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 “The only impediment to world peace is world leaders.” Or, perhaps, we should simply comply with the more current and popular thought that “…peace is only attainable through military strength.”  USA President Jimmy Carter

It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. Epictetus (AD 50 – 135)
If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please.
People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them. 
Epictetus taught that philosophy is a way of life and not just a theoretical discipline. To Epictetus, all external events are beyond our control; we should accept calmly and dispassionately whatever happens. However, individuals are responsible for their own actions, which they can examine and control through rigorous self-discipline.

                                                      Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. ...Voltaire 1694-1778  
Propaganda Tools...information with a biase or misleading nature.
PSYOPS...the use of propaganda, threats, and other psychological techniques to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an opponent. 

George Orwell said in his famous book 1984 that, “first they steal the words, then they steal the meaning”, accurately foreseeing the political actions of world leaders and their manipulation of public opinion. In Orwell’s novel, the state dominates and dehumanizes its citizens through psychological manipulations that strip them of their ability to think, be objective, consider ideas. People, thus have no alternative but to accept as necessary, true, and good, whatever the state declares to be so. He called it DOUBLESPEAK or NEWSPEAK. 
“Newspeak is a language devised to limit the range of thought by collapsing distinctions, undermining logic, and confining the vocabulary to a few easily pronounced and emotionally charged terms. A mind so limited cannot truly think at all; it can only respond as programmed. It will accept black as white, war as peace, hate as love; it will allow two plus two to equal five; it will adopt as ’‘goodthink” all ideas that support the state and dismiss all others as “oldthink” or “crimethink”; and it will let “doublethink” mask all contradiction. Reality itself thus becomes whatever those in authority decree - and history can be rewritten regularly to fit that reality.“ (

                                                           "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."  Krishnamerti
                                                                                                                 Ball of Confusion

2016 Republican Platform
10/15 At Trump's election-night party last week, one of his prominent campaign aides, Omarosa Manigault, told the Independent Journal Review, "It's so great our enemies are making themselves clear so that when we get in to the White House, we know where we stand.... Mr. Trump has a long memory and we're keeping a list."
 Demonizing Our Opponents
One reason is the adverse effect demonizing our opponents has on the kind of public discourse democracy needs to succeed. Democratic societies require the free exchange of ideas among a populace willing and able to make informed judgments about them. But if we fail to engage in the rational examination of ideas and seek instead to work our will through vilification and personal attack, the democratic process is subverted. 

We become less able to see the strengths and genuine weaknesses of alternative viewpoints. Public discourse becomes more focused on the acquisition of power and less on the pursuit of truth, more enamored of sensationalism and less attentive to the deeper issues of our times, more interested in personalities and less in the plausibility of the policies these persons advocate. Emotionalism usurps reason; can't and prejudice prosper — and democracy suffers a dearth of meaningful social dialogue. 

There are also more directly moral reasons for concern. To demonize someone goes beyond saying he is mistaken or misguided. It is, as a rule, to denounce his character and to do so in moral terms. The moral status of one's character, however, is closely tied to the moral status of one's intentions. Thus, it is a conceptual confusion to say that a person's character is evil even though their intentions are good. 
So What Happened...?...election 2016

Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels said:  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

And what does Herr Goebbels’ statement have to do with the future of the US?  And why will everyone lose, no matter who wins the election?

We’ll continue to get more of what we have now:  war, inflated military and intelligence service budgets, and renewed focus on irrelevant and immaterial things.  Clinton’s hostility towards Russia, Syria, and Iran, plus her blind support for and deference to Israel does not bode well for America’s future.  Trump’s lack of intellectual vigor, his tendency toward erratic behavior, and vow to smash ISIL mean no real change for the better.  Worse, the bureaucracy, which supports the status quo, will likely operate from the shadows as the de facto government of the United States.

Steve Ballmer's project, called USAFacts Maybe there is a better way...another way.

The Market is a giant feedback loop, showing traders (and anyone who views the market) a thermometer reading of the social mood under which traders, and by extension society,  are operating.

Most traders seem to think of the market is something that has some external value outside of the price attributed to it by traders. I prefer to think of it as a real-time gauge of a society’s view of their own productive capacity…or more simply put–social mood.

When Markets are understood, the idea that everyone can make money is not only inaccurate but impossible and laughable. Everyone making money means there is no market, because who would be willing to taking the other side of the trade?

In addition, most traders feel they can move with the crowd to make a (paper) profit, and then get out before the crowd, turning that trade into a real profit. In theory this is sound, but remember everyone else is setting out to do the same thing. It is this crowd movement which allows traders to make money at times. Without a large portion of traders coming to the same decision markets simply would not move. It takes conviction by many traders to create a trend, then it takes euphoric acceptance that “this is the new norm” to end it and “bend it. ” It then takes mass disillusionment to crash it the other way. (

  Regression to the Mean is the most powerful law in financial physics
Mean reversions out of extremes are the most powerful and profitable forces in all the financial markets. Riding one has enormous benefits for your wealth.
Financial-market prices and sentiment are like a giant pendulum. The farther they are pulled to one extreme by excessive greed or fear, the farther they necessarily swing to the opposite extreme in the subsequent mean reversion. Like pendulums, these reversions don’t magically stop right in the middle at normal again. Their kinetic momentum carries them through to the opposite ends of their arcs. But overshoot extremes don’t last for long, as the universal greed necessary to fuel them quickly burns itself out.

Markets are not about beliefs, but about sentiment. And, if you can track sentiment, If you can measure sentiment... then you are in a position to make your investment account grow without the need for excuses.  (...this really is all you need to know about the Markets; ... 

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.”?    
Albert Einstein

Math aptitude will help you become a dealer, make Markets if you dare, excute customer orders, but you won't be able to make $$$ by speculating in the Markets. You can't, you're not smart enough. 
The Markets aren't predictable enough. 90% of all trading is "technical analysis" which you are too lazy to learn. The other 10% of Market movement comes from rogue waves of economic data shocks, which surprise and wash everyone overboard, destroying the latest chart pattern you were following. Its never been truer: How do you make a small fortune trading the Markets? Start with a large fortune and you might have a chance. You don't want to do this for a living. Get out while you can. ...Chris Rupkey
Buy low Sell high..."relative" to what?
Some RULES for this I-Hub Board............READ THIS...or ... or...

This board will be used for analysis of charts ranging in different time periods to determine signals for trading of various instruments=individual stocks, etf's and options. Please direct your comments towards technical indicators that everyone can see on a price chart:  we are talking about signals and technical indicators here, not opinions or predictions or forecasts of  when the next grand slam will be... share technical signals and charts with the group and if you have an active position......  Rather than being opinionated and letting your subjective bias determine which side of the market to be on,  try to maintain objectivity based on technical analysis. 

 One of the key items to remember as investors/traders is that the market doesn't always reflect reality. Oftentimes it reflects belief. And belief can prove to be a delusion. 

"A belief held without objective examples that everyone can see is a delusion."
“Opinion is that exercise of the human will which 'lets' us make a decision without objective information and objective examples.” And is obviously ....not the best choice that promotes a healthy process.
“Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; an argument an exchange of ignorance.”
Understand the above and you will understand the phrase..."Self will run riot" and you can expect  the results  of this riot will be destructive for yourself first and then for others.
Dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors = "self will run riot" it is not a process that builds "character".  It is not common decency, nor  any form of can only be destructive. 

It is no disgrace to be wrong... disgrace happens when you choose to stay wrong...
Building character is a project you never complete.
We form our character in defining moments because we commit to irreversible courses of action that shape our personal and professional identities. We reveal something new about us to ourselves and others because defining moments uncover something that had been hidden or crystallize something that had been only partially known. And we test ourselves because we discover whether we will live up to our personal ideals or only pay them lip service.

If you feel you must GAMBLE and encourage gambling from the 5 minute or lower time frames you will be asked to take  your message to the "gamblers board"...If you feel you  "must  offer an opinion or off topic comment; please do it after trading hours. Charts and signals at signal lines is what we want...and If you feel you do not need to answer questions on this board ...then why are you here.
I-Hub's rules state:  It is the burden of each poster to ensure that their posts do not contain content that qualifies them for removal. It doesn't matter if your post contains the cure to the common cold or the best stock tip since (fill in your favorite ticker here), if it contains other content that is a violation of the site's rules of conduct, then it qualifies for removal.  ...
Thank You...                         You are only as good as your next trade...Kiy
This release may contain "forward-looking statements" that are within the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are identified by certain words or phrases such as "may", "will", "aim", "will likely result", "believe", "expect", "will continue", "anticipate", "estimate", "intend", "plan", "contemplate", "seek to", "future", "objective", "goal", "project", "should", "will pursue" and similar expressions or variations of such expressions. ...
Who is going to pay this out-of-control debt that the out-of-control government leaders of the world and USA are racking up for the younger generation by their out-of-control spending spree? Who cares? Apparently, hardly anyone cares today, because the subject does not attract votes. People want to only hear about what they are going to get, not what they are going to have to pay or sacrifice in order to get it.   Raymond Merriman ...astrology

02/20...we bring to your attention the importance of geocosmic signatures coming up in 2017 through 2020 to the Federal Reserve Board chart, and again involving Donald Trump, along with Fed Chair Janet Yellen. The most outstanding geocosmic development will begin with the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2017. This is when not only the Sun will enter Capricorn, but Saturn too, a combination that hasn’t happened since December 21, 1870 (thanks to colleague Daniel Gordon for that research). Given that the Federal Reserve Board Act was passed on December 23, 1913, with the Sun at 1° Capricorn and in opposition to Pluto at 0° Cancer, and given that Saturn will conjunct the FRB Sun and oppose the FRB Pluto, and furthermore given that Saturn rules “accountability” (as in “an audit”), and will remain in Capricorn into 2020, it is not far-fetched to think that the new administration will soon engage the Fed in some sort of power play. In fact, as of late 2016, it has already begun. That is when Saturn began transiting 13° Sagittarius through 27° Capricorn, where it forms a hard aspect to eight of the 10 planets in the Fed’s chart, plus a cross over its Descendant. That will be a lot of Saturn for the Fed to cope with. It will be a lot of Trump for the Fed to cope with, for his chart and Chairwoman Yellen’s chart are like oil on fire.

Even the President feels the cosmic energy, rising like molten lava in a volcano about to erupt for the first time in centuries. This will be no ordinary two months, starting with the Mars/Pluto square of February 22, and ending with the Venus/Saturn square of April 5-21. when both also change directions (Saturn turns retrograde on the Galactic Center of 27° Sagittarius, April 5, while Venus turns direct on April 15 at 27° Pisces). They are in exact square to one another on April 8 and 21. I am not sure when this combination of Venus square Saturn, as both were changing directions, last happened. However, I am certain this is an extremely rare occurrence.
Wealth And Income Have "Trickled Up" To The Top .5% 

Perfectly put... Chris Hedges. "Americans are living a fantasy"  ...short version...   longer better version...
“Hope has a cost. Hope is not comfortable or easy. Hope requires personal risk. It is not about the right attitude. Hope is not about peace of mind. Hope is action. Hope is doing something. The more futile, the more useless, the more irrelevant and incomprehensible an act of rebellion is, the vaster and more potent hope becomes.
Hope never makes sense. Hope is weak, unorganized and absurd. Hope, which is always nonviolent, exposes in its powerlessness, the lies, fraud and coercion employed by the state. Hope knows that an injustice visited on our neighbor is an injustice visited on all of us. Hope posits that people are drawn to the good by the good. This is the secret of hope's power. Hope demands for others what we demand for ourselves. Hope does not separate us from them. Hope sees in our enemy our own face.”  

"Hope will come with the return of the language of class conflict and rebellion, language that has been purged from the lexicon of the liberal class. This does not mean we have to agree with Karl Marx, who advocated violence and whose worship of the state as a utopian mechanism led to another form of working class enslavement, but we have to learn again to speak in the vocabulary Marx employed. We have to grasp, as Marx and Adam Smith did, that corporations are not concerned with the common good." 
Chris Hedges

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”  President John F. Kennedy
"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is." Jan L. A. van de Snepscheut 

“We have been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people… No better symptom exists of the compact breaking apart than the European Central Bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan. They epitomize the exhaustion of elite administrative intelligence. For seven years they failed at restoring even average economic strength, disappearing now into a black hole called negative interest rates.” – Daniel Henninger, “Government Hits the Wall,” Wall Street Journal, June 30, 2016.

The best way to rob a bank is to own one." William Black
End the Fed! Who owns the Fed!
Thomas Jefferson on banking
" Bold and bankrupt adventurers pretending to have money"

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.... I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

The Demonetising Effect: A Cashless Society
November 10, 2016...using the U.S. election as a diversion, the world's central banks just moved one step closer to achieving its goal of creating a cashless society.
At the height of the election drama Tuesday night, the Reserve Bank of India issued a surprise order that demonetized 500- and 1,000-rupee notes — making the country's largest bills now virtually illegal to use. This will effectively remove 80% of the physical rupees in circulation.

And the announcement of this surprise demonetization was no doubt purposefully meant to coincide with the U.S. presidential election, which was certainly going to be a huge distraction despite the winner.

Now think about what this surprise demonetization means to the Indian people for a minute...
You live in India. And you went to bed on Monday night with a 1,000-rupee note in your pocket. When you went to bed, that note was worth 1,000 rupees. When you woke up, the same note was worth nothing.

Now, people can still deposit the discontinued notes in banks and post office savings accounts until the end of the year and receive the full value. But the 500 and 1,000 notes are nevertheless discontinued, making them technically obsolete as currency. And after the end of the year, people won't be able to exchange them for digital currency.

As you can imagine, the currency ban caused a two-day mad scramble with hundreds of people standing in line at banks and in front of single ATM machines in some places.
So what was the point? And can this happen in the U.S.?

Will the Bank of China devalue the yuan? Will the Bank of Japan aggressively target deflation? What will ECB president Mario Draghi do when he fails to hit his 2% inflation target?

Will Austria vote for an anti-immigration president? Will Italy’s prime minister Matteo Renzi get the  constitutional reforms for Italy that he seeks? If not, will he resign as promised? What about the rise of euroskeptics in France and Italy?

 Economic Collapse - Brexit - Euro collapse - America 2016 - Financial Crisis - Noam Chomsky and Yanis Varousfakis ...Yanis Varoufakis is a Greek economist, academic and politician, who served as the Greek Minister of Finance from January to July 2015, when he resigned.

Black Swan "First it is an outlier, as it lies outside the realm of regular expectations, because nothing in the past can convincingly point to its possibility. Second, it carries an extreme impact. Third, in spite of its outlier status, human nature makes us concoct explanations for its occurrence after the fact, making it explainable and predictable."

Mohamed A. El-Erian on BREXIT
Brexit has accelerated what I have characterized in my recent book as the journey to the neck of a T junction – that is to say, the exhaustion of the current road that the global economy is on, and the possibility of two contrasting transitions. 

In the event that governments finally step up to the economic policymaking responsibilities and stop relying excessively on central banks, the recent period of low growth and artificial financial stability would evolve into high growth and genuine financial stability. The improvements would be turbo charged by the productive engagement of cash that currently resides on the balance sheets of companies, as well as technical innovations. 

But if politicians continue to disappoint, low growth would turn into periodic recessions, and artificial financial stability would give way to disruptive instability. The inequality trifecta – that of income, wealth and opportunity – would worsen. Already-alarming youth unemployment would get even more deeply embedded in the structure of the economy. Political tensions would increase, as would the trust deficit in business and political elites, as well as expert opinion. 

What is key to stress is that there is nothing pre-destined, at least as yet, when it comes to the road out of the T junction. It depends in large part on the political decisions that will be made in the comings months and quarters. 

If you were forced to opt for just one outcome for Europe what would that be? 

Having suffered short-term disruptions, both the EU and the UK would have regained their economic and financial footing in three years. The UK would have an association agreement with the EU that allows for the smooth trade in goods and services, and that lowers the risk of tariff wars. The EU would be a somewhat smaller but much more coherent, confident and operational unit. 

And your biggest fear in the short-term? 

It would be that de-stabilizing combination of policy mistakes and financial accidents.

I'm from Goldman Sachs, and I’m here to help   May 3, 2016

Frightening Global Rise of "Agnotology"
Culturally Constructed Ignorance... "Agnotology"  “culturally constructed ignorance, created by special interest groups to create confusion and suppress the truth in a societally important issue.”

Low interest rates can be a great tool to get an economy in slow-down mode going again, but there always is an unwanted side effect. If credit becomes too cheap and available for just anyone, there’s bound to be ‘abuse’ in the system, as households (and companies) can spend the borrowed cash on anything they want.
We have already warned you before about the share buybacks on the financial markets, as the increasing profits (per share) are mainly inflated by lower interest expenses and a lower amount of outstanding shares, rather than really seeing a substantial improvement of the business and sector those companies are operating in.
“Many governments, including ours (USA), overtax their citizens to feed their own insatiable need for money. Then the legal thieves running the government and their cronies, unwilling to abide the tax levels they created, move their wealth off shore to places like Panama.”   - Daniel Henninger, “Panama Bernie,” Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2016.

 “To wit, the story here (about leaks of the Panama Papers) isn’t about tax evaders and offshore accounts, deplorable as they may be. It’s about public polices and incentives that make a career in politics an expedient route to personal enrichment.” Bret Stephens, “ ‘C’ is for Corruption,” Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2016.

“The Competitive Enterprise Institute finds that, last year 2015, Congress passed a mere 114 laws and federal agencies issued a whopping 3410 regulations… A Kauffman Foundation study cites a proliferation of ‘incumbent protection’ rules as a reason for a decline in small business entrepreneurship. A Brookings Institution study shows an unheralded change in American life, business closures exceeded business starts during much of President Obama’s tenure.”

... ...the battle is on 3 fronts = Currency wars are not over...  the oil wars are not over....and import/export trade wars are happening...
Tarriffs/Trade Wars.
  MAY 27, 2016 U.S. levies duties on corrosion-resistant steel from five countries Reuters 
Trade fight: China calls new U.S. steel import duties unfair USA TODAY 
U.S. panel launches trade secret theft probe into China steel Reuters 
U.S. ITC votes to continue probe of imports of certain carbon, steel plates Reuters 
China accuses U.S. of 'unfair methods' in steel dumping probe Reuters 
The U.S. Department of Commerce ("DOC") has made its final decision on anti-dumping investigations on imports of corrosion-resistant steel and concluded that China, India, Italy, South Korea and Taiwan are selling these products in the U.S. market below their fair values and therefore, are subject to anti-dumping duties. The ruling marks yet another major step in stemming the torrent of unfairly-traded foreign imports. 03/02/2016 Department of Commerce imposed tariffs of up to 266% on cold-rolled steel imports. The U.S. government announced preliminary anti-dumping duties of 266% for China, 71% for Japan, 39% for Brazil, between 6% and 31% for the U.K., between 13% and 17% for Russia, 7% for India and between 2% and 7% for South Korea.
Negative Interest Rates

Color Codes Colors are based on the CCI 20 (Commodity Channel Index signal lines) ... if "letters" are colored =Green =UP...Red=down...lighter colors = less confident in direction...if leters/stock symbols are Boxed=Green =oversold..Red=overbought...§=Reverse of a Signal line(focus is the CCI centerline)... ¥= first stock to turn UP/Down after the Group/Sector has been oversold.
Earnings Observations and Valuations JAN. 06,2017
We all know by now that earnings rule the day and on that score with valuations stretched, the earnings picture has to keep improving if the markets are to continue higher. Analysts' expectations for growth in earnings and revenues will have to come to fruition to keep the long term trend in tact. 
Valuations will remain a headwind for stocks as many analysts look to them as being unattractive. Additionally, while TINA (There Is No Alternative) has helped to justify higher valuations in the past, moves in fixed income markets towards the end of 2016 should remind investors that as rates rise, TINA looks less attractive. Despite the unattractive valuations that many complain about, though, there are two things to point out.
First, after more than a year of declines, earnings have troughed and that should help valuations going forward. Second, despite the overhang of rising rates we could still be in an environment where the fed funds rate is 1% or slightly higher at the end of this year. That is not a scenario that would entice me to load up on fixed income assets. The valuations in the table below should come as no surprise now. We are in a mature bull market, the days of seeing stocks and sectors well under their historical norms has passed.

Individual Stocks and Sectors JAN. 2017
Last year it was "take what the market gives you". I won't be abandoning or changing that strategy. Energy and Financials were good opportunities that presented themselves to investors in 2016. I will offer an opinion on what I believe works in 2017. First will be what I feel are the continuing momentum plays, then the undervalued, unloved, and left behind companies that are prime situations to rebound this year. 
Emerging leadership is coming from the Materials (NYSEARCA:XLB), Energy (NYSEARCA:XLE), and the Financials (NYSEARCA:XLF). As momentum plays, I continue to favor these sectors on dips. Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO) and Teck Resources (NYSE:TECK) are favorites of mine in the Materials space. Both have come off of their highs, can consolidate and move higher in 2017.
E&P energy companies were standouts in the back half of last year and any name on this list is worthy of a look on any pullback. Those stocks will cool down some and could trade sideways for a while, but I do not believe the upward trend is over given my outlook for WTI. Look for Marathon Oil (NYSE:MRO) and Oasis Petroleum (NYSE:OAS) to be leaders of the pack this year.
Banks moved higher once the election results were announced. The siege from D.C is perceived to be over. They now will serve up a trifecta for investors. Balance sheets, valuation and now the prospect for growth. They have moved and moved swiftly. The uptrend isn't over and investors need to be nimble in adding the largest money center banks on any pullbacks. One that hasn't exploded is a name to now consider. Bank Of New York Mellon (NYSE:BK). It currently sells at a discount to its peers.


