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This board is coming in January!!!
Over the last year on Ihub the ONE thing that I have noticed is that people take ownership of a stock and it's board that they post. I lost 90% of my initial investments for those reasons, as of January 1st this all changes.
Stockitution is a board where you treat a stock like a vegas hooker, you buy it, you use it "Make Money", and discard it "Sell".

Links To Help You Become A Better Investor

# 1 this is the first thing you should check with any penny stock and make sure you search the entire SEC website for the principles of the company

# 2 this is important, it will give you an emence amount of information, if the company is Caveat Emptor or Limited Info run.  Some Companies listed on the Canadian Exchange will have limited info here which does not make them a bad investment they just don't fully report on both exchanges.

# 3 this is a great place to chart your investment

Links To Help You Find Investments

# 1 This one links you to mining stocks, look for Press Releases for a Potential Momentum Play

# 2 This is a good source of good penny plays

# 3 This link will get you to the source of 90+% of all PRs



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#15033   Sure sounds easy doesn't it TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 10:03:47 PM
#15032   Eleven doubles is all is takes!! Needles!! Find bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 10:01:19 PM
#15031   GO US!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!! TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 09:51:23 PM
#15030   Will find that needle soon TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 09:50:49 PM
#15029   GO US!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!! bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 09:37:42 PM
#15028   Up and running will be great! We will bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 09:37:20 PM
#15027   Thanks. Im all excited about getting it up TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 09:16:48 PM
#15026   We will make it some day. TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 09:16:18 PM
#15025   Great you mailed the fabric out today!! Great!! bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 09:12:31 PM
#15024   Wow snow there! Yikes! Thanks about the MRI bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 09:11:48 PM
#15023   YW.Glad to help out. I got my fabric TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 09:11:29 PM
#15022   Okay Ihub has a problem with stock quotes bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 09:10:04 PM
#15021   I seen earlier today on top of every TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 09:08:15 PM
#15020   Thanks,All we can do is keep trying right. TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 09:05:49 PM
#15019   On all the ihub stocks on my phone bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 06:49:37 PM
#15018   Sounds like a plan with Fnma! Glad you bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 05:59:34 PM
#15017   Only had to work 8 hrs today.YEAH ME!!!!!!!!!! TRAPPER JIM 10/30/14 04:25:47 PM
#15016   Sorry Fnma is down today, so sorry!! Hope bigstocksnbonds 10/30/14 01:50:42 PM
#15015   Sounds good TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 11:12:05 PM
#15014   Thanks! OXGN has earnings reported on Nov 12th bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 10:45:20 PM
#15013   Hope you guys both make some money on it. TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 10:41:29 PM
#15012   Thats great 80 pounds! It is hard work bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 10:35:26 PM
#15011   Sounds good. Loving the ice cream. I seen TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 10:29:45 PM
#15010   The trial is going on now, so if bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 10:25:17 PM
#15009   if she rules it wont go on hold TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 10:21:28 PM
#15008   Eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 10:20:26 PM
#15007   Yes anticipation of it not going on hold, bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 10:18:35 PM
#15006   Sure hope we get some good gains too! bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 10:17:06 PM
#15005   Sure hope we get some nice gains TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 10:14:38 PM
#15004   I just got back home and made it TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 10:13:53 PM
#15003   I seen that. Thats why I said it TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 10:11:11 PM
#15002   Do not be too upset Fnma went down bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 09:48:45 PM
#15001   It should go up on anticipation of her bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 06:07:31 PM
#15000   See my second message I just sent you bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 06:06:44 PM
#14999   It should go up on the anticipation. Most TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 06:05:31 PM
#14998   I didn't see any news either. TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 06:00:42 PM
#14997   The govt wants to put all the lawsuits bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 05:58:38 PM
#14996   No bad news I heard of, just general bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 05:54:49 PM
#14995   FNMA went down today. Did they have bad TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 05:35:06 PM
#14994   We just need our stocks to FLY UP!!! bigstocksnbonds 10/29/14 03:13:20 PM
#14993   Were doing good. Now we need our stocks TRAPPER JIM 10/29/14 06:52:27 AM
#14992   12 lbs from your highest down is GREAT!!! bigstocksnbonds 10/28/14 11:03:59 PM
#14991   I got on the scales today. Im down TRAPPER JIM 10/28/14 10:36:30 PM
#14990   You do work very hard, it is no bigstocksnbonds 10/28/14 10:33:48 PM
#14989   Some days I just don't know if Im TRAPPER JIM 10/28/14 10:29:43 PM
#14988   Sorry you had to work so late today! bigstocksnbonds 10/28/14 10:16:11 PM
#14987   YW. Had to work late today. Got off TRAPPER JIM 10/28/14 10:11:53 PM
#14986   NICE YOU GO GIRL TRAPPER JIM 10/28/14 10:09:57 PM
#14985   Thanks for your good wishes on his MRI!! bigstocksnbonds 10/28/14 10:09:20 PM
#14984   Made over 12 K today!! Weeeeee! Yes Fnma bigstocksnbonds 10/28/14 10:07:59 PM