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New World Gold Corporation (NWGC)

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The people who have seen this strategy have been loading to the gills because they know the big payout is not far away! There has never been a better time to buy or get the most shares possible for the least amount of money. Even analysts touted the stock as one to watch - but these things take time in the gold industry. Not everything happens in an instant. 

I'm going to show you how all this setup has put NWGC in one of the best positions possible to become a MONSTER gold stock. And the time has come where all the options have finally come to fruition. 

Robert has been building revenues and profits steadily since 2011. Each quarter and each year the assets have grown, revenues have grown, and profits have grown. 

Last year's run from .0021 to .0165 was on momo alone....but the stock wasn't quite ready for it. It's all a matter of timing and perfect execution of a perfect business strategy by the CEO Robert Talbot. 

When Robert started operations several years ago, there were millions of dollars spent by the company for initial exploration and also buying the initial mines and mills, including Compania Minera through our subsidiary AGCZ. As with most companies in the OTC, the financing was done through convertible debt. 

Those debts have steadily come due in the form of conversions. This has notably increased the O/S and driven the pps down. Detractors posted the same lines of "no gold" and "selling shares is the only revenue" for more than a year now. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 

Even loyal stockholders tried to play armchair CEO and decide how the revenues and profits should be spent. Buybacks, dividends, note payoffs, audits, etc etc etc. But simply put, those options are very expensive for a company who's profits were around $2.8M, 70% of which came from milling. Robert has been ADAMANT that the best use of the money was to upgrade the mines, upgrade the mills to higher capacities and better techniques, obtain better environmental standards, and to buy new mines and mills. And so he did....and the shareholders grumbled. 

The issue with convertible debt in the OTC is that the early payoff penalties are so steep, that it is almost impossible to pay them off. Realistically, Robert had to let them convert. But that was okay, because the long term shareholder and those who bought more as the price has declined, know that the value is there. In fact, even if the current AS was fully maxed out, there is so much gold and profits now, that the current EPS and PE ALONE yield a market value of over $.12 per share!! 

Each quarter the revenues, assets, and profits have continued to increase as we have added to production and proven more reserves. And what has this led to? Last year, we did $10M in revenues and around $2M in profits. 

Because we grew our operations, mines, and mills, we were able to land a $60M gold contract with Aguidomerica. Furthermore, we were able to land environmental permits to mine an existing tailings pile worth $20M, and a new mine, and the tailings at the new mine, which were valued for another $31.6M. So before, the milling profits were 70%, now the mining profits are catching up and exceeding them rather quickly. 

So that means we are set for over $100M in revenues for 2015 when we include the contracts, tailings, and milling revenues!!! That's over 10 times the revenues of 2014!!! And that means profits will be somewhere around $30M at the very least!! 

Now, why is this important? It gives NWGC options!! Options they didn't have last year. Options to payoff the small $5M debt by the end of the year. Options to perform an audit as Robert mentioned on the conference call. And lastly, and best, it looks like with over $100M in revenues, that we have attracted a lot of interest in our company, and I would think that a buyout would be a very viable option indeed!!! Not to mention that the chinese have started optioning the antimony deposit. 

Now, if NWGC had done ANYTHING ELSE besides put all those profits back into operations, we'd be in a sore place right now. We wouldn't have that Chinese contract. We wouldn't have increased revenues, profits, and assets. We wouldn't have new permits. We wouldn't have the option to payoff notes, and we wouldn't have the interest in other companies buying us out!! But BECAUSE Robert executed his business strategy, we are now in the PERFECT PLACE to become the absolute monster of a gold company we have dreamed of. 

Get ready, because I believe we are about to see the biggest rise in all the OTC, of any stock out there!! I truly believe we will see $.25 - $.50 per share. And that means loading anything under $.05 is a steal! 

New World Gold Corporation trades in the United States on the OTC Pink under the symbol "NWGC". For further information, please contact the Company at (561)210 8496 or or investors can find real time quotes and market information for the Company on

This is taken from Silk Dynasty Stocks Facebook page. People were correct in assuming that people on this board had been compensated. Question remains as to why didn't they disclose on Ihub? 

Compensation Disclosure 

Silk Dynasty Stocks has been compensated 10 million restricted shares on February 3, 2015 of New World Gold Corp. (NWGC) by New World Gold Corp. for investor relations. 

Silk dynasty stocks received $5000 by New World Gold Corporation (NWGC) 9-1-14 

Silk dynasty stocks received $5000 by New World Gold Corporation (NWGC) 9-1-14 

 Silk Dynasty stocks received 5 million restricted shares of NWGC(New World Gold Corp) for Investor relations 11-20-14( maturity date 11-20-2015) 

4-13-2013 – Amendment

1-23-2014 – Amendment

9-15-2014 - Amendment

11-6-2014 - Amendment

3-12-2015 - Amendment

9-14-2015 - Amendment

October 2015 liquidation totals 

September 2015 liquidation totals 

August 2015 liquidation totals

July 2015 liquidation totals

June 2015 liquidation totals

May 2015 liquidation totals

April 2015 liquidation totals

March 2015 liquidation totals

February 2015 Liquidation Totals

January 2015 Liquidation Totals

December 2014 Liquidation Totals

November 2014 Liquidation Totals
Key Highlights:
Q1 March 31, 2015
Shares issued from debt conversions 371,500,000 $37,150
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5

Annual Report December 31, 2014
Shares issued from debt conversions 566,500,000 $56,650
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5

Q3 September 30, 2014
Shares issued from debt conversions 297,500,000 $29,750 
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5

Q2 June 30, 2014
Shares issued from debt conversions 177,500,000 $17,750 
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5
Q1 March 31, 2014 
Shares issued from debt conversions 77,500,000 $7,750 
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5 
Annual Report December 31, 2013 
Shares issued from debt conversions 231,500,000 $23,150 
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5 
Q3 September 30, 2013 
Shares issued from debt conversions 191,000,000 $19,100 
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5

Q2 June 30, 2013 
Shares issued from debt conversions 121,000,000 $12,100 
These shares were converted at .0001 
page 5


Company Officers:
Kevin Karius, Dir., Secretary
Robert Talbot, Dir., President, CEO, Treasurer 

Share Structure

Shares  Outstanding: 775,516,915 
Float: 681,619,781 

Here are links to the latest increases to the Authorized Shares available for dilution:
From 700,000,000 to 950,000,000
and another one 6 weeks later from 950,000,000 to 1,550,000,000

Don't bother calling the TA... they have been gagged
Efraim Rios 
Globex Transfer, LLC 
780 Deltona Blvd., Suite 202 
Deltona, FL 32725 



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