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PMX Gold Communities, Inc. (PMXO)

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PMX Gold Communities, Inc.

LATEST PR (2/7/14): 




America's first MGIV gold machine


Twitter: https://twitter.com/PMXGold
Marijuana Terminal Home Page: http://pmxpot.com/?reqp=1&reqr=
Home Page: http://www.pmxgold.com/
E Store: http://pmxgoldstore-com.myshopify.com/

Fully reporting SEC compliant Company. Current Revenue and more locations to come OTCBB: PMXO

Financing has been through insiders no shady partners in this one.




PMX Gold Online Store (PMXGold.com) OPENED 2013
"Our vision was never to compete with online investment gold vendors because they are still the experts. We are establishing our own market niche with designed
products that are affordable to the common man and one can invest in as a souvenir, gift or as a starter savings vehicle. My family is entrepreneurs and my
sister developed a software nametag solution, www.imprintplus.com, while my cousin pioneered the sports coin collectable industry, www.highlandmint.com. 
Being a trailblazer is really a part of who I am," stated Meris Kott, Managing Director of PMX Gold Bullion Sales Inc.
Read Entire Article: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=58721189



Future Locations: Including (BITCOIN, MARIJUANA and GOLD/SILVER BULLION:


Colorado ( LXIV MARIJUANA Terminal )

Marijuana Federal Guidance Link ( Thanks One4theroad )


first a precious metals incubation company announces the diversification of their product line of dispensing machines with the introduction of the LXIV Marijuana terminal.
The LXIV will be similar in appearance to our precious metals terminal successfully tested in Florida 2013. PMX expects the first machine to be located in Colorado.
The security features and touch screen technology will remain similar. The terminal will vend single products packaged in plastic opaque child resistant bags compliant with the new Colorado Marijuana Rules.
Read Entire Article: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=61013182

Bitcoin ( Developed for Terminals )

PMX Communities Inc. (OTCQB:PMXO), a precious metals incubation company is integrating a Bitcoin solution into our new terminal.

"The plan was to launch our first Gold machine in the US and build a global gold terminal footprint. The diversification of the terminal was a natural transition for us.
Virtual currencies and e-wallets are a perfect fit to out product line. Whereas, we are looking at other precious metals and gems to vend from the machines,
a Bitcoin integration product will be our first offering in our new terminals," stated Meris Kott, Managing Director of PMX Bullion Sales, Inc.
Read Entire Article: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=60774827

India (Asia)
PMX has aligned with local Indian partners who will be working on their behalf to seal a lease before year end in Chandigarh for the first Indian gold dispensing terminal.
"The deployment of a terminal will be the most exciting for me personally because of the high respect for gold that the Indian people possess.
Regardless of global gold price fluctuations, Indians continuously buy gold for it has been a mainstay in their culture for centuries.
The opportunities in this country are limitless," stated Meris Kott, Managing Director of PMX Gold Bullion Sales Inc.
Read Entire Article: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=58874269

Peru (South America)
today announced the signing of an NDA with our first South American Partner announcing the continuous global rollout of the MGIV gold machine.

PMX eyes first in their Lain American rollout the country of Peru. Known for the cosmopolitan capital city of Lima, Machu Picchu and the
Nazca Lines, Peru has always been a golden country of rich and precious resources.  The Gold mining boom is on the rise in most countries in South America.
Read Entire Article: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pmx-gold-announces-new-south-american-footstep-210573531.html

Australia (Asia)
PMX Gold received notification that the Australian patent application for unattended precious metals distribution has commenced their next reviews in Australia.
Gold remains an important Australian commodity, and PMX is also negotiating at the present time relationships with coin stores in major
Australian cities to launch their gold dispensing terminals."We began discussions in Australia in 2012, and it was only recently that we filed our next patent application.
Read Entire Article: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=58898701

South Africa (Africa)
We are working with partners in South Africa to expand our gold terminal deployment before year-end and have begun the nationalization of our
PCT application into South Africa," stated Meris Kott, Managing Director of PMX Gold Bullion Sales Inc. from Paris, France.
Read entire article: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=58478409


Impact Investment Group LLC.

Edward P. Armon

CEO Edward P. Armon


Impact Investment Group is implementing new financial models and financial services into the markets. We are in collaboration with our banking partners in the structuring & streamlining new financial models in the commodities markets.

IIG has launched with European associates initiatives with growth opportunities for clients & partners in the commodities sector. Our venture capital investments, include currencies, commodities & international real estate to stabilize & grow demands for market markets.

Investment in global commodities and infrastructure initiatives.
Development business & philanthropic opportunities in Africa with sister JE-Foundation.
Infrastructure investments in developing countries.
Identify and develop management & infrastructure models for new private sector markets.
Specialization in new commodity and credit system investments.

Our team has launched an AU bullion currency/credit-line initiative with our banking partners throughout India, Europe and Africa. These initiatives will be implemented throughout the European, Middle Eastern through banking sectors. We are also developing new securities and investment opportunities for private investors, banking clients & local governments.

