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         "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".
Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)
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Psionic Matrix

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Welcome to the Psionic Matrix

Together, we can DISCOVER STOCKS


Psionic Matrix
psi·onic [sye-on-ic]
pertaining  to  the  telepathic,  psychic,  or  paranormal  
(Disclaimer: we're not psychics or claim to have clairvoyant powers, but we believe that sufficiently advanced technology can mimic this effect)

ma·trix   [mey-triks, ma-]  
noun, plural ma·tri·ces  [mey-tri-seez, ma-]  , ma·trix·es.
1. something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops: The Greco-Roman world was the matrix for Western civilization.

The Idea Is Simple : "Crowd-Sourcing" from Everyone and Everything.

Together as a team, we try to identify stocks that are about to make a sustained long term move upwards. As you know, a single individual has limits to what s/he can do. In the Psionic Matrix, we strive to utilize all the resources and channels we have at our disposal : 
The collective intelligence & experiences and analysis techniques we have at our disposal can make magic happen.  Many gains have been made in the past and present.  

Post a stock (and DD + chart) on the board and solicit other member's opinions about the stock. 

Knowledge and Experience:   
That means YOUR knowledge and experience, as well as Ours. 

Members who have contributed to this board have many years of experience trading stocks, some have worked in wallstreet as fund managers while some are daytraders, swing traders, scientists who have a deep understanding of the inner workings as well as the theoretical basis behind TA. We know its strength & weaknesses and therefore utilize a variety of other elements, for example fundamentals & crowd movement, and other information (if available) to increase the chances of a successful investment.   There are hundreds of stocks we've played with 200% to 1000% 10000% gains!

YOU are an Important part of the Matrix

Some of our best plays came from new visitors. Your contribution, no matter how small you may think, is extremely important!!!!

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#375401  Sticky Note ((( SIGN UP FOR MEGA ALERTS ))) Psionic Trader 10/03/13 04:10:33 AM
#387819   $EPAZ Big news following the acquiring of funds Devcool 07/22/14 03:26:25 PM
#387818   EPAZ Mr. Manahan discusses the company's cloud-based software, muga 07/22/14 03:20:27 PM
#387817   EPAZ Epazz is the answer to the increasing Street_Gnocca 07/22/14 03:20:25 PM
#387816   FOFU Bid has been increasing all day mrbizzard 07/22/14 03:07:19 PM
#387815   $STLK looking-VERY-low-priced! Cheapies-may-not-be-here-for-long.. UserAlias1 07/22/14 01:45:44 PM
#387814   $FOFU penny stock has very low O/S! See stockman69 07/22/14 01:43:54 PM
#387813   FOFU is acting very bullish today. IndianaJones24 07/22/14 01:42:40 PM
#387812   FOFU ~ MMJ Franchise and In Store branded commerce mrbizzard 07/22/14 01:17:39 PM
#387811   $FOFU ready to bounce here, nice bids stacking up budfoxhub 07/22/14 12:25:57 PM
#387810   FTEG .0005 clears then .0010 $$$$$$$$ stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=FTEG&p=W muga 07/22/14 12:02:51 PM
#387809   FTEG .0005 effective and sustainable solutions for Street_Gnocca 07/22/14 11:52:31 AM
#387808   GNSZ Dr. Craig Dionne, GenSpera CEO, recently said Cabroncita 07/22/14 11:09:25 AM
#387807   $FOFU is a publicly traded company on the Mick Dodge 07/22/14 10:46:11 AM
#387806   $ILIV Within this mission we consider mind, body, Mick Dodge 07/22/14 10:45:45 AM
#387805   $SRGL: 3s Le2dynasty 07/22/14 10:45:23 AM
#387804   $DSCR: 16s Le2dynasty 07/22/14 10:45:07 AM
#387803   ILIV perfect chance to load 1's today!!! the NYC Trader 07/22/14 10:42:22 AM
#387802   $FOFU's new acquisition Café Serendipity is poised to zigzagman 07/22/14 10:17:19 AM
#387801   $NSCT .10 break is blue sky, 06 here TradeForProfits 07/22/14 10:09:57 AM
#387800   ILIV LATEST NEWS OUT......Hammer Hammer1 07/22/14 10:07:48 AM
#387799   ILIV HAS BEEN PUTTING SOME REAL NICE NEWS OUT.......Hammer Hammer1 07/22/14 10:07:25 AM
#387798   ILIV LOOKING GREAT HERE.......Hammer Hammer1 07/22/14 10:06:15 AM
#387797   $ILIV starting to simmer. Nice bids in... mrbizzard 07/22/14 09:55:13 AM
#387796   FOFU Cheat Sheet IndianaJones24 07/22/14 09:54:58 AM
#387795   FOFU Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cafeserendipity2014 RIPPER 07/22/14 09:52:51 AM
#387794   $ASUV ~ The demand for natural resources and Fa$tlane 07/22/14 09:48:38 AM
#387793   $FOFU is on FIRE!! +45.45% NYC Trader 07/22/14 09:39:00 AM
#387792   $FOFU ~ "I am extremely excited to be Mick Dodge 07/22/14 09:36:50 AM
#387791   ILIV Link: http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/ILIV/company-info NYC Trader 07/22/14 09:30:56 AM
#387790   EPAZ great $NEWS, volume will follow! .0011 highs.on.CHART stockcharts.c muga 07/22/14 09:29:21 AM
#387789   ILIV The mission of Intelligent Living is to SchragerTrader23 07/22/14 09:28:25 AM
#387788   ILIV We provide nutraceutical products, wellness products and SchragerTrader23 07/22/14 09:28:16 AM
#387787   Intelligent Living Inc., (OTC:ILIV) based in Florida, is SchragerTrader23 07/22/14 09:28:07 AM
#387786   $ILIV Intelligent Living, Inc., is a public holding Mick Dodge 07/22/14 09:22:35 AM
#387785   BRNW ~ Must See News !! ZipCash 07/22/14 09:20:54 AM
#387784   ILIV Intelligent Living, Inc., is a public holding Cabroncita 07/22/14 09:12:02 AM
#387783   $ILIV .0009x.001 ready to go here budfoxhub 07/22/14 09:10:57 AM
#387782   VSTR Cheatsheet NYC Trader 07/22/14 09:07:45 AM
#387781   $FOFU ~ Franchise and In Store branded commerce Fa$tlane 07/22/14 09:07:37 AM
#387780   ILIV > inplay tomm subby .001 playerzzz !!!! NYC Trader 07/22/14 08:56:11 AM
#387779   FOFU NEW Website: http://www.cafeserendipity.net) ErnieRee 07/22/14 08:11:47 AM
#387778   Penny Stock Mobsters Case Profile $FOFU stockman69 07/22/14 07:26:08 AM
#387777   FOFU Force Fuels Inc. Letter to Shareholders, by stockman69 07/22/14 07:24:53 AM
#387776   BCAP is ready PennyPicksPro 07/22/14 02:43:37 AM
#387775   FOFU is blowing up on social media RIPPER 07/22/14 02:40:38 AM
#387774   Penny Stock Mobsters Case Profile $FOFU http://images.investorshub. Mick Dodge 07/21/14 11:29:56 PM
#387773   $FOFU on high alert! http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/FOFU/quote budfoxhub 07/21/14 08:25:43 PM
#387772   Stlk iReapZzYy 07/21/14 05:51:33 PM
#387771   $INCT 0.045 x 0.048 Mick Dodge 07/21/14 02:20:41 PM
#387770   EPAZ chipping away at 0002, 0010 coming http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/ muga 07/21/14 01:04:14 PM