includes each of the Company’s teams (Intelligence, Development, and Solutions). ?Only those transactions averaging a non-performance risk rating of two and a half or lower with an overall EBITDA margin of ten percent or more are considered for further Management review.

Taking Down:
The Solutions Team creates a Closing Package, approved by management including the final steps of sourcing, delivery, and payment. This package includes any necessary inspections and customer relations meetings. The deal is complete at payment in full from importers and closing of accounts payable on the transaction.

SoOum Management:

William Westbrook (CEO)
In 2009, Mr. Westbrook completed the first global trade transactions, causing him to form a company directly suited for this type of business, which was given the name of Estmar Global, Inc. 
Global trade transactions continued through Estmar Global, Inc. until the end of 2011, when it became apparent that to attain a steady state and higher rate of closings, Estmar Global, Inc. would need enhance its business model.  SoOum Corp was born February 2, 2013.

Luis J. Vega (COO)
21 years serving US Army Spec Ops., covering nearly every major conflict since 1984 including Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan. As a soldier and DOD civilian (Cubic Defense, American Federal) he worked with governments and the UN sourcing commodities and delivering to war torn countries and frontier markets. 
He is a proven leader who has managed a broad range of personnel, from small teams to large corporate departments (Royal Bank of Scotland, SMI GMS, BP). He has created and carried out strategic plans within executive environments and at the high-performing team levels to meet organizational goals.

Ronald A. Vega (CFO)

Ronald A. Vega has over 17 years in a wide range of leadership and advisory positions, achieving business goals through the strategic design and unification of global trade programs.
Highly proficient in the interpretation and application of International Trade and Tax laws across multiple jurisdictions, his extensive work in operational improvement, risk management, and internal controls creates an adaptive global network with the business intelligence to actively deliver significant economic and operational growth. 

A Hakeem Wahed (Vice President)
Mr. Wahed is a Cultured Afghan/American who is knowledgeable in Afghan national history (last 30 years). He also is very well connected in MENA and Macedonia. He has a broad experience in all phases of computer hardware/software, sales, and marketing cycle: From concept to development and marketing. 
He effectively finalizes business transaction outside traditional channels. Mr. Wahed is a dedicated team worker with ability to build rapport with staff, and improve morale.

Phillip M. Micallef (Director of Business Development)
Phillip Martin Micallef is based in the Mediterranean island of Malta being very well connected and a unique ability to interact with people from all walks of life and cultures by gaining trust and confidence. He specializes in implementing creative and innovative growth strategies through social media and marketing. 
He has many years of experience in Real Estate with a proven record of closing deals using professionalism, integrity and an attitude of building relationships.

Alexander H. Becz (VP Business Development)
Alexander has 15+ years of experience in business development, trade, training and consulting. Prior to joiningSoOum, Alexander spent nine years as an executive director for a major procurement enterprise based in South Korea. 
He has been actively involved with: Small Business Chamber of EU in Korea, KAFSB – Korea, IAFP Seoul, Sejong Group, FERN Group. 
Mr. Becz speaks seven languages and has visited more than 50 countries in which he actively engaged in business.

Steve Messina (CIO)
Steve Messina began his 23 year career on Wall Street as a Fixed Income execution trader for Oppenheimer & Company.  Responsible for the Trading and marketing of Federal Agency bonds and US Treasuries to Oppenheimer’s sales force. After several successful years generating revenue, and sales commission for the firm, he was promoted to Executive Director and moved to the Inter-dealer 
and Institutional sales-trading desk. 
As Executive Director, Steve cultivated and managed over 150 Institutional accounts, and was instrumental in enhancing the firms Fixed Income presence within Capital Markets domestic and abroad.
His product range expanded  into corporate bonds trading high yield, High Grade and Derivative Fixed Income paper across the Yield curve.

SoOum Tradebook

SoOum previewed a portion of their trade book, reporting that they are working towards completing the following:
-Sugar (Buy - Malaysia/ Sell - Kyrgyz Republic)
-Powder Milk (Buy - Czech Republic/ Sell - Afghanistan) 
-Health Drinks (Buy - Poland/ Sell - Netherlands)
-Carbon Steel Pipe (Buy - USA/ Sell - USA) 
Also in the line-up are sausage casings, flour (wheat), mullet (seafood), live cattle, and bulk sugar. 

SoOum currently holds a substantial trade pipeline with a potential revenue stream from certain contracts signed and in negotiations, including recurring transactions.

SoOum Press Releases

Swordfish Financial, Inc. (SWRF) Announces A New Board Of Directors (Oct. 16, 2014)

SoOum Corp Reveals Deal Pipeline After Signing Merger Agreement With Swordfish Financial (SWRF) (Oct. 20, 2014) 

Swordfish Financial (SWRF) Announces its Pending Merger Partner, SoOum Corp, Recently Executed Two Trade Contracts in Excess of $6 Million US Dollars (Oct. 21, 2014)

SoOum Contact Information

PO Box 214 Summit, NJ 07902
Media Inquiries: (757) 306-6090
Arbitrage Transaction & Professional Services: (646) 801-3772

Investor Inquiries







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