Rising bond yields are good for financials like banks and insurers, but are bad for bond proxies like utilities (and REITs). 
03/15... The Fed hiked rates today as expected, with expectations for two more hikes this year. Judging from immediate market reactions, the Fed announcement is being viewed as somewhat dovish. For one thing, bond yields are dropping. Chart 1 shows the 10-Year Treasury Yield falling sharply. With yields falling, bond prices are having a strong day. Junk bonds, which have been correcting lately, are especially strong. That's also positive for stocks. Rate sensitive stock groups like utilities and REITs are leading a strong market response. Falling yields, however, are weighing on bank stocks. The dollar is also dropping. 
XLF CandleGlance BRK.B,*JPM,WFC, ***BAC (T/$24-26h),C,SPG,USB,CB,*AIG,*GS,
FAZ Bear 3x...

03/24 U.S. Crude Oil Inventory Up by 5 Million Barrels Last Week... This pushed the total to 533 million barrels.
What it means – Another week, another record amount of oil in storage. The inventory of gasoline and distillates fell slightly, but no one cared. The steady increase in oil points out that there's a lot of the black gold sloshing around the world, even though OPEC and its co-conspirators have purportedly held down production for almost five months. 
With the price of oil back under $50 as U.S. frackers come back on line, OPEC has a decision to make. Does the group try to extend its production cuts beyond the May expiration, or does it just throw in the towel and call it a day? Chances are, they'll take the middle path. They will extend the production cuts, but in name only. The members will cheat, each wanting to pad its pockets before the price of oil drops lower.
XLE CandleGlance XOM,CVX,SLB,PXD,EOG,OXY,COP,HAL,PSX,KMI,... APA Apache (T/$97) ....(ERY bear)
*XOP...CandleGlance ...MRO,CLR,NFX,MUR,RICE,MPC,XOM,EGN,HES,XEC ...APA Apache (T/$97)
***XES...CandleGlance equip/services...RIG (T/$16),  ATW  (T/$15),HP,*SLCA,HAL,PTEN,SLB,DO(T/$19),SPN (T/$20-27),BHI  ...HCLP (T/$22H)... CCLP (T/$14)
OIH oil services ...IES... MVIS... SUN...

¥***BOIL ...Nat. Gas  ... 


BOTZ...Global Robotics and Artificial Intelligence 

CGW Global Water Index... BGERF,AWK,DHR,PNP,XYL,IEX.......  (CDZI...Water Utility)

Xylem Inc (NYSE:XYL) is a major provider of water industry engineering solutions. The company has a large presence in China as well. Increasing urbanization, coupled with a massive population, could be a recipe for water supply disaster in China.
Pentair plc. Ordinary Share (NYSE:PNR) specializes in all things water. The company provides products and services in water purification and filtration. Additionally, PNR provides irrigation management, desalination and aquaculture systems services.
According to Pictet Asset Management analyst Arnaud Bisschop, 
water filtration is key. PNR’s consumer-targeted water filtration products may soon be the best option for people living in regions lacking clean water.


XPH... CandleGlance Pharmaceuticals...LLY,JNJ,MNK,MRK,BMY,ZTS,PFE,MYL,AGN,ENDP... PPH Pharmaceutical
§3XHS... CandleGlance Healthcare Services MD,DGX,CNC,DPLO,WOOF,ABC,CHE,WCG,SCAI,DVA

IHI Medical Devices MDT,ABT,TMO,DHR,SYK,BDX,ISRG,BAX,ZBH       CTSO  (T/$10)...Cytosorbents 
IHF Healthcare Providers

IYT...CandleGlance Transportation... LSTR,HRI,UPS,ALGT,CHRW,KSU,UHAL,MIC,NSC,ODFL  ...XTN
SEA CandleGlance Shipping TNK,EURN,TGP,NMM,SSW,SFL,TK,TNP, ... SEA vs. VALE 
§XAR... CandleGlance  Aerospace and Defense ...LMT,HII,NOC,TGD,UTX,LLL,HON,RTN,BA,GD

XLU...CandleGlance Utilities ..NEE,DUK,SO,D,AEP,EXC,PCG,SRE,PPL,EIX ...NRG...


SLX...CandleGlance ...RIO,VALE,TS,NUE,PKY,MT,SID,WOR,VEDL,GGB JJU  Aluminum CandleGlance ...AA,ACH,CENX,KALU
 11 Oversold...       15 UP...   3 Overbought ...  11 Down... last update 04/17
 18 Oversold...        8 UP...    2 Overbought ...  11 Down... last update 04/13
 11 Oversold...      11 UP...    5 Overbought ...  14 Down... last update 04/12
  7 Oversold...      15 UP...    8 Overbought ...  11 Down... last update 04/11
  0 Oversold...      16 UP...  10 Overbought ...  14 Down... last update 04/08
  1 Oversold...      16 UP...    8 Overbought ...  15 Down... last update 04/07
  2 Oversold...      19 UP...  11 Overbought ...    5 Down... last update 03/31
  1 Oversold...      25 UP...  13 Overbought ...    1 Down... last update 03/30
  1 Oversold...      25 UP...  10 Overbought ...    4 Down... last update 03/29
  3 Oversold...      26 UP...    6 Overbought ...    4 Down... last update 03/28
18 Oversold...       9 UP...     3 Overbought ...    9 Down... last update 03/27
16 Oversold...       7 UP...     2 Overbought ...    7 Down... last update 03/24
13 Oversold...     12 UP...     1 Overbought ...  13 Down... last update 03/22
10 Oversold...       5 UP...     5 Overbought ...  18 Down... last update 03/21
  4 Oversold...     17 UP...   12 Overbought ...    5 Down... last update 03/20
  2 Oversold...     20 UP...   11 Overbought ...    6 Down... last update 03/17
  1 Oversold...     22 UP...    8 Overbought ...    7 Down... last update 03/16
  3 Oversold...     22 UP...  10 Overbought ...    4 Down... last update 03/15
17 Oversold...      8 UP...     2 Overbought ...  11 Down... last update 03/14
10 Oversold...    10 UP...     4 Overbought ...  13 Down... last update 03/10
17 Oversold...     1 UP...      0 Overbought ...  21 Down... last update 03/09
12 Oversold...     2 UP...      0 Overbought ...  25 Down... last update 03/08
 9 Oversold...     2 UP...       0 Overbought ...  28 Down... last update 03/07
 6 Oversold...     3 UP...       0 Overbought ...  29 Down... last update 03/06...
 6 Oversold...     3 UP...       6 Overbought ...  24 Down... last update 03/03...30/9


...Copper ...JJC...

 UGA...Gasoline Fund ...KOL... Coal 
VEGI Global Agriculture ...PAGG Global Agriculture ...JJA Agriculture Subindex... GRU Grains ..WEAT... Wheat ...*CORN... COW
JO coffee... SGG sugar

PRIVX ... Silicon Valley venture capital,late stage,pre-IPO companies...

...Screening Criteria: Price > $5; Est 1 Yr EPS Growth > 25%; Est 5 Yr EPS Growth > 25%; Avg Analyst Rec > Buy

***  ... intrinsic value of a stock index on a stand-alone basis should not be used for investment decisions: what is important is relative valuation of one index versus the other, as it allows identification of over- or undervalued sectors and national markets.  We've just introduced an entirely new metric for identification of market overbought and oversold conditions - the stock market validation index. It is a unique measure of the market, as it is based on intrinsic value of stocks and has nothing to do with technical analysis. Even though we are confident of the capacity of the validation index to predict stock market movements also over the short-term horizon, we do not have yet enough statistical data to prove it. So, we would recommend to use its indications with caution.
***  ... ( )
Leveraged S&P ETFs: Beware Of Volatility

                                                                  MONEY...!!!...first the National Anthem by Pink Floyd ... ...about option trading...

Maybe its as simple as you'd like to make it...simple game of Chess.
               I've Seen All Good People
                Red Queen Killer Queen
TimeFrame Charts   ...I'm tracking the intraday charts below about every if the date below 'Swing Trading" has today's date; I'm tracking the turns and what chart you should be focused on.
Color Codes Colors are based on the CCI 20 (Commodity Channel Index signal lines) ... if "letters" are colored =Green =UP...Red=down...lighter colors = less confident in direction...if leters/stock symbols are Boxed=Green =oversold..Red=overbought...§=Reverse of a Signal line(focus is the CCI centerline)... ¥= first stock to turn UP/Down after the Group/Sector has been oversold.
Swing Trading...
April 25... Swing Traders...Focus on CCI Commodity Channel Index 10...15...30...60 minute charts... then daily Bias and weekly= TimeFrames.
6O minute CCI Bias is UP... (overbought) ...60 minute chart can act as a proxy for the daily trades are when both 60 minute and daily bias are working together.

Daily CCI 20 Bias  is  UP  (overbought) .....always trade in the direction of the daily bias... any index or ETF... this should be carved in stone...
Weekly chart  CCI 10 Bias is UP § (04/24) ...It is always nice when both the Weekly and Daily bias are working together=pointing in the same direction...but, remember the daily chart is the driver.

TimeFrames 10 min CCI -104....when 10 MINUTE CCI 20 crosses CCI centerline on this 10 minute chart= you step UP to the signals on the 15 minute chart...
10AM CCI 194 ...2385.37
15minute... ... ...there are three 15 minute charts here; then the 30minute...
WHEN 15 minute CCI crosses centerline$$$$ you step UP to the 30 minute chart signals and you become exclusive 30minute signals...KEEPS YOU IN THE TRADE FOR THE CYCLE
10AM CCI 235 ...2385.71
 15 minute $TICK.... $TICK...Histogram

30 minute chart...This is swing trading (not day trading) the intraday cycle...aka...30 minute exclusive trading is 10minute CCI cross centerline=you step over to use the 15minute chart signals...15 minute CCI cross centerline stop over to 30 minute chart and  the 30 minute chart becomes exclusive = 30 minute CCI signals= will keep you in the cycle/trade longer and not let 10 or 15 minute chart signals take you out of a trade. The 60minute chart's role is as proxy for the daily chart; intraday 60minute CCI tends to be a laggard with in this intraday cycle; so all you want to see is 60minue turning in oversold or overbought to say the intraday cycle is ending and at the same time you will see 30 minute will be ready to signal a change in direction or has already signaled at the +/- 100 CCI signal line. (...and if anyone is wondering; the 5minute chart is a cycle unto itself...with many major YoYo/false the daily and weekly charts also have their own cycle...)
30 Minute
10AM CCI 137 ...2387.77

10AM CCI 144 ...2387.80
The commodity channel index (CCI) is an oscillator originally introduced by Donald Lambert in 1980. Since its introduction, the indicator has grown in popularity and is now a very common tool for traders in identifying cyclical trends not only in commodities, but also equities and currencies. The CCI can be adjusted to the timeframe of the market traded on by changing the averaging period. 

CCI 11 settings

Daily Chart...
10AM CCI 235 ...2387.76

Weekly CCI 10 Bias is (DOWN)

Always trade with the direction of the daily CCI 
Swing trades= intraday to 3-5 days. Always trade in the direction of the daily bias even for short term trades...if you really feel you must trade against the daily need a hair trigger...get out quick if the position moves against you. The Average True Range for SPX usually runs around 15 points. This range inceases as volatility increases
Remember...What you're looking at on an intraday charts is a daily candle or OHLC price bar "uncompressed" from the daily chart. Kind of a "micro" view of the Macro daily chart...and daily would be a micro view of the weekly chart... 

Front Running a Daily chart signal. (...The 60 minute chart can be considered as a proxy for the daily chart and will lead daily chart signals when daily CCI is getting ready to come out of oversold overbought just takes patience to get the timing..) Rather than only trade the intraday cycle you can use the intraday charts to front run a daily CCI signal. When the Daily CCI is ready to move out of oversold or overbought... your goal eventually is to catch a trade from intraday that carries over onto the daily chart. It just takes some practice and patience becoming comfortable with the 3 CCI cycles= Intraday/Daily/Weekly and as the3 sometimes line up together= synchronized you may consider a larger position.
TimeFrames...Intraday Charts

There is a "Method to the Madness of Crowds" and you can find it and define it on the charts...Technical Charting takes away some of the fear/doubt in trading... and then all you need is patience while waiting for the chart to tell you when the momentum/sentiment turns...Kiy...

SPXA50%...percent of stocks above their 50 day moving average (NYSE

Cheat Sheet

Rising interest rate have two effects that tend to make gold and silver not as attractive.
1. ... rising rates boost the yields on bonds, CDs, and a number of interest-bearing assets. physical gold and silver don't pay a dividend. As lending rates rise, the opportunity cost of owning physical gold and silver rises.  If rates continue to remain low, then investors aren't giving up much to instead buy into the shiny yellow and silver metals, as well as their miners.

2. ... rising lending rates have the effect of pushing the U.S. dollar higher, and the dollar and gold tend to have an inverse relationship.

10 Year Yield chart...yield down value of the 10yr Note is UP...yield UP value of the Note is DOWN

S&P 500 SPDR (SPY) divided by the 20+Year Treasury Bond ETF (TLT) over the last three years. The stock/bond ratio bottomed early this year and has since risen to the highest level in ten years. The ratio is up today after bouncing off its 50-day average. That's mainly because Treasury bond prices are dropping. Chart 5 makes a strong case in favor of stocks over bonds. The only bond category that has kept pace with stocks are high-yield investment grade bonds. That's because they usually track closer to stocks than bonds. Chart 6 shows the iBoxx High Yield Corporate Bond ETF (HYG) also in a holding pattern within a rising trend. It too is struggling with a short-term overbought condition. But the fact the high-yield bonds are doing better than Treasuries is another positive sign for stocks.

JAN. 06, 2017... 
The U.S. Dollar
As the Fed proceeds into its tightening cycle, the U.S. dollar continues to rally. First, let me say that I hardly think that two rate increases in two years constitutes tightening. So my doubts on the strength of the USD have been incorrect. It is what it is. A rule of thumb says that a 10% move in the dollar is about the equivalent of a 1% hike in the fed funds rate when considering the impact on exporters, overseas corporate profits, and the prices of other assets.
So far, the market has shrugged off the latest rise in the USD. While the dollar has rallied 6.2% since October, the S&P is up 5% in the same time period. Typically, the relative performance between these two closely tracks the performance of the U.S. dollar, but in 2016 that wasn't the case.
Since the dollar has risen sharply in the latter part of the year, multinationals have actually outperformed. Just when we think we have it figured out that a strong dollar will be more beneficial to the domestics, it isn't really working that way.
One of the reasons has been the continued move higher in Materials, while Utilities have underperformed horribly. Keep in mind the domestics are overweight Utilities and they have underperformed lately. They're also overweight the Real Estate sector, a big underperformer with higher bond yields since the summer.

Once again, it will come down to specific stock selection to garner outperformance rather than using a broad brush approach to the markets.

Intraday sideVolume and Tracking CandleGlance
Speculation Stocks ...
There isn't a day that goes by on Wall Street when certain stocks trading for under $10 a share don't experience massive spikes higher. Traders savvy enough to follow the low-priced names and trade them with discipline and solid risk management are banking ridiculous coin on a regular basis. Roberto Pedone...
Just be careful... Pumps & Dumps 101

Color Codes OF STOCK SYSBOLS... Colors are based on the CCI 20 (Commodity Channel Index signal lines) ... if "letters" are colored =Green =UP...Red=down...lighter colors = less confident in direction...if leters/stock symbols are Boxed=Green =oversold..Red=overbought...§=Reverse of a Signal line(focus is the CCI centerline)... ¥= first stock to turn UP/Down after the Group/Sector has been oversold. Stocks that have a "Target" price are the better choice for a trade...example...MVIS  (T/$3.50H-4.50) a target price with an "H" behind it says the target was "hit" since the target price was added...
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Artificial Intelligence
In the real world, AI will enter our lives in three phases and forms:
PHASE #1 Assisted Intelligence: AI that replaces repetitive and mundane tasks traditionally done by humans. A timely example would be the proliferation of robots used at Amazon to “pick” items from warehouse shelves, which we mentioned in last month’s issue. You’ll recall we’re already booking double-digit gains in the space (with more to come) in the Robo Global Robotics & Automation ETF (ROBO) and Cognex Corp. (CGNX).

PHASE #2 Augmented Intelligence: AI that incorporates machine learning to supplement and support human analysis. One area where this type of AI is being implemented is legal discovery. That is, the period of time in which both legal parties gather evidence. Seventy-five percent of the costs associated with discovery are tied to human review of documents. And people are expensive. Using AI to pre-screen — and reduce the amount of relevant documents before humans even start reviewing the files — can dramatically reduce costs. We profited from this very technology when our portfolio position Epiq Systems was acquired for a 40% gain in July 2016.

PHASE #3 Autonomous Intelligence: AI that takes over for humans in a highly specific task. Self-driving cars would be the ultimate example of this in action.

02/28/17 ...potential profits in the VR/AR industry are enormous. Goldman Sachs (GS) estimates that the market will reach $80 billion by 2025, with the potential for that figure to actually soar much higher, to more than $180 billion.
Many of the companies developing VR/AR hardware and software are among the biggest names in Silicon Valley including
 Apple (AAPL), Alphabet (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB) and Sony (SNE).
On a July 26, 2016 conference call with analysts, AAPL's CEO Cook said he was bullish about augmented reality. "AR can be really great, and we have been and continue to invest a lot in this," Cook said. "We are high on AR for the long run. We think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity." In September, Cook told ABC News that augmented reality presented a bigger business opportunity than virtual reality. "There's virtual reality and there's augmented reality — both of these are incredibly interesting," Cook said. "But my own view is that augmented reality is the larger of the two, probably by far."

Augmented reality superimposes digital images in a person's field of vision. It provides the user with information for navigation, to complete tasks and other purposes. By contrast, virtual reality is an immersive media that places the wearer of special headsets into a completely digital world, mostly for entertainment purposes. In November, Bloomberg reported that Apple had already ordered "small quantities of near-eye displays from one supplier for testing." It said Apple was in the exploration phase of wearable computing. The device being tested would connect wirelessly to the iPhone. Also in November, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple is looking to leapfrog the competition in AR by three to five years with its offering. But Kuo said it could take Apple one to two years to come out with an AR product.
 In the Year 2525 ....Sony Facebook's Oculus virtual reality device Samsung, Microsoft Hololens...Google Glass 

HIMX (T/$6H-9H) ...hyped as the I-PHONE KILLER...semicndtr, display driver integrated circuits (ICs), timing controllers used in televisions (TVs), laptops, monitors, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, car navigation, et al...(buy after 2nd quarter 2017...)

*****KOPN  (T/$4.5) Kopin Corporation semicndtr...wearable technologies and display products...develops, makes and markets virtual and augmented reality gaming, training, and simulation products. Kopin’s Whisper Voice Chip, Solos smart glasses and Pupil LCD display modules will be among the Kopin products displayed on the CES show floor. 

***MVIS (T/$3.50-4.50) Microvision makes PicoP scanning technology for three-dimensional sensing and image capture.  
IMMR (T/$8H-13) Immersion Corporation...the creation of the sense of touch to the user through the use of vibrations or motions. Immersion is one of the leaders in this technology, also known as kinesthetic communication. (very weak guidance for all of 2017)
*OCLR (T/$11H-15) lasers and optical components partner with CEIN...Oclaro provides differentiated solutions for optical networks and high-speed interconnects driving the next wave of streaming video, cloud computing, application virtualization and other bandwidth-intensive and high-speed applications....

 NPTN (T/$13-17) NeoPhotonicshigh speed digital optical signals...  FN ...*FNSR (T/42) ... 
**NVDA  Nvidia neural imprinting and all forms of virtual reality
Head worn devices...ZBRA Zebra Technology... INTC Intel...FJTSY Fujitsu...  ****VUZI  Vuzi (T/$11)
VUZI eyeglasses ...
NEON ...touch screen ....SYNA ...ACIA... AAOI...  LITE (T/45H) ... SNAP

INTC (T$38-42) ..Buyout of..03/13 =Mobileye...*MBLY Triple Digit Stock  develops computer vision/machine learning/data analysis/localization/mapping for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving technologies primarily in Israel.... Mobileye...We believe the stock’s reaction to the Tesla news was an overreaction because 1) Tesla comprises about only 1% of Mobileye’s revenue today 2) Mobileye said that of its $1.1BN 2019 revenue target, Tesla contributes ~2% (or ~$17MM on 350K cars).” Anderson sets a $60 price target; the stock is rebounding, up $2, or 4.4%, at $47.33. Anderson writes that his own digging suggests the split had been in the works for some time, and that graphics chip maker Nvidia (NVDA) is likely being tapped by Tesla to produce an alternative: Our sense from talking with industry sources is that the relationship between Mobileye and Tesla has been headed to this outcome for some time. We believe Tesla would like to push the envelope more with autonomous features and increasingly with their own algorithms. Our best guess at this point (based on our checks) is that Tesla will eventually migrate to a hardware solution from Bosch with processing done by Nvidia using internally-generated Tesla algorithms.

