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Last Post: 1/30/2015 3:51:16 PM - Followers: 504 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 1

This is the former Raging Bull "Short Term Trading Using TA (Technical Analysis) Member Forum " moved to IHUB.

*Board Mission Statement: the following is the mission statement of this board (adopted from sister [RB] board):

To provide an environment within which traders can exchange information and research using Technical Analysis for short term trading, and to keep this environment friendly and courteous at all times, so that all are treated equally whatever their level of knowledge.

In order to maintain these objectives The Board Founders have established the following rules:

1) No member will ever insult, taunt or berate any other member. Nor will any member use sarcastic language when referring to another member or his posts.
2) All opinions must be accompanied by the rationale behind those opinions.
3) All members will maintain an attitude of humility (no matter how knowledgeable they may be) in keeping with the fact that they too are here to learn.
4) All members who find they are able to help another member will do so.

Failure to follow these rules and maintain the spirit of the board could/will result in an immediate 30-day suspension of posting rights (aside from this one, warnings may not be issued). Furthermore, the suspended member needs to contact the founders if he/she wants to have his/her posting right restored (by emailing This board is monitored by an Ihub administrator as well who will enforce IHUBs rules of service, be aware of them.

The two primary T/A Methods used by the Board Members are Elliot Waves and Hurst Cycles. Here are brief introductions to both methods, as well as relevant books/courses:
Elliot Waves Resources:
Introduction to Elliot Waves:

Another brief intro to Ewaves:
"Elliot Wave Principle" by Frost & Prechter:
Nominal Elliot Wave Model: 5 Waves in primary direction ("impulsive"/"motive" waves 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), and 3 Waves in opposite direction ("corrective" waves a, b, c)

For a better understanding of the Elliott Wave Principle I suggest you purchase "Elliott Wave Principle" by Frost and Prechter

(Hurst) Cycles Resources:
Introduction to Cycles Part 1:://
Introduction to Cycles Part 2:

"The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing" by J.M. Hurst:  

"The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing" by J.M. Hurst"-- I paid 19.99 on ...

"J.M. Hurst Cycles Trading and Training Course" by J.M. Hurst:
Nominal Hurst Cyclical Model (in trading days): 3-3.5 day, 6-7 day, 12-14 day, 5 week, 10 week, 20 week, 40 week (9 month), 80 week (18 month), 4-4.5 year Cycle


Any member wishing to communicate with the founders may do so by either posting to the board or Emailing
This message board has a mission statement that Mr. Bob Chonski, "Airedale88", was a perfect example of. He
willingly shared his analysis and expertise on Hurst Cycles with all comers. Airedale unexpectedly passed away Saturday,
March 22, 2008 and we dedicate this board to his memory. He will be missed.


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#48143   SPX Ending Diagonal morphed, but it can still techcharter 01/22/15 11:29:02 PM
#48142   The action since the beginning of January strikes DowDeva 01/22/15 08:18:24 PM
#48141   I agree and I think it just ended h_h 01/22/15 11:32:40 AM
#48140   Everything for the S/T is still fine since jglider 01/21/15 08:50:59 PM
#48139   SPX & INDU possible ending diagonal techcharter 01/21/15 06:07:07 PM
#48138   $USB US 30 YR Treasury Bonds SilentOne 01/17/15 04:08:30 PM
#48137   Filled Buy to Open 10 PBR Feb 13 BlissBull 01/16/15 03:22:13 PM
#48136   My UPRO puts expired last Friday. Chuck703VA 01/16/15 11:54:59 AM
#48135   SPX Futures UH-OH. techcharter 01/15/15 10:31:54 PM
#48134   Wave 2 triangle imho... (now beginning Wave 3-3-up) BlissBull 01/14/15 12:47:01 AM
#48133   DAX E-waves techcharter 01/13/15 06:44:05 PM
#48132   Time to relax again. Still see more chop jglider 01/13/15 02:51:11 PM
#48131   SPX futures up overnight. techcharter 01/12/15 07:31:30 AM
#48130   crossroads ahead jglider 01/08/15 03:31:54 PM
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#48127   Very nice, time to relax for a bit. jglider 01/06/15 12:33:44 PM
#48126   techcharter: Great analysis. Do you see a higher high NASARAVI 01/06/15 10:42:59 AM
#48125   SPX Futures Overnight Looks Like a Flat techcharter 01/06/15 07:40:15 AM
#48124   Model indicates markets still heading lower next couple techcharter 01/04/15 10:03:22 PM
#48123   Filled Buy to Open 2 PBR Jan 02 BlissBull 12/29/14 10:48:45 AM
#48122   Filled Sell to Close 2 SPY Dec 26 BlissBull 12/26/14 03:06:16 PM
#48121   Merry X-Mas everyone. jglider 12/24/14 12:13:21 PM
#48120   Filled Buy to Open 5 PBR Dec 26 BlissBull 12/23/14 10:02:18 AM
#48119   Next pivot dead ahead but might be choppy jglider 12/22/14 01:35:06 PM
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#48113   Chuck, What a mess. techcharter 12/16/14 10:49:19 PM
#48112   Filled Buy to Open 1 SPY Dec 20 BlissBull 12/15/14 01:06:20 PM
#48111   Nice drop since the last cycle point. Now jglider 12/15/14 01:04:28 PM
#48110   Quadruple bottom on NYSE advance/decline (5 day/15 minute). DowDeva 12/15/14 12:12:32 PM
#48109   Decided to close the 3 UPRO 132 puts Chuck703VA 12/12/14 03:56:33 PM
#48108   Techcharter, or Chuck703VA 12/12/14 03:33:19 PM
#48107   I am in agreement with you. Chuck703VA 12/12/14 11:42:07 AM
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#48105   rab120 12/10/14 10:34:56 AM
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