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This board is coming in January!!!
Over the last year on Ihub the ONE thing that I have noticed is that people take ownership of a stock and it's board that they post. I lost 90% of my initial investments for those reasons, as of January 1st this all changes.
Stockitution is a board where you treat a stock like a vegas hooker, you buy it, you use it "Make Money", and discard it "Sell".

Links To Help You Become A Better Investor

# 1 this is the first thing you should check with any penny stock and make sure you search the entire SEC website for the principles of the company

# 2 this is important, it will give you an emence amount of information, if the company is Caveat Emptor or Limited Info run.  Some Companies listed on the Canadian Exchange will have limited info here which does not make them a bad investment they just don't fully report on both exchanges.

# 3 this is a great place to chart your investment

Links To Help You Find Investments

# 1 This one links you to mining stocks, look for Press Releases for a Potential Momentum Play

# 2 This is a good source of good penny plays

# 3 This link will get you to the source of 90+% of all PRs



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#15341   Thanks for your good wishes for our safe bigstocksnbonds 11/23/14 09:41:20 PM
#15340   Have a safe trip up there tomorrow. Hope TRAPPER JIM 11/23/14 08:57:40 PM
#15339   Great you got all your outside stuff done bigstocksnbonds 11/23/14 08:39:57 PM
#15338   Had a good day today. Got all my TRAPPER JIM 11/23/14 07:38:29 PM
#15337   $CGRW, $MEDT, $DSCR: Hemp Car Developed in Canada Le2dynasty 11/23/14 06:16:32 PM
#15336   Yes the biscuit sandwiches were gooood!!!! Enjoy Sunday pm!! bigstocksnbonds 11/23/14 01:16:14 PM
#15335   Those sound good to me TRAPPER JIM 11/23/14 01:10:20 PM
#15334   Yikes he was lucky with that lion!! Lucky bigstocksnbonds 11/23/14 01:04:12 PM
#15333   Thanks I hope they like it. Check out TRAPPER JIM 11/23/14 12:54:40 PM
#15332   Those finished photos are beautiful!! You are so bigstocksnbonds 11/23/14 12:33:12 PM
#15331   That is a neat manger you made! Thanks bigstocksnbonds 11/23/14 12:31:55 PM
#15330   Heres the finished pictures TRAPPER JIM 11/23/14 09:57:27 AM
#15329   Our church is putting a float with a TRAPPER JIM 11/23/14 12:15:48 AM
#15328   Glad hes having fun. Im not to good TRAPPER JIM 11/22/14 11:51:09 PM
#15327   I hope the driver is ok. I never TRAPPER JIM 11/22/14 11:50:02 PM
#15326   Buffalo is really getting hit hard! Awful!! Gary bigstocksnbonds 11/22/14 08:33:41 PM
#15325   That much snow on a car roof is bigstocksnbonds 11/22/14 07:19:54 PM
#15324   It is nuts isn't it. Cant imagine pushing TRAPPER JIM 11/22/14 06:08:37 PM
#15323   I don't know. The roads were nice the TRAPPER JIM 11/22/14 06:07:50 PM
#15322   That is just nuts in Buffalo NY!! Nuts!!! bigstocksnbonds 11/22/14 12:48:33 PM
#15321   Wow wonder how a semi overturned?!! bigstocksnbonds 11/22/14 12:47:38 PM
#15320   Were going to be rich someday!!! bigstocksnbonds 11/22/14 12:47:01 PM
#15319   Ha ha ha ha check out this car TRAPPER JIM 11/22/14 08:14:00 AM
#15318   I seen this overturned semi yesterday on I TRAPPER JIM 11/22/14 08:10:21 AM
#15317   Were gonna be rich someday TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 11:02:45 PM
#15316   Yes Bfre is/ at 0.05 now too!! Thanks bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 10:57:26 PM
#15315   I tried to buy BFRE at .002 but TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 10:54:37 PM
#15313   Getting a little Bfre Monday! They signed a bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 10:47:02 PM
#15312   Thanks! Yes please do post pictures of the bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 10:45:09 PM
#15311   Ill try and get a couple pictures and TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 10:41:25 PM
#15310   A manger!!!! Wonderful for you and so bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 10:24:01 PM
#15309   Im glad your getting your moneys worth from TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 10:17:47 PM
#15308   An MRI costs much more than a CT bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 10:08:49 PM
#15307   They are expensive aren't they. TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 10:06:04 PM
#15306   Thanks for your good wishes for Mom! Yes bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 10:00:35 PM
#15305   Good luck. Glad its 100%paid for to. That's nice. TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 09:57:11 PM
#15304   Hope she gets that all fixed up soon.Sorry TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 09:56:34 PM
#15303   Gary goes for an MRI tomorrow to see bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 09:49:58 PM
#15302   EEDG-- so happy for you it is kicking bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 09:48:24 PM
#15301   EEDG kicking but. It hit .0018 and closed TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 09:39:46 PM
#15300   Nice chart Stock Rockstar TRAPPER JIM 11/21/14 09:37:54 PM
#15299   ECGI chart running....breast cancer device!!!! Stock Rockstar 11/21/14 02:23:12 PM
#15298   Touch screen computers are great! Kids love it bigstocksnbonds 11/21/14 01:44:07 PM
#15297   I really love my computer.The kids are jealous TRAPPER JIM 11/20/14 11:22:47 PM
#15296   Touch screens are great!!! The iphone's touch screen bigstocksnbonds 11/20/14 08:20:15 PM
#15295   Im sure Ill have to break down and TRAPPER JIM 11/20/14 08:13:04 PM
#15294   They may have some deals on them yes!!! bigstocksnbonds 11/20/14 08:08:17 PM
#15293   Have to wait and see what kind of TRAPPER JIM 11/20/14 08:04:09 PM
#15292   That is Very Nice of you to consider bigstocksnbonds 11/20/14 07:56:01 PM