VSH ...March 22, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (VSH) today broadens its optoelectronics portfolio with the introduction of a new high speed silicon PIN photodiode with enhanced sensitivity for visible light. Offered in a compact 5 mm by 4 mm top-view, surface-mount package with a low 0.9 mm profile, the Vishay Semiconductors VEMD5080X01 offers fast switching times and low capacitance for precise signal detection in wearable devices and medical, industrial, and automotive applications.
§*ISNS... Image Sensing Systems, Inc. develops and markets software-based computer enabled detection products and solutions for the intelligent transportation systems industry. Its video and radar processing products are used in traffic, security, police, and parking applications, such as intersection control, highway, bridge and tunnel traffic management, venue security, entry control, LPR, and traffic data collection. Image Sensing Systems, Inc. offers various vehicle and traffic detection products, such as Autoscope video systems and RTMS radar systems that convert sensory input collected by video cameras and radar units into vehicle detection and traffic data used to operate, monitor, and enhance the efficiency of roadway infrastructure. The company sells its products to end users comprising federal, state, city, and county departments of transportation, port, highway, tunnel, and other transportation authorities; law enforcement agencies; and parking facility operators, as well as system integrators or other suppliers of systems and services that are operating under subcontracts in connection with road construction contracts. Image Sensing Systems, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.
NVDA...  ...Tesla’s co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk, has promoted NVIDIA’s GPUs as a key element for driverless car technology. At the 2015 GPU Technology Conference last year, Musk said that what NVIDIA is doing with its Tegra GPU’s will prove “really important for self-driving in the future.” While Tesla uses NVIDIA’s GPUs, it doesn’t currently use NVIDIA’s Drive PX system, though there’s no reason why it couldn’t in the future. Why all of this matters for NVIDIA investors NVIDIA’s self-driving car focus is becoming increasingly important because of the technology’s quick adoption by both automakers and consumers. IHS Automotive estimates that between now and 2035, there will be 76 million vehicles on the road with some level of self-driving capabilities. Cheaper technology is spurring growth, as is evidenced by Honda’s $20,040 Civic, which can drive itself on the highway. The driverless-car market is expected to grow to $42 billion by 2025, according to Boston Consulting Group, and it’s clear that NVIDIA’s mapping out a plan to grab as much of that market as possible with its current automotive partnerships.
GSI (T/$9H) Remember how Nvidia leveraged the benefits of “parallel processing” to net windfall sales and profits for investors in 2016? Well, GSI’s in-place associative computing chips will leverage “massive parallel processing” capabilities. Think Nvidia on steroids.
*****HEAR (T/$3-10) 4D sound...

Semi/Cloud/Biometrics 02/11...  
EIGI (T/$10.50)... DTRM (T/$5)
****STM (T/$10-14H) (price has been above $11 since Jan. 9th) STMicroelectronics Semicndctr etal...
XTLY (T/$15-19) incentive compensation solutions for employee and sales performance management 
***PSTG (T/13-15) Provides flash memory-based enterprise storage hardware...
PURE 03/02...Pure Storage continued its streak of revenue and earnings beats, the company's guidance for the first quarter was disappointing. It expects to produce revenue between $171 million and $179 million, up just 25% year over year at the midpoint and well below analyst expectations of $201.7 million.
Pure Storage expects to produce $1 billion of revenue this year, right in line with the average analyst estimate, but the weak first-quarter guidance will require growth to pick up as the year goes on. CEO Scott Dietzen sees opportunities going forward:

Pure Storage is delivering the data platform for the cloud era, helping customers put data to work for their businesses. This year, Pure expects to reach $1 billion in revenue -- a remarkable achievement and evidence that we're only just getting started. We could not be more excited about the opportunities ahead.

Shares of Pure Storage are now down about 50% since peaking soon after the company's IPO in late 2015. With growth expected to slow during the first quarter, and with profitability nowhere in sight, investors are clearly losing patience.

****ANY (T/$1.50) tech. cloud, storage... ****USAT (T/$6)wireless networking, cashless transactions, asset monitoring...
***FTR  (T/$4.00) telecom fiber-to-the-home and cloud backup, sharing, identy protection...
*NXTD (T-$4) biometrics security mobile devices, electronic wallet  virtually any magnetic stripe card allow single electronic card to replicate cards for  MobileBio VoiceMatch ...
ACLS (T/16H)...Semiconductor equip. and materials..CNIT..Internet service company that provides cloud-based platform China...
***PRCP (T/$11)Perception Inc... 3D scanning products, laser scanners ...NMBL ...flash storage... **GSB software cloud based(T/?)
****PYDS electronic payment... *CPST Capstone Turbine... microturbine...
*****WATT WATT  Energous...wire-free charging of electronic devices at a distance...
As for the iPhone 8, one of the main rumors so far is related to the inclusion of wireless charging technology in the phone. Wireless charging is an interesting concept, and current options rely on magnetic energy to charge, requiring users to place their device on some sort of compatible pad. Enter Energous Corporation WATT, an innovative wireless charging company that uses RF waves to charge. Energous promises “long-distance” wireless charging, and many people think the company could be teaming up with Apple to incorporate the tech in the iPhone 8. (

IWSY  ImageWare Systems...biometrically enabled software-based identity management ... 
ADI microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)... A... Agilent DNA focus
VEEV Veeva medical research...PIRS ...anemia treatment...
CUDA (T/$25h-29) Barracuda ... cloud-enabled solutions that enable customers address security threats, improve network performance, and protect and store their data. It provides various security solutions, including Barracuda Email Security (01/09 earns/profit beat)
AMBA (T/$84)... Ambarella produces systems on a chip for various camera applications such as GoPro action cams and drones. These chips incorporate numerous patented technologies that allow them to work with very low power, in low ambient light conditions, and with highly efficient compression capabilities. 
PI (T/$40)  Impinj frequency ID chip-maker, maker of RAIN RFID chips which helps supply chains frictionlessly track items...
MU Micron is the third largest mobile DRAM and fourth largest NAND manufacturer in the world. It's arguably the most straightforward play on the memory-chip market for investors, Samsung Electronics (NASDAQOTH:SSNLF), and Western Digital (NASDAQ:WDC)  icron is currently developing next-gen memory technologies such as 3D NAND and 3DXPoint with Intel (NASDAQ:INTC),
BIO/Pharma/Medical ...

OMER... (T/$22) 
EXAS ...(T/27) Cologuard, a non-invasive stool-based DNA screening test for the early detection of colorectal cancer and pre-cancer 
PIRS...Pirs Pharma....  SNDX Syndax Pharma ... EPZM Epizyme...KPTI  Karyopharm ... ABEO Abeona Therapeutics ... 
PGNX  (T/$14) A neuroendocrine tumor affects the hormone-producing cells of the body’s neuroendocrine system that comprises of cells which are a combination of hormone-producing endocrine cells and nerve cells. These cells control the flow of air, blood and food through the different body parts. There are no approved therapies available in the U.S. market for the two diseases.
OCRX... Ocera Therapeutics treatment of hyperammonemia and resultant hepatic encephalopathy 
***IDRA (T/$4-8) cancer rare disease...
GERN (T/$5)... lead candidate, imetelstat, appears to have an important advantage over the leading treatment (Jakafi) for a rare form of blood cancer known as myelofibrosis, a disorder marked by overactive blood cell production in bone marrow. In a trial that enrolled 33 myelofibrosis patients, Geron's imetelstat generated a clinical response defined in part by an observed improvement on bone marrow damage among about 21% of patients. Furthermore, 12% experienced a complete remission defined by complete reversal of damage.
ACHN (T/$10)...Achillion Pharm... MNTM Anti-Aging Drug ....SRNE...Sorrento Therapeutics
ONTX (T$5.00) Onconova targets RAS cellular pathways (proprietary) which have been linked to cancer cells while causing minimal damage to healthy cells. 
§2***OMED (T/$9) OncoMed Pharm...anti-cancer stem cell (CSC) and immuno-oncology therapeutics... Lung...Ovarian...Colon...(T/$9) 04/11 ...missed its primary endpoint in the Phase 2 YOSEMITE trial in pancreatic cancer, while the company’s partner, Bayer, had decided not to opt-in to develop Wnt inhibitors vantictumab and ipafricept. H.C. Wainwright’s Shaunak K. Deepak maintains a Buy rating on Oncomed Pharma, with a price target of $9. The analyst believes that this news “does not necessarily mean the development of these assets is over.”
ROKA (T/$10)(NEW LOW 3/17)Roka Bioscience molecular assay technologies for the detection of foodborne pathogens 
EDIT Editas Medicine ($20 is support) Biotechnology...the ability to play God...gene therapy.... Editas Medicine is a company that should be on a lot of radars, as they’re working on a revolutionary method of genome editing which could conceivably provide cures for the approximately 6,000 diseases which are caused by genetic mutations in our DNA. Of those, only about 5% currently have approved therapeutic treatments (and those don’t address the root cause, but seek to combat the symptoms). Editas’ genome editing platform CRISPR could instead be used to correct the genetic problem at its source: right in our DNA. A protein-RNA complex can be tailored to either repair or replace damaged genetic sequences, and is then guided to the target spot in the genetic link by a guide RNA. The result is a corrected sequence that could completely cure the issues that were being caused by the defect.There are a couple issues surrounding the company however. Firstly, it could be years before any human trials of the platform are launched. Secondly, Editas Medicine is currently caught in the middle of a heated patent dispute over the CRISPR platform itself, which teams of scientists from Berkeley and the Broad Institute each claim to have the patent rights to. Interestingly, members of both of those teams helped found Editas and still serve as founding scientific advisors for the company.Setting aside the patent dispute, there’s some exciting work being done at Editas that could revolutionize medicine, making this one of the most interesting companies in the world.
CRSP  CRISPER Therapeutics AG focuses on the development of transformative gene-based medicines for serious diseases using its proprietary CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing platform. The CRISPR/Cas9 technology allows for changes to genomic DNA. The company has strategic collaborations with Bayer AG and Vertex Pharmaceuticals to develop CRISPR-based therapeutics in other diseases. It operates in Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. CRISPR Therapeutics AG is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Both sides claim victory — angling for millions in potential royalties and licenses — in gene-editing patent dispute 02/16/2017
***NTLA Intellia Therapeutics ...Its lead target is liver disease ...Intellia Therapeutics Inc., a gene editing company, focuses on the development of therapeutics utilizing a biological tool known as the CRISPR/Cas9 system. The company develops in vivo programs focused on liver diseases, including transthyretin amyloidosis, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, hepatitis B virus, and inborn errors of metabolism; and ex vivo applications of the technology in chimeric antigen receptor T cell and hematopoietic stem cell product ...headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
***SNDX (T$/27) ...pipeline of combination therapies in multiple cancer indications. Our lead product candidate, entinostat, which was granted Breakthrough Therapy designation by the FDA following positive results from our Phase 2b clinical trial, ENCORE 301, is currently being evaluated in a Phase 3 clinical trial for advanced hormone receptor positive, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 negative breast cancer. Syndax is developing entinostat, which has direct effects on both cancer cells and immune regulatory cells, and SNDX-6352, an anti-CSF-1R monoclonal antibody, to enhance the body's immune response on tumors that have shown sensitivity to immunotherapy. Entinostat is being evaluated as a combination therapeutic in Phase 1b/2 clinical trials with Merck & Co., Inc. for non-small cell lung cancer and melanoma; with Genentech, Inc. for TNBC; and with Pfizer Inc. and Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, for ovarian cancer. SNDX-6352 is being evaluated in a single ascending dose Phase 1 clinical trial and is expected to be developed to treat a variety of cancers.
FOLD  AMICUS Therapeutics...biotech rare diseases...
NEOT Neothetics...LIPO-202 phase 2 TRIALS...
**INFI (T/$2H) treatment of blood cancers... CLDX... OPK ...
****FBIO (T-9) Fortress Biotech, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, develops novel immunotherapy agents for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Its product includes CNDO-109, a lysate that activates donor natural killer cells for the treatment of cancer-related and other conditions.
**ROSG (T/$3.50H)(1:12 REVERSE SPLIT 03/17) Rossetta Genomics... MicroRNAs are a group of genes that are produced using instructions encoded in DNA.
*****ONCS (T/$3-5) electroporation delivery device, melanoma...
ARRY (T-10H) Array BioPharma  Many drugs in the pipeline cancer...hepatitis C virus...myeloma and many gene cancer inhibitors...
*****CMRX (T/$8) oral antivirals herpes virus and adeno virus.
  Phase III clinical trial designed to provide rapid sustained relief from pain associated with osteoarthritis...
*MRNS (T/$3) biopharm epilepsy and neuropsychiatric disorders...  QBIO story stock glaucoma drug...
ATOS biopharmaceutical breast cancer... ***DMPI DelMar Pharmaceuticals Inc. lung cancer,brain cancer...
***ENDV bioelectronics(T/1.50)... Bioelectronic device, treat acute liver failure (ALF) and other inflammatory conditions in vital organs ... stem cells...
 SSH  (T/) early-stage medical device,cardiac and coronary diseases 1 for 30 reverse split Jan. 13......
CHEK (T/$5-6) medical diagnostics company, engages in the development of an ingestible imaging capsule that utilizes low-dose X-rays for the screening for precancerous polyps and cancer...
***APDN (T/$6-8) Applied DNA Sciences Inc. *****QURE (T/$21) Gene Therapy...
****SBOT (T/$4)... Biotech...keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) protein...  POTENTIAL GAME CHANGING TREATMENTS OF SERIOUS DISEASES...When you're developing a vaccine for any indication, you can have a dendritic cell vaccine, you can have a DNA-based vaccine, you can have a KLH-based vaccine or a peptide vaccine, and each one has its own advantages, disadvantages and attributes that you may or may not want as part of the immune response you are targeting. KLH seems to be geared toward generating antibody responses versus T-cell responses. 
TTNP Pharma... treatments for chronic diseases, such as Parkinson's disease. The company offers Probuphine, a product candidate for long term maintenance treatment of opioid dependence, which maintains a stable, around the clock blood level of the medicine buprenorphine in patients for six months following a single treatment.
*** MNKD commercial-stage diabetes drug and device maker.
**BCLI adult stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative disorders ALS...
*NNVC nano-biopharmaceutical viral infections, shingles cream will be its first drug to start human testing...
CALA  (T/$9H)...small molecule drugs directed against tumor metabolism and tumor immunology targets... 
**HEB biotech for the treatment of viral and immune based chronic disorders...chronic fatigue syndrome=myalic encephalomyelitis
***MHTX () nanomedicine... THLD biopharmaceutica sm molecule targeting cancers that over express a particular enzyme...   
*ONVO  ONVO human tissues that could be employed in drug discovery and development,  tissue patches for repair or replacement damaged tissues/organs... tissue assay toxicities would help companies not have to run Phase 1 trials...
**LBIO biotech, adoptive cell therapy using tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes  treatment of metastatic melanoma, bladder, lung, breast, and HPV-associated cancers.... 
NVAX  recombinant nanoparticles vaccines...EDGE ... ARQL
EBS...(T/$40) Emergent BioSolutions,Biodefense division... BioThrax to treat anthrax disease; Anthrasil treatment of inhalational anthrax; BAT treat botulinum disease; VIGIV address adverse events from smallpox vaccination; RSDL removal or neutralization of chemical agents, T-2 toxins, and various pesticide-related chemicals from the skin. NuThrax, next generation anthrax vaccine; UV-4B for dengue and influenza infections; GC-072 compound in the EV-035 series of broad spectrum antibiotics for Burkholderia pseudomallei; VAX161C, a recombinant pandemic influenza vaccine; PreviThrax, a recombinant protective antigen anthrax vaccine, as well as other products addressing public health threats and emerging infectious diseases. Its Biosciences division markets IXINITY prevent bleeding episodes in people with hemophilia B; WinRho SDF treat autoimmune platelet disorders and hemolytic disease of the newborn; HepaGam B post-exposure prophylactic treatment of hepatitis-B; VARIZIG post-exposure prophylactic treatment of varicella zoster virus. This division's investigational stage product candidates include otlertuzumab, protein therapeutic for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia; MOR209/ES414 metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer under collaboration with MorphoSys AG; ES210, a protein therapeutic for inflammation-related indications; 5E3, a monoclonal antibody therapeutic for Alzheimer's disease; and other protein therapeutic product candidates primarily for the treatment of immuno-oncology. The company also provides contract manufacturing services to third-party customers.
*PRAN biotech development of therapeutic drugs in Australia... AKTX  Akari Therapeutics...Biotech tx rare autoimmune and inflammatory disease
*OBMP () Bio cancer vaccines...ABEO (T/$15) gene therapies for life-threatening rare genetic diseases
KPTI (T/$15)  Karyopharm's blood cancer hopeful. Selinexor is a first-in-class oral treatment slated for a large, late-stage combination study with multiple myeloma patients also receiving Velcade and standard chemo. If successful, results from the pivotal trial could eventually support the company's first New Drug Application,
***BIOC cancer diagnostics company, develops and commercializes proprietary circulating tumor cell (CTC) and circulating tumor DNA assays utilizing a standard blood sample.... NSTG NanoString Tech (biotech)
**BLFS  hypothermic storage and cryopreservation cells and tissues, reduce post-preservation necrosis and apoptosis...Bothel,Wa.
NAVB... Lymphoseek, a receptor-targeted small-molecule radiopharmaceutical used in the evaluation of lymphatic basins that may have cancer involvement in patients; and Manocept platform to target the CD206 mannose receptor expressed on activated macrophages.
MRUS  in Phase 1/2 across three different indications — breast, colorectal and ovarian cancer — and based on data
OPGN OpGen... VAL-083, an oncology drug for the treatment of refractory glioblastoma multiforme. The company is set to meet with the FDA before the close of the quarter to discuss a Phase 3 study design and has already picked up orphan designation for the drug. On May 5, DelMar reported the closing of a private placement that saw the company pick up gross proceeds of $5.6 million. No company, biotech or otherwise, raises equity-based capital specifically to drive sales efforts if it doesn’t believe there is a thriving market for the product. That OpGen has picked now to raise in order to spend on marketing, and that markets have been responsive to its issue, is indicative of recovery.
EXAS.(T/22H)..colorectal cancer test kit...  PIRS...Pirs Pharma....  SNDX Syndax Pharma ... EPZM Epizyme...KPTI  Karyopharm ... ABEO Abeona Therapeutics ... 

Pain Relief 
 ***CARA (T/$12h) ...pain relief targeting opioid receptors...03/20...DILUTES =issues 4.5 million shares. ...DRRX (T/$3) Durect Corp
********TRVN (T/$11-14) intends to commercialize therapeutics for G protein coupled receptors. The company's central nervous system product pipeline includes Oliceridine, a small molecule G protein biased ligand, which is in Phase III clinical trials for patients experiencing moderate to severe acute pain where IV administration is preferred; and TRV734, a small molecule G protein biased ligand at the mu-receptor that is in Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of moderate to severe acute and chronic pain. Its product pipeline also comprises TRV250, a small molecule G protein biased ligand of the delta-opioid receptor, which is in preclinical development stage for the treatment refractory migraine. In addition, the company develops cardiovascular programs, such a TRV027, a peptide beta-arrestin biased ligand that targets the angiotensin II type 1 receptor and is in Phase IIb clinical trials for the treatment of acute heart failure in combination with standard diuretic therapy. ...
****REPH...(T/$12-21 Nov.2016)Recro Pharma, pharmaceutical company, engages in developing non-opioid products for the treatment of acute pain.
NKTR... IPCI... §*****PTIE ...
NEOS ...Neos Therapeutics...extended relase oral tablets ... RDHL ...STML...blood cancers...SGYP... ABEO...AST   spinal cord injuries and cancer ... CBIO hemophilia
Zika virus
*BCRX (T/$6H)... XON(T$40)... INO (T/$13) biopharmaceutical, zika virus, Ebola... ***CERS (T/$9)...   SNY...drug manufactures
ERBA diagnostic test kits automated systems that are used to aid in the detection of disease markers primarily in the areas of autoimmune, infectious diseases, clinical chemistry, hematology, and diabetes testing...

Medical/Robotics/Equip The robotic-surgery space is forecast to explode at a compound annual growth rate of more than 22% over the next five years, making it one of the fastest-growing industries in the healthcare sector. Nov. 1,2016
*****MBOT MicroBot Medical... U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for a key technology patent.  The Patent App. No. 14/348,610, covers a device for the prevention of shunt stenosis.  Micro-robotic technologies... Self Cleaning Shunt (SCS) for the treatment of hydrocephalus and normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH); and a self-propelling, semi-disposable endoscope that is being developed initially for use in colonoscopy procedures.
**MZOR (T/30h)...Mazor Robotics
^******TRXC (T/$2) commercialization of surgical robotic systems 
TITXF () robotic surgical system for application in minimally invasive surgery...
STXS robotic systems and instruments for the treatment of abnormal heart rhythms...“The Niobe system is perhaps the most revolutionary invention in the field of cardiac ablation, enabling remote anatomic mapping of electrical currents and eradication of difficult-to-reach arrhythmias with unparalleled safety and pinpoint precision,” said Tung. “Our acquisition of Stereotaxis’ latest generation remote magnetic navigation platform will enhance a highly respected electrophysiology (EP) program that is regarded as a global leader in ablation therapy, research and education, especially in the treatment of ventricular tachycardia (VT), and will greatly improve patients’ lives.”
*EDAP High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)(kidney stones, and Urology Devices and Services. AMDA(T/$1.50)
ISRG Intuitive Surgical ...
CTSO target $10...Cytosorbents Corp
HLTH ...outpatient surgery facilities...  ***INNV (T/$1.00H) over the counter medicine and consumer care products, generic nasal spray for allergy symptoms.
**IPCI (T/) pharmaceutical company,...patent on a way to control overdose of prescribed narcotic medications.
KITE (T-77H) removes a person’s T-cells, engineers them to seek and destroy cancer, multiplies them by the billions then re-introduces them into the body. And although early stage, the results thus far have been extremely positive. KITE is currently conducting a phase I study of their cell therapy in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, has made positive remarks about the progress in press releases and plans to present all of the data at the American Society of Hematology in December— this could potentially be market moving news so traders may look to position themselves accordingly. CAR-T therapy is based on extracting immune system cells out of the patient’s body, fabricating them and infusing them back into the patient’s body to identify and fight the cancer. While the therapy has shown successful results for treating blood cancers, its use has not yielded the desired success for treating solid tumors. Solid tumors are usually an abnormal mass of tissue that may be benign (non-cancerous), or malignant (cancerous). They are classified as sarcomas, carcinomas and lymphomas depending upon the type of cells that form them. The researchers at the University of Pennsylvania's Perelman School of Medicine indicated that CAR-T therapy using double target can be applied for treating a wide range of solid tumors. The combination treatment involved fabricating the T-cells to target a cancer-associated surface protein with shortened carbohydrate molecules. The double-target therapy showed high effectiveness of using new CAR’s in mouse models of pancreatic cancer. The tumors in mice were observed to shrink and even disappear leading to higher survival periods. Additionally, the engineered CAR-T cells did not cause any damage to normal human cells or to the cells without the abnormal carbohydrate, indicating a reduced risk profile and specific targeting of the cancer tumors.
The observations pave the way for future studies, where the combination of a cancer-associated carbohydrate and a known cancer-associated surface protein can be used as CAR-T treatment for a variety of solid tumors. With the university collaborating with Novartis, the Swiss biotech may get a head start in the path-breaking advancement in double-target CAR-T technology.

