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         "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".
Arthur C. Clarke, "Profiles of The Future", 1961 (Clarke's third law)
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Welcome to the Psionic Matrix

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Psionic Matrix
psi·onic [sye-on-ic]
pertaining  to  the  telepathic,  psychic,  or  paranormal  
(Disclaimer: we're not psychics or claim to have clairvoyant powers, but we believe that sufficiently advanced technology can mimic this effect)

ma·trix   [mey-triks, ma-]  
noun, plural ma·tri·ces  [mey-tri-seez, ma-]  , ma·trix·es.
1. something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops: The Greco-Roman world was the matrix for Western civilization.

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The Idea Is Simple : "Crowd-Sourcing" from Everyone and Everything.

Together as a team, we try to identify stocks that are about to make a sustained long term move upwards. As you know, a single individual has limits to what s/he can do. In the Psionic Matrix, we strive to utilize all the resources and channels we have at our disposal : 
The collective intelligence & experiences and analysis techniques we have at our disposal can make magic happen.  Many gains have been made in the past and present.  

Post a stock (and DD + chart) on the board and solicit other member's opinions about the stock. 

Knowledge and Experience:   
That means YOUR knowledge and experience, as well as Ours. 

Members who have contributed to this board have many years of experience trading stocks, some have worked in wallstreet as fund managers while some are daytraders, swing traders, scientists who have a deep understanding of the inner workings as well as the theoretical basis behind TA. We know its strength & weaknesses and therefore utilize a variety of other elements, for example fundamentals & crowd movement, and other information (if available) to increase the chances of a successful investment.   There are hundreds of stocks we've played with 200% to 1000% 10000% gains!

YOU are an Important part of the Matrix

Some of our best plays came from new visitors. Your contribution, no matter how small you may think, is extremely important!!!!

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#389654  Sticky Note **SIGN UP FOR FREE EMAIL ALERTS** ABCtrader1027 11/03/14 10:38:22 PM
#199703   SIPN Could be bouncin soon SilentSniper 05/17/12 08:08:29 AM
#199702   Psionic Matrix KMAG jim1234 05/17/12 06:36:43 AM
#199700   Thx man, a month or two at most... Psionic Trader 05/17/12 02:58:51 AM
#199699   Site looks awesome, can't wait until it's complete. Leebarooski 05/17/12 02:37:08 AM
#199698   Don't miss out on tomorrow's huge play!! >> Psionic Trader 05/17/12 01:39:39 AM
#199697   Im telling you,DGRI hit the Mother Load..,.On GREGG THE GREEK 05/17/12 01:19:48 AM
#199696   Ok GREGG THE GREEK 05/17/12 12:55:12 AM
#199695   Sign Up for Alerts! -> Psionic Trader 05/17/12 12:51:24 AM
#199694   just about buying time CAJUN 05/16/12 11:53:26 PM
#199693   on the daily chart, it was turning around Psionic Trader 05/16/12 11:24:18 PM
#199692   DGRI, big day tomorrow. CEO doing a press Green Light 05/16/12 11:15:59 PM
#199691   No such thing as Naked short selling? CAJUN 05/16/12 10:56:48 PM
#199690   NEIK Annotated Daily Chart for 05-16-2012 PhilCheeze 05/16/12 10:45:29 PM
#199689   Psionic Matrix kmag jim1234 05/16/12 10:41:18 PM
#199688   APII Annotated Weekly Chart for 05-16-2012 PhilCheeze 05/16/12 10:32:37 PM
#199687   I like this one....I'm definitely gonna pick some silkyballer 05/16/12 10:31:23 PM
#199686   10 baggas stock play tomorrow!! Multiple big groups!! http://www.icontact-archiv semipro11 05/16/12 10:30:08 PM
#199685   Cmgo looks good! roberteliates 05/16/12 10:12:19 PM
#199684   cmgo rdy to take off rjfmiranda 05/16/12 10:04:19 PM
#199683   KGRI ready to run! .0001/.0002 roberteliates 05/16/12 09:23:35 PM
#199682   RTN time to short Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:22:23 PM
#199681   MCET up 72% today. Check it out! roberteliates 05/16/12 09:21:45 PM
#199680   ABX buying some when it drops to high $20s Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:20:08 PM
#199679   HFC looks like a bottom coming soon Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:18:14 PM
#199678   WBIC great momo taking profits at around $7 Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:15:53 PM
#199677   BP on watch for bottom Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:14:04 PM
#199676   WNR looking fantastic Already very undervalued. Tight Bollies Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:10:22 PM
#199675   COP buying opportunities coming soon Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:03:50 PM
#199674   BAP has run HUGE so far. Weekly shows Psionic Trader 05/16/12 09:01:18 PM
#199673   Im holding UTYW also, up 80%, hope it Tilly1 05/16/12 08:57:18 PM
#199672   CRBC $16.09 on alert again. Recently dropped back Psionic Trader 05/16/12 08:54:59 PM
#199671   Good stock 10 is coming easy imo - BRINX 05/16/12 08:48:38 PM
#199670   NCT $6.65 on Alert I'm taking profits at Psionic Trader 05/16/12 08:45:32 PM
#199669   UTYW correction on that last post. wkendcowboy 05/16/12 08:41:44 PM
#199668   UTYWdid great today and no one talking about wkendcowboy 05/16/12 08:27:49 PM
#199667   EEDG 10+ bagger so far! Slowly reaching its Psionic Trader 05/16/12 08:24:45 PM
#199666   PPBL r/m announcement next week: Stockholla 05/16/12 05:51:55 PM
#199665   we got a great lineup tomorrow $tock_Professor 05/16/12 05:37:42 PM
#199664   finally back online Psionic Trader 05/16/12 05:35:44 PM
#199663   CAGR!!!! 911 SHARE CODE AT THE CLOSE!!! TIME SchragerTrader23 05/16/12 05:35:08 PM
#199662   FITX on watch for break out Psionic Trader 05/16/12 03:14:22 PM
#199661   MJNA up 23%!! gapper... take some profits, imo!! Psionic Trader 05/16/12 03:08:54 PM
#199660   MCET nice~ Psionic Trader 05/16/12 03:06:23 PM
#199659   UNQT Got news now!!!! Go UNQT nice gain 05/16/12 03:02:27 PM
#199658   MJNA buying any dips naenae 05/16/12 02:13:33 PM
#199657   Just a high volume sell-off off of news SilentSniper 05/16/12 02:13:29 PM
#199656   No thoughts on SGLN??? Big volume with buyinit 05/16/12 02:09:45 PM
#199655   Agreed ATYG .0017s just fell .0018 up RHJ~BT 05/16/12 02:01:57 PM
#199654   AAPT on very close watch, just waiting for Psionic Trader 05/16/12 01:46:08 PM
#199653   EEDG up 12.86% lovely Psionic Trader 05/16/12 01:43:23 PM