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Solo International, Inc. (SLIO)

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Solo International, Inc. was founded in 2010 and is based in Henderson, Nevada.

Solo International Inc. is  is an exploration and development mining company with a focus on deposits of rare earth metals and rare earth elements.
The Company has mineral claims totaling 120 hectares located in the mining friends jurisdiction of Portland Township Quebec, Canada.

The Company's mission is to build a portfolio of viable mining prospects throughout the world and developing them to their full economic potential.

Rare Earth Metals
Critical minerals (i.e. Rare Earth elements, Lithium, Vanadium, Tungsten etc) play a critical role in the global economy with applications ranging from alloy elements to permanent magnets to laptops to, electric vehicles, cell phones to hi-tech military equipment and everything in between. The U.S Government is taking the supply of these minerals seriously and Washington lawmakers are now starting to look at ways for America to identify sources of strategic minerals that are safe from geo-politics.
A material is critical if it has no source other than physical extraction, its concentrated form has a skewed geographical distribution in the earth's crust or it does not occur in sufficiently concentrated form to allow primary exploitation, and it uniquely bestows an essential functionality to an application whose commercial value is substantially higher than the cost of the critical material input.

U.S. Production Status
There are currently no active Rare Earth mines in the United States.
The United States has two permitted world class rare earth mines.
The recent financial collapse caused banks to withdraw funding for one project and eliminated funding prospects for the other.


Common Stock SEC Reporting - Current

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The correct trading tier is now shown as SLIO failed to meet the requirements for OTCQB where it once resided

Wakeup Call for the Rest of the World: China to stockpile key metals consolidates production & restricts exports as it focuses on security of supply.
China is now using export quotas, duties and stockpiling to change itself from being just a raw material exporter.

What are REE's ?
Rare Earths, also called the Lanthanides, are the group of elements on the Periodic Table beginning with the atomic number 57 (Cerium) through 70 (Ytterbium) including Lutetium (71).
However, due to elemental and commercial association rare earths typically include Yttrium, Thorium and Scandium.
What Makes Them Important?

This group of elements represents the only known bridge to the next level of improved performance in the material properties for many metallurgical alloys, electrical conductivity, and instrument sensitivity and in some cases a mechanical or physical change in form or function.
Rare earth elements are a group of 17 chemical elements that are critical to two of the fastest-growing sectors:

Energy and High Technology

No Known Substitutions
These lanthanides hold unique chemical, magnetic, electrical, luminescence and radioactive shielding characteristics.
Combined with other materials they can help maintain or alter physical and structural characteristics under changing conditions.

Green Technology Applications

The following Green Technologies are rare earth dependent: hybrid and zero emission automobiles such as the batteries and motors used in the Toyota Prius and Chevy Volt, high capacity Wind Turbines, advanced solar panels, high efficiency lighting, petroleum and pollution control catalysts for automobiles, and High Speed Rail.

Military Applications

National Defense
The following U.S. Defense Systems are rare earth dependent: all guided missile systems, "smart bombs", unmanned drones, advanced sonar, secure communications, advanced jet aircraft engines, advanced armor, advanced radar, stealth technologies and targeting and triggering systems.

Supply and Demand
Rare Earth Elements and Rare Earth Metals are an important material in a number of industrial processes as well as for high technology and military applications. The future demand for REE's is strong and growing.
Demand for rare earth oxides is predicted to more than double in less than five years, from 120,000 to over 240,000 tons per year by 2015.
China produces more than 95% of the world's rare earths. China has recently imposed extraordinary export restrictions on rare earth sales. As China restricts supply the opportunity for companies exploring and developing deposits is growing.

Creating Scarcity
China is increasing taxes, export restrictions and imposing VAT penalties on all Chinese exporters of Rare Earth Oxides, Elements and Alloys.
China has closed many small REO mines and ceased issuing mining permits for the production of Rare Earth Oxides.
China has imposed strict production quotas and has begun enforcing environmental law on current producers of Rare Earth Oxides. High export taxes and restrictions on rare earth oxides and elements are resulting in the financial failure of all non-Chinese refineries, consequently expanding China's monopoly up the value chain into metals and alloys.

How did this happen?
In 1986 the Chinese Government placed rare earths on a list of top secret National Priorities called Program-863. In 1992 the Premier Deng Xiaoping boldly stated to the world "The Middle East has oil, China has rare earths."
By 1997 Mountain Pass, the only other significant REO producer outside of China, was forced to stop mining under increasing pricing pressure from China and environmental pressure from the State of California, ceasing all operations by 2002.
By 2003 China had acquired, closed and transplanted America's most advanced rare earth magnetic facility into China (including its portfolio of patents).
In less than 30 years China made rare earths into a national monopoly.

The region surrounding Notre Dame-du-la-Salette, including the Buckingham region is a failed rift zone (aulacogen) corridor, which is a favorable environment for the presence of carbonatite. Apatite and rare earth elements (REE) are associated and often concentrated in carbonatites and associated alkaline rocks. REE are also demonstrated by the presence of the Oka pyrochlore-rich carbonatite deposit. Such concentration of Rare Earth Elements in apatite may be interpreted as an alteration of carbonatite metasomatic ore-fluids. In a study by Roeder, the total REE weight of apatite could be higher than fifteen percent(15%).(Roeder, 1987-edited)

Philadelphia is a past apatite (phosphor) producer.The production stage was done from 1880 to 1884 and about 2,000 tons of rocks were extracted.
The main pit is 13 by 5 meters large and 30 meters deep.
The McLaren prospect is 430m NW and 1.7km SE of Philadelphia and the Craft prospect is 3.6km NE of Notre Dame-de-la-Salette and 170m from the main road.
The apatite is found within pyroxenite, gneiss, and quartzite units, which are part of the Grenville Group, and is in a NE-SW oriented lobe of green and red apatite with micas. This apatite deposit seems to originate from an alteration around a pegmatite intrusion. It seems to occur by the dissolution of phosphor in a limestone and re-concentration in the current deposit. The host rock is pyroxenite inserted in sillimanite-garnet gneiss.
The pyroxenites in which apatite present is the result of metamorphism of calcareous rocks irrupted by numerous igneous granite intrusions. The origin of the deposits of apatite is attributed to the action of pegmatitic phases of this granite and aqueous solutions that accompany the pegmatite. (Spence 1921-edited)

Works to be done on the property would include some geological mapping of the apatite units and sampling of different zones to evaluate the apatite grade and the presence of rare earth elements. Channel sampling would give a better evaluation of the grades while testing some extraction techniques for future exploitation. Drilling would evaluate the depth of the mineralization. Finally, prospecting around the deposit could also reveal new zones of interest.



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