SPCL (GOOGL)...Solaris Power Cells, Inc. is a developmental stage diversified "Green" Energy Storage manufacturer offering residential and commercial users turnkey, renewable energy storage solutions (ESS). Solaris manufactures the Solaris PESA™ "Passive Electron Storage Array"™, for limited use electric vehicles such as golf cars and Mega Energy Storage Systems. (ESS) The Solaris PESA™ is a 100% lead-free, solid-state storage (ESS) solution that makes renewable energy greener and better by allowing applications to utilize more of the energy generated. The Solaris Power Cell™ is capable of providing energy storage to applications normally reliant and equipped with highly toxic lead acid, nickel metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries.
CLDX biotech... EXEL Exelixis biotech...  NVTR (T/$10) CyBorg Technology...neuroscience...
 AMDA (T/$2-5 )biomaterialsValeo silicon nitride spinal fusion devices.(additional shares/dilution Jan 2017 $0.51...

Alt-Energy  01/27... 
***ERII (T/$16-21)energy recovery devices and turbochargers for water desalination/.makes equipment for the oilfield that makes fracking more efficient .. . 
*AMSC (T/$10-11) wind turbine systems... RVLT   (T/$20) sells light emitting diode (LED) lighting solutions...
MNGA (T/$1.50) converts liquid waste into hydrogen based fuels.. *CWST (T/)water treatment... *HCCI (T/16) oil clean up parts cleaning...
MXWL***MXWL  (ultra Capacitors) .. energy storage and power delivery products, ultra-capacitor cells...  
CDTI CDTI diesel emissions control systems...
ARTX artx defense and security products sells rechargeable and primary batteries, and smart chargers to the military...
***OPTT ocean wave electricity... VTNR  recycle industrial waste...
 NGPHF  NGPHF Northern Graphite.. *GPHOF .....***FCSMF... *ZENYF ....

BLDP..*PLUG (T-2h)...**FCEL ...****HYGS .HYGS Hydrogenics

SINO ...air delivery and frieght services
Shipping 02/17 
****SFL (T/$16) 11% dividend... fleet of 16 oil tankers, 22 dry bulk carriers, 20 container vessels, 2 car carriers, 2 jack-up drilling rigs, 2 ultra-deepwater drilling units, 5 offshore supply vessels, 2 chemical tankers, and 2 newbuilding oil pro duct tankers. 
**GMLP...(T/$23)Golar LNG Partners LP owns and operates floating storage regasification units (FSRUs) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers under long-term charters in Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, and Kuwait.
***ASC (T/$10) LNG/LPG carriers 10.68% DIVIDEND(0.71)...**DHT (T/$5H, 6)(0.46bk) oil tankers...
 ***TK () crude oil and LNG has $10.81 cash a share, Dividend% 3.20%. TNP (T/$6)
**DSX (T/$3H, 5)  shipping...***DCIX (T/$8) CONTAINER...***DRYS(T$2.53...1.64bk) dry bulk ... **EGLE...(0.04bk) dry bulk...
***ESEA () dry bulk/containers...***GLBS (0.49bk)dry bulk,...**GNK (T/$11H) dry bulk, company has 6.51share in cash... **NMM... dry bulk...  
***SALT dry bulk,
 has $3 a share in cash... SHIP() dry bulk...TOPS (0.34bk) oil tankers...**GASS grude oil and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) 
ANW shipping, LNG/LPG carriers a marine fuel logistics company markets supplies refined marine fuel and lubricants to vessels in port, at sea, rivers, worldwide ...

Other Stocks 
ATTO (T/$14)
SVU (T/$5.50-6) wholesale and retail grocer...
***KTOS KTOS..(T/$7H) ... provides unmanned aerial, ground, seaborne, command, control, and communications systems.
CCIH  provider of Internet content and application delivery services and cloud in China......
ESES oil/gas service
AMRS ...bioscience technology to design microbes primarily yeast, as well as to convert plant-sourced sugars into renewable hydrocarbons.
 **** internet advertising and digital publishing()
*****LQMT () amorphous metal ( metallic glass/glassy metal) solid metallic material, usually an alloy, disordered atomic-scale structure.
****LKAI () mining/explores for gold, silver, lead, and zinc metals...  NIOBF () niobium/scandium/titanium project located in Nebraska...
GARWF ()Golden Arrow Resources gold, silver, lead, zinc, and copper. CHNR iron, zinc, and other nonferrous metals in the Peoples Republic of China 
*CRESY agriculture Argentina... INGN oxygen concentrators
**UAMY.. produces and sells antimony, silver, gold, and zeolite products in the United States. The company's Antimony division offers antimony oxide that is primarily used in conjunction with a halogen to form a synergistic flame retardant system for plastics, rubber, fiberglass, textile good...
**AUO liquid crystal displays and other flat panel displays, solar and water re-cycling
JVA. Coffee...   WPX... independent oil and natural gas exploration and production.
(Google)***DMPID ... commercializing anti-cancer therapies ...  FMCC  Freddie Mac ... FNMA Fannie Mae
***BTE ...oil Eagle Ford... BRCD Brocade Commucations/Ruckus ...ROX...sells beverage alcohol products in the United States and internationally
BKD  ($T/16H) senior living ...IPAS Telecom Services...  GRMX
Motley Fool  03/21...
EA (T/$92-102) Electronic Arts... NUVA (T/$72H) NuVasive Medical Appliance/equip... ETSY (T/$15) arts/crafts online sellers... UBNT (T/$60-66) Ubiquiti wireless equipment... ALGN (T/$110) AlignMed. Appliance/equip dental...BOFI (T/$33) bank of internet Bofl Holdings savings and loan... 

UA (T/$30) Under Armour apparel clothing... ***SQ (T/$20)Mobile payment services
WDAY (T/$85H) Workday financial software cloud...   PI (T/$40) IMPINJ Commmunication equip...

Income Stocks

oil  CandleGlance: USO, *XLE,*XOPXESUGA, KOL ...Accumulation/Distribution

Volatility refers to the amount of uncertainty or risk about the size of changes in a security's value. A higher volatility means that a security's value can potentially be spread out over a larger range of values. This means that the price of the security can change dramatically over a short time period in either direction. A lower volatility means that a security's value does not fluctuate dramatically, but changes in value at a steady pace over a period of time. 
Oil volatility index...

The Best Energy ETFs
USO... 60MIN 
Daily Chart    USO and UCO TimeFrames     BRENT...BNO ...    SCO short ...UCO

Bearx3 ERY... ...XLE...Energy...TimeFrames  ... BPENER
Daily Chart

 §XLE CandleGlance...  XOM...*CVX...SLB..EOG... PXD    HAL...OXY.... COP...NOV...APC...VLO...         *APA...(T/$97) 

02/17/2017...focus is profits happen as oil moves above $50...
CVX... at $52 per barrel, Chevron is now cash flow positive. That means its crude oil operations produce enough cash to keep the dividend and CAPEX spending going. At $60 per barrel, CVX starts to make money from its operations and at $70 per barrel, more than $25 per barrel is pure, sweet profits.
COP...COP’s breakeven point to around $50 per barrel.
MRO... finally starts making money again. And with oil above $50, that starts to happen.
HES...the firm has plans to tweak its portfolio further so that it has approximately 50% unconventionals, 50% conventionals with that production being 50% onshore, 50% offshore, 50% located in the United States and 50% international holdings.

SU...Suncor Energy ...reduced its costs down to just $25 per barrel.
OXY Occidental... production takes place in some of the cheapest places on the planet. In the U.S., OXY is a huge producer in the low-cost Permian. The region continues to feature some of the best well mechanics around.
CLR Continental Resources, Inc. (NYSE:CLR) as one of the first oil stocks to jump into the Bakken. CLR estimates that at $55 per barrel it’ll be cost neutral and at $60 per barrel, it’ll be able to generate approximately $200 million in additional cash.

XOP...Oil and Nat.Gas Explor/Production       XOP CandleGlance

XES...Oil and Gas Equip/Service      XES CandleGlance

UGA...Gasoline ETF

UNG...NatGas ...BOIL...NatGasx2

KOL...Coal...TimeFrames ...    KOL CandleGlance

Thorium of spent rods is still an issue same as with uranium
Uranium Bull Market

NLR...CandleGlance Uranium... URA Global X Uranium ETF ........... *CCJ(T/$16)  .***URG(T/$1) ...UEC  ...DNN ... URRE...FCUUF ...Fission Uranium... ***NXGEF...NexGen Energy high grade uranium...

Uranium Energy Corp.(UEC is one of the lowest-cost producers of uranium in the United States. UEC's specialty is in-situ recovery (ISR), the most cost-efficient and environmentally friendly method of extracting uranium.


Over the next two years 2016-2018, 25 new makes and models of electric cars are expected to be released. BYD Co. Ltd BYDDF and Tesla TSLA currently lead global sales.
LIT 60minute ............CCI 88... 01/06
LIT  CandleGlance...

Right now, most of the world’s lithium is being produced in Australia, Chile, Argentina, and China.

Australia has the largest production by far, coming in at 14,300 tons in 2016, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Most of Australia’s production comes from hard-rock mines.

Chile comes in second place with 10,500 tons, mainly from brine operations in the Salar de Atacama, the country’s largest salt flat.

Chile has the world’s largest lithium reserves held in these briny deserts: 7.5 million tons of our metal oil just waiting to be extracted!

Despite these high numbers, it’s the last two countries that will be getting all the attention soon.

Argentina, with 5,700 tons of production and 2 million tons in reserve. 

Argentina, meanwhile, has recently opened its doors to a new slew of lithium miners.

Until this year, the country has had a number of currency controls and restrictive taxes that have kept many foreign companies from wanting to do business in its lithium-rich salt flats.

Now, it’s looking to become the world leader in lithium! 

Production from the country is slated to triple in the next two years, and that’s just with projects that are coming online now. That’s not to mention any successful projects from the 40 or so companies already looking to stake new claims. This seems like plenty of action, doesn’t it?

China, with production at 2,000 tons and reserves around 3.2 million tons, are both looking to ramp up production to meet demand. China already imports much of its lithium supplies from Australian mines. A sudden boom in demand for electric vehicles actually caused a shortage in 2016 and prompted officials to look at increasing domestic production.

Argentina Lithium Salt Flat... it’s lithium’s difficult nature that makes it so valuable. It’s not rare; it’s just hard to get in the quantities we’re going to need. Which makes Lowry’s point all the more salient: the best thing for the lithium revolution now is to start getting some actual results out of all the energy industry’s talk.


*****SQM...SQM is forcefully exerting its dominant position as the lowest cost, highest margin incumbent lithium producer with aggressive growth plans in Argentina(09/05/16).
 FMC....**ALB (T/$94)...  AMLM ()....*****LIXXF ()...*****LACDF (T/$1.30)Lithium ;Kings Valley Project located in northwestern Nevada... 
  ***NMKEF ... ******GALXF...***LIEG... SNET rare earths  and lithium... CRE.V Critical Elements lithium and rare earths Quebec..
*****ORRP () Lithium mine/Nevada... *****OROCF Orocobre... 
 SSMLF Nevada Energy Metals ......  (BCN.V) (BCRMF Bacanora ***. URRE... PE.V Pure Energy Materials...  CYP.V  Cypress Development Corp tiny company...
***AVLIF Advantage Lithium... ILC.V....PEMIF...PKX (Korean steel and now add lithium...
***NEV.V Nevada Sunrise Gold ...   LTUM Lithium Corp Nevada   DJIFF... Dajin Resources  a minnow now in the lithium space, but their extensive holdings in the lithium triangle are truly astounding. They have some nice Nevada properties as well.
*****ALTAF()(T/$0.30) Altura Mining Australia()... RRSSF Neometals (BCRMF() Bacanora Minerals ? ROCEF Lithium X...
The three largest lithium producers are the Chile-based Sociedad Quimica y Minera (SQM), American FMC Lithium (FMC), which controls the ominously-named Hombre Muerte mine in Argentina, and Albermarle (ALB). 3 companies produce 90% of the world’s lithium with SQM controlling one third of all the world’s lithium reserves.
**PCRFY PCRFY Panasonic Corporation...*KNDI electric vehicle China...GELYF Geely Holding Co..BYDDF Electric vehicle China ...
EGTYF Eguana... 
 TANH electric vehicles and power batteries ...
*ULBI lithium battery (CBAK-US, OGES-US, UPGI-US, EPC-US and HRG-US)...CCGI electric v ehicle (EV) charging stations ...ENS EnerSys
*HPJ (T/$12.78) lithium,and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries... ..*.OGES  lithium ion large format prismatic cells; small format prismatic cells; and battery modules.
OTHER/Related... RDRUY Neometals...LGEAF Korean Battery... FT.TO Fortune Minerals... LUN.TO Lundin Mining...EFLVF Electrovaya
Energy Storage companies - A new and developing area, so not easy to pick the winners here. Certainly the major battery manufacturers and lithium miners discussed above can benefit. Numerous others to choose from include...
****ENPH Enphase Energy (T/$4) recent Sept. 23, 2016 secondary stock offering=dilution The company's semiconductor-based microinverter system converts direct current electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity at the individual solar module level. The Enphase AC Battery is a key component of the Enphase Home Energy Solution, the industry's first and only truly integrated offering that combines solar generation, energy control, and storage, and provides homeowners the unique ability to manage their solar and storage together in an integrated fashion. 
Advanced Microgrid Solutions (private ), Fronius (private), Imergy (private), Redflow (ASX:RFX), AES Corp. (NYSE:AES), NEC (OTC:NIPNF), Sharp (OTCPK:SHCAY), Younicos (private, interest held by First Solar), Southern California Edison (SCE), General Electric (NYSE:GE), EnerSys (NYSE:ENS), Johnson Controls (NYSE:JCI), Sony (NYSE:SNE), Sonnen (private) and Origin Energy (NASDAQ:ORG).
Electrovaya (EFL.TO) could well be the little company that could. Developer and manufacturer of portable Lithium-ion battery power solutions for the automotive, power grid, medical and mobile device sectors. The company is based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

AES (T/$12) AES Corp... Utility-scale energy storage is expected to surpass 1.6 gigawatts by 2020, edging out the old grid system and making it that much easier to integrate more renewable capacity — once the tech catches up! San Diego Gas & Electric chose a battery design by AES Corp. (NYSE: AES) to begin replacing one of its largest natural gas peaking plants with as much as 300 megawatts of battery storage. The company will also be upgrading the existing plant, but it notes that the end goal is to replace it with renewables later on. Southern California Edison has also contracted Tesla, in a move that should surprise no one by now, to continue building onto its existing 80-megawatt energy storage project in Mira Loma. The system is already online as of this year and can cover peak energy demand for as many as 15,000 California homes. Right now, it’s the biggest lithium battery station operating in the U.S. As it stands, electric cars are still set to be the biggest source of growth in lithium batteries in coming years, but that view could shift if this trend gains traction...

LIT Lithium research 
New Battery better than Lithium...ohn Goodenough, the 94-year-old father of the lithium-ion battery
Goodenough is credited with creating the cobalt-oxide cathodes that make up the most powerful batteries we have today, including those used in electric vehicles like Tesla’s. From what we know of the new design, nothing has replaced the cobalt.

Right now, production comes mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which, as Keith Kohl has explained before, is riddled with political discord that threatens the reliability of supply.

Which is rough, since the area produced around 66,000 tons of cobalt last year. The next largest haul came from China, with just 7,700 tons.

Any increase in China’s production will, of course, be going in large part to domestic use, much like its lithium.

Which means more global supply will have to come from the next runners up: Canada and Russia.

Canada, which produced around 7,300 tons last year, produces most of its cobalt as a byproduct of mining for copper and nickel. That may have to change now that cobalt demand is on the rise.

Russia has already seen the writing on the wall, and minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov has stated that the country will be upping production in the next few years from its 2016 total of just 6,200 tons.

Australia, though its cobalt production dropped from 6,000 to 5,100 tons last year, still has a shot, too.

According to the USGS, the country has the world’s second largest reserves at around 1 million tons, though that's less than a third of what can be found in the DRC, and it's held mostly in nickel and copper mines.

Solar.... financer and installer...
CAFD (T/$15) 
November 30, 2015, it owned interests in six utility-scale solar energy projects, two commercial and industrial solar energy projects, and a portfolio of approximately 5,900 residential solar installations with a total capacity of 432 megawatts.
RGSE ....02/06 ...$11million dilution and price goes UP...


AMSC (T/$11) Wind and electrical grid... utility
SMH CandleGlance Semiconductor ...AMD,MVDA,CY,IDTI,IPHI,MPWR,MU,MXIM,TXN,LLTC  ....
SEMI... AIXG (equip Germany) ... ACLS... Semiconductor equip. and materials... TSEM analog intensive mixed-signal semiconductor devices...
CVV (equip) ...materials or coatings for aerospace engine components, medical implants, semiconductors, solar cells, smart glass, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, LEDs, MEMS, and other applications.
LEDS... SemiLEDs Corporation develops, manufactures, and sells light emitting diode (LED) chips and LED components. Its products are used primarily for general lighting applications, including street lights, as well as commercial, industrial, and residential lighting; and specialty industrial applications, such as ultraviolet (UV) applications, curing of polymers, LED light therapy in medical/cosmetic applications, counterfeit detection....Taiwan.
***MU semiconductor systems ..... CY CypressSemi

XLB...TimeFrameS ... MON... DD...FCX ... DOW... PX... NEM... §PPG... APO... LYB... ECL.. XLBCandleGlance...BPMATE 

IYM...Basic Materials  ....     DD...FCX...DOW...PX...MEN...LYB...PPG...APD...IP...MOS...*GSM 

CandleGlance: GLD, GDX, SLV, SIL, XME, *SLX, ¥ JJU, URA, ¥*COPX, REMX  ...................

6/2016...SPDR Metals & Mining ETF (XME) , which includes a 50.5% weight in steel industry. The broader Materials Select Sector SPDR (XLB) has a 11.9% positions in metals and mining.
XME CandleGlance ......RGLD...CMP... TAHO... NEM...NUE...FCX   XME Metals and Mining Timeframes  AXU
RING ...Global Gold Miners
PICK...Mining Producers Index 

07/2016 Steel prices vs. China
SLX 60 Minute...
 SLX CandleGlance.......RIO...***VALE...PKX...BHP(T/$40H)  ..GGB......NUE(T/$55)......RS...*****CLF (T$9-10)...*****X...U.S.Steel FSUMF...MSB
ATI(T/$17-21) AKS ($8) TMST (T/$13) ...NUE... STLD... RIO ...FSUGY ...
Steel    TimeFrames

COPX Global Copper Miners... JJC  ***FCX...Freeport McMoran...TimeFrames .... ***NSU...*SCCO...***WRN... HBM... FQVLF... TRQ... OZMLF Australia 

COPPER CandleGlance .........................................................RHWKF.PK...KGHPF>PK...IPMLF.PK...AAUK...AZC...

JJU...Aluminum ETF...  AA...*ACH... CENX...KALU  .....  Aluminum CandleGlance 

            Silver is the money of Merchants (Gentlemen)
            Copper (Barter) is the money of Peasant

            Debt is the money of Slaves"
Rising interest rates have two effects that tend to make gold and silver not as attractive. 
1. ... rising rates boost the yields on bonds, CDs, and a number of interest-bearing assets. physical gold and silver don't pay a dividend. As lending rates rise, the opportunity cost of owning physical gold and silver rises.  If rates continue to remain low, then investors aren't giving up much to instead buy into the shiny yellow and silver metals, as well as their miners.

2. ... rising lending rates have the effect of pushing the U.S. dollar higher, and the dollar and gold tend to have an inverse relationship.

JAN. 2017 Economic numbers from the United States have an impact on the rate hike phenomenon, which in turn plays a significant role in the price determination of gold and other precious metals. The opportunity cost of holding gold increases with a rise in the US interest rate. The Fed has indicated that it will pursue further rate hikes in 2017. That could cause precious metals and mining stocks to fall further.
JUNE 5,2016...

