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Compound interest with close technical analysis and discernment is a great way to build your portfolio. It is the most powerful and useful investment system known, I think. It allows you to get in front of a stock or fund and to see how it is moving before you buy it. Using compound interest and confirmation of indicators, you can give yourself and your family the help they need. You could go from $3000 to $1,000,000 in 3.8 years. That's the potential of what you'll learn. We cannot do it for you, but we can teach you as best we can how to do it. Your Roth IRA is protected and you cannot take it out on a whim. That forces you to stick to your plan. It's your investment education that you're going to need to learn. It's doable if you're capable and focused.
Here is the link to view the 3% compound chart that we keep in our Penny Harvest Board..

IN THE LAND OF THE BLIND, THE ONE-EYED MAN IS KING. We are focused here. We are united. We are the birthplace of the Grasshopper's Union. The brotherhood and sisterhood of technical investors. 


This will help you tremendously.

Here at the Seasonality Stock Reports we are using inventory management techniques to select the ready stocks that fit our criteria which you can draw from each year as they apply by: Scanning for the seasonality stocks that have successfully revolved into a favorable position of growth. A Seasonality note: We not only know the best times to own the stock, we are reaching out for the solid facts to qualify them and confirm them. Any investment is effectively a projection into the future, and certainty of the future is not within the ability of mankind. There is no way any investment strategy can be guaranteed to result in success. Therefore, before embarking on any investment strategy, the investor should utilize expert, competent, professional services suitable to the individual.

Today there are about 48,000,000 American SSI recipients, and multiplied millions on Welfare and Unemployment and other assistance. That number is going to grow exponentially. This is the National Debt. World clock, too. Much has been in the news about the 80,000,000 baby boomers heading to Social Security when they reach retirement age. If they reach retirement age. Eighty percent of those baby boomers will retire at the poverty level. And, an estimated 16,000,000 Americans will develop some form of Alzheimer's because the number doubles every six years. And, Medicare will run out in 10 more years. That means 64,000,000 will be retiring to welfare. We must do what we can right now to avert that potential. Most of the 48,000,000 on SSI now are at the poverty level. Do you really believe that America's disappearing 80,000,000 soul workforce will help dissolve the national debt, and our equally frightening international debt which no one will talk about? Not to mention the expected 60,000,000 more Americans to be born and who will be needing jobs and homes. It will only get tougher. Help yourself. Here's another look at why. More being born then dying. Can you support them on your salary ?


The Link for printing the practice forms

Here is the catalog of existing symbols that Stockcharts does and we can view in our charts.

What do they recommend?

To check who is the market makers on level two click here

For short interest check here.

Form reports from Knobias, nice help here.

For great company information and ranking go here.

FDA approvals

Which is rated higher?

Great site to get the stock analysis of any stock.  

Resistance and support sites.

View a stock by Sector

There are two websites that you can practice buying and selling your stocks without ever actually buying them. It is good to practice how far you've come in your thinking. The first one you can set limit orders, the second you cannot. Both are free subscriber tools. Give yourself $100,000 and see how well you know your Magic Box setups. and

Our Penny Board On January 30th, 2009 we have begun a seasonal penny board where we will be posting in its ibox a penny portfolio of revolving stocks. Here is the link. This will be fun. Please post OTC and BB related stocks on the site below.

HOW TO POST A CHART This chart is for INTC. Copy and paste into a message and change the symbol by double clicking on INTC in there now. Type in your new symbol and paste into a message. Remove the three *** in each end bracket then hit preview to make sure it works. The three *** prevents the chart from showing in the ibox.

Daily format for all setups



 Check your stock with these criteria to see a stock move.

1. AROON- 8 you watch as the Aroon down crosses the 75 down and the aroon up comes up from zero. Most important. (\0/)

2. WILLIAMS%R- 9 You watch the line cross the 50.

3. CMF- 15 You will usually only see growth when the CMF is in the negative.

4. ADX/DMI-5 You watch as the D+ line either crosses the D-, or crosses above the 20,

5. MACD histogram- 5,15,10 You watch the negative bars register -50% smaller then the bar before it, or -50% smaller then the largest in the grouping.

6. Full Stoch- 5, 5 You watch the fast line cross the slow line while the aroon down(8) crosses the 87.50. Crossing the 20 would be best, when the williams agrees.

7. Bollinger Band 20,2 You watch for the Magic Box to occur when the negative close touches above the lower bolly and the next day's close to it is positive growth in a white candle.

8. RSI 5 you watch as the indicator crosses above the 50 for a quick pop.

9. Watch the 2 day MA cross above the 5 day MA. That's helpful.

10. To sell it just watch the 2 day MA kiss the bottom center of the candle body, to buy watch it kiss the top center of the candle body and to hold it watch the 2 day moving average penetrate the body of the candle itself.


