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This board is coming in January!!!
Over the last year on Ihub the ONE thing that I have noticed is that people take ownership of a stock and it's board that they post. I lost 90% of my initial investments for those reasons, as of January 1st this all changes.
Stockitution is a board where you treat a stock like a vegas hooker, you buy it, you use it "Make Money", and discard it "Sell".

Links To Help You Become A Better Investor

# 1 this is the first thing you should check with any penny stock and make sure you search the entire SEC website for the principles of the company

# 2 this is important, it will give you an emence amount of information, if the company is Caveat Emptor or Limited Info run.  Some Companies listed on the Canadian Exchange will have limited info here which does not make them a bad investment they just don't fully report on both exchanges.

# 3 this is a great place to chart your investment

Links To Help You Find Investments

# 1 This one links you to mining stocks, look for Press Releases for a Potential Momentum Play

# 2 This is a good source of good penny plays

# 3 This link will get you to the source of 90+% of all PRs



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#15639   Glad you had a good day! I am bigstocksnbonds 12/18/14 07:51:51 PM
#15638   Had a nice day today at work. Not TRAPPER JIM 12/18/14 05:47:29 PM
#15637   Thanks! Yes markets still soaring on Fed news bigstocksnbonds 12/18/14 05:45:23 PM
#15636   Glad you did good today. Glad the markets TRAPPER JIM 12/18/14 05:43:05 PM
#15635   You are Nice to get them iphone6's!!! That bigstocksnbonds 12/18/14 05:33:46 PM
#15634   That's what the girls are wanting for Christmas. TRAPPER JIM 12/18/14 06:59:56 AM
#15633   Would be good! We may get the iphone bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 10:44:19 PM
#15632   I may upgrade to an iPhone. Will se TRAPPER JIM 12/17/14 09:54:24 PM
#15631   Yes our phones are OLD!!!! We may go bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 09:42:53 PM
#15630   That's a bummer. Mines old to. Still got TRAPPER JIM 12/17/14 09:27:57 PM
#15629   Nope could not get it working! May have bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 09:26:43 PM
#15628   YW. Hope they get the app working again TRAPPER JIM 12/17/14 09:23:16 PM
#15627   Thanks for your congrats! Good luck getting tickets bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 08:55:33 PM
#15626   Congrats on making that much today. Im trying TRAPPER JIM 12/17/14 08:22:27 PM
#15625   It is really nice amt to make back bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 08:05:43 PM
#15624   $12,000 is a nice bounce back today. TRAPPER JIM 12/17/14 07:34:43 PM
#15623   That is great you got some filling low bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 07:30:41 PM
#15622   Love the turkey. I think Im going to TRAPPER JIM 12/17/14 07:23:51 PM
#15621   Yes FNMA and AAPL were both up today bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 05:08:46 PM
#15620   Nice. I see FNMA and AAPL were up today TRAPPER JIM 12/17/14 04:49:13 PM
#15619   Glad you are eating lower calorie foods! Great!!! bigstocksnbonds 12/17/14 02:55:16 PM
#15618   Have a good evening. Ill catch up tomorrow. TRAPPER JIM 12/16/14 11:37:17 PM
#15617   I ate good today. Breakfast lunch and dinner. TRAPPER JIM 12/16/14 11:36:52 PM
#15616   Am turning in so will catch you tomorrow bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 11:29:21 PM
#15615   That is not many calories! Don't starve yourself bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 11:22:17 PM
#15614   Only had 1069 calories today. So far.LOL TRAPPER JIM 12/16/14 11:00:10 PM
#15613   Great you are back on your diet! We bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 10:54:41 PM
#15612   Stretching is always good exercise. Im back on TRAPPER JIM 12/16/14 10:50:46 PM
#15611   Yes AZFL had a good PR today and bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 10:42:44 PM
#15610   New phones sound nice.Ill have to look at TRAPPER JIM 12/16/14 10:31:49 PM
#15609   Only 8 more days yes! Yeah!! We may bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 10:14:52 PM
#15608   Its not far now is it. Only 8 TRAPPER JIM 12/16/14 10:10:37 PM
#15607   Thanks! We are happy about not losing as bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 10:03:27 PM
#15606   NICE. Glad you wont lose as much on TRAPPER JIM 12/16/14 09:56:59 PM
#15605   What is the good word tonight?! Lost only bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 09:55:30 PM
#15604   Merry Xmas to you too! : ) bigstocksnbonds 12/16/14 04:47:53 PM
#15603   YW..... Merry Christmas! z SantaZar 12/16/14 08:31:06 AM
#15602   I see sharky is over there. Hes hilarious TRAPPER JIM 12/15/14 11:09:46 PM
#15601   Yes we do need a crystal ball LOL!!! bigstocksnbonds 12/15/14 11:07:08 PM
#15600   We just need that crystal ball to help us. TRAPPER JIM 12/15/14 10:31:29 PM
#15599   I lknow how you feel! It is risky bigstocksnbonds 12/15/14 10:27:59 PM
#15598   YW. You never know which one until afterwards. TRAPPER JIM 12/15/14 10:21:43 PM
#15597   Thanks for that info!! I think I will bigstocksnbonds 12/15/14 10:15:02 PM
#15596   That is a lot of money today. The TRAPPER JIM 12/15/14 10:09:55 PM
#15595   It has had 3 200MM volume days in bigstocksnbonds 12/15/14 09:57:10 PM
#15594   Decisions decisions I hear ya. I haven't looked TRAPPER JIM 12/15/14 09:54:12 PM
#15593   Thanks lots!!! That is some awesome info and bigstocksnbonds 12/15/14 09:53:46 PM
#15592   DDAmanda® Chart on: $AZFL: Click on chart twice SantaZar 12/15/14 09:49:32 PM
#15591   Symphonic band for 8th grade sounds Nice!! Thanks bigstocksnbonds 12/15/14 09:47:16 PM
#15590   You know how that goes. They all say TRAPPER JIM 12/15/14 09:43:29 PM