Holding Name Ticker Shares Market Value US$ % of Net Assets
Iamgold Corp IAG 56.5 MM 259.88 MM 5.66172
Alamos Gold Inc AGI 30.82 MM 237.32 MM 5.17024
B2Gold Corp BTG 71.42 MM 226.41 MM 4.93249
VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF GDX 8.52 MM 203.22 MM 4.42722
Pretium Resources Inc PVG 18.48 MM 198.06 MM 4.31488
Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd KLGDF 24.63 MM 182.99 MM 3.98667
Torex Gold Resources Inc TORXF 7.93 MM 169.57 MM 3.69422
Regis Resources Ltd RGRNF 65.47 MM 161.23 MM 3.51243
Silver Standard Resources Inc SSRI 14.72 MM 155.78 MM 3.39391
Endeavour Mining Corp EDVMF 7.97 MM 152.48 MM 3.32195

The huge rise in the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones indexes occurred on the back of massive debt accumulation.  As I discussed in the interview, an individual with $1 million in assets and $1 million in debt has a net worth of ZERO.  Unfortunately, Americans had no idea that they have funneled hard-earned funds for several decades into the GREATEST PONZI SCHEME in history that is backed by nearly $20 trillion of debt.
Mainstream investors better be prepared for the GREAT FINANCIAL & MARKET ENEMA.  The debt is becoming unsustainable and it will take down the market with it.... as well as the value of most paper assets.
The S&P 500 and Dow Jones flew high on Debt, and will Die on debt.
PRECIOUS METALS Will Be The Safe Haven, Especially Silver

When the markets finally CRACK... and crack they will, silver will be the best performing asset in the precious metals class.

Printing Money – Price of Gold – Preservation of Wealth by Egon von Greyerz – October 2012
Worldwide money printing continues unabated.  Just In 10 years $120 trillion have been printed making global debt $200 trillion .  
World GDP has gone from $32 trillion to $70 trillion 2001-2011.  Thus $120 trillion debt is required to produce a $38 trillion annual increase in GDP. 
The marginal return on printed money is negative in real terms.  Thus the world is living on an illusion of paper that people believe is money. 
This illusionary paper wealth will implode in the next few years.  The initial trigger will be the collapse of the world’s reserve currency – the US dollar.
The dollar is backed by $120 trillion of US government debt and probably NO gold.  All currencies will continue their race to the bottom and lose 100% in real terms against gold. 
This will create a worldwide hyperinflationary depression.  All assets financed by the credit bubble will go down in real terms. 
This includes stocks, bonds, property and paper money of course.  The financial system is unlikely to survive in its present form. 
The banking system including derivatives has total liabilities of around $1.2 quadrillion. 
With world GDP of $70 trillion, the world is too small to save a financial system which is 17x greater.
This is why there will be unlimited money printing and hyperinflation.  The only asset that will maintain its purchasing power is gold.
Gold has been money for 5,000 years and will continue to be the only currency with integrity.  Western countries’ 23,000 tons of gold is probably gone. See recent article by Eric Sprott. 
The consequence is that most of the gold in the banking system is likely to be encumbered.  
This means that Central Banks one day will claim it back against worthless paper gold IOUs. 
Thus gold and all other assets within the banking system involve an unacceptable counterparty risk.  Gold should be held in physical form and stored outside the bank.
Nov. 24, 2015 The rising demand worldwide of gold and its falling price seem to be conflicting. However, what is playing a crucial role in the determination of precious metals prices is most likely the potential interest rate hike scenario. The Federal Reserve is on a mission to raise rates, but the economy’s backing is required. Higher rates can only be sustained if the economy is growing.

Since interest rates may rise, the demand for treasuries could see a rise, and precious metals may retreat. Not even higher consumer demand worldwide is able to buoy precious metals prices.
Gold/Silver Ratio 23 Aug. 2016

GLD...Gold...TimeFrames ....UGLD......GLL shortx2... DGZ...  **************************GOLD = $2,700 in mid-2013... ******************************

GDX ...Gold Miners TimeFrames...  BPGDM

Update 01/20
..  GGN Gabelli Global income trust  GDX Miners CandleGlance . ****ABX(T/22)..*GG.(T/16-20)..*NEM(T/45)..SLW(T-37)... AEM (T-67)... ***KGC(T/5.50) Kinross 
 **RGLD(T-80)...**EGO (T/5.00) Eldorado gold   ***AUY... *AGI Alamos ... ... *AU AngloGold... *GOLD... .. ****BVN   ...*GFI...**NGD.... ****HMY... ***SBGL Sibanye
*****VGZ Vista gold  ... TGZ.TO... AU (T/$12.50)
GDXJ...Junior Gold Mines  
GDXJ Jr. Mines CandleGlance  ****BTG (T-2.50H) B2Gold...**
HL (T-9) Hecla Mining ***SSRI (T-14) Silver Standard... ****IAG (T-6.50)... CDE (T-11)... AGI Alamos gold... PVG Pretium Resources... OR... AG...*****DRV 8% Div. AAU...
*PMNXF...CGG.TO...*SAND ... AR.TO...NSU.....******MUX ...*GSV... DNGDF...***GAL.V...GGAZF... *IVPAF... JAGGF...LODE...MXSG...*NCX.V

NHK.V... **RVRCF... *SGF.TO ...  KLDX... *****GORO...***PGLC... ICGQF Integra Gold... **TRX...  ***GSS... RGC.V   *****AKG
***JUNE 10, 2016... Barrick ABX remains committed to cut mining costs. Its all-in sustaining costs (AISC) fell roughly 24% year over year to as low as $706 per ounce in the first quarter of 2016. Enhanced efficiency through ongoing operating and capital cost savings actions led to lower AISC in the quarter.
The company’s AISC for the quarter was also lower than its major peers such as Goldcorp GG with $836 per ounce, Newmont NEM with $828 per ounce, Kinross Gold KGC with $963 per ounce, Iamgold IAG with $1,084 per ounce, Gold Fields GFI with $961 per ounce and AngloGold Ashanti AU with $860 an ounce. In fact, according to a recent report by SNL Metals & Mining, Barrick had the lowest AISC in the first quarter, lower than the group median of $836 per ounce.
Barrick also cut its AISC guidance for 2016 to $760-$810 per ounce from its earlier view of $775-$825 per ounce factoring in the impact of lower fuel prices, favorable currency rates and benefits from productivity & efficiency actions. The revised guidance also reflects a decline from $831 per ounce recorded in 2015.

Gold... "conspiracy theory" becoming "conspiracy fact."
Gold Alert June 2014
Ritholtz: Lessons from Gold’s Rise & Fall 

10 Reasons Barry Ritholtz Is Wrong About Gold

Silver Manipulation
Intrinsic Value and the Final Battle for Silver
***PSLV: is the only fund I know of that is truely backed by 100% Physical Silver...all the others are ruled by the Morgue (JPM)
SLV...Silver...TimeFrames  ...AGQ...Silverx2 ...ZSL...Silver shortx2........ AGQ .......... SLV  ..............SLV...3 cross 5 moving average ...SIVR


Silver's long-term fundamentals are solid. The demand for silver is expected to exceed global supplies this year (2016), driven by a sharp contraction in mine supply.

Global silver supplies from mine production are expected to fall 5% this year. This will be the first time global silver production has fallen in 15 years!

And going forward from there, the world's silver production is expected to continue falling through 2019.

Silver mining stocks 27 Aug 2016
Daily  SIL...Silver Miner...
*****AG (T/$16.50)...   CDE (T/$10-12)... EDVMF Endeavour ¥EXK...¥FSM..****HL (T-9)...KGC  Kinross  ****GPL... ****PAAS......***SLW... SSRI.. **SVMLF...AXU ...***BHS.V ....TAHO Tahoe... AUY Yamana ...
DPMLF Dundee Precious... SCEXF Saracen... SVLKE Silver Lake...
 TMMFF TMAC... TORXF Torex...  ALIAF Alacer...
RBC Capital Markets Stephen Walker writes that investors should own those with “attractive margins, solid balance sheets, organic growth opportunities and a consistent operating strategy.” His favorites include AngloGold (AU), Kinross (KGC), Newmont (NEM), Yamana (AUY), Alamos (AGI), B2Gold (BTG), Eldorado (EGO), Endeavour Mining (EDVMF), Tahoe (TAHO), Alacer (ALIAF), Dundee Precious (DPMLF), Guyana (GUYFF), Klondex (KLDX), Roxgold (ROGFF)Saracen (SCEXF), Silver Lake (SVLKF), TMAC (TMMFF), and Torex (TORXF).
SIL Silver Miners CandleGlance 

Tahoe Resources (TAHO) is a mid-tier mining, development, and exploration firm focusing on silver and gold production with three main assets in Guatemala and Peru.
The Escobal Mine (Guatemala) ...the third largest silver mine in the world!
Last year, Tahoe produced 20.4 million ounces of silver in concentrate from Escobal.
Not only is it one of the largest, but it's also one of the lowest-cost silver mines around. During 3Q 2015, Tahoe reported AISC from the Escobal Mine at $9.72 an ounce. And that is in today's market where an ASIC of $15.00 per silver ounce is considered “low-cost.”

The La Arena Mine (Peru) A gold and copper mine with both oxide and sulfide mineralization. Tahoe is currently producing gold from the lower-cost oxide material. Last year, the company produced 230,000 gold ounces in doré from La Arena. During 3Q 2015, Tahoe reported AISC from La Arena at $729 per gold ounce.

The Shahuindo Mine (Peru) The company expects annual production to average over 150,000 ounces. In total, the project contains 1.91 million ounces of gold reserves.

In addition to these assets, Tahoe also owns interests in a few exploration projects; also located in Guatemala and Peru.
This year, Tahoe expects silver production to range between 18 million and 21 million ounces with an AISC ranging between $10 and $11.
The company also expects to produce 200,000 to 250,000 ounces of gold with AISC at $950 to $1,050 an ounce.
PPLT Platinum

Stillwater Mining Company (NYSE/SWC), which is an American-based firm that not only produces platinum and palladium from mining operations, but also has recycling facilities for spent catalytic converters. The company is the largest producer of platinum and palladium outside Russia and South Africa.

Another option for playing mining stocks in this area is The Sprott Physical Platinum and Palladium Trust (NYSEArca/SPPP), a closed-end fund that holds both metals physically.

Let's face it: both of these precious metals are difficult to find and are located in only a few places around the world. We simply can't print more platinum and palladium. 

Platinum  (PPLT)....***(SPPP)   ... Eastern Platinum,  JLP.L Jubilee Platinum,  NKP.AX Nkwe Platinum,  PDL.TO North American Palladium,  PLA.AX Platinum Australia, ****PLG Platinum Group Metals,  NKL.V Prophesy Platinum Corp, **** SWC Stillwater 
$PALL ........................................................................ PALL
GLTR... gold silver platimum palladium  Physical Precious Mental Basket Shares ETF ...

What’s driving palladium?  Rick Rule, chairman of Sprott US Holdings, also recently made that case. Writing for Uncommon Wisdom, he noted that the fundamentals for palladium — as well as platinum — “are uniquely suited to the current investment environment,” laying out the main factors he sees as casting a bullish light on the metals.For instance, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Russia produce 90 percent of the world’s palladium, according to Rule, but supply from all three is being hampered by a variety of issues, including:

As supply dwindles, Rule believes that demand is set to grow, driven mainly by the following factors:

With demand set to grow as supply declines, Rule believes that “[p]latinum and palladium are still undervalued relative to the benefits they provide, but they cannot remain this cheap much longer.” They are set to go “higher, perhaps much higher — potentially creating a lot of wealthy speculators along the way.”>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

*REEMF... LYSDY...GOLDF...***QRMLF...ARAFF... AVL.TO ... **UURAF ...**MLLOF...AVLNF... HUDRF... CandleGlance ...

Rare Earth Primer ....


Uses of Rare Earths Part One: Light Rare Earths 
Uses of Rare Earths Part Two: Heavy Rare Earths


24/7 Wall St. reviews hundreds of analyst research reports each week. There are almost endless calls about stocks to buy and stocks to sell, but it is in these low-priced and small-cap stocks where the analyst calls seem to be the most aggressive. Some of these calls come with upside price targets higher by 50%, 100% or even more than current prices.

Investors need to understand that small-cap stocks and low-priced stocks generally have much more implied risk than S&P 500 stocks or Dow Jones Industrial Average stocks. There is a reason there are hardly any analyst reports calling for Dow or S&P 500 stocks to rise 50% or 100%, but there are in the small-cap and low-priced stocks. Please also keep in mind that small-cap and low-priced stocks would almost never pass a “widows and orphans” suitability test for investors.

Graphene...(speculation)... NGPHF  NGPHF Northern Graphite.. GPHOF .....***FCSMF...*ZENYF ....

TSX-based companies:

CVV (equip) ...materials or coatings for aerospace engine components, medical implants, semiconductors, solar cells, smart glass, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, LEDs, MEMS, and other applications.
Graphene Supercapacitor Prototype
Graphene update   ...... more Graphene
How to Invest in Graphene
3D  printing  LMRMF  3D SystemS DDD)Stratasys SSYS... ExOne  XONE... Voxeljet VJET  Materialise... AMAVF ...MTLS
Fuel Cell Technology     ...about **BLDP

Types of Fuel Cells
Ceramic/Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 
BLDP... *PLUG (T-2)...**FCEL ...*HYGS  


MagneGas Corporation, an alternative energy company, creates and produces hydrogen based alternative fuel through the gasification of carbon-rich liquids in the United States and internationally. The company produces gas bottled in cylinders and distributes to the metalworking market as an alternative to acetylene. It offers MagneGas, a fuel that primarily comprises hydrogen; and Plasma Arc Flow refineries that produce gas. The company also sells and licenses the plasma arc technology for the processing of liquid waste. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

CPXX and FLXN ...
PTLA ...

Marijuana Stock Scams
Inside The Pot Stock Bubble
Cannabis gold rush
HEMP *HEMP marijuana industries... GRNH GreenGro greenhouse/growing equiptment.... MJNA medical marijuana and industrial hemp...*** CANN General Cannabis
 *DIGP cannabis testing; and provides cannabis news with a news/talk radio, ... IGC cannabinoid based biopharmaceutical for end of life supportive care,India...
****INSY ...T-$22 MEDICAL MARIJUANA, synthesized marijuana cannabidiol...   *VRTHF...medical marijuana...CBDS...Cannabis Sativa... HMPQ Hemp America...
World Markets Candle 
 Country ETFs...CandleGlance

EZU  Europe CandleGlance) .....Austria *EWO... Belgium *EWK ... France EWQ.. Germany EWG ... Greece GREK...  Ireland  **IRL . .. Italy EWI......
Netherlands EWN...Portugal PGAL.
.Spain EWP...Switzerland §EWL ...Sweden EWD...Poland EPOL... Denmark *EDEN... Finland EFNL...
Norway ENOR...United Kingdom EWU.. Turkey TUR...

(AIA IShares asia 50).....Japan *EWJ... China *YAO....FXI.. China sm cap ECNS... Hong Kong *EWH..Malaysia EWM....Taiwan EWT...S. Korea *EWY...  Indonesia *IDX...Vietnam *VNM... Thailand THD...   Philippines EPHE.... Singapore *EWS...*** India *EPI... Australia *EWA....

( ILF Latin America)....Brazil  EWZ...Columbia *GXG... Chile ECH...Peru EPU... Argentina ARGT... Mexico EWW...
Israel EIS... Egypt EGPT ... Russia *RSX...RSXJ... Canada EWC....  
 oversold...     7 up...      6 overbought ...  15 down...Last Update...04/13
  7 oversold...     6 up...      7 overbought ...  21 down...Last Update...04/12
  9 oversold...     7 up...      9 overbought ...  18 down...Last Update...04/11
  2 oversold...     5 up...      4 overbought ...  31 down...Last Update...04/10
  1 oversold...     4 up...      5 overbought ...  33 down...Last Update...04/7
  1 oversold...     4 up...    12 overbought ...  26 down...Last Update...03/30
  0 oversold...     4 up...    14 overbought ...  24 down...Last Update...03/29
  0 oversold...     6 up...    17 overbought ...  19 down...Last Update...03/28
  0 oversold...     6 up...    16 overbought ...  20 down...Last Update...03/27
  1 oversold...     6 up...    18 overbought ...  18 down...Last Update...03/24
  1 oversold...     5 up...    16 overbought ...  20 down...Last Update...03/23
  1 oversold...     6 up...    13 overbought ...  23 down...Last Update...03/22
  0 oversold...     6 up...    27 overbought ...  10 down...Last Update...03/21
  0 oversold...     7 up...    34 overbought ...    2 down...Last Update...03/20
  0 oversold...     7 up...    34 overbought ...    1 down...Last Update...03/17
  0 oversold...     9 up...    32 overbought ...    1 down...Last Update...03/16
  0 oversold...   13 up...    28 overbought ...    2 down...Last Update...03/15
  5 oversold...   15 up...      9 overbought ...  14 down...Last Update...03/14
  3 oversold...   19 up...     19 overbought ...   2 down...Last Update...03/13
  8 oversold...   11 up...     12 overbought ... 11 down...Last Update...03/10
18 oversold...     3 up...      5 overbought ... 16 down...Last Update...03/09
13 oversold...     3 up...      4 overbought ... 21 down...Last Update...03/08
 8 oversold...      7 up...      5 overbought ... 22 down...Last Update...03/07
 7 oversold...      6 up...    11 overbought ... 19 down...Last Update...03/06
 7 oversold...      5 up...    11 overbought ... 20 down...Last Update...03/03
 6 oversold...      2 up...    10 overbought ... 24 down...Last Update...03/02
 5 oversold...      7 up...    16 overbought ... 13 down...Last Update...03/01
7 oversold...      6 up...      3 overbought ... 26 down...Last Update...02/28
7 oversold...      5 up...      3 overbought ... 28 down...Last Update...02/27
6 oversold...      3 up...      3 overbought ... 31 down...Last Update...02/24
Europe Financials EUFN...DB... Europe "short" EPV ... EURO short EUO... Japan 'short' EWV...
 Europe CandleGlance 
EWJ...Japan ....  EWV...short ...
WisdomTree Japan hedged Financials (DXJF)
iShares Japan Small Cap Index (SCJ) 
WisdomTree Global Ex-U.S. Growth (DNL) 
WisdomTree Japan SmallCap Dividend (DFJ) 
WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity Fund (DXJ)

If you are REALLY bullish about Japan, there is a leveraged ETF that is designed to deliver double the return - both up and down - of the main Japanese stock market index: the ProShares Ultra MSCI Japan Index (EZJ).

There are also a handful of Japanese stocks that are traded on the NYSE and Nasdaq, such as Canon (CAJ)Honda (HMC)Kubota (KUB)Panasonic (PC) and Toyota (TM) to name a few.

EEM...Emerging Markets TCTZF,BABA,CHLKF,BIDU,IDCBF,.................... EEV short

Trading Brazil ..EWZ...PBR...VALE...BRAQ Global X Brazil Consumer

KXI     Global Consumer Staples Index Fund
CHIQ     Global X China Consumer 
INCO     EG Shares India Consumer
YINN China Bullx3 ....ASHS....... CHIX...BABA...CHL....HGSH (T-$3)...CEO...PTR...BIDU...LFC...SNP .*JD...CHIQ..YIN.....Tencent (OTCPK:TCEHY) - China's leading social platform owner  
............... YINN CandleGlance... YANG...China Bearx3

EWH Hong Kong
FXI...China 25 Index...FXP...China 25 Short
China ETF....CandleGlance  ...
China's Yuan will not become a reserve currency
09/16/2014  Bloomberg report said the People’s Bank of China would begin a 500 billion yuan standing lending-facility to the country’s five largest banks.

EWG...Germany ...........................EWG
EWC...Canada ETF............ RY...BNS...SU...ABX...BMO...POT...CNQ ......CP..... Canada CandleGlance   
Canadian dollar
EWW...Mexico ETF

CALI  sells and trades in imported automobiles in China... F...GM... KNDI...BYDDF... KAR ...TSLA... Fi
at FCAU... ...Daimler  DDAIF... 


  • Feb 10, 2017
    Ford is investing $1 billion during the next five years in Argo AI, combining Ford’s autonomous vehicle development expertise with Argo AI’s robotics experience and startup speed on artificial intelligence software – all to further advance autonomous vehicles
    Founded by former Google and Uber leaders, Argo AI will include roboticists and engineers from inside and outside of Ford working to develop a new software platform for Ford’s fully autonomous vehicle coming in 2021; through their equity participation, Argo AI employees will share in the startup’s growth

    Investment in Argo AI strengthens Ford’s leadership in bringing self-driving vehicles to market in the near term and creates technology that could be licensed to others in the future

Automotive supplier Delphi teamed up with- yes Mobileye- back in 2016 with the goal of producing fully autonomous cars by 2019 based on cameras and radar rather than lidar (an expensive detection system based on laser). The two companies debuted a prototype Audi SQ5 equipped with the system at CES 2017 conference- and out of all the driverless cars displayed this was the only car that dealt with highway exits and mergers. Despite border tax concerns (Delphi has big Mexican operations), it seems like the market is very bullish- as this TipRanks chart shows Delphi has strong positive signals across the board, from analysts and bloggers to insiders and hedge fund managers.

MOAT... Warren Buffett type stocks...

The "Stealth Dividend" Strategy 
PowerShares Buyback Achievers (PKW)
AAPL...TimeFrame    Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) Google
GS...Goldman Sachs
IBM...Intl Business Machines
NFLX ... Netflix TimeFrames
HD...PFE...GE...CVX...BA...PG...JPM... SBUX.. EADSY Air Bus
$VIX...TimeFrames ...TVIX ...$VIX Ratio
UUP...TimeFrames ...UDN bear
UUP 60 minute
Investment rule: If a corporate officer quits his or her job unexpectedly, sell the stock first and ask questions later.


