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This board is coming in January!!!
Over the last year on Ihub the ONE thing that I have noticed is that people take ownership of a stock and it's board that they post. I lost 90% of my initial investments for those reasons, as of January 1st this all changes.
Stockitution is a board where you treat a stock like a vegas hooker, you buy it, you use it "Make Money", and discard it "Sell".

Links To Help You Become A Better Investor

# 1 this is the first thing you should check with any penny stock and make sure you search the entire SEC website for the principles of the company

# 2 this is important, it will give you an emence amount of information, if the company is Caveat Emptor or Limited Info run.  Some Companies listed on the Canadian Exchange will have limited info here which does not make them a bad investment they just don't fully report on both exchanges.

# 3 this is a great place to chart your investment

Links To Help You Find Investments

# 1 This one links you to mining stocks, look for Press Releases for a Potential Momentum Play

# 2 This is a good source of good penny plays

# 3 This link will get you to the source of 90+% of all PRs



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#14920   From Ed Starrs Myec CEO at 2:20 pm bigstocksnbonds 10/24/14 05:42:51 PM
#14919   Hope your early am drive went well!! Our bigstocksnbonds 10/24/14 05:15:21 PM
#14918   So you got up at 2 am and bigstocksnbonds 10/24/14 03:34:08 PM
#14917   That block feature is nice for situations like TRAPPER JIM 10/22/14 09:47:29 PM
#14916   I didn't know how to block them but bigstocksnbonds 10/22/14 08:31:01 PM
#14915   That's terrible.I hate it when people do that TRAPPER JIM 10/22/14 08:17:29 PM
#14914   Glad you are back home safely! We lost bigstocksnbonds 10/22/14 08:12:11 PM
#14913   WHEW What a long day today.Glad to be TRAPPER JIM 10/22/14 08:00:21 PM
#14912   AMMGD---good luck with it!! Lots of luck!! Drive safely!! bigstocksnbonds 10/22/14 10:13:09 AM
#14911   Glad your bank stock in hanging in there! bigstocksnbonds 10/22/14 10:08:35 AM
#14910   My little bank stock is still hanging in TRAPPER JIM 10/22/14 04:45:27 AM
#14909   It is so nice to make some cash bigstocksnbonds 10/21/14 10:16:22 PM
#14908   Glad your making some of that cash back TRAPPER JIM 10/21/14 09:42:53 PM
#14907   Estimate by week's end is great for your bigstocksnbonds 10/21/14 09:39:13 PM
#14906   Yes enjoy seeing the trees changing en route bigstocksnbonds 10/21/14 09:38:22 PM
#14905   UP UP UP $$$$$$$$$$$.The company that is going TRAPPER JIM 10/21/14 09:38:01 PM
#14904   YW.It is pretty this time of year.With all TRAPPER JIM 10/21/14 09:36:19 PM
#14903   Hope markets respond to more earnings reports and bigstocksnbonds 10/21/14 09:29:33 PM
#14902   Thanks for your good wishes for his scan! bigstocksnbonds 10/21/14 09:28:45 PM
#14901   Hope the scan goes well tomorrow.Hope its something TRAPPER JIM 10/21/14 09:22:55 PM
#14900   THANK YOU!!!!!! : ). Hope your day bigstocksnbonds 10/21/14 08:58:24 PM
#14899   YOU GO GIRL.AWESOME $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TRAPPER JIM 10/21/14 08:45:50 PM
#14898   Woooo hooo! Made a whopping $17,439 today as bigstocksnbonds 10/21/14 08:33:09 PM
#14897   Get some rest! 6 comes early!!! Sleep well!! bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 11:00:46 PM
#14896   It sure did make me feel better back TRAPPER JIM 10/20/14 10:59:16 PM
#14895   You can always get back into it slowly bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 10:54:10 PM
#14894   Kelly and I used to walk like that TRAPPER JIM 10/20/14 10:51:33 PM
#14893   Walking is good for calorie burning and is bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 10:49:16 PM
#14892   I need to start walking to help with TRAPPER JIM 10/20/14 10:12:05 PM
#14891   Glad you are having nice fall weather there! bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 10:09:20 PM
#14890   Nice and chilly here all day today.Good fall TRAPPER JIM 10/20/14 09:44:56 PM
#14889   Thanks! I am so glad we made money bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 09:31:59 PM
#14888   Sounds good.MAKE THAT MONEY GIRL.Glad the prices weren't TRAPPER JIM 10/20/14 09:28:07 PM
#14887   Thanks! It was delicious and I posted a bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 09:25:10 PM
#14886   MMMMMMM Sounds good.I likes me some fried catfish, TRAPPER JIM 10/20/14 09:16:14 PM
#14885   To PA!!! Wow you do go places daily! bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 08:25:58 PM
#14884   Ive had a pair or two of them TRAPPER JIM 10/20/14 08:22:29 PM
#14883   They do make good shoes New Balance!! Nasdaq bigstocksnbonds 10/20/14 01:56:42 PM
#14882   Have a good evening.Im ready to.Catch you tomorrow.GO TRAPPER JIM 10/19/14 11:02:52 PM
#14881   Sounds good.Glad he likes them.Ive got two good TRAPPER JIM 10/19/14 11:01:49 PM
#14880   Am turning in so will catch you Monday!! bigstocksnbonds 10/19/14 10:57:49 PM
#14879   Yes they had his shoe size and we bigstocksnbonds 10/19/14 10:54:14 PM
#14878   Did Gary find his New Balance shoes today. TRAPPER JIM 10/19/14 10:50:19 PM
#14877   Yes fall is just right temp wise! Great bigstocksnbonds 10/19/14 10:46:26 PM
#14876   Thanks! We thought lower amt of bills was bigstocksnbonds 10/19/14 10:45:24 PM
#14875   not as much as you thought is good TRAPPER JIM 10/19/14 10:32:22 PM
#14874   It is pretty this time of year isn't TRAPPER JIM 10/19/14 10:30:09 PM
#14873   Figured out all our debt and it is bigstocksnbonds 10/19/14 09:54:07 PM
#14872   Perfect hoodie and walking weather yes! We love bigstocksnbonds 10/19/14 07:24:08 PM
#14871   They had a good practice today.We have had TRAPPER JIM 10/19/14 07:16:44 PM