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#1763750  Sticky Note Stock Market Closings: Nilbud 04/03/15 01:23:44 PM
#1691258  Sticky Note WHEN'S the NEXT 100+% WINNER?? Join Us on ManicTrader 02/23/15 12:33:01 PM
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#230466   i like the charts :) great -play i think stock1ace1 05/16/12 10:24:23 PM
#230465   Gives them 15 more days to file their JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 10:14:35 PM
#230464   TIME TO ROCKEN ROLLL LIKE saei>lexg RUN MIGHT Tonyeight 05/16/12 10:07:27 PM
#230463   this stock hit a high of .12 in JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 10:07:17 PM
#230462   Has PPBL broken the .015 channel in the past?? GEM 05/16/12 09:59:22 PM
#230461   Big things coming for Sharper Image Goodies! Keep Captain Hindsight 05/16/12 09:53:46 PM
#230460 Captain Hindsight 05/16/12 09:52:51 PM
#230459   Can You Say QE3 coming....It is..... JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 09:41:42 PM
#230458   history might repeat its self top JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 09:38:00 PM
#230457   Market Summary JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 09:36:43 PM
#230456   SHRPQ Captain Hindsight 05/16/12 09:14:51 PM
#230455   What's the best PENNY STOCK??? PPBL GEM 05/16/12 08:40:54 PM
#230454   DGRIHuge press conference Tommarow @ NASDAQ to announce stock1ace1 05/16/12 08:34:39 PM
#230453   Pinksheets Most Active By Dollar Volume 5/16 JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 07:58:12 PM
#230452   OTC:BB Most Active By Dollar Volume 5/16 JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 07:57:36 PM
#230451   yes looks like she might retest the JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 07:57:09 PM
#230450   $PPBL today closed at .0111, up 23.33% on cjstocksup 05/16/12 07:31:54 PM
#230449   That chart is broken now, broke JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 07:20:33 PM
#230448   look back the last 2-3 years if JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 07:18:27 PM
#230447   No that is a weekly chart every candle JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 07:15:41 PM
#230446   Our $BRFH profile a few days back JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 07:14:02 PM
#230445   LINK FOR DGRI CONF CALL 5/17/12 @ 1:15 Prodigy 05/16/12 06:16:57 PM
#230444   BIG 10 baggas alert tomorrow, many teams joining forces $tock_Professor 05/16/12 05:49:50 PM
#230443   Folks look at BIEL .006 I know JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 03:14:10 PM
#230442   TWDL .02s hod Troy Lando 05/16/12 03:10:55 PM
#230441   AAVGE .0015 falling news coming 500 mill a/s maxed! hstang04 05/16/12 03:08:43 PM
#230440   also formed a very nice wedge as well JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 03:07:02 PM
#230439   weekly chart upper bollie band as 1 JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 03:06:32 PM
#230438   PPBL .0115's almost gone. We are headed into cjstocksup 05/16/12 03:06:18 PM
#230437   yes I like it to top of resistance JustFlippingPennies 05/16/12 03:05:08 PM
#230436   DNYS Bid: 0.05 Ask: mick 05/16/12 02:57:55 PM
#230435   some cheapies there...any thoughts? mick 05/16/12 02:49:38 PM
#230434   in lot of chat; ARNA ASYIE ATYG AUCI mick 05/16/12 02:46:26 PM
#230433   BIG PIMP SAYS( Buy PPBL ) !!!!! ghetto fabulous 05/16/12 02:36:09 PM
#230432   Did you buy $$ PPBL $$ today ? ghetto fabulous 05/16/12 02:35:04 PM
#230431   FMNL - Urgent Radar for Summer Multi Bagger OxfordAlerts 05/16/12 02:32:10 PM
#230430   DUTV.. Can`t wait for an update on THIS>> LEGALIZE MJ 05/16/12 02:21:55 PM
#230429   Ticker Buzz Cloud (24 hours) Time Interval: Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:21:50 PM
#230428   Breakout Boards Rank Board Rate Posts Today News Quote Last Change Chg% Volume Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:21:28 PM
#230427   Divine Skin Projects Revenues to Reach $15M in 2012 Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:18:10 PM
#230426   Medbox Developing a Patent Pending Wall-Mounted Biometric Kiosk Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:17:34 PM
#230425   Ziyang Ceramics Reports Financial Results for the First Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:16:58 PM
#230424   BTZO Bid: 0.302 Ask: mick 05/16/12 02:15:17 PM
#230423   Bitzio, Inc. Announces 2012 Q1 Results Including $539,413 Revenue Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:10:14 PM
#230422   Good to have ya back - You need Nilbud 05/16/12 02:08:44 PM
#230421   the skip and hunt is on...going on scenario mick 05/16/12 02:04:15 PM
#230420   Whatever the case, That is one wicked flipper.. $CMGO Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:02:51 PM
#230419   I see a sector forming.. Penny Roger$ 05/16/12 02:01:38 PM
#230418   PPBL Bid: 0.0106 Ask: mick 05/16/12 01:59:21 PM
#230417   $SHRPQ SHARPER IMAGE Captain Hindsight 05/16/12 01:59:05 PM