"They must find it difficult ...Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."  - Gerald Massey

There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires. "No Easy Walk to Freedom" Nelsen Mandela

The Brutal Truth About Today’s World
The Sad Truth About Today’s World Illustrated By Steve Cutts 
Art isn’t all fairytale photoshoots and landscape shots – it can also act as catalyst of change. And Steve Cutts thinks that many things in the world should be different. Work shouldn’t be a grinding, soul-crushing rat race for the almighty dollar. Consumerism shouldn’t hold a vice-like grip on our lives. And social media, well, we need to throw-off the shackles we so eagerly put on ourselves. Wouldn’t life be better then?
Wish You Where Here .........
 ...Comfortably Numb 
                                                           ...... Hey You .....
The Lie We Live

Investment bubbles and high animal spirits do not materialize out of thin air. They need extremely favorable economic fundamentals together with free and easy, cheap credit, and they need it for at least two or three years. Jeremy Grantham

Fed Rate Hike  As for hiking rates, well we leave it to Ben Bernanke who said it best earlier this year: "No Rate Normalization During My Lifetime"

 Message to Congress on Curbing Monopolies. April 29, 1938
To Congress
Unhappy events abroad have retaught us two simple truths about the liberty of a democratic people.

The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is Fascism—ownership of Government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.

The second truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if its business system does not provide employment and produce and distribute goods in such a way as to sustain an acceptable standard of living.

Bubble Right In Front Of Our Faces
Universal Principles of Successful Trading!/etf/us/nyse-arca/uvxy
           "Bull markets are born on pessimism, rise on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria." -- Sir John Templeton
...this is idiot  "doublespeak" and this jackass ran the biggest banking Crook outfit in the world... ... “I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I’m not sure if you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”- Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Board Chair...

................................................................... Unicorn Market= eazy money at very low interest has companies buying back shares.............. ...................................

                                                                                                                                         MONEY MONEY MONEY                    

                                                                                                            Kashmir ... part 2... Kashmir 

                                                Bloomberg/Businessweek cover...from Aug. 31, 2015

                                                                                                                          Draggin The Line

                                                                                                                    The Logical Song
                                                                                                               ...soon the BEARS will get to party...
                                                                                                                           Hold On
                                                                                                                I know there's pain
                                                                                                                Why do you lock yourself up in these chains?
                                                                                                                No one can change your life except for you
                                                                                                                Don't ever let anyone step all over you
                                                                                                                Open your heart and your mind
                                                                                                                Is it really fair to feel this way inside?
                                                                                                                Some day somebody's gonna make you want to
                                                                                                                Turn around and say goodbye
                                                                                                                Until then baby are you going to let them
                                                                                                                Hold you down and make you cry
                                                                                                                Don't you know?
                                                                                                                Don't you know things can change
                                                                                                                Things'll go your way
                                                                                                                If you hold on for one more day
                                                                                                                Can you hold on for one more day
                                                                                                                Things'll go your way
                                                                                                                Hold on for one more day
                                                                                                                You could sustain
                                                                                                                Or are you comfortable with the pain?
                                                                                                                You've got no one to blame for your unhappiness
                                                                                                                You got yourself into your own mess
                                                                                                                Lettin' your worries pass you by
                                                                                                                Don't you think it's worth your time
                                                                                                                To change…your mind... Why Day Traders Can Make Big Returns, But Aren’t Millionaires?http://img-       

Canadian dollar
Maybe I should change my opinion of Putin since Ukraine and Crimea annexation by Russia...
Gerald Celente, "Fatima: Russia Cannot Be Stopped!"
Gerald Celente-2016 Predictions, Gold, Silver War and Collapse
The Financial Enslavement of the West | G. Edward Griffin

"There are no relationships or equations that always work"

"Know thyself and know thy foibles and make sure your facts are right"

….Barton Biggs

Regarding that second quote, he went on to further say:

"At the extreme moments of fear and greed, the power of the daily price momentum and the mood and passions of 'the crowd' are tremendously important psychological influences on you. It takes a strong, self-confident, emotionally mature person to stand firm against disdain, mockery, and repudiation when the market itself seems to be absolutely confirming that you are both mad and wrong."

                        Countries, institutions, and financial instruments may change over time, but human nature does not. - Economists Kenneth Rogoff and Carmen Reinhart...

One of the key items to remember as investors/traders is that the market doesn't always reflect reality. Oftentimes it reflects belief. And belief can prove to be a delusion.

“What does the market know?” Is the market smart, meaning you should take your lead from it? Or is it dumb, meaning you should ignore it? 
Especially during downdrafts, many investors impute intelligence to the market and look to it to tell them what’s going on and what to do about it. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. As Ben Graham pointed out, the day-to-day market isn’t a fundamental analyst; it’s a barometer of investor sentiment. You just can’t take it too seriously. Market participants have limited insight into what’s really happening in terms of fundamentals, and any intelligence that could be behind their buys and sells is obscured by their emotional swings. It would be wrong to interpret the recent worldwide drop as meaning the market “knows” tough times lay ahead.
I based the above reference to Ben Graham on his famous observation that in the long run the market’s a weighing machine, but in the short run it’s a voting machine.  In other words, in the long term the consensus of investors figures out what things are really worth and moves the price there.  But in the short term, the market merely reflects consensus opinion regarding an asset’s future popularity, something that’s highly susceptible to the ups and downs of psychology.
What do big price declines mean?  They mean market participants sense fundamental deterioration.  But what price declines say is reflective, not predictive.  They tell you about the events that have occurred, and how investors have reacted to them.  They don’t tell you anything that the average investor doesn’t know about future events.  And, again, I’m firmly convinced (a) the average investor doesn’t know much, and (b) following average opinion won’t help you attain above average results. I
nvestors rarely maintain objective, rational, neutral and stable positions. 
 Fundamentals – the outlook for an economy, company or asset – don’t change much from day to day.  As a result, daily price changes are mostly about (a) changes in market psychology and thus (b) changes in who wants to own something or un-own something.  These two statements become increasingly valid the more daily prices fluctuate.  Big fluctuations show that psychology is changing radically.
Future price movements can only be predicted on the basis of the relationship between price and fundamentals.  And, given the market’s short-term volatility and irrationality, this can only be done in the long-term sense
GOLD...and the lessthanHuman condition of today
1720: Investors in John Law’s Mississippi Company scam (Mississippi Bubble) want their money back.
Crowd of people gather outside the New York Stock Exchange following the Crash of 1929

They say those who forget the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.
As a student of market history, I’ve seen that maxim made true time and again. The cycle swings fear back to greed. The overcautious become the overzealous. And at the top, the story is always the same: Too much credit, too much speculation, the suspension of disbelief, and the spread of the idea that this time is different.
It doesn’t matter whether it was the expansion of railroads heading into the crash of 1893 or the excitement over the consolidation of the steel industry in 1901 or the mixing of speculation and banking heading into 1907. Or whether it involves an epic expansion of mortgage credit, IPO activity, or central-bank stimulus. What can’t continue forever ultimately won’t.
The weaknesses of the human heart and mind means the swings will always exist. Our rudimentary understanding of the forces of economics, which in turn,  ultimately reflect the fallacies of people making investing, purchasing, and saving decisions, means policymakers will never defeat the vagaries of the business cycle.
So no, this time isn’t different. The specifics may have changed, but the themes remain the same.

                   If you don't know yourself.... the Markets are a very expensive place to find out...
...........................................................................Perth, November 2013............
............ Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Markets ......bubbles
Staying sane in a society gone mad is not easy. Millions of people believe themselves to be sane, but they have really just adapted to an insane society, so they appear sane within the warped paradigm of that insane society. The truly sane people appear to be insane in an insane society. It’s enough to drive a man crazy.

"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herdswhile they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds ...Charles Mackay 1841
*****************************************************************************************Cognitive Dissonance*******************************************************************************
Cognitive dissonance is when one's brain holds two opposing ideas and believes both.
One needs to understand an elementary principle about human psychology: A person's wants and desires influence more than his behavior. They influence his thinking, as well, and even his powers of perception. This is true even with regard to things that would be otherwise intuitively obvious. Psychologists say that when a person is confronted by ideas or facts that are at odds with his pre-existing notions, what results is "cognitive dissonance," a sort of static in the human psyche. This "static" has the power to distort or even block perception.
When disturbing information creates "cognitive dissonance," the "static" discredits the information, so that a person does not feel compelled to cope with it, even if it is true. If a fact or idea is sufficiently contrary to his or her "status quo," the threatening data can be prevented from entering their consciousness at all! In effect, "cognitive dissonance" is a tremendously powerful "self-preservation" mechanism which can completely override the human desire for truth.
Criminally INSANE and Mass INSANITY  Staying sane in a society gone mad is not easy. Millions of people believe themselves to be sane, but they have really just adapted to an insane society, so they appear sane within the warped paradigm of that insane society. The truly sane people appear to be insane in an insane society. It’s enough to drive a man crazy. ....and the same holds true for the Markets...sometimes more sometime less insane...our job is to show you how to step outside that insanity we call "The Markets" and make practical objective trades... not trades run from our subjective internal really is easy and simple; its just that humans... they seem to complicate everything they touch...People are funny that way...quirky...
And so there you have it. The Crazy has been upgraded to Crazier, and there’s no reason evenCrazierStill isn’t just around the corner. People are funny that way. (...proves my statement " Humans aren't complicated...they just complicate everything ...and then on top of complicated everything... Humans... they want a guarantee..." ....LoL ...                                                                                

Does this guarantee a Market drop in 2016...?... ABSOLUTLY!!! The guarantee is iron-clad. Well... of course it doesn’t guarantee a thing. It’s just……interesting...
Some key items to remember as investors/traders is that the market doesn't always reflect reality. Oftentimes it reflects belief. And belief can prove to be a delusion. 
Markets are not about beliefs, but about sentiment. And, if you can track sentiment, If you can measure sentiment... then you are in a position to make your investment account grow without the need for excuses.  (...this really is all you need to know about the Markets; ...                                                                  
                                                 "I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill." - Socrates 470/469 – 399 BC
 ... ...    TIME    ... ... 
                                                                                                                         ... ... ...Ball of Confusion  ... ... ...
                                                                                                         I'm Yours                                                               Price Tag
                                                                                      Ka-Ching!      Lime in the CoCoNut
                                                                                                                                      Give a little bit
                                                     I'm worried...we've lost our humanity
                                                                                                                              CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION
                                                                                                                       Just look to your soul and open your mind
                                                                                                                       Maybe tomorrow when He looks down
                                                                                                                       Every green field and every town
                                                                                                                       All of his children every nation
                                                                                                                       There'll be peace and good... Brotherhood

                             Big Yellow Taxi 1970 "They Paved Paradice".................  Both Sides Now  ......................... Woodstock .................Help Me (1974) ............ Free Man In Paris

                              ...IF we are going to find answers...the desire for TRUTH must be present... 

                               "They must find it difficult ...Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."  - Gerald Massey                                                    
... the fact is that quite frequently we behave as if controlled by little green men from outer space. We are the only species on the planet that is always at odds with each other, with practically all other species, and with the planet itself. We are the only species with wars, jails, ghettos and mental institutions, where we act and live worse than animals would anywhere.  What have we done to ourselves as a species? What is the force that binds us to selfish deeds?

It holds true that Humans aren't complicated they just complicate every also holds true that Humans seem to have to go to the extremes with everything before concensus asks to draw it in a bit to the middle road = seek some "balance" here people (... like reverting to the mean...) an outside observer humans really do appear to be a bunch of YoYos...(Concensus in government seems to have come to a standstill...gridlock and laws come in packages of thousands of pages...perpetuates the insanity of the people in power ...and they think they're "Normal"...this isn't normal...why aren't there more humanitarians in congress...more mothers in congress...can't just have a bunch of people with law degrees that says they can argue any point about anything to absurdity...just look at who's running for president...more of the same or outright insanity...that's some great choices for a great country isn't don't forget to vote... 

In philosophy, "the Absurd" refers to the conflict between (1) the human tendency to seek inherent value and meaning in life and (2) the human inability to find any. In this context absurd does not mean "logically impossible", but rather "humanly impossible". 
EGO is the original sin...
“It is selfish desire and anger, arising from the passions; these are the appetites and evils that threatens a person in this life.” ...the outbursts of our ego: anger, envy and hate.
Don Miguel Ruiz, in his work, The Four Agreements Companion Book, also talks about inorganic beings who feed on our fear and divisiveness, explaining it as mythology and allegory: Our own demons (fear, envy . . .) that can turn into allies (love, kindness . . .) depending on our energy and attitude. Don Miguel says that the Judge in us (ego), the Victim in us (also ego) grows to the point of becoming a Parasite that destroys our awareness and enslaves us. He explains that our Belief System (collective ego) reinforces the delusive program of our individual egos and magnifies the challenge. 
In Castaneda’s words: The protective guardian (ego) becomes a jealous, despotic guard who robs our energy to feed itself, while obliterating our connection to the Spirit.
Ramana Maharshi says, when the I thought sprouts at an early age. Whereupon the ego assumes separation and limitations, and we start creating our troubles. It seems that Satan, the Beast, Mara, the Flyer and the Ego are one and the same.
 For the fact is that as a species, we live in a state of constant  selfish preoccupation, which is causing great harm not only to ourselves but to all sentient beings. And it behooves us to control our pernicious ego, and discipline our minds, so that we can evolve into human beings with inner sight. ... although awakening is in the present moment, there is an effort to be made, for there is a habit to break: our internal dialogue. And we do need, as the Buddha teaches, the right effort. Presence is acquired with the right effort, for the ego will try to assert itself repeatedly; it will try until we see the necessity of a still mind with our very core.  Having a disciplined mind is the only way to control our ego-induced self-reflection, the darkness of selfishness. A disciplined mind is the key to happiness. “Let thine eye be single . . .”
The act of following our breath will immediately place us in the present moment, away from the morass of mental imagery. Basui and Ramana Maharshi also recommend the method of self-inquiry to arrive at inner silence.
“Who am I?” We must ask the question repeatedly, with the intention of bypassing the ego to find out who we really are.  Who is reading this? Who wants to know?
*  *  *
At times, when I am about to succeed at stilling my mind, a different dialogue pops up. This time the dialogue is about explaining to somebody what I am doing and how, so that they can do it also. This dissertation seems worthy but it’s also useless; there is no one there for me to explain anything. No matter how worthy the dissertation seems, it is empty talk; I am talking to myself, and probably the situation will never happen. 
And even if it did, it is not happening at the moment. It’s the ego again, the monster with three thousand heads. Zen Buddhist monks say that even thinking about the Buddha is a waste of time. Our sages do not want us to think about them or worship them; they want us to be like them, present. The right thought is the thought reflecting what is occurring right now.
Another thing worth considering is that upon gaining ground, a stream of negative thoughts can erupt in your mind. As if someone, who knows your weaknesses, is feeling threatened by your progress and trying to stall you. Sometimes the thoughts are incongruous or grotesque, and seem to pop out of nowhere; they are completely unrelated to the present moment. These intruding states of mind should help you realize that the ego is not only a foreign installation, but a foreign installation, who, although our own creation, has a will and an energy of its own. And it tries to reassert itself. The challenge is clearly cut out for us. The ego has to be taken for what it is, a mere point of reference in a dream. Our senses feed us incomplete and therefore misleading information. 
Life is full of paradoxes, isn’t it? The ego doesn’t really exist, it’s just a thought. But we need it to be able to operate in a world that is itself a thought, an interpretation of energy, a dream. The Toltecs call themselves warriors because the conquest of the self is the greatest of all conquests; it requires a sustained effort; it requires unbending intent
The following quotes go to the gist of the matter. The first one illustrates the challenge that we face; the second shows the way to meet that challenge:
“Lack of vigilance is like a thief, who slinks behind when mindfulness abates. And all the merit we have gathered in, he steals, and down we go to lower realms.”
—Shantideva in The Way of the Bodhisattva
“The more I doubted, the more I meditated, the more I practiced. Whenever doubt arose I practiced right at that point.
 Wisdom arose. Things began to change. It’s hard to describe the change that took place. The mind changed until there was no more doubt. I don’t know how it changed. If I were to try telling someone, they probably wouldn’t understand.”—Ajahn Chah in Food for the Heart

According to what I have found there is not much of an "I" anywhere.
This "I" that we put so much stock on is not the same from day to day, or from moment to moment; everything is interconnected. I have verified that nothing in this world is actually explainable; it is all energy in motion. You see, magic is afoot, although we have the uncanny ability to ignore it completely. We live in a daze; we live in confusion, a confusion caused precisely by our undiciplined ego, our self-absorption. But who is this "I" anyway? Who are we really? I leave you with the question; for it behooves all of us to do our homework, our due diligence. Rio Guzman

“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. "Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives, that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does." They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.”  Aldous HuxleyBrave New World Revisited

Your mind is blocking and distorting most of the life coming to you. Your five senses sense life. Your mind produces and sends you things that it makes up. It creates and sends you thoughts, fears, desires, emotions, ETC. It converts life into its mental code for life. It attempts to turn all of life into words, mental pictures, abstract thoughts, or bytes of data. We need to get a hold of our minds quickly, they have become too powerful to let them control our lives. We need to take control of them, and we do that by learning the truth. The truth of life has been revealed and it turned out ot be better than anything we could have imagined. The truth will set you free from the mind, and give you the best life here and now. Google Truth Contest and read the top entry. Why let your own mind hurt you? The age of the mind is coming to an end, the age of truth, understanding, peace, and love is here.
The degree of truth that can survive every test will set men free to soar....
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."  Krishnamerti

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.”   Stephen R. Covey The Beginning of the End of the old system...
The Holy man at the grocery checkout and the 100th Monkey... I make a comment about the people giving their money to the rich in the big tax give away recently. I feel like we're just cattle for the slaughter. He said something like we are seeing the beginning of the end of the old system. He was not concerned about the surface issue: artifacts of a dying system. He felt that change is already afoot and we are already on a path to major changes sometime in 2012....2013...2014...2015...2016...

I commented on his positive attitude and he said "I'm not positive: I have transcended!"
And then he told me about the 100th Monkey Theory.  100 Hundredth Monkey Theory
The hundredth monkey effect is a supposed phenomenon in which a learned behavior spreads instantaneously from one group of monkeys to all related monkeys once a critical number is reached. By generalization it means the instantaneous, paranormal spreading of an idea or ability to the remainder of a population once a certain portion of that population has heard of the new idea or learned the new ability. The story behind this supposed phenomenon originated with Lawrence Blair and Lyall Watson in the mid-to-late 1970s, who claimed that it was the observation of Japanese scientists.
The Holy Man, as I now call him, out of basic respect, told me that the idea that we have to rely on each other - as opposed to institutions like banks and government - is the idea that is spreading and it is reaching critical mass in human society in general.

The wikipedia article goes on to report that the idea of the '100th monkey effect' was discredited, it appears it had been somewhat overstated to begin with.
But as a teaching analogy for where humans are now particularly with our global telecommunications and travel, we are all more and more able to communicate. So a '100th monkey effect' is entirely possible with humankind without any sort of actual mysticism involved.
Capitalism is the old system. It is based on greed and selfishness and has run its course. And it has damaged the planet and countless numbers of people in its greedy exploits.
The most recent massive giveaway to the wealthy is part of the old pattern. Capitalists take from the poor and feather their own massive nests.
The Holy man seems to think that system is going to end far sooner than I do, that it is already underway and irreversible.
Here's hoping he's right.

  'Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.'  Bobby Kennedy
So you want a guarantee...?... Lol Lol lol...
As former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan famously said in his 2005 Congressional testimony on Social Security...I believe that we should maintain the principles of Social Security, but I think the existing structure is not working. Until we construct a system that creates the savings that are required to build the REAL assets, so that the retirees have REAL goods and services. We don’t have a system that is working. We have one that basically moves cash around and we can guarantee cash benefits as far out and whatever size you like, but we cannot guarantee their purchasing power.

Criminally INSANE and Mass INSANITY creates an idiot culture...

Alice and Wonderland... 
Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?' 
'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat. 
'I don't much care where -' said Alice.'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat'
But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked. 
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad.'
'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice. 
'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here.'
Mad Hatter - They're Coming to Take Me Away

"They must find it difficult ...Those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority."  - Gerald Massey

Democracy is not a free ride... Freedom...
Woody Harrelson 'Ethos Time to Unslave Humanity
"Our ethos is all that we currently hold to be true. It is what we currently act upon.
It governs our manners, our business and our politics." Howard Zinn

Ethos is an appeal to ethics, and its a means of convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader.
Pathos is an appeal to emotion, and is a way of convincing an audience of an argument by creating an emotional response.
Logos is an appeal to logic, and is a way of persuading an audience by reason.

..................................................................................................... Takin' Care of Business  .................................................................................................................

What does 'what the market will bear' mean?

The phrase “whatever the market will bear” is typically used in economic discussions. Primarily, when discussing how fees for various products or services are set you’ll hear the phrase offered as some explanation for what is really exploitation of the market. It only works well in a non-competitive environment. Adam Smith, the pioneer of political economy who authored An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, would have considered this type of power — as unrestrained greed — that supports the idea of “whatever the market will bear” as a thing too terrible to imagine.

But then, Smith was passionate about liberty, reason, and free speech. He was a classical liberal, a believer in“natural liberty”, but not quite the free-wheeling laissez-faire libertarian those who frequently co-opt his theories apparently believe him to be.

Smith believed there was a danger in too much concentration of power which naturally occurs on the side of businesses and the rich in an unregulated environment. There are some interesting parallels between Smith’s concerns about the collusive nature of business interests and the problem of our dying Constitution and the consequent perversion of our criminal justice system. 

Self-interested competition in the free market, [Smith] argued, would tend to benefit society as a whole by keeping prices low, while still building an incentive for a wide variety of goods and services. Nevertheless, he was wary of businessmen and warned of their “conspiracy against the public or in some other contrivance to raise prices.”[footnote deleted] Again and again Smith warned of the collusive nature of business interests, which may form cabals or monopolies, fixing the highest price “which can be squeezed out of the buyers”. Smith also warned that a true laissez-faire economy would quickly become a conspiracy of businesses and industry against consumers, with the former scheming to influence politics and legislation. Smith states that the interest of manufacturers and merchants “…in any particular branch of trade or manufactures, is always in some respects different from, and even opposite to, that of the public…The proposal of any new law or regulation of commerce which comes from this order, ought always to be listened to with great precaution, and ought never be adopted till after having been long and carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention.”