We've merged CoQuin International with our IIG firm to creat a greater range of financial services to our global clients.

Executive Core Team.
Impact Investment Group LLC
CEO - Mr. Edward P. Armon
COO Dr. Rand Neveloff J.D., MBA, PhD
President Mr. Timothy Holmes
Website Under Construction

Associate Firm
LINK Global Group
Dr. Rand Neveloff, J.D., MBA, PhD
Co-Chairman and CEO

Please be considerate and show professionalism when engaging. Our team is fully transparent as to our capabilities in the financial or the foundation world and expect the same of those we choose to do business with!

RatnerPrestia (Patent Lawyer)

PMX Gold Announces USA Patent Publication

PMX Communities Inc. (OTCQB:PMXO), a precious metals incubation company announces Notice of Publication of Application from the
United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) for Patent Application Number PCT/US2012/020486 ("Unattended Precious Metal Distribution System,
Methods and Apparatus").PMX Communities Inc. has been advised that on January 23rd, 2014, the electronic publication of the above application was published.
The application can be viewed under Publication No. US-2014-0025553-A1, and can be viewed on the PTO's Internet website at http://www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html.
Read Entire Article: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=60940245

Follow the Patent process with this link provided by JT from our board:


Legal Service for the Patents to the machines
( We have not been updated on the patents but it is led to believe they don't have any at this point please clear this up if anyone knows anything)


PMX Gold's "Priority Date" as it pertains to its international patent is January 6 2011. This date is significant because the "Applicant" has 30 months to enter the "National Phase" (See Below"

"Entering the national phase"

A PCT application doesn’t automatically lead to global patent protection. Instead, you eventually need to apply for patents in each of the countries and regions where you wish to pursue patent protection. This involves filing separate applications at the “national stage”, which occurs 30 months (31 months in some countries) after the priority application’s filing date.

After national stage entry, your patent application will be examined in each country. During prosecution, if the patent office finds earlier inventions (prior art) that are similar to your invention, you and your foreign attorney will need to respond and explain how your invention is different. You can make amendments (within reason) and submit arguments.

Assuming you resolve all of the examiner’s objections, your patent is “allowed”, and you may need to pay some printing and grant fees. In general, all that remains afterwards is to keep your patent protection “alive” by paying maintenance fees, also known as annuities.

The NDA's with S. America and Asia would be indicative of the regional patent application process. July 2013 marks the 30 month window and the recent news supports this timeline.




SunShine Mint, Inc.
Provides the U.S. Mint with their bullion




Executive Leadership

Lindsey R. Perry, CEO & CFO

Mr. Perry joined the company in April, 2012. He was born and raised in New England nerby Boston and relocated to South Florida in 2005. Mr. Perry has a significant background as a disciplined entrepreneur, business owner and investor. Mr. Perry graduated from Bucknell University in 1977 wih a
Bachelor of Sceince degree majoring in Accounting and played collegiate hockey for the Bucknell Bisons.

Meris Kott, Managing Director

Ms. Kott joined the company in May 2012. She was born in Montreal, Canada and relocated from Luxembourg to the United States where she worked for an American Investment Bank that specialized in funding emerging growth companies. In the 1990’s, she founded a financial advisory firm that helped syndicate over $800 USD million for their clients. Her main focus has always been turn-arounds, start-ups, and helping create bridges between companies while creating a global footprint for them. Going Global has been her niche and her experience creating Coming to America seminars her success throughout Europe. She has an Economics Degree from McGill University.

Sumeet “Sunny” Malik, Business Development Director

Mr. Malik of NETGAINS NETWORK SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd. (www.netgains.org) has over fifteen years experience in IT and is an expert in all aspects of website and software design and development and Internet security. Sunny has held management and technical roles at ACS New York, BTS, Lockheed-Martin, and Turbo, Inc NYC. He also founded and managed his own technology solutions and Internet marketing company with offices in the U.S. and India. Some of his signature clients include, NASA’s astrobiology magazine, along with Indian Embassies and Consulates General located in Washington D.C. (Houston, Chicago, SF, Atlanta), Sweden, Hungary, Lebanon, Abidjan, Colombo, Birmingham, and Nepal. Sunny holds a B.S. degree in Electronics and Communication from Bangalore University and multiple accreditations in Computer Science. He currently resides in the India with his wife and two daughters.


Board of Directors

Lindsey R. Perry,Jr., Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Richard D. Seay, Director

Mr. Seay joined PMX Communities in December 2011 as Vice President and Director. He is a South Florida based Attorney, practicing in both the Florida State Courts and the Federal District Courts, Southern District of Florida and also served as a State Prosecutor. His law practice concentration includes 34 years of litigation and transactional experience. He has served as corporate counsel for various companies both private and publicly traded

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PMX Gold Due Diligence



                 ISLAND STOCK TRANSFER                   

Effective: 01/24/2014




          Shares Authorized:              100,000,000


   LESS: Shares Outstanding:    (83,912,764)     

            Shares RESERVED:    (2,800,000)