If you enjoy this board and have not already done so, I would appreciate it if you would board mark us. It helps keep our board in the view of the public eye. Just click one time on the Add To Favorites tab beside the Post New Message tab. Thank you very much for your help.

I like this board because Bruce Thompson is so good at fixing computers. The Dream Machine Board.

Financial and geopolitical news -- an absolutely great Web site for those who want to know what is really going on in the world.


2015 Holiday Schedule for the US Stock Markets (to include any early closures):


This is PreciousLife1's great, great board for medical info and drug development.

and, Mark's great outreach program.

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#61152   Anybody look at long-term chart of PPHM lately?...absolutely.sickening! lemmy 02/26/12 07:26:10 AM
#61151   P-P-H-M sing dis song, DOO-DAH, DOO-DAH.... lemmy 02/26/12 07:24:29 AM
#61150   Isaiah 43:2 .. When you pass through the Preciouslife1 02/25/12 09:36:43 PM
#61149   Thanks Ken. I've been watching the tape Manti 02/24/12 06:28:07 PM
#61148   PPHM just had a long term head fake. kgoodrich 02/24/12 05:32:07 PM
#61147   LTS has a negative powerstream in the weekly kgoodrich 02/24/12 05:29:47 PM
#61146   You mean it still hasn't come out? kgoodrich 02/24/12 05:28:19 PM
#61145   Manti This is a great pick by you. I kgoodrich 02/24/12 05:27:00 PM
#61144   Ken, do you see any weakness in this Manti 02/24/12 08:04:23 AM
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#61138   Is the Duke Report out? LOL. lemmy 02/20/12 06:04:06 AM
#61137   Daily charts are suggesting that Tuesday PPHM may kgoodrich 02/19/12 07:09:24 PM
#61136   Institutions--Net decrease of 2 million shares of PPHM,doo-dah lemmy 02/18/12 12:15:52 AM
#61135   Reading that article about hep C just makes Manti 02/17/12 02:23:15 PM
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#61131   TQNT ready to move up? Manti 02/16/12 11:32:53 AM
#61130   Looks like any corrections will be sideways. Manti 02/15/12 11:10:10 PM
#61129   Three to watch tomorrow for the 16th kgoodrich 02/15/12 10:03:38 PM
#61128   Hi Gwen, and I remember when I purchased Preciouslife1 02/15/12 05:54:12 PM
#61127   Good for you Mark. I hope your cheynew 02/15/12 05:28:30 PM
#61126   Btw, I bought a nice chunk of "the Preciouslife1 02/15/12 05:19:34 PM
#61125   P-P-H-M sing dis song, DOO-DAH, DOO-DAH.... lemmy 02/15/12 03:03:11 PM
#61124   Quite possible. There was news today, so Manti 02/13/12 09:36:57 PM
#61123   That is nice Manti kgoodrich 02/13/12 08:24:10 PM
#61121   'tis the season: Manti 02/13/12 04:20:03 PM
#61120   INDEED, BUT IN THE END, SHE HELPED HERSELF. lemmy 02/13/12 03:16:21 PM
#61119   Our February seasonal is moving again this morning. kgoodrich 02/13/12 08:56:31 AM
#61118   We're going to miss her. kgoodrich 02/13/12 08:51:26 AM
#61117   yes, he probably is. she made the wrong jeffn 02/12/12 07:44:18 PM
#61116   HOW TRUE .. JAKE17 02/12/12 07:41:08 PM
#61115   people make their own choices. nothing more to say. jeffn 02/12/12 07:40:18 PM
#61114   SHE WAS HELPED ALONG JAKE17 02/12/12 07:39:03 PM
#61113   NO SURPRISE THE WAY SHE WAS GOING. lemmy 02/12/12 05:16:35 PM
#61112   Whitney Houston, Iconic Pop Star, Dies at 48 JAKE17 02/11/12 09:56:41 PM
#61111   Thanks Ken. gator11 02/11/12 09:29:07 AM
#61110   You were right about the under 1 buck. cheynew 02/10/12 10:20:50 AM
#61109   ERROR...LOL JAKE17 02/10/12 09:46:31 AM
#61108   I thought they did gator. kgoodrich 02/09/12 12:38:41 PM
#61107   MZEI: Manti 02/09/12 12:32:38 PM
#61106   HANG IN THERE GUYS..... JAKE17 02/09/12 09:58:26 AM
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#61104   Gee, what an observation about PPHM. You lemmy 02/09/12 05:10:22 AM
#61103   This one can't hold her gains; even after GlassCrasher 02/08/12 07:42:15 PM