Smith also believed,
The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities; that is, in proportion to the revenue which they respectively enjoy under the protection of the state.

The rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion. How amazing it is, then, that the rich and the conservative so frequently try to justify their dangerous and corrupting acquisition of power by relying upon Adam Smith.

But what has this to do with criminal defense and with the corruption of the criminal justice system?

A number of things, including that “collusive nature of business interests, which may form cabals and monopolies, fixing the highest price ‘which can be squeezed out of the buyers’” and the misplaced laissez-faire attitude of judges towards them.

Corporatocracy is a term used as an economic and political system controlled by corporations or corporate interests. It is a generally pejorative term often used by critics of the current economic situation in a particular country, especially the United States. This is different to corporatism, which is the organisation of society into groups with common interests.

Capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned, supply, demand, price,  distribution, and investments are mostly set by the private sector and  market forces rather than by economic planning by the government;  profit is distributed by owners who invests in businesses. It also refers to the process of capital accumulation.

Capitalism... is the old system. It is based on greed and selfishness and has run its course. Debt has been used to degrade everything including human lives to a monetary calculation that eliminates all social obligations to each other. This is especially observable in the later development of "capitalism that has reduced society to a system of practical debt slavery." Government debt to private parties has been used to manipulate and corrupt government for private ends, particularly, in the present debt paradigm called capitalism.
And it has damaged the planet and countless numbers of people in its greedy exploits.
...the idea that we have to rely on each other - as opposed to institutions like banks and government - is the idea that is spreading and it is reaching critical mass in human society in general.

Corporations are persons who have no moral conscience.
They are special kinds of persons which are designed by laws to be concerned only for their stockholders.
Corporations have no soul to save and they have no body to incarcerate.

"The World is a Business"  ... Mad as Hell ...  "We" Day...noApathy ...
Slaves to DEBT
Get yourself a set of Balls and put them're going to need them...
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained 
Debt = Money. This is the most important thing you can understand about modern finance.
America is now 17 Trillion dollars in debt. That is roughly $53,000 dollars per citizen. Most of this debt has been falsely imposed on America by the banking organization.
Collapse of The American Dream Explained ...more links.

Understand this first...DEBT...
Consider for a moment the broad stretch of financial history. It used to be that currency was backed by gold and loans were backed by tangible assets (e.g., mortgages are typically backed by homes). Both instruments gave their owners legal claims to real assets in the event of default. This approach helps establish trust between two parties in a transaction.

During much of the 19th century, the world operated on what is known as the classical gold standard, in which currencies were backed more or less one-for-one with gold. Why did this come about? Why did any country ever have a gold standard? Because people can trust gold — in an absolute sense. Governments can’t print gold. But the world has long since abandoned the classical gold standard, so the fundamental trust and stability conveyed by gold is almost always out of sample in the context of today’s data and mathematical tools.

Likewise, back in the 19th century, loans were fully backed by tangible assets. Lenders would let other people borrow only if they had the right to recover money if a borrower defaulted. And government debt typically traded with a risk premium over corporate bonds. By backing loans with collateral, borrowers don’t need income to fulfill their obligations to lenders. Collateral creates trust in the financial system.

Over time, however, the use of real assets to back these claims, whether currency or loans, has been whittled away by numerous small changes. Today, currency is no longer backed by anything, and loans are increasingly backed by nothing but the earning power of the borrower. So, the fundamental reason for people to trust currency and credit has slowly shifted from a sound claim on tangible assets to a speculative claim on future income. Now, so long as future income is healthy, there isn’t necessarily a problem. Trust is intact. But what happens when the future income fails to materialize? That’s right: default. So, the transition from relying on tangible assets to future income increases the risk to the entire system. This is systemic risk.

Where exactly does this systemic risk show up? Is it in time series data of security prices or spreads from the past 10, 20, or 30 years? No. Is it in your factor exposures relative to the benchmark? How could it be? Is it even showing up in interest rates or spreads? Hardly.

Curiously, over the last 25 years, the United States has seen a marked increase in credit without collateral in the form of credit cards, student loans, bank financing, junk bonds, government bonds, etc. With these instruments, borrowers repay by using their future income to meet obligations. By charging high rates of interest, lenders anticipate a percentage of borrowers won’t have adequate future income and will default. Therefore, lenders charge interest rates in excess of the expected default rate to earn a spread (among other things). But this comes with a cost. Borrowers must have income in order to repay. At the macro level, personal income must grow and jobs must be abundant in order to have healthy credit markets. In the absence of a healthy economy, it all comes racing back to trust. And without income or collateral, trust becomes scarce.
... it all starts with the ability of a Leviathan government to fund itself through infinite debt that it never intends to repay.  Infinite money enables infinite government. (from comments on

Currency wars...and the strong 
Currency Wars  
Fundamentals... this is a need to know/understand...
...historical P/E ratio is 15.9...
2017  After three consecutive years (2014, 2015 and 2016) of S&P 500 earnings of about $118, Thomson Reuters has $133 as an expectation for 2017.

FactSet Research is on the same page:

"The forward 12-month P/E ratio for the S&P 500 is 16.9. This P/E ratio is based on Thursday's closing price (2249.26) and forward 12 month EPS estimate ($132.79)."

Goldman Sachs estimates that although the median company currently pays an effective tax rate far below the statutory rate, the impact of an even lower rate could lift S&P 500 earnings by more than 10%. Even a statutory rate of 25% (roughly 29% including state and local taxes), which is more likely given deficit projections, could still boost earnings ex-financials by 8%. Project earnings to $145 over time, and you can see why the new found optimism is prevalent.


Rest assured, there will be speed bumps. Trump's corporate tax proposal, for instance, is likely to stumble in Congress. The usual bickering will start about which tax exemptions get eliminated in return for a simpler code. On top of that, a worsening fiscal backdrop will likely make many in Congress hesitant to support large deficit financed tax cuts. How the market reacts to these anticipated delays will enter into the equation.

Evercore ISI thinks it could take until the traditional August recess for any legislative priority to be achieved. Washington Analysis doesn't think tax reform will take effect until Jan. 1, 2018. That even may be optimistic.

On the other hand, the repatriation of profits back to the U.S. may be easily achievable with the new administration at the helm. Corporate tax cuts will be haggled over, but I can see the negotiations cutting back the existing rate of 35%, one of the highest in the world, to one that is more positive for corporations and the economy. We may not get the 15% the President-Elect wants, but a 20-25% rate would be a good start and a market positive.

(S&P 500 will set new highs in 2016 ) 
P/E ratios
***Book value/Residual value/Intrinsic value

Secular Bull Market - A look ahead

As we have witnessed, energy earnings, or lack thereof, have been discussed ad nauseum. Back in January, I noted that all market participants would have to reconcile what impact that would have on the earnings picture to formulate their strategy going forward. Now the strength of the USD has entered the earnings picture as well. In my case it has made me pause, reflect on all of the conflicting issues and wrestle with the possible outcomes. I did just that before I could decide on a confident outline to allow me to put forth a 6 month (end of '15), and 12 month (mid '16) projections.

The "Base", "Bull" and "Bear" cases for YE 2015 and Mid 2016
***Feb 22 of the first 2 months of 2016...we are seeing $121 estimates for the S&P 500 and in the chart below =Economy stalls...Energy and Strong $Dollar issues deepen, earnings growth of 2-3%...PE's retract= PE of 15 or 16 times earnings...= the recent low was 1810 and the high of this week was 1930... so the next 3 charts and projections; for now appear overly optomistic for 2016 and beyond...

Year 2015 estimate: $119.23/share... Year 2016 estimate: $133.95/share.... Year 2017 estimate: $149.49/share

Sept. 01, 2015... CAPE (Cyclically Adjusted Price Earnings) ratio. It’s a cousin of the popular price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio.

The P/E ratio divides the price of an index or stock by its earnings-per-share (EPS) for the past year. A high ratio means stocks are expensive. A low ratio means stocks are cheap.
Robert Shiller's CAPE ratio is the price/earnings ratio with one adjustment. Instead of using just one year of earnings, it incorporates earnings from the past 10 years. This smooths out the effects of booms and recessions and gives us a useful long-term view of a stock or market. Right now, the S&P’s CAPE ratio is 24.6…about 48% more expensive than its average since 1881.




                                                                                $$$ Live long and prosper $$$

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
You think you want to trade stocks...this is what you're up against...
 What Is A "Velocity Logic" Event? ...understand this and you can "own it ALL."

A little distraction here...about the "human" condition, before we get on to the Technicals...
 BUBBLE Cowboy

JP Morgan crooks

This Is Why There Are No Jobs in America

Economy and Culture

The Federal Reserve was founded in 1913, 100 years ago.  At that time, gold was defined by law at $20/oz.  Today, the (maniuplated) market price of gold is $1,200/oz, a change by a factor of 60X. Instead of manipulating the amount of dollars in the accounts and wallets of every American, they have done something more evil, they have manipulated the value of the dollar.  Moreover, they did it primarily in an attempt to manipulate the behavior of citizens, by fooling them through suppressing the time-value of money.  
When coupled with income tax on the inflation in nominal value of capital assets like land, it amounts to the greatest theft of private wealth to the benefit of government in all of human history.
We have the opportunity, through a Convention to Consider Amendments to the Constitution, to peacefully redefine and repair the funcations and powers of the Federal Government.  In the past people were worried that such a convention would result in a net loss of precious rights.  I think it should be clear that the trajectory we are presently on shows that our rights are already being actively destroyed starting with our property.  Now it should be clear that government is also at war with our privacy. 
Thomas Benton said that in searching history he could find but one parallel to Andrew Jackson. That was Cicero, who destroyed the conspiracies of Cataline and saved Rome. He did for Rome what Jackson did when he destroyed the bank conspiracy and saved America.
Hedge Fund players... nice look at some of the hot shots...

Another day another talking head pleading why it is different this time explaining that more Nascrap companies have earnings failing completely to understand that earnings are transitory and that the Fed has created a massive liquidity bubble the likes of which has never been seen that has only benefited equities. Sure it's different this time if the Fed can QE forever, but given the fact that the Fed keeps floating taper trial balloons and those balloons keep getting slapped down, it shows that the Fed is getting scared... damn scared. Well the talking heads will keep preaching it's different, it's not a bubble, stocks have more to go, blah, blah, blah. The talking heads are only interested in sucking in new money so the crooks can sell to a new generation of bag holders at all time record highs. Don't worry though, the talking heads will be shocked, shocked I tell you when the Fed finally blinks and the QE liquidity bubble goes pop taking the massively over leveraged equity market with it. Hmmm. I wonder how much more QE is going to be needed to soak up the Unaffordable Healthcare Act in 2014. I doubt the Fed has the stones to go there. Banker scum will only go so far when it is their arse on the line. Until then, can we get SPX 1900? Why not 2000? It's different this time so I am told. ...CircleM...
Every investment has the potential to be a pet rock. What differentiates "stocks, bonds, real estate and other financial assets" from gold is merely the ease at which we can come up with a story that we believe to be true about the investment's future.

Without income, or some other quantitative input that we perceive adds to a greater certainty of value, gold's story is simply harder for us to fabricate.

Anarchy is all about the ability of each individual to be in charge of his or her own life without predetermined restraints. If you injure someone or damage something, you’re responsible. Otherwise, society has no claims on you, certainly none enforced by the power of the state. There is no state ….
What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About Your Rights
(This guy should run for governor AND FIX THE GOVERNMENT NOT SET PEOPLE UP TO BE ARRESTED...he needs to make it clear that a public protest is to make all traffic stops go to court and then maybe the government will stop their abuse... )

The People's ISSUE:

Greed is good, and high-speed trading is better—if you want to rig the market (Wikimedia Commons)

High Frequency Trading and Front Running the news

I can't blame a soul for pulling out of the stock market after today. Without answers about what happened, it makes a ton of sense. Because this whole business of stocks has been sacrificed on the altar of high-frequency trading and the protected broker interests and nobody is protecting the little guy any more. Jim Cramer

                                              Silver Confiscation
                                              Economic Collapse

"To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyality to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."
Brock Chrisholm, Director U.N. World Health Organization 1948-1953

Declaration of Independence says the following: 

"That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." 

...................................................... Prudence ..........................................................................
Has there ever been a time in the last 100 years that the people were more ready to "alter or abolish" our government?!
We the People should be  mad...
A  new law scheduled to commence on January 1, 2014 known as FATCA is engineered to keep folks from opening bank accounts outside of the country.
We have now joined the former East Germany, North Korea, Cuba, Iran, the former USSR, and 1930’s Germany on the list of countries with laws designed to keep our citizens from leaving the country, and in some cases prevent a return should they manage to leave.
The Story of Your Enslavement

SHE's so heavy ,...the last 30 seconds doesn't really work but this video is just toooooo good to skip over... 

There is no pain you are receding...A distant ship smoke on the horizon...You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying...When I was a child...I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye...I turned to look but it was gone...I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown...The dream is gone
And I have become...Comfortably numb.
...waiting to Weed out the WORMS
...we now return your  sets back to regular programing...Money 
 ...just  ...another brick in the Wall
“If we have become a debt society, it is because the legacy of war, conquest, and slavery has never completely gone away.”

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."  Krishnamerti
Government debt to private parties has been used to manipulate and corrupt government for private ends, particularly, in the present debt paradigm called capitalism.
Debt has been used to degrade everything including human lives to a monetary calculation that eliminates all social obligations to each other. This is especially observable in the later development of capitalism that has reduced society to a system of practical debt slavery.
M2 Money Supply is considered to be a broader measure of the money supply—it includes savings accounts, deposits, and non-institutional money market funds, in addition to the currency already in circulation.
In 2000, the M2 Money Supply was around $4.5 trillion. Now it hovers close to $11.0 trillion.
Wait, there’s more! The Federal Reserve continues to create $85.0 billion a month in new money, pushing the money supply even higher. And “tapering” quantitative easing doesn’t mean the Federal Reserve will stop printing fiat currency; it just means they will slow the pace of printing.
The damage has already been done. While inflation may not be a concern to people today, going forward it could be a huge problem. Look at the fast rebound in gold bullion prices following the recent price correction; look at the jump in the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasuries—these are indicators of inflation ahead. An already strained U.S. consumer who needs to buy goods and services to run his or her household can vouch for this today.

The Libor scandal
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Everything you need to know that the media is not telling you...
We the people should be Mad...MAD AS HELL

...fear blinds us to opportunity; greed blinds us to danger - emotions cause "perceptual distortion'" where we only see the part of the picture that our beliefs allow us. ...Chowder

Looking at some definitions first...and later I will provide some answers...Ki...

"To achieve satisfactory investment results is easier than most people realize; to achieve superior results is harder than it looks." - Benjamin Graham

Buy low... Sell high...relative to what...?

The central philosophy of contrarian investing is founded on the belief that the worse things seem to be, the greater opportunity there is for profit. The trickiness of contrarian investing is deciphering Mr. Market's rationality from its irrationality. (MF)

TimeFrame Trading... (... and it really is as easy as a simple moving average...don't let  WallStreet and economist's or bankerCROOKS  intimidate you...
Make sure you are trading in the direction of the trend. Buy dips if the trend is up. Sell rallies if the trend is down. If you’re trading the intermediate trend, use daily and weekly charts. If you are day trading, use daily and intra-day charts. In each case, let the longer timeframe chart determine the trend, and then use the shorter term chart for timing.
Moving averages provide "objective" buy and sell signals. They tell you if the existing trend is still in motion and help confirm a trend change. Moving averages do not tell you in advance, however, that a trend change is imminent.  (If you have been paying attention; you would know that the "GRAIL"  averages prove that last statement wrong...)

The bias of the market is to drift upwards in the absence of bad news. It goes up roughly 2/3 of the time and down only 1/3 of the time.
Oscillators help identify overbought and oversold markets. While moving averages offer confirmation of a market trend change, oscillators often help warn us in advance that a market has rallied or fallen too far and will soon turn. 

Mean reversion is a mathematical concept sometimes used for stock investing, but it can be applied to other assets. In general terms, the essence of the concept is the assumption that both a stock's high and low prices are temporary and that a stock's price will tend to move to the average price over time.
Jason Zwieg a wealth of
I long ago concluded that regression to the mean is the most powerful law in financial physics: Periods of above-average performance are inevitably followed by below-average returns, and bad times inevitably set the stage for surprisingly good performance.

Standard deviation is a measure of the dispersion of a set of data from its mean. The more spread apart the data, the higher the deviation. Standard deviation is also known as historical volatility.

Beta is a measure of the volatility, or systematic risk, of a security or a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole.

The "what" (price action) is more important than  the "why" (News, earnings, so on). All known information is reflected in the price. Buyers and sellers move Markets based on expectations and emotions (fear and greed).  Markets fluctuate. The actual price may not reflect the underlying value.  (
Big Percentage movers. Stocks that are making big-percentage moves either up or down are usually in play because their sector is becoming attractive or they have a major fundamental catalyst such as a recent earnings release. Sometimes stocks making big moves have been hit with an analyst upgrade or an analyst downgrade.
Regardless of the reason behind it, when a stock makes a large-percentage move, it is often just the start of a new major trend -- a trend that can lead to huge profits. If you time your trade correctly, combining technical indicators with fundamental trends, discipline and sound money management, you will be well on your way to investment success. (
The charts below are from Alex's "side volume" charts...larger volume at certain price levels may suggest Support/Resistance... Kiy's  charts with 6 period Moving Averages applied to the CCI 20 oscillator: CCI crosses the average; consider it a warning of "change"...especially when the crossover happens from the overbought or oversold levels... ***and when deciding how to act at centerline on the 30 minute and 60 minute charts...
Signals  at signal lines... listen to the signals...pick a price and act on it.

The psychological affect of the rapid rise in interest rates might begin to become a slight drag on economic growth.

The housing market comprises many variables, and interest rates are just one of them. Incomes, we know, are not rising rapidly, but the housing market inventory is extremely tight. That dichotomy has been bullish for home prices so far, but at some point, higher interest rates will begin to become a larger factor.

Because the overall economic growth of America is still relatively weak, if rates continue rising, this would have an impact on the housing market.

30 minute MFI...Money Flow Index

Mining CandleGlance
GDX CandleGlance ..... GDXJ CandleGlance
Silver Mining
10 yr Yield
Bond Market Misconceptions, Facts, and Fallacies; Bond Market About to Collapse?
Paralysis By Analysis
Flag of South Korea.svg
South Korean flag is the only flag that carries a philosophy...  the flag is called Taegukki (which means, "Great Extremes").

The white in this philosophical flag represents peace and purity. Symbolically, the Yin-Yang symbol represents opposites; it is the belief that all things in the universe have two, opposite aspects that cannot exist without the other. The kwae trigrams are from the I Ching; the broken bars symbolize yin (dark and cold) and the unbroken bars symbolize yang (bright and hot). The four Kwae represent: heaven (three unbroken bars), the Earth (three broken bars), water (one unbroken line between two broken bars), and fire (one broken bar between two unbroken bars). The Kwai trigrams are placed in such a way that they balance one another, heaven is placed opposite Earth, and fire is placed opposite water. 

The official lie is most effective when we want to believe the lie more than we wish to know the truth.
Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive dissonance is when one brain holds two opposing ideas and believes both.
One needs to understand an elementary principle about human psychology: A person's wants and desires influence more than his behavior. They influence his thinking, as well, and even his powers of perception. This is true even with regard to things that would be otherwise intuitively obvious. Psychologists say that when a person is confronted by ideas or facts that are at odds with his pre-existing notions, what results is "cognitive dissonance," a sort of static in the human psyche. This "static" has the power to distort or even block perception.
When disturbing information creates "cognitive dissonance," the "static" discredits the information, so that a person does not feel compelled to cope with it, even if it is true. If a fact or idea is sufficiently contrary to his or her "status quo," the threatening data can be prevented from entering their consciousness at all! In effect, "cognitive dissonance" is a tremendously powerful "self-preservation" mechanism which can completely override the human desire for truth.
"Today, we need a nation of Minutemen, who are not only prepared to take arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as the basic purpose of their daily lives, and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom."   John Fitzgerald Kennedy
...the day the dream died


...and You and I...
Lyrics ...and You and I ...<> 
III. The Preacher the Teacher (...a sense of a new world to look forward to...)
(***...a message from Aquarius...preachers and teachers best listen...   politicians...also)
Sad preacher nailed upon the coloured door of time;
Insane teacher be there reminded of the rhyme.
There'll be no mutant enemy we shall certify;
Political ends, as sad remains, will die.
Reach out as forward tastes begin to enter you.
Yes - Soon


the Illusion of Reality ~ consciousness & quantum theory
"All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is a dream, and we're the imagination of ourselves."

"The Matrix has you." - Want out?

Waking up from this Matrix- Training for Eternity- Seekers-

 A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

Finite...INFINITE...12/21/12...winter solstice

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."  Krishnamerti

How can  our elected representatives in congress understand anything when they don't participate in the same health care, pension, or many other plans that American voters do?

It's time to remove the 2 party system and have one group that cares about what will rebuild this country to regain our place amoung the world leaders.

One bill one vote, line item vetoing, term limits for all of them, no pay when no balanced budget, accountability for misconduct, no more lobbyists, etc.
I know this will never happen because our system of government is so large and misguided that greed has taken over in place of what is right for this country. I hate what my kids are going to have to endure as they grow up.