  Shares available to issue:               13,287,236

           Free Trading Shares:            33,036,610


              Cert Outstanding:            57,585,470

              Book Outstanding:            26,327,294


Town Center Mall Boca Raton (machine taken out of Boca Raton Mall)
TransMedia Group (Contract expired not renewed 2010)
Bullion Supplier (Sunshine Minting, Inc.)
SEC.Gov PMX Communities, Inc. Page

Securities and Exchange Commission Website





PMXO FAQ Starting 02/17/2014 More to Come!

http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=55770838&symbol=PMXO  (Wells Fargo) (Partnered Merchant Services)  (Wed, Jan 09, 2013)

http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=55746096   (GOLD ATM LAUNCHED!!!!) (Tues, Jan 08, 2013)

https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B4F4DfWMyp1hMTNBVThFd0FuRDQ Letter to Shareholders (Saturday, June 2, 2012)

http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=52550343 Form 4 (Lindsey Perry CEO buys $42K worth of PMXO stock) (Thur, May 24, 2012)

http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&article=52494550 8k Gold Bullion Supplier (Mon, May 21, 2012)

PMX (FAQ) Shareholder Questions

#1 Top 3 FAQ of the week of February 9th 2014.

1. Why the delay for PMX Gold Bullion between the launch and the rollouts of more machines in the USA, and what is the company plan?
The first launch of our own Gold dispensing terminal was a successful marketing test pilot.
 The company would have deployed more machines immediately, and had negotiated with other venues but the price of gold "tanked" and consumers stopped purchasing gold ingots on a daily basis, so it was decided to go into a hold position on placing terminals in the USA until the consumer market demand for gold ingots in the USA increased.
We have a strategic international rollout plan which targets specific geographies where the consumption of physical gold is always in high demand. ie. India, South Africa.
Negotiations and proposals are ongoing with partners announced in the press releases for this future deployment.
2. Are you surprised the PMX terminal is so multi-faceted?
Shocked and Overjoyed!
The initial goal was to develop the precious metals machine, and continue to look for mining properties for our other division.
Once the terminal was manufactured and placed, the focus was to continue developing the technology as outlined in our published patents.
The fact that the MGIV has so many possibilities can only be compared to an athlete who trains their entire life as a track star and hopes to be a Summer Olympic athlete and does reach their goal. Then one winter day, out of the clear blue they are approached to train for the Winter Olympics as a bobsled athlete and so they become an Olympian twice.
3. What Colorado State Laws or Federal Laws affect the LXIV terminals?
As we mentioned in our release on the LXIV terminal, our first priority is to comply with the Colorado Retail Marijuana Code. It is our MMJ professional and our lawyers in Colorado who will monitor the changes in the code. If there are any new laws that are applicable to us, we will be made aware of them from our lawyers.
We are not selling MMJ or MJ and are only working on the terminals and their dispensary placements. Some of the laws do not affect us directly, and the payment solutions discussed for our terminals were developed at the present time adhering to the current codes. If the laws change, the technology developed will be altered with no major changes to the terminal.  
There are many business professionals working to commercialize the Marijuana industry, as it is a new retail marketplace, and it is very exciting to be a part of making history.

#2 Top 3 FAQ of the week of February 16th 2014.

  1. Why is PMX not focusing on being a precious metals incubator?
  2. Is PMX surprised so many companies are focused on Marijuana?
  3. What is the biggest frustration as a small public company?

#3 Top 3 FAQ of the week of February 24th 2014.

  1. Why are you not placing another precious metals terminal in the USA already?
  2. The  investor chat boards love to assume they know everything about the company, and does that bother  PMX  when their information is untrue?
  3. Does Meris receive a salary or consulting fee monthly in stock or a pay check?
#4 Top 3 FAQ of the week of  March 3rd 2014.

  1. Why are you continuing to ramp up for new USA gold dispensing terminals when the consumer interest was not there? Also, when will your global dispensaries roll out?
  2. The investor chat boards seem to often be traders trying to buy and sell on a daily basis, does that bother the company?
  3. You mentioned 18 potential target states for marijuana, can you elaborate on this footprint?
#5 Top 3 FAQ for weeks of  March 10th to 17th 2014.

  1. How many sales people have you recruited and where are they selling?
  2. The  investor chat boards and shareholders seem to anger when you are late with updates and FAQs and expect news almost daily, so how does this affect when you release news?
  3. When will you update your website at pmxgold.com to show your current marijuana project?
#6 Top 3 FAQ for the week of  March 14th 2014.

  1. (Email)Shareholder: "Where is "The Machine"?"
  2. How long does it take a typical person or company to get the approval to vend or          sell marijuana in Colorado? 
  3. a) What is the company's opinion of the other machines rushing to market?
b)  What automated machine do you think may have the competitive edge?
 ***We keep our FAQS to 3 questions PMX feels are relevant to the week passed. But,  for those who have asked, the designer is working on  www.pmxpot.com  and we hope for it to go live in the near future. 

Please email your questions to info@pmxgold.com  
Follow us @pmxgold
Have a safe week!  
The PMX Team

Annotated Chart: Thanks to Stock Sumo


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