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This board is coming in January!!!
Over the last year on Ihub the ONE thing that I have noticed is that people take ownership of a stock and it's board that they post. I lost 90% of my initial investments for those reasons, as of January 1st this all changes.
Stockitution is a board where you treat a stock like a vegas hooker, you buy it, you use it "Make Money", and discard it "Sell".

Links To Help You Become A Better Investor

# 1 this is the first thing you should check with any penny stock and make sure you search the entire SEC website for the principles of the company

# 2 this is important, it will give you an emence amount of information, if the company is Caveat Emptor or Limited Info run.  Some Companies listed on the Canadian Exchange will have limited info here which does not make them a bad investment they just don't fully report on both exchanges.

# 3 this is a great place to chart your investment

Links To Help You Find Investments

# 1 This one links you to mining stocks, look for Press Releases for a Potential Momentum Play

# 2 This is a good source of good penny plays

# 3 This link will get you to the source of 90+% of all PRs



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#22163   Thanks for that also check out KTOV great bigstocksnbonds 05/02/16 05:00:50 PM
#22162   We are having a great anniversary thanks so bigstocksnbonds 05/02/16 04:58:35 PM
#22161   $AMRS Amyris signs $100M-plus supply deal with myopinion 05/02/16 08:43:35 AM
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#22156   Loving the war weather. Just loving it. Getting TRAPPER JIM 05/01/16 09:26:00 PM
#22155   I'm sure you were happy with 81 degrees bigstocksnbonds 05/01/16 09:19:12 PM
#22154   Hope the anniversary plans go good tomorrow. TRAPPER JIM 05/01/16 09:05:26 PM
#22153   Pistachio pudding is good too! Her rice pudding bigstocksnbonds 05/01/16 09:03:44 PM
#22152   Sounds like a nice afternoon. My Dad liked TRAPPER JIM 05/01/16 09:01:31 PM
#22151   You must be beat yes!! Get rested! We bigstocksnbonds 05/01/16 08:58:57 PM
#22150   Just got back from the side job. Thinking TRAPPER JIM 05/01/16 07:26:18 PM
#22149   Have a good side job and lawn mowing!! bigstocksnbonds 05/01/16 04:03:08 PM
#22148   Sounds good. We went to church and ate TRAPPER JIM 05/01/16 04:01:09 PM
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#22144   Sounds good. LOVE FREE STUFF. HAPPY EARLY ANNIVERSARY. TRAPPER JIM 04/30/16 10:31:39 PM
#22143   We just went for an awesome walk the bigstocksnbonds 04/30/16 06:10:50 PM
#22142   Glad you had a good day! We went bigstocksnbonds 04/30/16 12:11:41 PM
#22141   Happy Friday to you to. Had a good TRAPPER JIM 04/29/16 10:44:34 PM
#22140   Happy Friday!!! Hope your day has been good!! Update bigstocksnbonds 04/29/16 06:36:09 PM
#22139   Way over $10 thanks lots!! Will look into it!! bigstocksnbonds 04/28/16 01:20:05 PM
#22138   SPEX potential value as representing by company.per financials ash111 04/28/16 01:19:17 PM
#22137   SPEX thanks for the excellent heads up! Billions value!! bigstocksnbonds 04/28/16 01:17:26 PM
#22136   GM im buying SPEX, ash111 04/28/16 11:58:43 AM
#22135   SNVP look at L2 5M bid now .0001 lukin4winners 04/28/16 11:17:31 AM
#22134   Good weather tomorrow yeah!!! bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 11:22:48 PM
#22133   Rain tonight and moving out in the morning TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 11:22:01 PM
#22132   Hope weather is good-- sleep well catch you bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 11:20:25 PM
#22131   I'm watching the weather then I'm going to TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 11:17:51 PM
#22130   Thank you so much!! I like your plans bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 11:16:36 PM
#22129   You go girl TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 11:07:08 PM
#22128   Yes I really like JNJ nice family company bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 11:05:01 PM
#22127   JNJ sounds good. Nice family company to. TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 11:02:12 PM
#22126   Yes I will do all my banking Friday bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 10:48:49 PM
#22125   Hope you get it all done up before TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 10:45:43 PM
#22124   Hawaiian rolls are good yes! My bank will bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 10:43:32 PM
#22123   Sounds good. I like the Kings Hawaiian bread to TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 10:04:38 PM
#22122   Yes good bread is great! Congrats on your bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 09:56:42 PM
#22121   I love good bread. Always like trying new stuff. TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 08:24:39 PM
#22120   YES GOOOOOO ALL OUR STOCKS KEEP GOING!!!!!!!!!! Got bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 04:49:02 PM
#22119   Yw. Go our stocks TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 04:44:45 PM
#22118   Thank you lots for the compliment!! Love your bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 04:42:04 PM
#22117   You are just kicking but lately with your stocks TRAPPER JIM 04/27/16 03:54:57 PM
#22116   Hope you and your stocks are all good bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 03:18:41 PM
#22115   Thanks I may be able to add more! bigstocksnbonds 04/27/16 01:59:07 PM
#22114   bigstocksnbonds, kitov add more 5%... ash111 04/27/16 10:02:16 AM