...and lets cut out all the undecleared WARS
Animals - We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

We were warned
"Even among the president's supporters, one is hard put now to find anyone who doesn't recognize that Mr. Obama's original appeal to hope and change has given way to search and destroy… The original argument for the Obama presidency was that this was a new, open-minded  and liberal man, intent on elevating the common good. No one believes that now."
 - Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal, January 31, 2013.

"Any one who will trade freedom for security deserves neither ...

People"s Trust 1776
The New Paradigm...the OPPT
OPPT= One Peoples Public Trust...the real work...

Feb. 25,2017...Bitcoin’s legendary February ‘bull run’ has created an uncomfortable, but inevitable fact. There will be a day in the very near future when Bitcoin price will exceed an ounce of Gold. At that point, which will truly be worth more? Bitcoin or Gold?


The answer may depend on which side of the tracks you are from. The two commodities share a lot more in common than one may think. Bitcoin is called “digital gold” because it is so similar in concept to the precious metal. Gold is known for its scarcity, but Bitcoin is considerably more scarce. Both are used as a hedge against inflation and both represent the pinnacle of their asset class.
Gold is currently on a “bull run’ of its own, passing $1,250, after starting the year at around $1,150, but Bitcoin price started the year at around $970, so it is only a matter of time before the more volatile digital currency reaches its next benchmark.
It is not a matter of if, but when. And when this does take place, the mainstream may initiate another run at Bitcoin, fueling more demand and growth. Bitcoin may then be considered a worthy alternative to Gold.
"Bitcoin is not a currency and shouldn't be viewed as such. Those who invest in bitcoin should accordingly be aware of the risks it poses and protect their investment." ...PBOC
Bitcoin is the Sewer Rat of Currencies

Bitcoin and its proponents are exceptionally naïve. A free and unfettered system for payments? Sounds fantastic. In reality, there’s the obvious volatility which makes bitcoin completely useless for everyday transactions.
BitCoin gets "wonky"
Bitconned: SEC busts alleged Bitcoin Ponzi scheme
CROOKS in Costa Rica use bitcoin for money laundering
How Did Bitcoin Become a Real Currency?
Bitcoin Venture Capitalist Roger Ver's Journey to Anarchism
BitCoin Exchange
BitCoin Trader...

Intermission........  >>>>>>>> Forever Young >>> Feeling Good>>>>>>>>>Kashmir Cover  ...........Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? .....................Baker Street
...Do I dare Disturb the universe? In a minute there is time For decisions and revisions which in a minute will reverse. For I have known them all already, known them all— Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons, I have measured out my life with coffee spoons; I know the voices dying with a dying fall Beneath the music from a farther room. So how should I presume? ...T.S.Eliot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>presume, suppose, take it (as given), take for granted, take as read, conjecture, surmise,conclude, deduce, infer, reckon, reason, think,fancy, believe, understand, suppose to be the case without proof Dream On .......  War of the Worlds...The Spirit of Man...   WAR OF THE WORLDS 1hour:35minutes     Gold is MONEY...Pink Floyd...Ka-Chang...that chick has a fine behind......MOnEY, MONEY...Price Tag...
Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed
Let me take you there. Let me take you there ... Kashmir

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards, everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, psychiatrists destroy minds, scientists destroy truth, major media destroys information, religions destroy spirituality and governments destroy freedom.” -Michael Ellner

“I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.” 
William Booth  Founder of The Salvation Army

Free Trade Zones

STOCK MARKET...Tools...and More...

Why Technical indicators are the choice...The problem we run into is that valuation is not a timing tool. A momentum trader will tell you from personal experience that overpriced stocks can and do get more expensive. Value investors will tell you from their personal experience that cheap stocks can get a whole lot cheaper. Mean reversion does not occur immediately after an asset moves away from its long-term trend. Any bond trader can tell you that from their personal experience of the past 30 years.

Analyzing Price Action: Velocity and Magnitude Posted on April 14, 2015 by Cory Mitchell, CMT (...also follow some of the many links he has posted...
Price is the ultimate indicator, it tells the real story. While other technical indicators may help interpret price data, price is the basis from which (most of) those indicators are derived. It follows that having advanced price-action-analysis skills will aid your trading. Use to confirm or filter out trade signals via price or other indicators.

Velocity and Magnitude: Why They’re Important When Analyzing Price Action

Every price wave within a trend can be judged based on velocity and magnitude. That means throughout the trend assessments can be made about the probability of trades in regards to that trend.

If a trend is strong based on velocity and magnitude we know that we want to take the next valid trade signal (based on our trading plan) that will get us into that trend. If velocity and magnitude are significantly weakening then the trend may be ending and therefore the next trade signal may be filtered out, or our expectation/target for the trade lowered.

Analyzing Price Action: Magnitude

Magnitude in regards to analyzing price action simply refers to the length of price waves, relative to other price waves of consequence. If the price runs for a long way in one direction without a significant pullback, then that run has strong or large magnitude. During a trend we want to see the impulse waves (waves in the direction of the trend) have large magnitude relative to the pullbacks.

Short waves have little or weak magnitude. The price is not moving aggressively in one direction. During a trend, pullbacks should have weak magnitude relative to the impulse waves of the trend.


Magnitude is not measured in absolutes, it is always relative. Waves are measured against recent waves, as well as the overall outlook. In figure 1 the trend is down because the impulse waves are larger than the smaller pullbacks. Toward the middle of the chart there are some stronger pullbacks, relative to recent down waves. While this may deter us from taking a short position for a period of time, looking at the overall outlook the pullback is not big enough to rival the major down waves.

Here are some basic guidelines for analyzing price action with magnitude:

  • The trend is confirmed by waves of large magnitude in the trending direction.
    A reversal has begun, or deeper pullback is underway, when a wave of large magnitude (relative) occurs against the prior trend.
    A trend may be losing momentum if small waves start to occur in the trending direction. The trend isn’t over yet, it is just potentially weakening (it’s possible to have several slow waves in the direction of the trend, only to be followed by another strong wave renewing the strength of the trend–this is why we don’t assume the trend is over just because there are small waves in the trending direction).
    Pullbacks of small magnitude, relative to the impulse waves of the trend, confirm the trend.

Compare a pullback to other pullbacks, impulse waves and the overall trend. Do the same for impulse waves; comparing them to other recent impulse waves, recent pullbacks and the overall trend.

It can also help to view another time frame as well. If trading off a 1-minute chart, (like above), it may help to view a 5 minute chart as well. This will provide a slightly broader perspective, and you may notice some relative strengths or weaknesses in waves that you hadn’t noticed on the shorter time frame chart.

Analyzing Price Action: Velocity

Velocity is how fast price covers distance, and is used in conjunction with magnitude.

A very fast price move which covers a significant distance (relative) shows greater conviction than a move that moves very slowly.

Figure 2 shows the same chart as above, yet we can also use velocity to analyze this chart, in conjunction with magnitude. Moves down are not only larger than pullbacks, but they occur faster than the pullbacks–the impulse waves down cover more distance in a quicker amount of time.

Having magnitude and velocity on the side of the market you are trading is ideal (ie. taking short positions when strong velocity and magnitude are to the downside).

Velocity is most applicable when combined with magnitude. A short burst of velocity isn’t particularly important, since it could just be one or two big orders being filled in the market. A move of large magnitude which also has velocity shows a lot of power and conviction, and may either confirm the trend (if in the trending direction) or indicate a reversal (if moving against the trend).

Extremely large moves with substantial velocity (both relative to recent price action) usually indicate some sort of news announcement or some unusual event. In such cases, technical analysis is generally useless, and it is recommended traders step aside until valid signals based on more stable market conditions emerge.

Analyzing Price Action – How to Use This Information

Analyzing price action is a constant task. Being able to adjust to new information is critical.

Traders may wish to develop some guidelines or rules about velocity or magnitude in their trading plan. While these concepts are relatively simple to understand in theory, I consider them advanced trading techniques because they have the potential to turn a rule-based system (which most new traders use) into a hybrid trading system–one which has rule-based elements incorporated with more subjective elements such as interpreting velocity and magnitude.

Subjective or hybrid type systems are harder to test. Basically you need to hone your price analysis skills in a demo account, and only when you see–over many trades–that using this information provides you with an edge should you attempt to implement this knowledge using real money.

Agreeing that something works, or can aid your trading, is very different than actually being able to do it, and use that knowledge in real time trading. Therefore, practice, practice, practice. It is always easier to do this in hindsight, yet this will be the starting point as you begin to practice using these concepts. Go through historical charts and analyze velocity and magnitude and how it impacted the trend, as well as potential trades you may have taken. Then proceed to trade using this information in a demo account, marking up charts in real-time, noting changes in velocity and magnitude, and how those changes affect the price waves that follow (see 5 Step Plan for Forex Trading Success).

Realize that velocity and magnitude are constantly in flux. We must look at an overall picture of what is occurring as well as note details about each wave. This is the study of current price waves relative to recent price waves. There is still an element of uncertainty. Everything can look great and we will still lose trades. By analyzing price action based velocity and magnitude–and being able to effectively act on the information we interpret and alter our expectations/targets–hopefully those losing trades will happen slightly less often for you. By Cory Mitchell, CMT  Follow me on Twitter @corymitc and check out our Facebook page.

10/01/2013 Going back to January 1959, margin debt and the S&P 500 have moved together for the most part. But leverage is a double edge sword and can exacerbate sell-offs, leading to deeper than expected market pullbacks.
Still think the "market" is driven by earnings or fundamentals? or just leverage and marginal credit expansion (shadow banking repo... etc.)?

Inflation relative to employment the Phillips Curve

The American people know... inflation is not well under control, for they know how far the purchasing power of a dollar has dropped when they go to the supermarket or service station.


They are pretty sure they are not getting reasonable value from the taxes they pay.


When an economist tells them that growing the nation's debt over the past 12 years from $6 trillion to $16 trillion is not a problem, and that doubling it again will still not be a problem, this simply does not compute. They know the trajectory we are on.


When politicians claim that this tax increase or that spending cut will generate trillions over the next decade,they are properly skeptical over whether anyone can truly know what will happen next year, let alone a decade or more from now.

 They are wary of grand bargains that kick in years down the road, knowing that the failure to make hard decisions is how we got into today's mess. They remember that one of the basic principles of economics is scarcity, which is a powerful force in their own lives.

 They know that a society's wealth is not unlimited, and that if the economy is so fragile that the government cannot allow failure, then we are indeed close to collapse. For if you must rescue everything, then ultimately you will be able to rescue nothing.

 They also know that the only reason paper money, backed not by anything tangible but only a promise, has any value at all is because it is scarce. With all the printing, the credibility of our entire trust-based monetary system will be increasingly called into question.

 And when you tell the populace that we can all enjoy a free lunch of extremely low interest rates, massive Fed purchases of mounting treasury issuance, trillions of dollars of expansion in the Fed's balance sheet, and huge deficits far into the future,they are highly skeptical not because they know precisely what will happen but because they are sure that no one else--even, or perhaps especially, the  policymakers—does either.
...Seth Klarman
In the parallel universe that financial markets inhabit... 
This is your brain on stocks  

5 Brain Flaws that make you a lousy investor

The 'monarchs of money' The case for more public scrutiny of the central banks. 

40% of Highest Paid CEOs Were Bailed Out, Booted, or Busted

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."  Krishnamerti

"Any one who will trade freedom for security deserves neither ...

Fascism, which rules the world today, is unjust because the people who are politically connected—not necessarily economically productive—do best. Doug Casey

Trinity: A deja vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix. It happens when they change something. 

Things are falling apart--that is obvious. But why are they falling apart? The reasons are complex and global. Our economy and society have structural problems that cannot be solved by adding debt to debt. We are becoming poorer, not just from financial over-reach, but from fundamental forces that are not easy to identify or understand. We will cover the five core reasons why things are falling apart: 
1. Debt and financialization 
2. Crony capitalism and the elimination of accountability ...  Crony Capitalism
3. Diminishing returns 
4. Centralization 
5. Technological, financial and demographic changes in our economy

Complex systems weakened by diminishing returns collapse under their own weight and are replaced by systems that are simpler, faster and affordable. If we cling to the old ways, our system will disintegrate. If we want sustainable prosperity rather than collapse, we must embrace a new model that is Decentralized, Adaptive, Transparent and Accountable (DATA).

We are not powerless. Not accepting responsibility and being powerless are two sides of the same coin: once we accept responsibility, we become powerful. 

...there never has been a resumption of rapid economic growth with oil at or near $100 a barrel. The economic engines just don't rev on this expensive energy. 

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."  Krishnamerti
...and the PiPer will lead us to "reason."


...that the Law ought to embody Justice - oftentimes, this is simply not the case. Indeed, when evil people author laws, it is only by accident or mistake that they coincide with justice at all.

The 19th century French scholar and author of The Law, Frédéric Bastiat, reminds us, "It is easy to understand why the law is used by the legislator to destroy in varying degrees among the rest of the people their personal independence by slavery, their liberty by oppression, and their property by plunder. This is done for the benefit of the person who makes the law, and in proportion to the power that they hold." 

Dodd-Frank itself, a sprawling document that employs 30,000 pages of rules to merely preserve the existing system. “If we want everything to stay the same, everything must change,” Wolf writes, quoting a character from the Italian epic The Leopard. - See more at:

Lawmakers criticized the Federal Reserve and other government agencies for failing to hold individuals accountable for the actions that led to the financial crisis despite reaching record settlements with some of Wall Street’s biggest banks over mortgage misdeeds.
The questions prompted Fed Gov. Daniel Tarullo, the regulatory point man at the central bank, to suggest the Fed could ban individuals at large banks from working again in the industry even if the bank reached a legal settlement with the government over misdeeds. Mr. Tarullo said during a Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday the Fed was “conducting investigations” to that effect, but didn’t elaborate.

(I still think she should run for president...)
“You are supposed to refer cases to the Justice Department when you think individuals should be prosecuted,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) told Mr. Tarullo and other regulators Tuesday, adding that hundreds of individuals were prosecuted after the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s. “Without criminal prosecutions, the message for every Wall Street banker is loud and clear. If you break the law, you are not going to jail but you might end up with a much bigger paycheck.”

Sen. Richard Shelby (R., Ala.), who could take the gavel of the committee should Republicans re-take the Senate in the November elections, said he agreed with Ms. Warren’s outrage over the lack of jail time for bankers – a noteworthy statement since the two don’t often agree on policy.

Mr. Shelby however laid the blame on the U.S. Justice Department rather than banking regulators who don’t have the power to bring criminal charges against bank executives.

No one in the financial sector or elsewhere should be “able to buy their way out from culpability when it’s so strong it defies rationality – I agree with her on that,” Mr. Shelby said. “Ultimately, it seems like the Justice Department seems bent on money rather than justice and that’s a mistake.”

The Justice Department has reached civil settlements with several big banks related to the sale of flawed mortgage securities ahead of the crisis, including a $13 billion deal with J.P. Morgan Chase JPM +0.68% & Co., a $7 billion settlement with Citigroup Inc.C +1.02% and a record $16.65 billion agreement with Bank of America Corp.BAC +1.07%

A Justice Department representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Mr. Tarullo, who was interrupted several times by Ms. Warren in his response, said regulators have at times asked firms to fire employees who did wrong and have “shared all the information that the Department of Justice needed.” The pair also had a testy exchange after the hearing, with Ms. Warren waving her arms as she appeared to express displeasure with Mr. Tarullo’s on-the-record answers.

Banker Crooks...this is very educational...

Sunday morning...some crooks you can appreciate if you are a crook...

These 5 crooks are the ones most responsible for the financial corruption presently in motion. These 5 crooks undermined The Glass Steagall Act which protected Americans from Bank exploitation thru derivative fraud. Later in 1999 they got Bill Clinton to sign the repeal of The Glass Steagall Act.

The Elites Responsible For Orchestrating The Destruction Of The Glass Steagall Act Of 1933:
Goldman Sachs:
Alan Greenspan
Rothschild Federal Reserve:
Alan Greenspan
Larry Summers
Sandy Weill
John Reed
Robert Rubin
Traveller’s Insurance:

This sea change in regulation was orchestrated by Sanford Weill and assisted by Robert Rubin, who became the second in command at Citibank after his stint at The U.S.Treasury.

Rubin, was Clinton’s Secretary of Treasury and was instrumental in getting The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act passed. Larry Summers, was then his current Secretary Of Treasury who is now one of Obama’s economic “advisors”. What goes around comes around, they are all culpable.
Jamie Dimon Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Too Big To JAIL
"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."  Krishnamerti
The system is now broken.
excessive  pride  or  self-confidence; arrogance...
"We see what we want to see unless we make a conscious effort to see what is really there." -...anon. 
...We live in unusual times of Yo&Yo ...maybe some understanding can be found build from...
The yin and yang principles act on one another,
affect one another and keep one another in place.        - Chuang Tzu  ...and keep one another in balance.

China is still growing, whether at a rate of 7 or 5 percent. To put that in perspective, “China creates a new Italy every 18 months, a new Portugal every quarter, a new Greece every month and a Cyprus every week,”


      ...  YINN... China Bullx3  yinn ............... Shanghai  ....... Hong Kong....... TAO ...............  YANG...China Bearx3  yang.....  .............................................................. CHOP

                                        Stock Buyers Worship Statue of Bull over Bear in Xiamen

China's $5 Trillion in Toxic Bank Debt Is About to Collapse
China BEAR

China BULL

Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree's director of research, told IBD. He advised ETF investors to be aware of how much of their portfolio is in state-owned enterprises. The WisdomTree China ex-State-Owned Enterprises (NASDAQ:CXSE) was recently revamped to screen out businesses partially or fully owned by the government.
 Unlike the Fed, the Chinese central bank can order commercial banks to lend money and directly pump liquidity into its economy.
For five years, Chinese banks recklessly lent money to local governments and other state-owned enterprises, enriching government officials, bankers and state-owned enterprise managers in the process.
 Investment lending, corruption and spending spiraled out of control. China spent $3 trillion on investments, and the funny money caused 
real estate prices to triple and inflation to skyrocket.

Even though the U.S economy is about twice the size of China's, the Asian giant's M2 money stock is 70% greater than the U.S.
Just in Q1 of this year (2013), 
credit expanded by $1 trillion in China, equivalent to an entire year's Fed quantitative easing. Yet despite excessive money creation, the Chinese Yuan rose 9% against the dollar since 2008, making the Yuan more overvalued.

The birth of a global currency

China's bankerCROOKS...nothing ever changes...crooks can ruin an economy anywhere they want to...

‘Trading in the Zone,’ by Mark Douglas 
‘Psychology plays a very important role in trading, and the development of a proper trader’s mindset should not be taken for granted. The unsuccessful trader has firm belief and expectations that are often not met by the market. When the outcome doesn’t match the expectation, the trader feels pain and often views the market in a threatening way. Once this occurs, traders are doomed to fail unless they can recognize what is wrong and develop the proper winning attitude of a successful trader.’ 
Adopt the following essentials for trading success: 
• Every moment is unique: The trade either works or it doesn’t 
• Anything can happen: Develop a resolute, unshakeable belief in uncertainty. The market has no responsibility to give us anything or do anything that would benefit us. 
• Markets are neutral: The market does not generate happy or painful information, therefore, no threat exists. Our expectations formed from our original beliefs are the sole source of any 
happiness or pain. 
• Losses are okay: Losing and being wrong are inevitable realities of trading since anything can happen. Taking small losses is part of a successful trader’s job. 
• Accept risk: Fully acknowledge the risks inherent in trading and accept complete responsibility for each trade (not the market). When a loss occurs, do not suffer emotional discomfort or fear. 
Think in probabilities. 
• Monitor emotions: Learn how to monitor and control the negative effects of euphoria and the potential for self-sabotage. 
• Abandon search for Holy Grail: Attitude produces better overall results than analysis or technique. ...hmmm...? 
• Rigid rules, flexible expectations: Adopt rigidity in your trading rules and flexibility in your expectations.’

Please read/study//take to heart the following bullet points on the mental aspect of trading. Once a trader has a system that works, trading becomes 100% mental.
 • Note the paradox
• How do we stay disciplined and calm during constant uncertainty? 
 • Answer: Accept the risk
• Possibility of uncertain outcome must be accepted or conscious or unconscious you will try to avoid it
• Don’t be afraid, it causes you to freeze up and make costly mistakes (ex: sports – golf)
• The market doesn’t hurt you, you do
• Good traders are not afraid 
 • Good traders flow in and out of trades without emotion
• Ever changed a target or stop order? 
 • Scared of losing money (i.e. fear) 
 • …or scared of leaving money on the table (i.e. greed) 
• Retail traders have no boss and no rules – too much freedom. 
 • Trading is on 24/7, hence the danger 
 • You need to create the rules yourself
• Discipline, discipline, discipline!
• It’s not easy, but worth it in the end
• Stay true to a system or else you will not know what works. Build confidence
• You finally found what you were looking for -Trading offers ultimate freedom, hence the difficulty to insert rules. 
• The two biggest mistakes: 
 1. not predetermining stop-loss levels 
 2. not cutting losses at those levels 
 • Those are mental errors, nothing else… certainly not the market’s fault
• No reason to be afraid if you know the probabilities
• The outcome of any single trade is uncertain…
• On any given trade anything can/will happen 
 •…but the probabilities over time work in your favor
• So…it’s ‘simply’ a matter of sticking to your rules!
• The outcome of one trade has nothing to do with the outcome of the next. 
• When you get a signal, fire, don’t shy away and second guess
• Keep emotions at the sporting event
• Do not get angry or overly joyful over trades
• The more you stick to your rules, the more you start trusting yourself and build confidence 
 •And your rate of success goes through the roof